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No Ordinary Animal - Recap

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A female jogger is running through the woods. She hears something following her and calls out, and it leaps out of the woods and claws her. Two nearby hikers hear her scream and come to investigate, and find her corpse lying on the ground.

George shows photos of the woman to Jim and notes that the animal had five claws instead of four, and didn’t leave tracks. Jim suspects that it’s a super. At home, he tells Stephanie about the murder, and suggests that she uses her access to King’s project to see his database and find out who else is out there with super-powers.

At school, Daphne tells Chris that Sara Bareilles is filming a video in town, and he suggests that the ditch school to go to it. Chris wants her to use her abilities, but Daphne insists that she has a history paper to write and wants to use her powers as little as possible to influence others. In response, her boyfriend confirms that if she finished the history paper, she’d ditch.

JJ is in class training with the members of the math team and realizes that Litchfield has given him different equations to work out, equations that wouldn’t be found in a decathlon event. He talks to the teacher, who tells him to do the work.

Stephanie comes to see King and asks if she can see the database, and wonders if one of their patients was responsible for the animal-related death of the jogger. King assures her that none of the patients have manifested claws and promises to tell her if someone does.

Lucas Winnick is using his new claws to wreck cars when Mrs. X pulls up in her limousine. She invites him in and then berates him for screwing up by leaving the jogger’s body behind. Winnick insists he didn’t have a choice, but Mrs. X warns that the body can be traced to them and tells him to recover it.

At the morgue, the coroner calls George and tells him that he has information that George needs to see about the corpse. When George and Jim arrive, they discover that the body is gone and the coroner is dead, ripped to pieces. They go back to the lair, and Jim figures that the coroner found something that the killer didn’t want found. Stephanie confirms that the jogger was treated with trilsettum, and heads out with Jim when they get word of another animal attack.

At school, Chris asks JJ to finish Daphne’s history paper. When JJ refuses, Chris threatens to reveal his superpower to the school. JJ agrees, and then goes to Daphne to blame her for revealing their secret. She wants to be herself with someone she cares about, and asks JJ to keep her telling Chris a secret from their parents. JJ agrees, but asks her to read Litchfield’s mind and find out why the decathlon equations are so important.

Jim arrives at the house where the animal attack occurred. A police officer informs him that the victim was a drug addict, but there’s no body and the walls are covered with claw marks. Jim tells Stephanie what he’s discovered and she runs in at superspeed to steal the drug bag. Outside, she confirms that the victim was taking trilsettum.

Daphne and Chris try to leave and run into Vice Principal Nance. Chris convinces her to use her powers to persuade Nance to let them ditch and give them gas money.

At the lair, Jim, Stephanie, and George try to figure out what’s going on. George figures they should let the killer do what he’s doing, since he’s going after evil supers. Stephanie insists that none of them deserve to die, and George agrees to help them.

When Katie comes home, Winnick approaches her, claiming to be a friend of the Watcher, Joshua. She tells Winnick that he left after they broke up. As Winnick starts to go, he sniffs the air and accuses Katie of being a super. As he comes after her, he’s telekinetically thrown through the air into a car.

Katie calls Jim and Stephanie over, and figures that the Watcher is hiding somewhere and used his powers to help her. When Katie gets angry, she gestures and a vase flies through the air. She pulls a chair over telekinetically to sit down, and Jim realizes that Winnick can sense people with powers and is hunting them down. Stephanie goes to get the kids out of school while Jim takes Katie to the lair. Meanwhile, Winnick is nearby and calls Mrs. X to tell her that the Powells have powers but aren’t on her list. She tells him to kill them all.

Litchfield watches JJ while calling King to tell him that JJ won’t do the work. He asks why the equations are important, but King tells him to get it done. When JJ comes out of class, Litchfield gives him the equations and demands to know why he won’t complete them. He starts to threaten JJ with his authority, but Stephanie arrives to check JJ out for what she claims is a family emergency. As they go outside, Stephanie asks where Daphne is. JJ admits that he doesn’t know where she is, but she’s with Chris and they ditched.

At the auditorium, Sara Bareilles begins performing. The security guard stops Chris and Daphne from going in, but Chris insists that she’s a good person and deserves the chance. Daphne agrees and uses her powers to get them in.

Jim does a facial recreation from Katie’s description and they confirm it’s Winnick, a death row prisoner. Stephanie comes in and recognizes him as the patient she gave trilsettum to. Stephanie goes to the house to try and find Daphne while Jim goes to Winnick’s last address.

Winnick breaks into the Powell house and checks out Daphne’s room. He finds a Sara Bareilles poster and gets the girl’s scent from her clothing. Stephanie comes in and Winnick confronts her. He tells her that he’s glad that he has superpowers, and she asks him to spare her family’s life. Winnick says that no one will give him a second chance and he has nowhere else to go. When he lets slip that someone hired him, Stephanie offers to give him a second chance in return for information, much to his apparent surprise. She approaches him and says that she understands what he’s going through, and Winnick stabs her in the stomach with his claws.

At the lair, Katie tries to activate her powers and cheats, kicking the table to make a glass move. Jim returns without results, and realizes that Stephanie hasn’t returned from the house. He goes there and finds her bleeding out on the kitchen floor. Jim says he’s going to call 911, but she warns him that the doctors would check her blood and ask questions. Stephanie blames herself for creating Winnick and wonders where Daphne is.

Sara Bareilles begins performing, and Daphne thanks Chris for convincing her to ditch. They’re unaware that Winnick is in the crowd, trying to pick up Daphne’s scent.

Jim takes Stephanie to the lair and she insists that she can speed-heal. Jim convinces JJ to hack Daphne’s emails and phone, and he finds a text message from Chris about the video shoot. Jim leaves for the auditorium.

At the video shoot, Daphne gets a call from Jim and goes to take it somewhere away from the music. Winnick approaches her and says that he’s from the school, and that Stephanie was attacked. He offers to take her to the hospital and Daphne reluctantly agrees. Winnick claims to take her to his car, and then reveals his teeth and claws and says he’s the one who attacked Stephanie. Jim arrives and tells Daphne to get away, and then knocks Winnick to the street below. The two of them leap at each other, land on the sidewalk, and fight it out. Jim finally defeats Winnick and starts beating him, but Daphne stops him before he can kill his opponent.

At the lair, Stephanie gets worse and JJ confirms that she has some kind of staph infection. However, the wrong antibiotic could kill her. Stephanie refuses to go to the hospital, so Jim takes her to King and demands treatment. King feigns ignorance but Jim tells him to drop the pretense so they can save Stephanie. The doctor agrees, but determines that Winnick was carrying drug-resistant bacteria. Jim realizes that the only thing that can cure her is the trilsettum serum. King warns against the side effects, but Jim refuses to let his wife die. The doctor gets out the serum and Jim insists on giving her the injection. Stephanie finally wakes up and Jim tells her to rest.

At school, Daphne gives Litchfield JJ’s completed equations. As he studies them, she reads his mind and discovers he believes the person he was working for would kill him if he failed. Daphne quickly leaves and leaves a message for JJ about what she’s discovered. Chris finds her and suggests that she use her mind-pushing some more to do cool things.

King receives the completed equations from Litchfield. Mrs. X, the GlobalTech CEO, storms into his office and asks why the supers are running free. She tells him that from now on, she’ll be overseeing very move that he makes. King reveals that he’s close to solving the equation for power permanence, and there’s only one more variable to identify.

Daphne stops at the lab to get her mother’s files, and Katie tells her that she’s checked and confirmed that she’s pregnant with the Watcher’s child.

Jim arrives home and finds Stephanie in apparent perfect health. She insists that she’s fine and wants to go for a run. As she superspeeds across the city, she starts to dissolve in a burst of light, and then disappears.