Happy Earth Day: What ‘90s TV Taught Us About Keeping the Planet Clean

It’s Earth Day, so that means today is all about our planet and a time to reflect on how to keep Earth healthy, clean and green (something we should be doing every day). So, what better way to do that than by going back in time to some of the top cartoons and teen shows of the ‘90s? Not only are these TV shows classics, and feature actors, actresses and characters that we used to crush on and adore, but they also taught us some meaningful lessons about Earth. Yes, believe it or not, the ‘90s were more than Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski.

Sit back, relax and get ready to be educated by these ‘90s classic series.

1. It’s OK to belong to a planet-fighting club.
Happy Earth Day: What ‘90s TV Taught Us About Keeping the Planet Clean

This is the most obvious choice when it comes to an eco-friendly TV show. ‘Captain Planet and the Planeteers’ not only taught us that the power is ours to protect Earth, but that with our powers combined (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water and Heart) we can stop the terrible destruction plaguing our planet – in addition to summoning Captain Planet. Who didn’t dream of joining Gaia (the spirit of the Earth), Kwame, Wheeler, Linka, Gi and Ma-Ti in protecting our natural resources? If that doesn’t motivate you, then the opening and closing credits sure will. Go planet!

2. Even the popular kids stand up for what’s right – like preventing oil spills.
Happy Earth Day: What ‘90s TV Taught Us About Keeping the Planet Clean

It was all a “pipe dream” in the Season 3 ‘Saved by the Bell’ episode where Kelly, Zack, Slater, Jessie, Screech, Lisa and Mr. Belding fantasized about becoming rich thanks to oil, but soon enough the Bayside High gang realized oil isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. After releasing animals into the school’s pond, an oil spill occurred covering the animals and killing some (remember Zack’s beloved duck Becky?) Luckily, they all (most importantly Zack) realized being rich with oil isn’t as important as saving the environment and its creatures. 

3. Secret chemicals can harm a girl and turn her into a puddle.Happy Earth Day: What ‘90s TV Taught Us About Keeping the Planet Clean

What do you get when you combine a teen girl with a chemical spill? You get ‘The Secret World of Alex Mack.’ Thanks to a chemical company spilling the secret chemical GC-161 and drenching Alex Mack, she went from a normal girl to a teen with strange powers. Soon enough, Alex Mack could zap bolts of electricity from her fingers, morph into a liquid puddle, perform telekinesis and make her skin glow. Lesson learned: stay away from chemical plants and chemical spills are dangerous and harmful to people, animals and the planet. No one wants to inherit crazy powers and become the target of a science experiment! 

4. Misfit superheroes fight pollution too!
Happy Earth Day: What ‘90s TV Taught Us About Keeping the Planet Clean

This might not be the most memorable animated program of the ‘90s, but ‘Toxic Crusaders’ is one of hell of a heroic cartoon when it comes to fighting pollution. Based on ‘The Toxic Avenger’ films, its lead Toxie, and his group of misfit superheroes (No-Zone, Major Disaster, Headbanger and Junkyard), went up against villains, including Czar Zosta and Dr. Killemoff. Even if only 13 episodes were produced, the series taught us that no matter your shape, size or status, you can still do good for Mother Earth.

5. A bus, Ms. Frizzle and a lizard can teach us to stay green.
Happy Earth Day: What ‘90s TV Taught Us About Keeping the Planet Clean

From traveling through the human body to observing space, Ms. Frizzle and ‘The Magic School Bus’ taught us all about the important things in life – like the planet! Remember that time she educated us about butterflies? Oh, how about that time we visited the rainforest for Earth Day? She might’ve been unique, but that Ms. Frizzle made sure to teach her students and classes all over the country about necessary issues, like the planet. Who’s ready for a bus ride? 

6. Sewers, turtles and rats are where it’s at for the planet.
Happy Earth Day: What ‘90s TV Taught Us About Keeping the Planet Clean

“Heroes in a half shell, turtle power!” This line will never get old and we have ‘The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ to thank for that. What else can we thank Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello, and, of course, Splinter for? How about giving us weekly “Turtle Tips” on the environment and other important topics. Just check out the video below, where Leonardo teaches us not to cut up 6-pack holders before throwing them away or animals, like fish, can get caught in them. As Vanilla Ice would say, “Go Ninja, Go Ninja Go!”

Happy Earth Day!


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