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A Faire to Remember - Recap

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At a medieval faire, the royal majesties take the stage and greet both their subjects and their visitors from their future. The king announces that the knight who triumphs will win his daughter's hand in marriage. The jesters perform and when one of them drops his clubs, a tourist heckles him and the audience laughs along with him. Suddenly a new jester appears in a puff of smoke and points his staff at the tourist, and the man collapses of a heart attack.

At the B&B, Pete is trying to make breakfast because Abigail is still not back. Artie comes in and tells them that the new Dark Vault is ready and he's incorporated some of Paracelsus' ideas. He then tells them that they have a ping from a renaissance fair, and Myka quickly ducks out. Steven realizes that he's stuck with it, and Pete is eager to go. Artie asks where Claudia is, and Myka goes to track her down.

At the faire, Pete and Steven go through the stalls looking for the artifact. One of the jesters directs them to the king, who explains that he's the owner. The king privately explains that the faire is an interactive fair and he has to talk in character. They ask about the masked jester and the king admits that he doesn't know who it is, and they have dozens of jesters, many of them visitors.

At the Regent Chaelet, Claudia goes into her sister Claire's vault and paints over the security cameras. Myka comes in, having figured that Claudia would go there, and Claudia points out that she doesn't leave her friends and family behind. Much to Claudia's surprise, Myka says that she's there to help and asks what the plan is. Claudia explains that since they don't have the music box, she's going to take the energy out of Claire and put it into a combined artifact despite the risks. She uses Bob Dylan's bus transfer and Alessandro Volta's biscuit battery. The transfer will move the energy from Claire to the battery, and Myka reluctantly agrees to help. They put each artifact in one of Claire's hands and proceed.

Pete and Steven interrogate jesters and neutralize dozens of potential artifacts without success. Steven finally talks to a ventriloquist and loses his temper with the dummy. Pete comes over and gets his partner to calm down, and the ventriloquist says that they should talk to Oswald, who was on stage at the time. Oswald is a doofer, not a real jester. They find Oswald at the dunk tank and his partner Catarina is collecting money. Steven pays her and then they ask Oswald what happened. He insists that it wasn't his fault and his contract says that he's supposed to be a knight. When Catarina says that he'll get his chance, Oswald says that he's been a doofer for three seasons.

Before they can question him further, a wagon goes out of control and rockets through the faire. Pete sees a girl in the way and runs to grab the girl. Steven tries to throw a flag post into the wheel to stop it, but it burns up and the wagon crashes into a tent.

Myka and Claudia place the artifacts and the energy starts to transfer into the battery. Claire convulses and there's a burst of light, and the two agents bag the artifacts. Claudia goes to her sister, who wakes up and asks where she is.

Pete and Steven discover that the wagon has vanished. The king tries to pass the wagon off as entertaining, and demands to know what's going on. He warns that it's bad for business but the agents refuse to shut down the faire for fear of sending someone home with the artifact. They figure that Oswald is involved since he has a grudge against the king.

Claire wonders where she is and Myka introduces herself. Claudia finally says that she's Claire's sister and Claire insists that her sister is seven years old. They explain that Claire has been in a coma after a car accident, but Claire insists that it's insane. She looks at herself in a mirror and realizes that she's 15 years older as well, aged 30. Claudia promises to get everything sorted out, but Claire starts getting hysterical when she realizes what she's missed. Myka goes to take the artifacts back to the warehouse and assures Claudia that she'll handle it. As she leaves, Myka's eyes briefly glow silver.

At the faire, Pete and Steven find Catarina and asks where Oswald is. Before she can answer, a wizard appears and starts blasting people with his wand. Steven goes after the wizard and shoots him with his Tesla, but the wizard generates three images of himself. Pete tries to get the crowd out of the way while Steven dodges blasts from the four wizards. Steven finally has enough and tries to tackle the wizard and he and his images disappear in puffs of smoke. Pete claims that it was all part of the act and leads everyone in a round of applause. Oswald tries to slip away and the agents stop him, and he insists that he had nothing to do with it.

Claudia takes Claire back to the B&B and shows off her room. Claire notices her iPad and Claudia tries to explain about computers and the Internet. As they talk, Claire insists that it's all a dream and tells Claudia to stop telling her that everything will be okay. Claudia says that she went through something similar because she was in a mental institution during her teenage years. She promises her sister that she'll get her caught up eventually. Claire sees her guitar among Claudia's belongings and picks it up, and Claudia offers to take her to where she plays.

At the warehouse, Artie is packing artifacts for the Dark Vault when Myka comes in. he explains that they're going to carefully load the artifacts back in, and Myka says that she needs to ease him into something. When he warns her to be careful, Myka gets increasingly angry and Myka's eyes glow silver again as a box falls off the pile.

Oswald tells Pete and Steven that he has no idea what's going on, and they wonder if someone is targeting him. They walk him through what he did and touched before the juggling performance, and Oswald says that he had his fortune teller, Madame Dooriya, predict his future. She asked him what would make him happy, and she said that he wanted to become a knight and win the hand of the princess. Dooriya told him that he wasn't a hero and he needed to become one, and laid out her Tarot cards to find the way.

The agents take Oswald to Dooriya's tent and she demands to know why they're there. Pete tells her to hand over whatever she used to curse Oswald, and she says that she didn't even read the cards. The agents see the cards on Dooriya's table and bag them, but nothing happens. Dooriya runs for it and the agents chase after her through a living chess board. A living White Queen appears and attacks Steven, but Pete grabs her arms and she disappears. They realize that Dooriya has escaped in the confusion, while the audience applauds.

Claudia takes Claire to the coffeehouse and Claire asks her sister to play for her. They go up on stage and Claudia plays, and Claire remembers the two of them playing when they were kids. She joins in with Claudia and they sing together.

At the warehouse, Myka continues to complain and Artie asks her what is wrong. The artifacts start going off from the negative energy and Myka complains about how often she's been affected by artifacts. Artie realizes that she thinks an artifact has affected her health, and Myka's eyes start glowing silver again. She throws a trumpet artifact at him and screams that she hates it there.

Pete and Steven finally corner Dooriya, just as Catarina arrives. She asks why they're hassling her grandmother, and they realize that Catarina used the cards. Catarina apologizes and says that she pretended to be Dooriya and convince Oswald that he had courage. They have Catarina put the Tarot cards in the bag and neutralize them, but Dooriya warns them that the cards have already been dealt and must be fulfilled. Oswald either has to become a hero or die. Pete has Steven lead Oswald away and then has Dooriya explain how to break the curse. Catarina says that the cards are presenting Oswald with opportunities, but he's not doing anything heroic. Dooriya says that the cards will continue to challenge him, and Catarina figures that the cards will challenge him at the tournament. Pete asks Catarina why she's trying to help Oswald gets the princess, and she says that she loves him so she wants him to be happy. The agent says that he'll stack the odds in Oswald's favor, but Catarina warns him that the last card she dealt was Death.

Artie tries to get through to Myka, who says that it's not just the artifact. The warehouse is getting to her and she went through her cancer scare alone. Myka grabs a whip artifact and wonders if it's her fault if she spends the rest of her life alone. As she telekinetically throws another artifact, Artie realizes that the energy from the music box is affecting her and shoots her with an emergency tranquilizer dart. However, it doesn't affect her and the black energy that Claire had manifests, lifting her into the air.

The royal tournament begins and Pete and Steven suit Oswald up and force him to sign in. They lead him to the tournament and Pete assures Oswald that he can do it. Right on cue, a Black Knight with glowing red eyes appears to challenge Oswald. The Knight dismounts and draws his sword, and Pete and Steven shove Oswald back rather than let him run. Pete gets and idea and goes to get something, while Steven tells Oswald to use his sword. The Knight quickly disarms him and Pete tosses him a mace. Oswald runs off and the Knight advances on Catarina as Pete leads her in. Furious, Oswald picks up his sword and runs the Knight through, and he disappears in a burst of smoke. Catarina and Oswald hug and the agents figure they did it.

Claudia and Claire go back to the B&B, still singing, and Claire asks her sister to tell her everything that she missed. She mentions how their mom and dad must be proud of Claudia, and Claudia finally tells her that their parents died in the car accident that put her in the coma. Claire remembers causing the accident with the artifact power, and works out that she wasn't in the crash. Before Claudia can explain, her Farnsworth goes off. It's Artie, who says that things aren't okay and shows her Myka going berserk.

Claudia and Claire go to the warehouse but are unable to calm down Myka. Artie says that the music box doesn't work the way and its energy has to be transferred into a human being. Claudia suggests they use a Tesla, but Artie points out it could boost her power even further. When Claudia wonders what they can do, Artie gets an idea.

A few minutes later, Claudia leads Claire into the Dark Vault. They distract Myka long enough for Artie to neutralize her temporarily with an amber artifact. Claire remembers everything about the music box and that she is the only one who can save Myka. Claudia refuses to let her sister sacrifice herself and offers herself, but Claire refuses to let anyone else suffer. She thanks Claudia to have one day with her little sister and says that she's counting on her to fix everything. The amber starts to crack and Artie says that they have to do it now.

Artie and Claudia take Claire back to the coma ward and Claire sings one last song with her sister. Claudia promises that she'll find a way and Artie puts her back in a coma.

At the faire, the king knights Oswald and offers his daughter's hand in marriage. The princess steps forward but Oswald says that his heart belongs to another and walks away with Catarina. Steven figures that Pete knew that Oswald loved Catarina and brought her in. Realizing that the princess is alone, Pete goes over to hit on her only to discover that she has a really annoying voice.

Artie shows Claudia and Myka a whiteboard where he's been working on Claire's problem for the last 15 years. He apologizes for not telling Claudia about her comatose sister sooner, but he did it to spare her pain and promises that he'll never let Claudia get hurt. Artie promises to do everything together, including Myka, because they're a family and none of them have to go through anything alone. Myka hugs him and Artie breaks into tears.