Bruno Langley reveals what's next for Todd as he suspects the truth about Phelan

Bruno Langley reveals what's next for Todd on Coronation Street as he suspects the truth about Phelan. The show can be seen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings on itv.

Talk us through Todd’s evaluation of Phelan and how he feels about this man worming his way into his family’s life?

Todd is quite an intelligent guy and he’s quite quick at picking up on things like this in people. There’s something off about this guy Phelan, he can feel it. His main priority is to protect his family. He keeps saying to Phelan, I’m not going to let you walk all over this family like you did the Windasses. But then Phelan stopped a fight in the Rovers and helped Jason out so sometimes Todd questions himself, thinks maybe he’s wrong. But the underlying feeling is that there’s something about this guy, Todd knows it and he’s going to protect his family.

Why is Todd able to see or at least suspect Phelan’s true nature when everyone else is blind to it?

Intuition? He’s just picked up on a few things. He tells Phelan he doesn’t trust him. He just knows. Todd has a devious side himself so maybe that’s why.

Todd’s had his issues with Jason and Eileen in the past – but what’s changed? Does he feel protective of them?

Having been ostracised from his family in the past and not having that many friends, he now knows what’s important. I can’t see him screwing over his family again, he’s there for them now.

Phelan finds out that Jason has been left money in Tony’s will. When does Todd realise that he’s eyeing up the cash?

Todd can’t say for sure that Phelan’s going to steal the money. He’s questioning him all the time. He’s thinking, why’s he doing that?

Todd has pulled some stunts in his time, so do you think he’s a worthy opponent to Phelan?

Yes, most definitely. It seems like he’ll go all the way to protect his family, however that is. Perhaps not physically - Phelan’s quite an imposing character - but, as I say, Todd’s intelligent, very quick, and if there’s something to find out about Phelan he’ll spot it.

Would you like Todd to be the one who brings him down?

I think it should be Todd, of course! Yes, I’d like Todd to be part of his downfall. Todd says to him, you’re going to mess up and I’m going to be right there.

What has it been like having Connor filming with the Grimshaw gang?

Great, he’s really good. He’s serious about his acting and really gets into the character. You need people like that and he’s a really lovely guy and genuinely interested in people.

How do you all feel about Ryan Thomas’s upcoming departure? Will it be strange without him? 

I’ve never been in the position where I’ve been at Corrie and he hasn’t. I went away for a while but Ryan’s always been here so it’ll be really strange. I don’t live too far from Ryan though so we’ll keep in touch.

We love Todd’s friendship with Tracy! Do you and Kate Ford have fun playing their bitchy scenes?

The scenes I have with Kate, the things we say to each other, we’d never say in real life, that’s proper acting! But we’re friends, I’ve known Kate for a long time. And Tracy has given Todd a job. After some of the things he’s done who else would give him a job?

His friendship with Sarah is also lovely to watch. Are you pleased they rebuilt their relationship in that way?

I’m truly grateful they’ve given me all these sides to Todd’s character, making him multi-layered, the way people really are. The thing with Sarah, the audience knows their history. This is why Corrie’s so great, it’s been going so long you can bring back that sense of a character’s history - who they were, who they are now.

Do you think Todd would ever want another long term relationship, or is he better off single and causing mischief?

In real life most people want to be in a relationship, so I’ll presume he does.


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Written by: Ben Drummond
Apr 26th, 2016, 5:04 am

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