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No Ordinary Beginning - Recap

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A cargo plane’s engines go out and the prisoners on board start to panic. As they grab air masks, George wakes up and tries to figure out what’s going on.

Twenty-four hours earlier, Litchfield approaches JJ and tells him that he needs to solve the equations he gave him. JJ refuses unless Litchfield tells him what is going on. When the teacher refuses, JJ leaves. Litchfield calls King, who warns him to get what he needs. Mrs. X, Helen Burton, enters King’s office and tells him that she’s letting him go because he went easy on JJ because of his feelings for Stephanie. She doesn’t believe her denials and says that she’s initiating her backup plan, but refuses to tell him.

When Jim learns what Litchfield did, he goes to the school with JJ to confront the teacher. They find him dead at his desk.

George is helping Katie at her home because of her pregnancy. He assures her that he’ll be there for her, and Katie asks him to go to Dr. Klein to get some vitamins. Before he can leave, George gets a call from Jim about Litchfield’s death. He apologizes to Katie and leaves, the Watcher, Joshua, comes in.

At the lair, George confirms with the coroner that Litchfield was electrocuted, and Jim figures that a super was involved, and JJ could be the next target. He calls home, where Stephanie is making dinner for Daphne and JJ. The power goes out, cutting off the telephone call, and Jim heads for home. Meanwhile, JJ offers to go out and look at the fuse box. A man is waiting for him outside, introduces himself as Ben, and electroshocks JJ unconscious.

The next morning, Stephanie searches the city and fails to find JJ. She starts to call the police, but Jim warns that they’re not dealing with an ordinary kidnapper. George arrives with the records on Litchfield’s cell phone, which show he called King. Jim and Stephanie go to King’s office and Jim threatens King, who is clearly in poor health. He asks Stephanie for some of the trilsettum serum to stay alive.

Katie tells Joshua about the baby, and he explains that he stayed away because she said she didn’t want him in her life. George returns and threatens Joshua, who says that he no longer has powers and tells Katie that now they can have a normal life together

Jim is reluctant to have Stephanie give King the trilsettum, but she warns that they have no choice if they want King to help them find JJ. She gives King the injection and he explains that he’s been using the serum for 18 years since he was diagnoses with cancer. Without trilsettum, his system shuts down, and he wanted JJ to replicate the permanency forum so he wouldn’t die. King explains that Helen found out he was protecting JJ, so she abducted him to work out the permanence solution. He agrees to help them find JJ.

JJ is locked up in a room filled with teenager toys when Helen arrives. She asks why he gave Litchfield incorrect equations, but he insists that he did them correctly. Helen asks how the Powells got permanent superpowers, and throws him in a cell to work out the correct answer. JJ discovers that Joshua is in the cell with him.

At Katie’s house, “Joshua” goes to get his stuff. Once outside, “he” reverts to Victoria Morrow, the shapeshifter.

King goes to the Powell house to show them the plans of the special facility where Helen is holding JJ. He warns them that the facility was designed to contain supers, and he designed the place. However, King suggests that Jim, Stephanie, and Daphne working together could break in. Daphne insists on going so they can use her telepathy to find JJ. They have no choice but to agree.

JJ figures that Joshua is working some kind of trick, but Joshua explains that he has no powers due to Stephanie’s antidote. He’s being held captive as punishment for refusing to go after the Powells. Jim asks how they can get out, and Joshua says he can help him figure out the permanency problem.

George talks to Dr. Klein, who has no idea who Katie is. He explains that he was mugged a week ago and out for a few days, and that he has no records of a Katie Andrews on file.

Jim, Stephanie, and Daphne enter the facility and Daphne uses her powers to stop him from calling for help. However, he says he has no idea where JJ is, and passes out from mental stress when she pushes him further. They start searching but the guards surround them. Daphne pushes one of them into surrendering, but the others threaten to shoot her if she says another word. Stephanie moves at superspeed, knocking the remaining guards out before they can shoot. As the Powells move on, Helen watches them on the monitors and tells Ben to stop them.

JJ tells Joshua about the plane that his family flew on when they got their powers. Joshua explains that the pilot was carrying trilsettum samples and wasn’t authorized to take passengers, but did anyway for the money. The Powells inhaled the trilsettum during the crash, and JJ starts working on a new set of equations taking the new information into account. As he works, he mentions that Katie is pregnant, and realizes that Joshua didn’t know.

The Powells make their way through the halls, and Ben attacks Jim with electrical blasts. Jim manages to deflect the lightning into nearby circuit boxes, short-circuiting Ben. He then threatens the super until he tells them where JJ is. The family gets into an elevator, but Helen pumps anesthetic glass into the car, knocking them unconscious.

Stephanie wakes up in a cell with her daughter, who has been sedated. Helen and her guards come in, and she explains that she’s given Jim cinoxate to negate his powers. She then has JJ brought in and threatens to kill Daphne unless he gives her the answer.

Victoria/Joshua is unpacking his belongings with Katie. Meanwhile, George goes over the surveillance footage from the hospital and sees Victoria knock out Klein. He calls Katie and warns her that Victoria is still alive and impersonating Joshua. Katie plays along until George can get there, and casually asks Victoria/Joshua a personal question to make sure she’s not with the real Joshua.

King arrives at the facility and finds the unconscious guards.

JJ panics, insisting he’s told Helen everything he knows. However, he gets an idea and realizes that stress causes an epinephrine rush, and that along with the trilsettum causes permanency. Satisfied, Helen tells her guards to shoot them and leaves. As she walks down the hallway, three gunshots echo out. She’s unaware that the shots were fired by King, who arrived to save Stephanie and her children. He goes to find Jim and sends Stephanie to stop Helen, who plans to inject 80 criminals with the trilsettum permanency serum and sell them to the highest bidders.

Before finding Jim, King frees Joshua, saying he’ll always protect his son. He tells Joshua to find Katie and protect his family. As Joshua goes, he thanks King, calling him dead.

Jim is trying to get out when King arrives and releases him. He then draws a gun on him and explains that he’s going to shoot him and blame it on the guards. Jim tries to bluff, but King knows better and shoots him three times in the chest. Before he goes, King assures the dying Jim that he’ll take good care of Stephanie.

Stephanie arrives too late to stop Helen from leaving. Daphne and JJ arrive, and JJ explains that they can use the antidote to stop the criminals, and that it worked on Joshua. King arrives and claims that Jim died, and then embraces her.

Katie tells Victoria/Joshua that she needs to go get some foot, but she/he insists on going with her. She tells him that she knows that “Joshua” is really Victoria. Victoria reverts to her normal form and tells Katie to come with her or die. The real Joshua arrives and Katie tries to run away, but collapses. Victoria says that the baby should be theirs, but he tells her he’ll never love her. Katie calls for help, saying that her water has broken, and Joshua goes to her while Victoria slips away. George, hiding outside, follows her.

King tells Stephanie to get the children home, but Jim arrives. He explains that he was already recovering his powers when King shot him. Jim grabs King and throws him into a wooden garbage bin, but King gets up and pulls out a wooden spar in his chest, and tells them that he can’t die.

Katie gives birth prematurely, and warns Joshua that the baby isn’t viable yet. Joshua promises that he will be with her always and helps her deliver.

King injects himself with trilsettum, giving himself superspeed and strength. He smashes Jim down, insisting that Stephanie is better off without her husband. Daphne tries to use her powers but the trilsettum has made King immune to her abilities. As King prepares to break Jim’s neck, JJ says that the antidote is their only chance. Stephanie superspeeds to the lab, gets the syringe, returns, and tells King that she does love him. She asks him not to hurt Jim and approaches King, but he easily stops her from injecting him and knocks the syringe out of her hand. As King prepares to kill her, JJ grabs the syringe, calculates the proper trajectory, and throws it into King’s eye. King collapses and the trilsettum wears off, causing the cancer to have its full effect and kill him in a matter of seconds.

Katie’s baby dies at birth, but its eyes glow green and it comes back to life. She picks up their son and holds him.

Victoria goes to the airport, where Helen is supervising the loading of the criminals onto a cargo plane. She tells Victoria that she doesn’t need Katie’s baby anymore and tells Victoria to get on the plane with the others. George is watching from the shadows, but a guard spots him, assumes he’s one of the criminals, knocks him out, and puts him on the plane.

At home, Jim is trying to contact George when Special Agent Hawkins of the NSA arrives at the door. He tells the Powells that a plane went down over the California forests.

On the plane, George wakes up as trilsettum gas is pumped into the cargo hold with the panicking criminals.

Hawkins informs Jim that there were no bodies recovered from the wreckage.

George wakes up at the crash site and is surprised to discover that he’s alive. The criminals flee into the night, displaying superpowers.

Jim doesn’t understand why Hawkins is there, and the agent explains that the government knows that the Powells are no ordinary family, and they need the family’s help to recover the criminals.