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MSNBC apologizes for on-air gaff

MSNBC issued an apology Friday on-air for a gaff involving the vice president.

The cable news network used footage of Joe Biden talking at a plaque dedication about Americans killed in Benghazi out of context during a segment about gun control.

Toure, host of “The Cycle,” apologized on-air on behalf of the network.

“Quick note, earlier today on MSNBC, we played a soundbite from the Vice President in which we stated he was speaking about gun control”, he said. “The Vice President was actually speaking about Benghazi. It was a producer error. MSNBC regrets the error.”

The network also got flack for editing comments by presidential candidate Mitt Romney about a grocery store using a touch-screen technology for ordering sandwiches. “It’s amazing,” he said. He then made a point about the private sector’s innovative spirit, but those remarks were not shown.

First, here is the MSNBC version of the video:

And then here is the full video:

Commentator Andrea Mitchell then compared the clip to a moment in 1992 when incumbent George H.W. Bush seemed fascinated by a supermarket scanner at a trade show. Mitchell said “Maybe this was Mitt Romney’s supermarket scanner moment.”

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- Mitt Romney
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Written by: KurtK26
May 5th, 2013, 3:41 am

Images courtesy of MSNBC


Message Posted On May 5th, 2013, 9:42 am
At least they retract things when they screw up. Other cable news channels misrepresent, creatively edit, and flat out lie to propel their own political agendas, and that's the lies that end up on air that Aren't mistakes, none of which they ever retract or apologize for.
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