Naked And Afraid

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 23/Jun/2013 The Jungle Curse
2 1x02 30/Jun/2013 Terror in Tanzania
3 1x03 07/Jul/2013 Island From Hell
4 1x04 14/Jul/2013 Punishment in Panama
5 1x05 21/Jul/2013 Breaking Borneo
6 1x06 28/Jul/2013 Beware the Bayou
7 1x07 03/Aug/2013 Bares All
8 1x08 08/Dec/2013 Double Jeopardy

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
9 2x01 16/Mar/2014 Man vs. Amazon
10 2x02 23/Mar/2014 Damned in Africa
11 2x03 30/Mar/2014 Paradise Lost
12 2x04 06/Apr/2014 Mayan Misery
13 2x05 13/Apr/2014 The Pain Forest
14 2x06 20/Apr/2014 Meltdown in Bolivia

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
15 3x01 29/Jun/2014 Primal Fear
16 3x02 06/Jul/2014 Blood in the Water
17 3x03 13/Jul/2014 Hearts of Darkness
18 3x04 20/Jul/2014 Jungle Love
19 3x05 27/Jul/2014 Argentina Impossible
20 3x06 03/Aug/2014 Playing With Fire
21 3x07 24/Aug/2014 Bares All: Blood, Sweat and Fears
22 3x08 07/Sep/2014 Nicaragua Nightmare
23 3x09 14/Sep/2014 Botswana Breakdown
24 3x10 21/Sep/2014 Dunes of Despair
25 3x11 28/Sep/2014 Awkward Moments

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
26 4x01 19/Apr/2015 Alligator Alley
27 4x02 26/Apr/2015 Rumble in the Jungle
28 4x03 03/May/2015 Mayan Sacrifice
29 4x04 10/May/2015 Edge of Madness
30 4x05 14/May/2015 Mexico: Quintana Roo
31 4x06 17/May/2015 Fire on the Mountain
32 4x07 31/May/2015 Lord of the Rats
33 4x08 03/Jun/2015 Guyana: Rupununi
34 4x09 07/Jun/2015 Colombian Conflict
35 4x10 11/Jun/2015 Yucatan
36 4x11 14/Jun/2015 Bares All: Survival in Close Quarters
37 4x12 21/Jun/2015 Garden of Evil
38 4x13 28/Jun/2015 Redemption Road
39 4x14 19/Jul/2015 Surthrive
40 4x15 26/Jul/2015 Easier Said Than Done
41 4x16 02/Aug/2015 Bares All

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
42 5x01 04/Oct/2015 Forsaken
43 5x02 11/Oct/2015 Fear The Unknown
44 5x03 18/Oct/2015 The Darkest Hour
45 5x04 25/Oct/2015 The Swarm
46 5x05 01/Nov/2015 All or Nothing

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
47 6x01 06/Mar/2016 Into the Wild
48 6x02 13/Mar/2016 The Serpent Garden
49 6x03 20/Mar/2016 Frozen in Fear
50 6x04 27/Mar/2016 Rise Above
51 6x05 03/Apr/2016 From the Ashes
52 6x06 10/Apr/2016 All Falls Down
53 6x07 17/Apr/2016 Blood Sweat & Fear
54 6x08 15/May/2016 TBA

S01 - #114/Dec/2013Bares All 1N/A
S02 - #209/Mar/2014Naked and Afraid: RevealedN/A
S02 - #327/Apr/2014Bares All 2: Starvation, Snakes and StrifeN/A
S02 - #420/May/2014Bares All 3N/A
S03 - #511/Jun/2014Pop-Up Edition: MaldivesN/A
S03 - #618/Jun/2014Pop-Up Edition: LouisianaN/A
S03 - #725/Jun/2014Pop-Up Edition: MalaysiaN/A
S03 - #829/Jun/2014Pop-Up Edition: NamibiaN/A
S03 - #906/Jul/2014Pop-Up Edition: Andros IslandsN/A
S03 - #1013/Jul/2014Pop-Up Edition: CambodiaN/A
S03 - #1120/Jul/2014Pop-Up Edition: NicaraguaN/A
S03 - #1222/Jul/2014New Season ExposedN/A
S03 - #1327/Jul/2014Pop-Up Edition: ArgentinaN/A
S03 - #1403/Aug/2014Pop-Up Edition: DominicaN/A
S03 - #1531/Aug/2014Snaketacular Clip ShowN/A
S03 - #1614/Sep/2014Pop-Up Edition: Nicaragua, Part IIN/A
S03 - #1714/Sep/2014Pop-Up Edition: BotswanaN/A
S03 - #1821/Sep/2014Pop-Up Edition: BrazilN/A
S03 - #1907/Dec/2014Naked and AwkwardN/A
S03 - #2007/Dec/2014Franco and RogenN/A
S04 - #2114/Jan/2015Dual SurvivalN/A
S04 - #2219/Apr/2015Survival CountdownN/A
S04 - #2318/Jun/2015Alone TogetherN/A
S04 - #2428/Jun/2015XL Cast Revealed: Shane LewisN/A
S04 - #2528/Jun/2015XL Cast Revealed: Honora BowenN/A
S04 - #2628/Jun/2015XL Cast Revealed: Laura ZerraN/A
S04 - #2728/Jun/2015XL Cast Revealed: Luke McLaughlinN/A
S04 - #2828/Jun/2015XL Cast Revealed: Dani JulienN/A
S04 - #2928/Jun/2015XL Cast Revealed: Jeff Zausch and Eva RupertN/A
S04 - #3028/Jun/2015XL Cast Revealed: Chris FischerN/A
S04 - #3128/Jun/2015XL Cast Revealed: Danielle BeauchminN/A
S04 - #3228/Jun/2015XL Cast Revealed: E.J. SnyderN/A
S04 - #3328/Jun/2015XL Cast Revealed: Alana BarfieldN/A
S04 - #3428/Jun/2015XL Cast Revealed: Hakim IslerN/A
S04 - #3502/Aug/2015Bares All Special-On the EdgeN/A
S05 - #3631/Jan/2016Super Snake Sunday: Sea SnakeN/A
S05 - #3731/Jan/2016Super Snake Sunday: CobraN/A
S05 - #3831/Jan/2016Super Snake Sunday: CottonmouthN/A
S05 - #3931/Jan/2016Super Snake Sunday: Water MoccasinN/A
S05 - #4031/Jan/2016Super Snake Sunday: Jungle WormN/A
S05 - #4131/Jan/2016Super Snake Sunday: Fer de LanceN/A
S05 - #4231/Jan/2016Super Snake Sunday: Coral SnakeN/A
S05 - #4331/Jan/2016Super Snake Sunday: Boa EggsN/A
S06 - #4429/Jan/2016Pop-Up Edition: PhilippinesN/A
S06 - #4506/Feb/2016Pop-Up Edition: BelizeN/A
S06 - #4628/Feb/2016Pop-Up Edition: PanamaN/A
S06 - #4728/Feb/2016Pop-Up Edition: NicaraguaN/A
S06 - #4806/Mar/2016Pop-Up Edition: Namibia Round TwoN/A
S06 - #4917/Mar/2016Pop-Up Edition: AlabamaN/A
S06 - #5024/Mar/2016Pop-Up Edition: OntarioN/A
S06 - #5107/Apr/2016Pop-Up Edition: AmazoniaN/A
S06 - #5214/Apr/2016Pop-Up Edition: Belize JungleN/A
S06 - #5321/Apr/2016Pop-Up Edition: Philippine ForestN/A
S06 - #5428/Apr/2016Pop-Up Edition: Thailand JungleN/A

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