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Rashida Jones to Star in Steve Carell's TBS Comedy Pilot 'Tribeca'


Rashida Jones to Star in Steve Carell's TBS Comedy Pilot 'Tribeca'


Deadline reports that Rashida Jones has signed on to star in Steve Carell's new comedy 'Tribeca.' The TBS show is co-created and directed by Carell, and co-written and executive produced by Carell and his wife, Nancy, through their Carousel TV.

The comedy is a satire about a police procedural anchored by Angie Tribeca (Jones), a candid 10-year veteran of LAPD’s RHCU -- Really Heinous Crime Unit. The series showcases a team of brilliant, yet quirky individuals who will do almost anything in order to solve a crime (well, not “anything!”).

The comedy will be shot single-camera style, much like other popular comedies, ‘The Office,’ ‘30 Rock,’ ‘Malcom in the Middle’ and ‘Community.’

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Jones’ Angie is a capable, committed, and strong woman who is not enthusiastic when she is ordered to work with a partner. She is a woman who says what everyone else is thinking, and steps towards the road much less traveled.  

Jones has been in-demand since she was slated to leave ‘Parks & Recreation’ halfway through the sixth season (her last episode is scheduled to air Jan. 30). Her choice to topline in a comedy comes as a surprise, as she has recently announced she is co-exec producing a nail salon dramedy, 'Claws’. It seems like Jones is emulating her new character Angie’s can-do attitude (or, vice versa!). 

Production is slated for February/March.

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Written by: emertus
Jan 21st, 2014, 11:43 am

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