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Season 2

23 :02x01 - The Human Factor

MacGyver is challenged to test a military security base but once inside the AI computer takes control and runs on its own. MacGyver and the lady scientist who created the computer are trapped inside.
Guest Stars: June Chadwick as Dr. Jill Ludlum | Peter Haskell as Col. Scott Woodward |
Co-Guest Stars: Peter Kwong as Steven Lee
Director: Charlie Correll

24 :02x02 - The Eraser

Mac befriends Jimmy Kendall, a man who claims to be looking for his long-lost son. Mac isn't aware that Jimmy is a hitman who's been hired to dispose of the man.
Guest Stars: Joe Santos as Jimmy Kendall | Morgan Stevens as Michael Simmons | Richard Jamison as Ralph (as Richard L. Jamison) | Henry Jones (1) as Charles Banning |
Co-Guest Stars: Leigh Lombardi as Linda | April Wayne as Bartender | Scott Wilkinson (1) as East German | Lenny Hicks as Ballplayer | Nick Dimitri as Sal | Burt Marshall as Banning's Guard | Lindsay Parker as Little Girl | Michael Francis Kelly as Hockey Player (as Michael F. Kelly) | Thomas Babson as Referee
Director: Paul Krasny

25 :02x03 - Twice Stung

When MacGyver and Pete discover that an old friend has been swindled by a con artist, they prepare a con of their own to get the money back.
Guest Stars: Richard Romanus as James Crowe | Al Fann as Kelly Sutton | Pamela Bowen as Joanne Remmings | Rex Ryon as Carl | Steve Eastin as Tony |
Co-Guest Stars: Shawn Michaels (2) as Benny | Joe Bonny as Man | Steve Susskind as Tilly | Michael Francis Kelly as Cop (as Michael F. Kelly) | Julie Moran as USAF Pilot
Director: Paul Krasny

26 :02x04 - The Wish Child

MacGyver helps a friend's younger brother when he discovers that a con artist is passing off the boy as a mystical "Wish Child."
Guest Stars: Leon Fan as Paul Chan | James Hong as Lee Wenying | James Pax as Ston | George Takei as Dr. Shen Wei | Tia Carrere as Lisa Chan | Clyde Kusatsu as Sam |
Co-Guest Stars: Conan Lee as Ji | Michael Paul Chan as Banker | Timothy Dang as 3rd Mate | Danny Wong as Tong | Deborah Nishimura as Soong | Elizabeth Reiko Kubota as Lin | Charles Young (1) as Crane Operator
Director: Charlie Correll

27 :02x05 - Final Approach

MacGyver takes four urban teens into the mountains but when the plane goes down, he must not only engineer a rescue but deal with the vendettas between them.
Guest Stars: Pamela Gidley as Gina | Ricky Paull Goldin as Tommy | Ramon Franco as Ramon | David Harris (2) as Luther |
Co-Guest Stars: Gregory Itzin as Tom Cavanaugh | Buck Young as Jenkins | Chad Block as Search Coordinator
Writer: Rob Hedden

28 :02x06 - Jack of Lies

MacGyver's friend Jack steals all of his furniture as the first step in convincing him to help with the rescue of an old friend.
Guest Stars: Gregory Sierra as Colonel Antunnez | Bruce McGill as Jack Dalton | Patricia McPherson as Michelle "Mike" Forester | Silvana Gallardo as Elena | Kevyn Major Howard as Sonny
Director: Charlie Correll

29 :02x07 - The Road Not Taken

MacGyver and Pete must both deal with long-lost loves when rescuing orphans in Southeast Asia.
Guest Stars: Salome Jens as Sister Margaret | Marilyn Jones as Debra Easton | Patrick Gorman as Gilbert Arnaud | Dana Lee as Chanthara | Leland Sun as Sniper |
Co-Guest Stars: Richard Partlow as Pilot | Jesse Dizon as Soldier | Arsenio "Sonny" Trinidad as Kahn
Director: Cliff Bole
Story: Chuck Bowman | Teleplay: Stephen Kronish

30 :02x08 - Eagles

MacGyver must save a wounded eagle and meets up with a woman and her son. All three of them must deal with an escaped felon who threatens their lives.
Guest Stars: Christopher Stone (1) as Curry | Danny Cooksey as Darin Cooper | Julie Cobb as Susan Cooper | Michael MacRae as Ghant | Peter MacLean as Mr. Nistrum
Director: Paul Krasny

31 :02x09 - Silent World

A deaf woman is plagued by dreams somehow tied into a missile guidance system stolen from the Phoenix Foundation, and MacGyver must unravel the images in her mind to find it.
Guest Stars: Mary Beth Barber as Carrie Linden | Jack Colvin as Abel Makepeace | Geoffrey Lewis as David Crane |
Co-Guest Stars: Ji-Tu Cumbuka as Moorish Warrior/Rider (as Ji-Tu Cumbuka) | Helen Rubio as Dr. Janice Green | Carl Ciarfalio as Gorman (as Carl N. Ciarfalio) | Erik Holland as Head Buyer | Carl Held as Buyer #2 | Tom Maier (1) as Buyer #3 | Paul Joynt as Major Hansen | Jim J. Poslof as Throne (as James J. Poslof) | Sunshine Morrow as Marion | Shawna Estep as Rena | Mario Roberts as Brown
Director: James L. Conway

32 :02x10 - Three For the Road

MacGyver meets with a mob informant at a motel, but hitmen show up and kill the man. An elderly couple end up with the evidence the informant was turning over: a bag of money. Now MacGyver must help the couple escape before the Mob eliminates them.
Guest Stars: Edward Mulhare as Guy Roberts | Anne Rogers as June Roberts | Richard Hatch (1) as Michael Talbot | Dennis Stewart as Tom | Michael Rider as Phil |
Co-Guest Stars: Tony Frank as Front Desk Clerk | Tony Epper as Harley
Director: Alan Crosland

33 :02x11 - Phoenix Under Siege

When Mac and Harry drop by the Phoenix Foundation to pick up some hockey tickets, they find themselves in the middle of a terrorist attack and the terrorists seal the building.
Guest Stars: John Anderson as Harry Jackson | Tricia O'Neil as Victoria James | Richard Lineback as Phillips | Harry Beer as Fred |
Co-Guest Stars: John Davey as State Trooper | Shawn Donahue (1) as Young MacGyver | Jan Jorden as Harry's Wife | Kenneth Lloyd as Security Guard | Warner Loughlin as Susan Murphy | Phil Redrow as MacGyver's Father
Story: John I. Koivula | Teleplay: Stephen Kronish

34 :02x12 - Family Matter

An old enemy of Pete's kidnaps his ex-wife and their son and hides them in the Louisiana swamps. The kidnapper, Bonner, wants to make an exchange but it's clear that he'll kill them all, and MacGyver gives his friend an assist.
Guest Stars: Scott Coffey as Michael Thornton (as T. Scott Coffey) | Penelope Windust as Connie Thornton | Don Gordon as Frank Bonner (as Donald Gordon) | Beau Billingslea as Boone | Jeffrey Josephson as Obadiah Moss |
Co-Guest Stars: Stephen Liska as Dunn | Thomas F. Duffy as Corey

35 :02x13 - Soft Touch

MacGyver puts Penny Parker up for a few days while she tries to find a job, but she ends up witnessing the torture of a Federal agent, who is connected to a plot to assassinate a Colombian official.
Guest Stars: Teri Hatcher as Penny Parker | Robert Donner as Vince | Vincent Schiavelli as Lyle | Michael Ensign as Derek | Elya Baskin as Yuri Demetri |
Co-Guest Stars: Hugh Farrington as Jack Larson | Andre Marquis as Estevez | Hettie Lynne Hurtes as Reporter | Joseph V. Perry as Geezer | Zoaunne LeRoy as Woman | Mike Cassidy as Robert Julian | John Lafayette as Guard | Andrew Divoff as Russian Guard
Director: Charlie Correll

36 :02x14 - Birth Day

MacGyver comes to the aid of a pregnant woman after she discovers that her husband is using a halfway house for convicts as a place to recruit criminals.
Guest Stars: Toni Kalem as Elaine Harryman | Joseph Lambie (1) as Andrew Harryman | David L. Crowley as Eric (as David Crowley) | Paul Drake as Mitch | J.E. Freeman as Karl |
Co-Guest Stars: Bill Henderson (1) as Gas Station Clerk | John M. Jackson as Police Sergeant | Rob Garrison as Patrol Officer | Ellen Gerken as Paramedic
Director: James L. Conway
Writer: Rob Hedden

37 :02x15 - Pirates

The Navy SEALS ask Pete and MacGyver to help them deal with pirates using military tactics. MacGyver meets with Dr. Barbara Ortega, the pirates' most recent victim, and must help her recover a lost treasure.
Guest Stars: Marta DuBois as Dr. Barbara Ortega | Steven M. Gagnon as SEAL Commander | Cliff Potts as Gar Manning |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeff Kober as Matt Bell | Nicholas Worth as Jack Rogan | Antonio Torres as Christobel Santos (as Tony Torres) | John Otrin as Paul Engle | William Bronder as Arne Lindquist
Director: Bruce Kessler

38 :02x16 - Out in the Cold

A mob informant slips a microfilm into MacGyver's ski pole while he and Pete are on a skiing trip. MacGyver is caught in an avalanche and while Pete tries to convince the park rangers to search for his friend, mobster wait to recover MacGyver and get the microfilm.
Guest Stars: Jonathan Goldsmith (1) as Jack | Deborah Wakeham as Ski Patrolwoman | Robert Pastorelli as Arnie | Michael Constantine as Sam Leland |
Co-Guest Stars: Demetre Phillips as Willie | Michael Corbett as Phil
Director: Cliff Bole

39 :02x17 - Dalton, Jack of Spies

MacGyver gets bad news: Jack Dalton is dead. However, when MacGyver goes to Jack's funeral he discovers that the CIA is looking for Dalton... and anyone who knows him.
Guest Stars: Bruce McGill as Jack Dalton | Lee Purcell as Shadow | Curt Lowens as Stanley Berrenger | Frank Annese as Michaels' Partner (as Frank. L. Annese) | Duane Tucker as Al | Alan Fudge as Jay Michaels |
Co-Guest Stars: John Kirby (1) as Messenger | Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Asian Buyer (as Cary-Hiroyuki)
Director: Bob Sweeney

40 :02x18 - Partners

Pete and MacGyver are lured to a junkyard by an old enemy, and as they struggle to escape they remember how they first met.
Guest Stars: Bruce McGill as Jack Dalton | Iris Albanti as Sara | Michael Des Barres as Murdoc |
Co-Guest Stars: Caleb Asch as Police Officer
Director: Cliff Bole

41 :02x19 - Bushmaster

MacGyver goes to Latin America to rescue an American pilot held on espionage charges, but soon discovers he has more trouble on his hands when the pilot's daughter follows him there.
Guest Stars: Sandy McPeak as Jeff Moore | John Schuck as Joe Henderson | Renee Estevez as Kelly Henderson | Bert Rosario as Lt. Raoul Para | Alex Colon as General Salazar |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Bandoni as Barbero | Pete Leal as Bus Driver | Antonio Trevino as Peasant
Director: Don Chaffey
Writer: Rob Hedden

42 :02x20 - Friends

MacGyver's friends throw him a surprise birthday party, but MacGyver soon finds himself considering giving up a life of adventure and settling down to a wife and family.
Guest Stars: John Anderson as Harry Jackson | Robin Curtis as Kate Connolly | Michael Goodwin (1) as Craig Bannister | Teri Hatcher as Penny Parker | Bruce McGill as Jack Dalton |
Co-Guest Stars: Tim Rossovich as Mike Desmond
Director: Cliff Bole

43 :02x21 - D.O.A.: MacGyver

While meeting with a British explosives expert to learn of an assassination, MacGyver is injured and stricken with amnesia. Now time is running out as MacGyver tries to recover his memories and remember who he needs to save and where.
Guest Stars: John Pleshette as Lancer | Clive Revill as Anthony Braddock | Priscilla Morrill as Helen Wilson | Kim Miyori as Tara | Rockne Tarkington as Jules | Nana Visitor as Carol Varnay |
Co-Guest Stars: Merritt Olsen as Minister | Ryan Rushton as Jason | Buck Young as Policeman
Director: Cliff Bole

44 :02x22 - For Love or Money

MacGyver and a female agent he despises have to team up to rescue a human rights activist in Czechoslovakia.
Guest Stars: Deborah Adair as Diana Rogers | Walter Addison as Anton Dubcek | Oksana Olijar as Viera Dubcek | Reuven Bar-Yotam as Krug |
Co-Guest Stars: Raymond O'Keefe as Zorkin | Tom Ormeny as Baranov | Josef Rainer as Hospital Guard | Vlado Benden as Border Guard | Karla Triska as Nurse
Director: James L. Conway
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 29, 1985
Ended: May 21, 1992
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