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A Curious Thing - Recap

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The Enchanted Forest – A Year Ago

A hooded rider gallops through the woods.

At the Queen's palace, Snow and Charming inform Regina, Aurora, and Phillip that they are gathering the entire kingdom to announce that Snow is pregnant so that they can give the people hope. Regina doesn't think much of the idea since Zelena is still at large. The hooded rider--Belle--comes in and tells them that Baelfire sacrificed his life to resurrect his father, and now the two of them are merged in Rumplestiltskin's body. Belle warns them that Zelena now has the Dark One's dagger and controls him. Aurora suggests that now isn't the time to announce the pregnancy, and finally explains that Zelena threatened her unborn child if she and Phillip didn't tell her when the others returned to the Enchanted Forest.

Zelena flies in on her broom and transforms Aurora and Phillip into flying monkeys. As they soar off, Zelena freezes Charming and Snow, and Regina as well when she tries to oppose her half-sister. She then steps forward, touches Snow's stomach, and says that the child will do nicely. Zelena tells Snow to take care of it and she'll be back when the baby is born.

A few months later, Grumpy meets with the royal family and their friends, and tells them that none of the fairies have been able to find anything that can destroy Zelena. Regina asks Snow how she defeated her the last time when she threatened her, and Snow and Charming say that Rumplestiltskin warned them. Grumpy warns against sneaking into Rumplestiltskin's castle where Zelena is holding them, but Snow and Charming vow to do whatever it takes to save their child. Robin Hood says that since he broke in once before, he can get them in this time. Regina warns that Robin is a thief and can't be trusted, but Robin points out that the castle is booby-trapped and magic will do no good against the unexpected. When Regina disagrees, Snow overrides her.


Regina and Robin kiss at the boarding house and she asks what he sees in her. Robin says that it's the same thing she sees in him: a second chance. He wonders what it's like to not have a heart, and Regina says that she can still feel, just not fully. Henry comes out of his room and Robin and Regina break off their kissing. Once he leaves, Regina tells Robin that she's not all right but they're waiting for her. Robin gives her one more kiss and wishes her luck.

Inside, Regina meets with Mary Margaret, Emma, and David. They are waiting for Hook, but Regina insists on getting down to business. She points out that to cast the curse, the caster has to give up what she loves most, but Zelena doesn't seem to love anything. David and Mary Margaret suggest that Zelena sent them back and stripped their memories because they found a way to defeat her. Emma points out that she did everything she did the first time to break the curse, but Regina notes that Henry doesn't believe this time. She says that they should use the storybook to get Henry started back on the path of belief and the others reluctantly agree.

Outside of town, Zelena meets with Gold, who has Hook prisoner in the trunk of his car. She demands to know why Hook hasn't kissed Emma yet and stripped her of her power. Zelena warns that if Snow's child is born then she will start killing everyone Emma loves, starting with Henry.

The Enchanted Forest

Regina, Robin, and the Charmings enter Rumplestiltskin's castle. Robin sets off a trap before Regina can trigger it. They continue in and find Rumplestiltskin in a cage, spinning gold from straw. He rambles on, saying that he has two minds, and Snow asks how they can defeat Zelena. Rumplestiltskin continues spouting nonsense but Belle reaches for him through the bars. She begs him to listen and asks how they can stop Zelena, and Rumplestiltskin says to turn to Glinda, the Good Witch of the South. He explains that Glinda was banished north of the Dark Forest, and tells them that the pure of heart must step through a door.


Belle calls to say that the storybook isn't at the pawnshop. Mary Margaret remembers that the storybook appeared out of nowhere when Henry realized he didn't have a real family. He needed to believe in happy endings, and the storybook appeared in his closet and helped him to believe that. Regina says that they all need a happy ending and suggests they go to the closet.

Emma checks in on Henry at the diner and says that she has a lead. Henry goes after her and demands to know what she's found out about the man who killed his father. Emma refuses and yells at him that he just has to trust her because she's his mother. As Emma goes, Henry asks for the keys for his room so he can get his Game Boy. Emma gives them to him and leaves, and Henry goes out the back of the diner and starts to steal Emma's car. Hook is there and asks where he's going, and realizes that he's running away back to New York. Henry says that he's going to the nearest bus station and Hook stops him, saying that he has a better way.

Emma and the others search the closet but Emma finds no sign of it in the luggage. However, when Mary Margaret searches, she finds it. Regina takes it to see what it is that Zelena loves, and Mary Margaret asks Emma why she's yelling at Henry. She realizes that Emma plans to take Henry back to New York, and Emma says that Henry was happy there. They go to get Henry.

The Enchanted Forest

Charming, Snow, and Regina go to the Dark Forest and Charming picks a snowbell and gives it Snow. Mary Margaret tells them to focus and spots a door standing in the middle of nowhere. There's nothing on the other side, but Snow remembers what Rumplestiltskin said about the pure of heart. She goes through and disappears and Charming does as well. However, when Regina tries to go through, there's nothing there.

Snow and Charming find themselves in a winter forest. Glinda appears to them and says that she was banished there, and knows who they are. She says that Snow's unborn child has powerful magic, but admits that her magic has never been powerful enough to defeat Zelena. They were friends long ago when things were different, and Zelena gave in to her dark magic. When Glinda tried to stop her, she failed. The Good Witch explains that she gave Zelena a pendant to focus her magic and it's now the source of her power. However, only the strongest purveyor of white magic--magic created out of love--can remove the pendant. They realize that Emma is the most powerful purveyor of such magic because she was born of true love, but they have no way to get back to Storybrooke. Snow realizes that the only way to get to Emma in the real world is to enact the dark curse themselves.

When they return through the doorway, Charming and Snow tell Regina about their plan. Regina points out that she can't cast the curse without giving up Henry, the thing she loves most. When she undid Pan's curse, it divided the realms. Charming realizes that Snow can use his heart to cast the curse. Snow refuses, insisting that there has to be another way.


Emma joins the others at the diner and tells them that Henry has left. She tracks Henry's GPS and realizes that he's at the dock.

Hook takes Henry to the dock and introduces him to Smee, and says that Smee is sailing to New York. Henry realizes that Smee plans to steal a ship, and asks Hook why he's helping him. Before Hook can explain, a flying monkey soars out of the sky and Hook and Smee drag Henry to the boathouse. Hook sends Henry with Smee while he draws his sword and gun. Two flying monkeys soar in and Hook shoots them, but more come in. Henry trips and another flying monkey moves in on him, but Emma and the others arrive. They take out the monkeys and Emma runs to Henry, who asks what the creatures were. She tells Henry that it will all make sense in a minute and asks him to believe in magic, and then hands him the storybook. Henry doesn't understand and Emma asks if he believes in her. When he says that he does, she tells him to take the book and he does. As soon as he holds it, he remembers his entire life in Storybrooke, and calls both Regina and Emma "mom."

Regina tells Emma to break the curse, and she leans forward to kiss her son. However, Zelena appears and teleports Henry to her. She blasts Regina unconscious and tells Emma that Hook failed her and the cost is Henry's life. Emma kneels and there's a blast of white light, burning Zelena's hands. Henry breaks free and runs to Emma, and Zelena warns them that Emma and Henry don't have much time left. She teleports away and Henry runs to the unconscious Regina.

The Enchanted Forest

Back at the palace, Regina prepares the curse and tells Snow and Charming that the only way to do it is to give up David's heart. David agrees and tells Snow that it's their only chance, and she'll always see his love for her in their baby's eyes. They share a kiss and Charming tells Regina to do it. She warns that it will hurt and steps forward and takes his heart, and Charming tells Snow to crush his heart. Regina places the heart in Snow's hand and she crushes it and then places it into the curse, and Charming collapses. Regina assures Snow that it won't be in vain, just as Zelena flies in and casts a spell on the potion. She tells Snow that Charming's sacrifice was for nothing. Zelena boasts that she's added a forgetting spell to the curse, confident that they will be too busy worrying about what happened to Charming.


Regina finally wakes up and finds Henry kneeling at her side. She hugs her son and promises to never let him go away again. When she kisses him on the forehead, a wave of magic sweeps out and they realize that Regina was the one destined to save them, not her. Mary Margaret and David tell Emma that they cursed themselves to get back to Emma. Emma wonders how David can be there if he sacrificed himself.

The Enchanted Forest

Snow tells Regina to rip out her heart and then split it so she and Charming can both survive. Regina warns that they have no idea if it will work, but Snow insists that she believes her heart is strong enough for both of them. As the curse closes in, Snow begs Regina to do it, and Regina takes out her heart. As Snow collapses next to David, Regina splits Snow's heart in half and places it into both of them. Snow revives and goes to Charming... and after a moment, he revives as well. They kiss as the curse sweeps over them and the entire kingdom.


Henry describes the last year of his life in New York to Regina, and asks what he missed there. Regina assures him that it's nothing that matters now, and Henry asks her about Robin. She says that they've just started seeing each other, just as Robin comes in and Henry realizes her mother is dating a bandit. Robin has recovered his memories as well and leads the two of them off. Meanwhile, Emma asks Hook what Zelena meant, and Hook says that he was trying to save Henry by getting him out of Storybrooke. He finally admits that Zelena cursed his lips to steal Emma's magic. Emma insists that it should have been her decision and she can't trust Hook. David and Mary Margaret step forward and say that Hook is lying because they didn't send him a message to give Emma the memory potion. Hook insists that someone sent him the message and wonders who else would know.

The Enchanted Forest

Zelena mixes the memory potion and tells Rumpelstiltskin that the curse is coming. However, what she needs to do can be done from any land, and she vows to change the past. Rumplestiltskin points out that she will have to remember it, and Zelena drinks the potion and then gives it to Rumplestiltskin to drink as well. He hesitates and she points out that he will be blind and stupid like the others without it. Zelena walks away and Rumplestiltskin starts to drink it so that he can have his vengeance. However, Baelfire appears out of his father's body, knocking Rumpelstiltskin out, and says that Emma needs to remember. He summons the dove, gives it the bottle along with a brief note, and tells it to seek out Hook.


Later, Emma takes Henry to Neal's grave and assures him that his father sacrificed himself for all of them. Henry puts a rose on the tombstone and asks Emma how she could come back to Storybrooke when she knew it would be dangerous. Emma says that she knew how Henry would have voted, and he tells her that Operation Cobra is back on. Mary Margaret and David are watching, and Mary Margaret starts having labor pains.