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Happily Ever After - Recap

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Desmond wakes up in a bed. Zoey speaks to him. Desmond appears injured, he is told that he has just been given a shot to wake up. Zoey says he isn't in a hospital anymore. Charles Widmore enters and begins speaking with Desmond. Widmore tells Desmond he was shot by Benjamin Linus. Widmore tells Desmond he is on the island. Desmond attacks Widmore. As Desmond is restrained; he is told that he can't be taken back because the island isn't done with him yet. Jin asks what Desmond is doing there and Widmore says it would be easier to show him. Widmore tells Zoey to take Jin to the generator room. He says he will bring Desmond so they can start the test, Zoey exclaims that the test isn't scheduled for some time.

Zoey and Jin arrive at the generator room. Zoey questions one of the employees there, asking when they will be ready to start the test. They say the generator isn't even close to being ready, but Zoey tells them Widmore isn't willing to wait. The generator is switched on and appears to be faulty. The group quickly try to get it into a functioning state. One of the group go to check on the generator, whilst another group member fixes the problem and brings the generator back online with someone inside. The generator emits a bright light and the man appears to be burned to death. Widmore and his men bring Desmond to the generator.

Desmond is strapped to a chair in the generator room. Widmore tells Desmond that he should be fine. Widmore says that once this is over Desmond will be expected to make a sacrifice for the greater good. Widmore says that if Desmond doesn't help him, everyone Desmond knows will be gone forever. Widmore orders the generator to be turned on. The generator room lights up with Desmond inside.

Desmond waits at an airport (presumably in the other world/ time that keeps being shown). He see's Hurley and Claire there while picking up his luggage. Desmond asks Claire whether she is to give birth to a boy or a girl and she says she doesn't know. Desmond is picked up in a car by a man named George as he leaves the airport. George operates as his driver. Desmond arrives at his workplace where he meets his boss, Charles Widmore. Desmond appears to be regarded as Widmore's best employee. Desmond is set an assignment of babysitting a guitarist from a band named "drive shaft". He is told to get him to Widmore's wife's event.

Desmond arrives to pick up the guitarist, Charlie. Charlie ignores Desmond and walks straight to the nearest pub; walking in front of traffic on the way. Desmond sits down next to him. Charlie asks if Desmond is happy, Desmond says yes. Although Charlie questions him asking if Desmond has ever been in love. Charlie says he saw love on the plane back from Sydney as he was swallowing his heroin stash. Charlie says as he was dying he saw a beautiful blonde woman that he knew. He says they were together. Charlie says he was then awoken by Jack, who he calls an idiot for taking him away from the feeling. Desmond disregards Charlie's description as invalid and tells Charlie he can either come with him or keep drinking.

Desmond drives with Charlie in the passenger seat. Charlie offers Desmond a choice. He says, he can either show Desmond what he's talking about(in reference to their earlier discussion), or Desmond can get out of the car. Charlie grabs the steering wheel and drives the car into a pool for water. Desmond escapes the sinking vehicle, then dives back under to rescue an unconscious Charlie. As Desmond approaches the window Charlie puts his hand on it. Desmond sees a flash from an earlier season, whereby Charlie puts his hand on a window with the words "not penny's boat" written on it. Desmond appears shocked and then quickly saves Charlie from the sinking car.

Desmond is spoken to by someone at a hospital(it is assumed that he went there after the crash into the water). Desmond answers un-clearly when asked if he has had any hallucinations. The woman asks Desmond to stay in the hospital a little while longer. Desmond is sent downstairs to receive an MRI scan. Desmond has another flash while in the MRI machine and sees Penny and his child. Desmond quickly leaves the MRI room and goes to find Charlie. Desmond sees Jack at the hospital. Desmond sees Charlie running through the hospital and chases him down. Desmond asks to see Charlie's hand. Charlie asks what Desmond saw and Desmond asks who Penny is. Desmond attempts to get Charlie to come back with him to the rock concert and Charlie declines saying that it didn't matter anymore and "all that matters, is that we felt it". Charlie tells Desmond to stop worrying about him and start looking for Penny.

Desmond tells Widmore that he couldn't get Charlie to his wife's event. Widmore tells Desmond that he has to tell Mrs Widmore that he failed to get drive shaft to play for them. Desmond meets Eloise Widmore, Charles Widmore's wife. He apologises to her saying drive shaft will not be able to perform. Eloise appears unaffected by the news, saying "what happened, happened". Desmond overhears someone going through a list of attendees and hears "Penny". He asks to see the list although is told he cannot be Eloise. Eloise asks him to come with her and she asks everyone to leave the area. She says she wants him to stop looking for whatever he is looking for. He asks why he can't see the list and Eloise says it is because he is not ready yet.

Desmond goes back to his driver and asks for alcohol, looking depressed/demoralised. Daniel Widmore(Mr Widmore's son, known in previous episodes as Daniel Faraday)knocks on Desmond's car window saying "we need to talk". Daniel asks if Desmond believes in love at first sight, and starts talking about a woman. He then says the same night, after he saw the woman, he woke up and wrote quantum mechanical formulas despite knowing nothing about physics. Desmond asks what the equations mean. Daniel gives an example scenario saying if something catastrophic was about to happen and the only way to stop it was to release a large amount of energy like setting of a nuclear bomb. He asks what if things weren't supposed to be the way they are and what if they changed things. He says that he is not trying to say he is going to let off a nuclear bomb but he is saying that he thinks he already did. Daniel then asks about Penny, saying "it happened to you to", "you felt it". Daniel says he felt love. Desmond says that she is just an idea. Daniel reveals that Penny is his half sister and gives Desmond a place and time to meet her.

Desmond enters a large arena and finds Penny jogging. He approaches her and introduces himself. Desmond extends his hand to shake hers.

Desmond wakes up in the generator room, alive. He says he is fine and asks how long he was unconscious. He is told "not more than a few seconds". Desmond says he understands and that he will help Widmore. Desmond walks with a small group of Widmore's people. Zoey asks what happened to Desmond in the last 20 minutes and why he is so co-operative. Desmond says "a lot can happen in 20 minutes". Sayid attacks the group around Desmond. Sayid asks Desmond to come with him and Desmond says "of course".
Desmond wakes up on the floor in the arena and asks what happened. Penny says that she shook his hand and he fainted. Penny asks if they've met and Desmond says he's sure they'd remember it. Desmond asks Penny to go for a coffee and they agree to meet in an hour. Desmond leaves the arena returning to his driver, George. George asks if he found what he was looking for and Desmond says he did. Desmond asks George for the manifest from oceanic flight 815, asking for the names of the passengers. Desmond says he needs to show them something.