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The Package - Recap

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John Locke speaks with Jin about the names on the wall. He says the only way to leave the island is if everyone who hasn’t had their name crossed off leaves the island at the same time.

Meanwhile in the other time/ world Jin’s possessions are returned although the money is not. The $25,000 dollars are confiscated at the airport. He is told to get it back he will need to fill out the necessary paperwork. Jin speaks of a meeting he is late for; the money was given to him by Sun’s father and he was supposed to deliver it to someone. Sun and Jin rent separate hotel rooms.

Back on the island, John Locke tells Sayid that he is leaving till morning. Sayid speaks of being emotionally nullified and John says that maybe its best. Sayid is left in charge of watching over the camp. Jin prepares to leave to find Sun although is stopped as the encampment is attacked by people with tranquillizer guns. Jin is taken away by the invaders.

Jack approaches Sun who appears to be acting strangely. Sun says that she doesn’t care if Alpert is coming back or if she is a candidate. She tells Jack to go away and leave her alone.

Off the island, Jin knocks on Suns hotel room door. They begin talking about the meeting he missed and Sun tries to convince him that it will not be a problem. The conversation topic shifts and Sun begins unbuttoning her clothes. The two of them kiss and fall onto the bed.

John approaches Sun on the island. He says he has found her husband and that he can take her to him. He asks her to come with him and she begins running away. Sun hits her head on a tree while trying to flee.

Sun wakes up next to Jin in the hotel room and they begin speaking of running away with her secret savings account. They are interrupted by a knock at the door and Jin hides. The man at the door is Martin Keamy, a mercenary from previous episodes. He says he is a friend of Sun’s father.

Ben finds sun under the tree she ran into fleeing from Locke. She is unconscious. She wakes up speaking in her native language before saying it was Locke who caused her injury. Locke returns to his encampment to find everyone unconscious with tranquillizer darts in them. He realizes that Jin is missing.

Jin awakens in a chair after being taken. The room he is in is locked. He reveals the tools used to experiment on subliminal messaging featured in previous episodes by flipping a switch. One of Widmore’s people arrives to speak with him. Jin attempts to leave although is attacked with a tazer in response. Zoey questions him about the pockets of electromagnetism identified by the dharma initiative. Jin asks to speak with Widmore and she says that he wishes to speak too.

John and Sayid prepare to go to the other island to get Jin back. They plan to leave by the boat.

Martin enters Sun’s hotel and he asks for money from her bodyguard (Jin Kwon). Sun attempts to conceal Jin’s whereabouts although Martin and his associate find him in the bathroom. Martin attempts to request money although there is difficulty in communication due to the different languages they speak. Martin asks his associate to go get a man he knows named Kyle who speaks Korean. They begin communicating, with Kyle translating. Sun suggests that she get the money Martin wants from the bank. Kyle takes Sun to the bank and Martin takes Jin to the restaurant where they were supposed to make the initial exchange.

On the island, Sun has difficulty remembering to speak English after hitting her head. Jack suggests that it should be temporary. Richard returns to the group with Hurley. Richard asks them to pack their bags so they can leave.

John Locke arrives on Hydra Island and Widmore’s people begin shooting. John walks on the other side of the pylons that are in place. Widmore arrives to talk with him. John asks for Jin back from him. Widmore claims to have no idea what John is referring to. John Locke responds by declaring war on Widmore.

Richard Alpert and the others set out to head for Hydra Island. They plan to stop John Locke from leaving the island on the plane by destroying it. Sun continues having problems speaking English. Sun protests against destroying the only way off the island.

Sun arrives with Kyle at the bank. He operates as her translator. Sun is told that her account was closed. She asks how and is told that her father closed the account. Jin is tied to a chair at the restaurant. Martin begins talking to Jin in English although Jin cannot respond. He says that the $25,000 was his fee for killing Jin implying that it is Jin’s own fault for falling in love with Sun.

Widmore’s group is shown to be having disputes due to John Lockes recent arrival on Hydra Island. Widmore asks Zoey to get the package from the submarine and take it to the infirmary. Widmore apologizes to Jin. Widmore hands Jin a camera with pictures of his daughter and Sun. Widmore states his mission is to stop John Locke from escaping the island. Jin asks Widmore how he will accomplish this. Widmore says that he will show Jin the package. Jin asks what the package is and Widmore says “It’s not a what, it’s who”.

In the restaurant Jin still remains tied up. He hears voices coming from outside and then a gunshot. Sayid appears before him with a gun. He leaves Jin alive and hands him something to try and help him free himself despite their inability to communicate with each other.

Kyle arrives with Sun at the restaurant to find an injured Martin. Jin approaches Kyle from behind with a gun while Kyle questions Martin. Kyle attempts to fight back although Jin shoots him. Sun is shot in the struggle.

Back on the island Jack introduces writing as a method for Sun to communicate with them. Sun begins writing down her responses until she can speak English again. Sun says she didn’t go with John because she doesn’t trust him. She says she trusts Jack, he promises to help her find Jin and get them off the island.

John Locke returns to his group on the island. He returns without Sayid. John refers to the locked room on the submarine and says that he doesn’t like secrets.

Sayid swims towards the submarine on Hydra Island. Two of Widmore’s people pull someone out of the submarine. The man falls down and Sayid see’s that he is Desmond.