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No Ordinary Proposal - Recap

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A criminal runs down the street and Jim chases after him as George guides him. Jim finally corners the robber in an alleyway, and the man shoots at him. Jim deflects the bullets, but one goes through a window and hits Jasper Woods, a teenage boy. Jim quickly subdues the criminal and hears Jasper’s mother Ruby yell for help.

Jim follows the EMTs to the hospital and watches from outside as the doctors work on Jasper. George arrives to support his friend and insists that there’s nothing that Jim could have done differently, but Jim suggests that Stephanie can do something.

The Watcher, aka Joshua, is waiting for Katie when she wakes up. He presents her with an engagement ring and asks her to marry him, and she quickly agrees. Katie goes into work and shows Stephanie her ring, but worries what might happen if she and the Watcher have children. Stephanie assures her it’ll be okay and then sets up an engagement party for that night to celebrate.

Daphne goes to Chris’ house and listens as his father Rob yells at his son. Chris says that he can’t come to the party that night because he has a new job that he has to work to pay the bills since his crippled father can’t pay the bills. When Rob continues to yell at him, Chris finally says that he needs to take a break and agrees to come to the party for a little while.

At the party, Stephanie realizes that Jim has something on his mind and asks him in private what the problem is. He asks her to use the trilsettum to cure Jasper, unaware that someone from the party is watching them. Meanwhile, Dr. King arrives to offer his best wishes to the happy couple. Jim is surprised to see him there, and Stephanie admits that she invited him to maintain her cover as a loyal worker on his project. The Watcher tells him not to continue, but Dr. King calls for a toast and congratulates the happy couple, and then whispers to the Watcher that he’s doing his father proud.

As they clean up afterward, Stephanie discovers that the serum is missing. They figure that one of the party guests took it and try to figure out who is responsible. Jim suspects Dr. King, but Stephanie says that he could easily steal it from GlobalTech.

The next day, Stephanie goes to see Katie and the Watcher, and accuses him of stealing the serum. He insists that he wants a cure and that he has chosen Katie over his powers. He turns to Katie for affirmation, and she insists that she believes him.

As Litchfield ends his class, he tells the students that they should apply for a new scholarship. As JJ leaves, JJ starts to leave class, Litchfield asks him to consider joining the academic decathlon team. JJ refuses and leaves, and runs into Natalie in the hallway. He suggests that they hang out, just as friends, but Natalie says she needs to focus on winning the scholarship. As JJ leaves, he’s unaware that Litchfield has heard the entire exchange.

At the hospital, Jim tells Ruby that he was one of the EMTs that brought Jasper in. Stephanie calls to tell him that she’s talked to the Watcher and believes his denial. Jim calls George to check on Chris, the next obvious suspect, and they get word of a robbery at an ATM. The two men go there and discover that someone apparently struck the ATM with super-strength, breaking it open. One witness says that the helmeted robber left on a blue motorcycle. Jim remembers that Chris owns a blue motorcycle and goes to the school to confront him. Chris figures that Jim is trying to turn Daphne against him and insists that he didn’t rob the ATM. George calls to confirm that there has been another robbery since Jim has met with Chris, confirming the teenager’s innocence.

The Watcher slips into Dr. King’s office and confronts his former captor, insisting that he’s not his son. Dr. King says that fatherhood isn’t a matter of biology, and that he was the one who saved the Watcher when the latter was six and need medical treatment. When Dr. King warns that the Watcher will eventually have to come back to him to get his “fix,” the Watcher says that he has an alternative and King realizes that Stephanie is working with his former employee. He notes that the Watcher is using Katie to get to Stephanie, but the Watcher denies it and goes.

When Jim comes home, Daphne complains that he went after Chris in front of the entire school, and insists that her boyfriend is innocent. She goes to see Chris at his home and apologizes for her father, but Chris says he can understand how Jim would suspect him. Daphne stands by him and believes that he’s innocent. However, when they hug, Daphne gets a telepathic flash of Chris’ memories, and sees him giving Rob an injection of the stolen trilsettum, letting Rob regain the use of his legs.

At GlobalTech, Stephanie works on the antidote as Katie arrives, and they give it to the rat injected with the trilsettum. The rat has returned to normal, meaning the antidote works.

Daphne goes home and tells Jim that Chris stole the serum for his father.

At the Minor home, Chris finds the stolen money from the ATMs and confronts Rob. Rob tries to talk his way out of it but then tells his son to mind his own business. As he gets a beer, Rob accidentally punches his hand through the refrigerator door. When he realizes that Chris isn’t buying his excuses, Rob insists that now that he can walk again, he can make their lives better. Chris tries to stop him but Rob shoves him to the floor and leaves.

Litchfield tracks down JJ and tells him that if he doesn’t join the decathlon team, then he’ll make sure that Natalie doesn’t get the scholarship.

Katie brings the Watcher to GlobalTech and Stephanie explains that they’ve developed an antidote. He asks to talk to Katie along and tells her that he believes she might abandon him if he changes. Katie assures him that her feelings won’t change and he agrees to take the antidote. His telekinetic powers briefly run out of control, shattering the flasks, and then the Watcher regains control and demonstrates that he still has his powers.

Jim goes to see Chris and spots Rob’s abandoned wheelchair. Chris tries to cover for Rob, but Jim warns him that the trilsettum can alter behavior. He tries to get through to the teenager, but a guilty Chris refuses to betray his father. As they talk, George calls to tell Jim that the robber has hit another ATM. Jim goes after him and Rob dares him to do his worse. Jim hesitates, concerned that he could hurt another bystander, and Rob slams him through a brick wall.

Back at the Powell home, Stephanie tends to Jim’s injuries and she explains that the trilsettum enhances behavior that is already there. George warns that Jim is going to have to go full out to beat Rob, but Jim insists that he can’t take the chance. He suggests that Stephanie gives Rob an injection of the antidote, and George comes up with a different idea.

At the Minor home, Chris tries to convince his father to surrender, but a crazed Rob says that his powers are fading and he needs Chris to get him more of the serum. Chris refuses and Rob throws him through the window and goes to GlobalTech to get it.

At GlobalTech, Dr. King calls Stephanie into his office and tells her that the Watcher was one of Chiles’ test subjects, and he has dangerous powers. King says that he told Katie the same thing but she has no memory of their conversation, and that the Watcher probably used his powers to wipe her memory. Stephanie realizes that the Watcher must have done the same thing to Daphne, and Dr. King tells her that Katie would be best off if she got the news from Stephanie.

George starts training Jim in boxing, explaining that he can avoid Rob’s blows and let him tire himself out and use up the serum in his body. Daphne calls to tell her father that Chris has been taken to the hospital, and Jim goes there. He asks Chris to help him stop Rob, and Chris finally admits that Rob is going to GlobalTech to get more of the serum.

At GlobalTech, Stephanie arrives at her lab and discovers that Rob has grabbed Katie. He threatens to kill her unless Stephanie gives him the serum. She directs him to the case and then tries to inject him with the antidote at superspeed. However, the needle breaks on his unbreakable skin, and Rob throws her into a wall, knocking her out.

Rob goes to the parking garage to escape on the motorcycle, but finds Jim waiting for him. Jim knocks the case out of his hand and taunts Rob into attacking him, and stays out of his way as Rob hits pillars and cars. Once he’s tired out, Jim knocks him down, but Rob tries to grab the case. Stephanie superspeeds in and gets it away, and then tells Jim what the Watcher did to Daphne.

Jim goes to confront the Watcher, slamming him into the wall. The Watcher says that he took away Daphne’s memories so she wouldn’t become like him. Katie comes in and tells Jim that she’ll hurt the Watcher. She asks for the truth and the Watcher admits that he used his powers to protect her by taking away her memories. She gives him the engagement ring back and says that she doesn’t know him, and that she wants him to leave.

The next day at school, Natalie tells JJ that she got the scholarship. He goes to see Litchfield, who explains that he can still take it away if JJ doesn’t cooperate.

Later, Chris comes over to the Powell house to meet with Daphne, and he admits that he’s glad his father will finally get the help he needs. He’s felt alone for so long, but now he feels differently since Daphne is with him. She hears him think that he loves her, and Daphne tells him out loud that she loves him as well.

At the hospital, Jim visits Jasper and Ruby tells him that her son pulled through surgery. Further, they found a tumor while they were operating, and were able to remove it and save Jasper’s life.

Stephanie comforts a grief-stricken Katie.

As the Watcher leaves town on a bus, he tries to telekinetically move Katie’s ring and discovers that he’s cured.

In the classroom, Litchfield has JJ work out a formula in anticipation of the decathlon... or so he claims. Later, he takes the completed formula to Dr. King. After King pays him off, Litchfield asks why he wanted JJ to finish the formula, and King tells him that it’s none of his business.