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Daniel Baldwin reveals the reasons why he decided to enter the Celebrity Big Brother UK v USA house

Daniel Baldwin reveals the reasons why he decided to enter the Celebrity Big Brother UK v USA house and talks about his faith.

We know you as part of a famous family. Have you talked to your brothers about doing the show?

They all know I'm coming to do the show but I specifically spoke to Stephen because he has participated in the show in the past. I asked him some of the things to expect. He was early in his commitment to his Christianity, so I think that played a big role in how he interacted. He and I had been the two male members of the family who are born again Christians. We wear our Christianity a little differently. I think it is a programme of attraction, and he thinks it is a programme of promotion. If somebody wants to talk to me about my relationship with God then great, I love to do that but I am not going to sit there and tell someone why they are going to hell. He is a little more bible thumper than I am.

What was it that drew you to your faith?

I knew that God had kept me around for a reason and I think I struggled with what my purpose was. It dawned on me that it wasn't really about me, it was about helping other people. When I realised that being of service was much more my calling it drew me back to God. I grew up as a Catholic in a New York family and there was a lot of guilt and fear around what I learned about God as a child as opposed to the peace and love that I have now.

Religion can be divisive. How will you handle anyone who objects to your faith in the house?

I don't care if someone likes chicken or steak. It has zero effect on me. It would have to come from someone asking me about my faith, but the same will be said of my sobriety. I understand that there will be alcohol in the house from time to time. I myself do not participate in it at all because I had to stop. But it doesn't bother me to watch someone have a drink. It's quite compelling to watch them become more and more foolish. That can be great ammunition and fun too.

What made you what to come over here and do the show?

I find it quite fascinating. It will be an interesting emotional and psychological test for a lot of people and I will find it fascinating to watch. It takes quite a lot to get under my skin and for me to show a reaction to it. But in every great pot of stew, someone has to stir it. So for that part I will have a ladle in hand because I think that will be more my role in the house!

British viewers often love the American housemates.

From a music and film stand-point, a lot of our shows are emulations. Certainly from music they have been leaders since the 60s and had a big influence on my life. But no matter what family member you talk about, do you ever really stray from that love that you have for your mother? Not many people. And England is our mother. And as an American I have never lost touch with the fact that the Baldwin family is from Great Britain. This is the flagship!

Are you patriotic?

Well, I'm very proud to be an American but with great power comes great responsibility. I don't know that I am always as proud of my country for the things that they are responsible for. It is a very reactive nation and a nation that had a tendency not to have a look at the long term effect of their actions.

Will you call your fellow Americans out if they are out of line?

No matter who it is, if I feel that some kind of injustice has taken place, I will have something to say. It's an opinion situation.

Are you a good Housemate?

I'm very responsible. I have a big house and no one cuts my lawn or does the cooking and cleaning. The kids live with me, I do it all. I think the things that might surprise people most are my skills in the kitchen so we shall see!

Do you have any bad habits?

I am a little nervous about snoring. I was thinking of asking for those strips because I don't want to disturb anyone's sleep!

What types of people will you struggle to get along with?

People who don't pull their weight. And because we're dealing with a celebrity crowd I'm sure there will be that Diva-ish attitude among some of them. When you are used to having people serve you all the time then you're thrust into a house and you're bored, that person who has that entitlement attitude is someone I would struggle with.

Does knowing that your family are watching affect how you behave?

I let them know that under no circumstances would I share my bed with another person, particularly another woman. That would never happen. I would pick up my bag and leave before I would disrespect my wife like that. I know that they don't want people to separate themselves too much, but I imagine with some of the people rumoured to be involved in this show, that there could be stuff that goes on around the pool. My wife probably wouldn't be comfortable with me sitting talking to a woman with her top off and I would not do that, but they said that's fine.

Is there anyone you'd hate to see walk through that door?

I did the American version of I'm A Celebrity with Janice Dickinson and we did not see eye to eye. I think I could have handled things differently. Janice is a very gentle flower who needs to be groomed carefully. I have heard rumours that she may be going the house. I think that the first thing I will do is tell her we need to be friends on the show because it's UK v USA. It's better for me to do that and let Janice slit her own throat rather than let me be responsible for holding the knife. Things happened in the Costa Rican jungle where I was dumbfounded someone could do that.

Who would you love to see in the house?

If you show up with one of my brothers as a surprise guest I would be really happy!

- Daniel Baldwin
- Celebrity Big Brother
- Channel 5

Written by: Ben Drummond
Aug 27th, 2015, 4:27 pm

Images courtesy of Channel 5

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