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Kansas - Recap

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David and the others take Mary Margaret to the hospital and get her inside as she goes into labor.

At the farmhouse, Gold continues spinning. Zelena comes in and smiles in satisfaction as he creates more and more spun gold. She then transforms it into a representation of Gold's brain and puts it in the trunk with the other two talismans that she's gathered. Smiling, Zelena says that there's one more ingredient to collect.

Dr. Whale and his staff get Mary Margaret into a room as she moans in pain.


As the transformed Wizard of Oz flies in to the Emerald Palace's throne room, Zelena watches as Rumplestiltskin tries to teach Regina how to cast a spell, and complains about how her half-sister is unable to master a simple spell. Glinda, the Good Witch of the South, comes in and assures Zelena that she means her no harm. She's appreciative that Zelena revealed the Wizard for the trickster that he truly was. Glinda points out that Zelena is wasting her power on foolish pursuits, trying to go back in time and change her destiny, and suggests that Zelena come with her. When Zelena wonders why she should, Glinda offers to introduce her to her real sisters.


Zelena has Gold dig a series of trenches in the barn and realizes that he thinks she'll fail. Gold insists that destiny can't be thwarted, but Zelena insists that she can fix the past. She places the three talismans at the cardinal points of the design that Gold is digging. Unimpressed, Gold tells her that she'll remain the same no matter how much she changes her past. Once he's done, Zelena takes out the compass and examines it carefully.

David tells Mary Margaret that everything will be okay and vows that Zelena won't get their baby. Outside the room, Emma and Regina are casting a protective spell and Regina insists that no one wielding dark magic will be able to get in... if Emma's magic is strong enough. Hook comes in, insisting that he wants to help, but Emma doesn't think that it's a good idea for him to be there. He insists that he kept secret Zelena's curse because she threatened Emma and her family, but Emma says that Henry's safety is her concern and she's taking the fight to Zelena. As she walks off, David joins her and says that she doesn't have to do it alone. Emma insists that she does but David suggests that she take Hook. He understands why Hook kept his secret but Emma points out that he's kept his share of secrets from his family. She finally gives in but first Emma goes to Henry as Leroy brings him in. She tells her son that she has to take care of Zelena, and Henry tells his mother that he's not worried. They share a hug and Regina comes over and promises to keep Henry safe.

As he waits for Mary Margaret to give birth, Henry goes through the newspaper classified. Archie, sitting with him, asks what he's doing and Henry figures that he and Emma will need their own apartment once the baby is born. The psychologist wonders if Henry has spoken to Emma about staying in Storybrooke but he doesn't see the point since they're home.

Emma and Hook approach Zelena's farmhouse and Emma complains that she should have stayed in New York with Henry. Hook points out that the life she had wasn't real but Emma says that it was real for her and Henry. Emma insists that they're leaving and Hook wonders what Henry thinks. When she says that it isn't Henry's decision, Hook wonders if she's choosing what's best for her son or for her. The pirate asks why she's really so scared of staying and figures that she's afraid of a happy future.

Zelena and Gold comes out before Emma can answer, and tells Emma that she can either keep her magic or save the man she keeps trying to run away from. She then has Gold toss Hook into a water trough and hold him under, and Emma is unable to pull him out.


Glinda takes Zelena to meet her sister witches from the North and East. Each one represents a special part of magic: love, wisdom, and courage. Zelena wonders if they can combine their magic to travel through time, but Glinda explains that she brought Zelena there to change her future. There is a fourth empty seat at the west and they'd like Zelena to fill it. The seat represents innocence and Glinda tells Zelena that she can reclaim her innocence by choosing to be good. The Witch of the North asks if Glinda has told her, and the Witch of the East explains that Glinda is the keeper of the Book of Records, which chronicles past, present, and future. The book foretells that a powerful sorceress will come to Oz in a cyclone and be a powerful protector. Glinda tells Zelena that she's always been meant for more and she can do it if she lets go of her past.


Emma pulls Hook out and begs him to wake up. She finally administers mouth-to-mouth, touching her lips to his, and her magic leaves her. Hook revives and realizes what she's done.


Zelena returns to the Emerald Palace and conjures an image of Regina again. After a moment she says that she's over Regina and banishes the image. Glinda appears and offers her a pendant, and explains that each of the Witches wears one. She tells Zelena to guard it with her life because it is her life, and the pendant will let her harness and protect all of her power. However, without it she will be powerless. Glinda welcomes her to their Sisterhood and gives her a mirror, and Zelena watches as her green skin fades away.


Zelena and Gold go to the hospital, and Grumpy and Sneezy shout a warning and run inside. Robin and his men are waiting and open fire, but Zelena easily puts them to sleep. Belle steps out to stop them and Gold tells her to go. When she refuses, Zelena puts her to sleep and orders Gold to go with her. Upstairs, Regina tells Henry to go with Archie and lock himself in a closet. Zelena arrives and casts her aside with a gesture.


Glinda takes Zelena to the West, her new land. A cyclone appears and a house drops out of it. When the two witches go to investigate, they find the ruins of a farmhouse and a young girl. The girl explains that she tried to run from the storm cellar but wasn't fast enough. Zelena wonders where she came from and the girl realizes that she's not in Kansas. She introduces herself as Dorothy Gale and Glinda says that she must be a very powerful girl. Glinda leads her off and Zelena glances suspiciously at Dorothy.


David tells Mary Margaret to focus on the baby while he protects her.

Zelena walks over Regina and continues to Mary Margaret's room.

Mary Margaret gives birth to a boy and David kisses her. Dr. Whale brings them the baby and Mary Margaret holds it closely. Zelena walks in and knocks Whale out, and then immobilizes David as he goes for his spell. She teleports the baby to her and immobilizes Mary Margaret as well, and then teleports away. Freed from Zelena's spell, Mary Margaret breaks into tears.


Sometime later, Dorothy enjoys a meal with the Sisterhood and they all welcome her. Zelena watches from the shadows and Glinda notices her. She goes to her and asks if she's feeling all right, and Zelena turns, her skin partially green. Zelena accuses them of fawning over their newest protégé, and Glinda assures her that no one is taking her place. Despite her denial, Zelena doesn't believe her and opens the Book of Records that she's opened. According to the prophecy, the Witch of the West will defeat the great evil that Oz has ever seen. Zelena believes that she is the greatest evil, but Glinda tells her that only she can shape her evil. She warns that if Zelena believes she is evil then that is what she will become.


Zelena takes the baby back to the farmhouse and goes inside, humming a lullaby to it.

David grabs his sword and walks out to get his son back. Regina tries to stop him, warning that he'll get killed. Emma arrives and says that she couldn't stop Zelena, and admits that she lost her magic but doesn't explain how. Regina doesn't believe that there is a way to stop her half-sister, but Henry insists that she can use light magic. When his mother says that she doesn't have anything else, Emma reminds Regina that when she kissed Henry, she released light magic. When Regina says that she doesn't have her heart, Henry insists that she still has good in her. Robin arrives and assures Regina that she can beat Zelena. Henry tells his mother that she used to be a villain, but now she's a hero and he believes in her, and Regina needs to believe in herself.


Zelena--now fully green once more--confronts Dorothy as she is taking water from a well. Dorothy wonders why she's changed and Zelena says that she's showing her true colors, and then attacks her with a fireball. Dorothy throws her bucket of water on her and Zelena starts melting. She melts to nothing in a matter of seconds, and Dorothy calls to Glinda. The Good Witch appears and Dorothy tells her what happened. Glinda explains that destiny gave her the tool and assures the girl that Zelena didn't give her any other choice. Dorothy says that she wants to go home but Glinda admits that she doesn't have the power to cross realms. She suggests that Dorothy seek out the Wizard, who will revert to normal now that Zelena and her magic is undone. Glinda takes Dorothy down the yellow brick road to meet the Wizard. Behind them, Zelena reforms.


Zelena takes the baby to the barn and places her at the western point of the pattern. She then tells Gold that they will meet under different circumstances once she changes the past, and he will choose her. Gold vows to kill her no matter what changes, but Zelena just laughs and begins her spell. Magic surges from the four items and meets in the center, just as David, Regina, Emma, Hook, and Robin arrive. While the others flank Zelena, Regina tells Zelena to stop. Zelena orders Gold to stop them and then casts David and Robin aside. Gold tells Emma to get the dagger and then knocks her gun away, then knocks them back.

Regina tries to grab Zelena's pendant but she knocks her half-sister back and then calls down a flying monkey. Gold blasts David and Robin aside as they prepare to defend themselves, and Zelena lifts Regina into the air, choking her. She tells Regina that she can't hope to use light magic against her, but Regina refuses to let Zelena tell her what she can be. Regina says that she's wrong and her hands glow with light magic, and she blasts Zelena away. Zelena loses the dagger and wonders how Regina could have changed, and Regina tells her that she makes her own destiny. She snatches away the pendant and Zelena collapses, and the magic in the pattern fades away. The flying monkey soars down and then transforms back into Little John. David picks up his son and confirms that he's okay.

Zelena stares up at Regina in shock, and Regina tells her that she failed. Gold pulls her over and vows to make her pay for everything she's done, but Regina grabs the dagger and stops him. When Gold reminds Regina that Zelena killed his son, Regina says that good magic doesn't exact vengeance and heroes don't kill.


Glinda and Dorothy arrive at the Emerald Palace and the Wizard appears to them behind his curtain. In return for her freeing him from Zelena's spell, the Wizard agrees to take her back. He makes the silver slippers appear on her feet and he tells her how to use them. She clicks her heels together three times and thinks of Kansas, and disappears. Glinda thanks the Wizard for his help and invites him to show himself... and Zelena steps out. She explains that she tricked Dorothy into leaving so that no one could stop her, and Glinda vows to find someone else to stop her. Zelena banishes her to the Enchanted Forest and then touches her pendant thoughtfully.


As she sits in a jail cell, Zelena asks Regina why she doesn't just kill her and put her out of her misery. Regina says that she knows why she did what she did, and their mother ruined both of them. Zelena says that she had everything, but Regina reminds her that she lost the love of her life. She was a lot like Zelena recently, but if she had killed Snow then she would never have found Henry. Regina tells her half-sister that she's going to give her the same thing she got: a second chance. She warns Zelena that good and evil are made, not born, and tells Zelena to create a new destiny. If she doesn't then Regina will take her heart and crush it. Regina then leaves with the pendant to put it somewhere safe.

Regina goes to the mausoleum and places the pendant in a chest, and then puts it away, smiling.

At the pawnshop, Gold is looking at the objects in his shop when Belle comes in. They hug and Gold admits that her faith in him astonishes him. She assures him that it was Zelena, not him, who forced him to do what he did. He admits that it wasn't always Zelena but Belle says that she has always loved him and always will. She gives him the dagger that Regina gave to her to make amends, and Belle gives it to Gold. When he wonders why, she says that she believes in him. All Belle asks is that he doesn't go after Zelena because he's better than that. Gold takes the dagger and says that it's more than he can ever give her, and it represents trust. He gives it to her and tells Belle that for now and all the future, he is hers. When Belle wonders what he means, Gold asks her to marry him and she agrees.

David and Emma take the baby back to Mary Margaret/ As Emma looks on, Hook comes in and sees her smiling. He thanks her for saving his life and asks if her power has returned, and Emma admits that it hasn't. However, she figures that she won't need it in New York, and calls Henry in to meet his new uncle.

Zelena hears someone enter the jail and realizes that it's Gold. He explains that Regina gave the dagger to Belle, and reveals that she only thinks he has it. Gold takes out the dagger and says that he switched daggers, a fake one for the real one, and teleports into Zelena's cell. She begs for her life, reminding Gold that she's powerless now, and asks why. Gold says that he promised that his son's death would be avenged and he never breaks a deal. He stabs her and she transforms into stone, and then shatters. However, as Gold walks out, the pieces fade away.

In the mausoleum, green mist flows from the chest and makes its way to the barn. The mist enters the pattern and it glows with magical energy.