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Secret Services - Recap

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`At the B&B, Claudia complains to Steven about how Artie has been laying to her about her sister Claire being dead. She goes over the article on the car accident and points out that an artifact must have been involved. Artie comes in and offers to help her by showing her Claire. Claudia wonders what the catch is and Artie assures her that there's no catch, and Steven confirms that she's telling the truth.

Myka meets with Mrs. Frederic, who asks if children are still an option for her. Surprised at the turn in conversation, Myka wonders why she's interested and Mrs. Frederic notes that sometimes a woman reevaluates her life. The agent assures her that she's still committed to her work, but Mrs. Frederic assures her that she should keep her options open. Pete comes in and suggests that Myka have kids with her, and assures her that they don't have to have sex. Mrs. Frederic disappears and Myka refuses to talk about it.

In Washington, DC, a congressman is coming off the racquetball courts with a lobbyist, Gavin Tager. The lobbyist starts coughing and then spits up water. He collapses to the ground as water shoots out of his mouth.

Later, Pete and Myka are called in and meet with their former co-workers, Ted Simkins and Elise Meyer. They figure that Pete and Myka hooked up with each other, and Myka awkwardly asks them why they're there. Ted explains that the Vice President and two dignitaries were at the gym at the time, and they suspect possible terrorism. Elise hands them a vial of sand that Gavin coughed up, and Ted figures that Pete and Myka can help them because rumor has it that they're into strange cases.

Artie leads Steven and Claudia to the bronzed baby shoes that can explore memories, and he explains that he was involved with the case because it involved an artifact. Claudia wonders why they don't just go to Claire, but Artie says that they should start with his memories and then Claudia will understand why he did what he did. Artie tells Claudia to follow his instructions because they could end up trapped in his memories. They touch the artifact and find themselves in a high school hallway. Students go charging through them and they see Artie from the past going to check out Claire's first incident. Artie and Claudia go in and see Claire suspended in mid-air surrounded by a black vortex and throwing things at a teacher.

Senator John Wilton is leaving his office and goes to his car. As he unlocks the door, he chokes to death on water appearing in his lungs.

When the agents hear about the new death, they go to the parking garage. As Myka talks with Ted, she notices that he has a parking ticket even though his Secret Service status should have meant he didn't get one. As they check Wilton's car, Myka notices traces of salt on the steering wheel.

Pete and Elise are talking to Wilton's staff and checking out his office. His chief of staff, Dianne Hewlett, explains that Wilton was a supporter of the gas industry and met regularly with Gavin. Myka and Ted arrive and they awkwardly agree to split up and meet later. Once they're alone, Myka tells Pete what she's discovered and suspects that the victims are being drowned in salt water. Artie is going to send them a list of artifacts to see what might be responsible.

Artie and Claudia go to the office where Claire and her parents met with the principal. Mrs. Frederic is outside watching them and tells past-Artie not to approach Claire for fear of setting her off again.

Dianne explains that she will keep Wilton's office functioning until the governor appoints a successor. She assures the agents that she has no interest in stepping up as senator. Myka notices the bill that Gavin had and Dianne confirms that Wilton was one of the co-sponsors. Ten other senators were supporting the bill and Myka asks for their names. They call Ted and Elise but their calls go straight into voicemail. The agents wonder why they would turn off their cell phones and Myka suggests that they might be responsible for the two murders. She remembers where the parking ticket was from and they drive to the address. The agents spot their friends' car and move in... and spot Ted and Elise coming out of a building. They're holding a piece of paper and Myka confirms that it's a marriage license. Elise explains that they had to keep it secret because the Service frowns on agents becoming romantically involved. They're interrupted when Ted gets a call about another victim.

Artie and Claudia appear at the Donovan house. The Donovans bring out Claire and insist that they're going to have her talk to a doctor. Past-Artie and Mrs. Frederic are watching from down the street as Claire refuses to go with them. Claudia insists on watching as Mrs. Donovan grabs her sister. Claire uses her power and shoves her into the car, and then slams the car repeatedly into a nearby tree. As Claire collapses, Claudia stares at her dead parents in horror.

Later, past-Artie goes into the house and checks on past-Claudia. He confirms that she didn't see anything, but she heard it and points out a music box artifact that someone burned in the fireplace. Past-Artie realizes that it's an artifact and that past-Claudia could sense it. Mrs. Frederic comes in and past-Artie shows her the music box. She's given Claire a sedative and says that she has to come with them while a neighbor watches Claudia until her relatives arrive. Past-Artie asks past-Claudia to get a toy and then tells Mrs. Frederic that past-Claudia could intuitively recognize an artifact. Artie tells Claudia that since the artifact was destroyed, there was nothing to neutralize. The only thing they could do was put Claire into an artifact-induced coma. Claudia wonders if she caused the problem by destroying the music box when she was young, but Artie insists that isn't what matters. She demands to see things from her own memories and concentrates... and Artie and Claudia wake up. Artie suggests that her mind is blocking the memories, but she walks off without a word.

The agents go to the victim's home. His name was Freddy Olin and he was a real-estate investor who bought and sold high-end listings. There's no apparent connection and Myka admits that they're wrong again. She wonders how they could have missed the fact that Ted and Elise were involved. Elise reports that Freddy worked as a bartender at the Palladium Hotel and starts squabbling with Ted. Myka interrupts to suggest that they check it out.

When they go to the hotel, Freddy's former friend said that he got an inheritance from an aunt and up and quit. Ted admires the girls at the pool and Pete joins in... until Myka notices them. Meanwhile, Myka asks Elise how she ended up with Ted. Elise says that it just made sense one day. Ted tells Pete the same. Elise had a scare when she thought she was pregnant, and they reevaluated their priorities and decided to get married. The Secret Service agents ask the Warehouse agents about what is going on between them, and Pete and Myka insists that there's nothing going on.

Elise points out the hotel logo that she's been trying to remember, Myka remembers that there was a political scandal a year ago. Julia Helmsworth disappeared at the pool a year ago when she partied with Senator Dean Kelton. There was speculation that they were involved, and Kelton lost his reelection and his marriage, and committed suicide. Freddy got his inheritance at the same time. Wilton was the guy who took over Kelton's seat, and they figure the killer is going after the people who ruined Kelton. Myka suspects the next victim will be Nancy Malloy, the reporter who broke the story first.

At the warehouse, Claire tells Artie to take her to Claire so she can use the baby shoes artifact on her. Artie says that it's impossible because it's too dangerous, but Claudia promises to leave it alone once she learns what happened. Considering, Artie offers to go alone and take the risk, but Claudia says that it's not his job to keep her safe. Steven volunteers, suggesting that Artie blocked the memories to protect Claudia so he'll act as a neutral party.

The trio go to the room where Claire is being kept in a coma. Artie insists that it was the most humane thing they could do.

Myka and Pete talk to Nancy and accuse her of Freddy leaking the story to her. Nancy insists that she had nothing to do with anything against Kelton... and starts choking on water. Myka uses a silver necklace artifact made from silver from the driest desert on Earth and applies it to Nancy's chest, saving her life. Afterward, Pete and Myka try to work out why she was targeted at that moment. They realize that when the victim tells a lie, they start drowning. As the EMTs wheel Nancy out, Myka suggests that she was attacked by a truth serum-based drug and asks her for the truth. Nancy tells them that Dianne paid her off to destroy Kelton's career.

Pete talks to Dianne, who insists that they were just trying to win an election. They didn't think that Kelton would kill himself, and she's retiring out of guilt. She doesn't know what happened to Julia and they just decided to use it as an opportunity to ruin Kelton. Pete tells her that they're going to secure the office to protect her and go over everything she knows.

At the warehouse, Claudia pleads with her comatose sister to focus on the music box. Artie says that he'll be monitoring them and Steven assures him that he'll get Claudia out. They touch the artifact and find themselves at a rummage sale. Past-Claire finds the music box and past-Claudia tells her to put it down because it's bad. When Past-Claire winds it up, a burst of energy enters her body and she decides to buy it.

As Ted and Elise secure Dianne's office, they start arguing again. Pete and Myka listen and Myka is glad that they have boundaries. Dianne takes out the hilt of an old sword from her desk and tells Ted that it was a gift from Veterans Affair. She deliberately shines the light from the blade into Ted's eyes. The agent turns to Elise and they start complaining again about how he was eyeing the women at the pool. When Ted denies it, he starts choking and Dianne slips out the back door. Pete goes after her but loses her in the crowd, while Elise calls for medical assistance.

Myka uses the silver artifact to save him and he tells them about the sword hilt. Pete remembers a statue of Alfred Dreyfus in Paris, and Dreyfus was falsely accused of spying. Dreyfus was imprisoned on Devil's Island, in the middle of the ocean. Elise, who has heard the whole thing, demands to know what they're talking about. The Secret Service agent accepts their story for the time being and wonders why Dianne is killing the people responsible, and Myka figures that Dianne attacked Ted so she could go after the last person responsible: Julia.

Julia is at home when Dianne pulls up outside and honks the horn. When Julia goes to the window, Dianne shines the light from the sword hilt in her face.

Steven and Claudia watch as the Donovans try to convince past-Claire that they're just taking her to see a doctor. Past-Claudia senses the music box activating again and tries to warn her family, but they ignore her. Claire starts to moan in pain, but Claudia tells her to hang on a little longer. Meanwhile, past-Claire throws the music box into the fire when past-Claudia keeps trying to warn her. The memory spell ends and Claudia tells Artie that Claire was the one who destroyed the music box. Claudia realizes that Claire stayed long enough to show her despite the pain it caused.

As the EMTs wheel Ted out, Elise checks the hospital and confirms that Nancy's lungs are slowly refilling. Myka tells her to use the necklace on Nancy and Ted, and Elise goes to her husband. Pete asks Ted where Dianne took out the hilt and they go through her desk drawer. There's a file inside showing meetings with Wilton, Gavin, and payoffs to Nancy and Freddy. There are also checks made out to Julia.

Dianne tells Julia to pack so she can take her somewhere safe. She asks Julia if she trusts her, but Pete and Myka come in and tell Julia to stop talking. Dianne locks herself in the garage, uses the hilt on herself, and then says that she hasn't hurt anyone. She starts choking on salt water and Pete bursts in just as Myka comes in through the outside door. They neutralize the sword hilt, saving Dianne, and Pete tells her that a jury will decide her punishment.

Later at the warehouse, Pete and Myka put the hilt away and Myka confirms that Ted and Elise covered for them. Pete admits that he jokes around a lot, but he wants to tell his partner for real that she's the most important person in his life and if she ever wants to talk seriously about having a child, he's there for her. Myka stares at him and Pete runs off.

Claudia checks on Claire and tells her comatose sister that she's not going to leave her in a coma.