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"Welcome to Earth-2" - 'Flash' Review (spoilers)

Well, the 2/9/16 episode of 'The Flash' was fun. In a rather moribund mid-season, hopefully "Welcome to Earth-2" is the spark they need to get the ball rolling up to May Sweeps in the U.S. For those..

Tis Better to Star on Fox..

... Than to Serve in Hell. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, the pilot for ’Lucifer’ is out there if you want to find it. It premieres on Fox on January 25 at 8/7 central, but if you want to..

Legends of the DC Universe Unite!

So the first episode of 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow premiered Thursday, 1/21/16. And what did we get? Well, what did we expect to get? 'The Flash' and 'Arrow' have been setting up the new series with..

Agent Carter - The Swinging 40s

So against all odds, the 2015 show 'Marvel's Agent Carter' is back. Its ratings were less than great, but ABC brought it back anyway. Either because ABC has faith that it can do better in its second..

'Zoo' Season Premiere Review (spoilers!)

It's a jungle out there… And so begins CBS new summer "mystery," 'Zoo'. Based on the novel by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge, the series starts with two animal attacks by lions. One in..

The Truth - Wayward Pines Review (LOTS of spoilers)

So, be warned. There is a big spoiler in this review. A really really big spoiler. Bigger than you can potentially imagine. (Assuming you haven't read the books.) Ready to be spoiled? Don't care?..

'Sense8' - The Four-Episode Review (spoilers)

So you haven't watched Netflix's new 'net show, 'Sense8' that premiered on June 5? Well, get on that right away. But before you do, be warned. It's tough to watch. Not because it's bad, but because..

Constantine No More

Alas, after a 13-episode run on NBC, and an attempt by the studio to sell the cancelled series to Fox or the CW, 'Constantine' is gone for good. It will be missed. Rumors still abound that Matt Ryan..

'The Whispers' Season Premiere Review (spoilers)

So 'The Whispers' is the U.S. broadcast networks' newest attempt at providing a s.f. genre program during the summer. So far the networks' batting average has been 1 in... well, a lot. CBS hit gold..

Above the Vaulted Sky - Penny Dreadful Mini-Review and Recap

So pretty much all of the cast is getting some tonight! We're now halfway through the expanded season of 'Penny Dreadful'. After the attack on the townhouse last week, Ethan has warned that they're..
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American Horror Story Uncovers the Past in New "Open House" Clip!

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Kelly Clarkson & Bruno Mars Performing on pre-Thanksgiving Night

The X-Factor is going the American Idol route of having big stars perform..

American Horror Story Brings "Rubber Man" Out for Seconds in New Clip!

American Horror Story's "Rubber Man" will have his days of anonymity come..

Zach Braff to Take His Play "All New People" to the UK.

With his debut as a playwrite, All New People, having premiered last..