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No Ordinary Detention - Recap

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At the Powell home, Stephanie is making breakfast at superspeed as the family comes down. Daphne and JJ quickly duck out, saying that they have things to do for school. She tells them that they’ll all have dinner together that night. Jim is glad to have breakfast with her alone, until George calls to tell him that there are four escaped cons on the loose. Their leader is Austin Davies, who is fleeing through the college campus. As Davies steals a motorbike and drives through the buildings, Jim gets ahead of him and clothesline the ex-con, and then gets away before the police catch up.

As Daphne addresses the class, she hears Chris Minor thinking that she’s boring. He puts in his iPod to block her out, and Daphne complains. The teacher grounds Chris, who complains to Daphne and wonders why she’s so fascinated with him. When Daphne protests repeatedly, the teacher gives her detention as well.

Katie calls Stephanie at Global Tech and says that her boyfriend, the Watcher is getting worse. Stephanie suggests that she bring the Watcher in for treatment, since most of the staff is at a conference. Katie says that he’s refusing to see a doctor and tries to figure out how to get him there.

Jim arrives at the station and boasts to George about how he took out Davies without being seen. He notices a new arrival: Rachel Jacobs, with Internal Affairs. George explains that she’s talking to everyone in the station, and is looking into the criminals that Jim has captured. Before they can discuss it further, Rachel calls George into the interrogation room.

In class, JJ and Natalie try to text each other, but Mr. Litchfield catches them and insists on reading their text messages to the class, including one where Natalie saw snow for the first time and believed anything was possible. He then gives both of them detention.

Katie convinces the Watcher to come in by claiming that she lost her wallet. Victoria is waiting for them, and admits that she’s surprised that Katie turned down the Miami job relocation. She introduces herself to the Watcher, who finds it interesting that she deals in human resources. Katie goes into the lab and claims she’s surprised that Stephanie is there. Stephanie offers to take a look at him, and he realizes that Katie set the whole thing up. Before he can object further, the radiation alarm goes off and the building goes into shutdown.

Rachel tells George that she thinks that there’s a rogue cop involved in the vigilante actions. As Jim watches, the police bring Davies and the other escaped cons in. Davies seems to notice him, and Jim ducks out. He goes to the restroom and George comes in to warn him not to act as a suspect.

The convicts are escorted to their cells, but they break loose on cue, knock out the policemen, and grab their guns. They shoot their way to the squad room and Davies takes Rachel as a hostage. The other officers are forced to surrender, while George and Jim hide in the rest room. Jim points out that he can’t intervene without blowing his secret identity, and suggests that he use the air vents to pick off the terrorists one at a time. George realizes that Jim needs someone on the inside, and volunteers for the position.

As Katie panics, Stephanie examines the Watcher. The lights finally come back on and Victoria comes in. She claims there was a specimen leak and explains that the rest of the building is under quarantine. Katie says that Stephanie’s black key card can open the doors, and Stephanie loans it to Katie so she can get them out. The Watcher asks Katie to stay, but she assures him that he’s in good hands with Stephanie.

Litchfield lays down the rules for detention, and former class president Bailey Browning comes in. Daphne is surprised that she’s there in detention. Once Litchfield leaves, Natalie tells JJ that she’s breaking up with him.

Jim crawls through the vents and listens as Davies talks to the police outside and demands a plane. George, who has surrendered, offers to negotiate on Davies’ behalf. He then offers advice on how the criminals should feed the hostages, and gets Davies to send one of his men, Waid, to get food.

Chris commiserates with JJ, who complains that they’re stuck here. In response, Chris says that they should sneak out to get his iPod, and it will also convince Natalie that JJ has better things to do. JJ agrees and the two of them go out.

When Waid finds the vending machine, Jim ambushes him.

As Davies and his remaining two men wait, Rachel asks George what happened to Jim. George claims not to know anything about it. One of the convicts, Quesada, reports that Waid has disappeared.

Stephanie tells the Watcher that he must be on drugs. When he denies it, she offers to take a sample and the Watcher refuses. He claims he’s leaving to get some air, and then goes to a Global Tech sealed door. He tries to telekinetically open it but fails. Katie finds him and he tells her that he’s not going to take any tests, and she tries to reassure him. When she kisses him, the Watcher realizes that it’s Victoria, using her shapeshifting powers. Victoria has knocked out Katie and left her in the hallway. The Watcher tries to shove her away but collapses, and Victoria offers to give him a shot of King’s drug to ease his withdrawal symptoms. He knocks it out of her hand but then collapses, and Victoria tells him that in 20 minutes his organs will shut down and she’ll do it then.

Rachel notices that George keeps looking up at the air vents, but he claims he’s waiting for the air conditioning to kick in. Waid apparently calls on the radio, asking for help. Davies sends Quesada to investigate, and Jim knocks him out as well.

Bailey can’t help teasing Daphne, suggesting she’s involved with Chris. She then asks why Natalie broke up with JJ. When Natalie says that she’s breaking up with JJ because he’s interfering with her schoolwork, Bailey points out that that it’s short-sighted to break up with a smart kid.

Davies starts to lose his cool as he loses his men. Rachel suspects that Jim is responsible, and George does his best to defuse her suspicions. The IA agent isn’t convinced, and says that whoever is responsible is endangering everyone with his actions. Rachel figures they’ll be safer if Davies captures Jim.

Katie/Victoria comes to see Stephanie, and asks what happened to the Watcher. Stephanie says that their resources are limited, and Katie/Victoria suggests that they use the plant. When Stephanie objects, Katie/Victoria says that Stephanie would do it for someone she cared for. Before she can pursue that line of reasoning, the Watcher staggers in, tells Stephanie not to trust “Katie,” and passes out. Stephanie assumes that the Watcher was delirious, tries to stabilize him, and reveals her superspeed, much to Katie/Victoria’s surprise.

Davies tells his remaining man, Brueur, to start killing the hostages. Rachel offers to talk to him and explains that the city’s vigilante is the same man who is stalking them. As Davies tries to remember what his attacker looked like, George tries to interrupt by asking for a bathroom break. Davies refuses to be distracted and asks who Rachel suspects.

Chris and JJ return, and Chris plays up JJ’s role in their escape. Bailey challenges everyone to a game of Truth or Dare, and Daphne asks Chris if he was arrested. After a long moment, he says that he wasn’t. Next, Bailey dares Daphne to kiss Chris. She accepts, but as she kisses him she gets a memory-flash of his being arrested and someone being taken away in an ambulance.

Davies calls Jim and taunts him into revealing who he is. He then takes out a gun and prepares to shoot the hostages one at a time until Jim reveals himself. Jim hesitates until he hears a gunshot. He runs in and discovers that Davies has shot Rachel. The criminal notes that Jim risked himself to save the woman who was trying to sell him out, and takes Jim captive.

Chris dares Natalie to say why she really broke up with JJ. JJ wants to hear it, and Natalie finally says that she’s a foster child, and she can’t afford to let herself be distracted and lose her scholarships.

Katie comes in and tells Stephanie that she was knocked out. Katie/Victoria arrives and Stephanie realizes that something is going on. Both Katies accuse the other of being the fake, and Katie/Victoria suggests a quiz. Surprised, Katie agrees, but the two of them have equal knowledge of obscure comic book and science fiction trivia since Victoria has thoroughly researched Katie. Stephanie then asks them what the real Katie did for the first time. Katie approaches Stephanie and says that she doesn’t want to say out loud that she’s a virgin. While Stephanie is distracted, Katie/Victoria knocks her out and then reverts to her normal form.

Jim asks Davies to get medical attention for Rachel. Unimpressed, Davies says that there’s no reason for him to spare the hostages, but the negotiators call to say they’re giving Davies everything he wants. Davies figures that it’s a trick, and Jim offers himself as a hostage. Davies agrees, but takes Rachel as well.

Bailey has JJ choose Truth, and Daphne telepathically realizes that he’s going to tell them about his powers to impress Natalie. She objects, but JJ gets up and walks over to the chemistry lab. As he works, he explains that he was flunking out of school four months ago. Now he mixes chemical snow, impressing the others. JJ echoes what Natalie said earlier, that he learned that anything is possible.

As Victoria prepares to give Katie an injection of King’s drug, she says that she knows the Watcher and what’s happening to his body. She’s unaware that the Watcher has gone out into the hallway and recovered the first syringe. He injects himself and then uses his restored telekinesis to save Katie and knocks Victoria through a window. Shocked, Katie asks who he is.

As Davies and Brueur leave, Rachel and Jim argue over who is to blame. Davies finally gets tired of the arguing and shoots Jim in the chest. When they get in the van, Jim attacks the two cons and knocks them out, and Rachel wonders how he’s still alive. He tells her that he’s bulletproof, and reveals that he’s wearing a Kevlar vest. She figures that he’s the vigilante and tells him to leave before the SWAT team arrives. When he asks why Rachel isn’t turning him in, she tells Jim that he’s a hero.

Stephanie wakes up and Katie doesn’t tell her about the Watcher and his powers. As the lockdown ends, they check on Victoria and discover that she’s slipped away.

Litchfield checks on the five students, noting that he figures they had nothing to say to each other. As they go, he notices a piece of chemical snow on the counter but dismisses it. Once they’re alone, Daphne asks Chris why he got arrested. He explains that he was out with his father for dinner, and his father was drinking. Chris took the keys and drove them home, but was too nervous to work the clutch properly. They hit a tree and he was arrested for driving without a license. His father lost the use of his legs in the crash. Daphne tries to tell him that he saved his father’s life, but Chris isn’t convinced. When he points out that she didn’t share any secrets, Daphne admits that she likes him. He bends over and kisses her.

In the hallway, JJ approaches Natalie and offers to help her with her school stuff. She says that what he’s doing is sweet, but she’s used to handling her own problems. As she walks away, Bailey comes over and suggests that things happen for a reason. She kisses him and tells him there are better girls for him to waste his time thinking about.

At Katie’s home, the Watcher explains to Katie that he was sick, and there was a special treatment that made him better. When he met her, he realized he didn’t need the serum to feel better. Katie wants to tell Stephanie what’s going on, but the Watcher insists that no one else can know. When she wonders what he can do, he telekinetically lifts a flower, but says that what matters is what he wants to do. He offers her the flower and says he wants to be with her. When the Watcher asks if it’s possible, Katie says it is and kisses him.

At home, the Powells all gather for supper... together. Jim asks who wants to talk about their day, and then starts with what happened to him.