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Is HBO Canceling 'Bored to Death?'

“Bored to Death” was HBO’s hidden gem, to the point only 2.3 million viewers each week recognized it. The comedy drama followed Jonathan, the Craigslist detective, who worked with his pot smoking friends to solve crimes in New York and New Jersey. Each week his life got more complicated with intense and ridiculous cases, most notably the search for his sperm bank father.

Perhaps it was aimed at too distinct of a crowd, or it just didn’t live up to the expectations “Entourage” has forever placed on HBO comedies. Today HBO announced “Bored to Death” would not appear in the 2012 schedule. Though the news is disappointing, it’s not shocking whatsoever. Ted Danson, one of the stars of “Bored to Death,” is now on CBS’s “CSI.” The move was clearly because “Bored to Death” was a far from stable future for the veteran actor.

The show had a unique humor the viewers had to watch for, or repeatedly watch the show to catch Jason Schwartzman’s sarcastic tone, or Zack Galifianakis’ immature frustrations with life. It’s not the type of show the average viewer can relate to, but in a way you had to be more of an intellect with an interest in mystery, writing and the stoner lifestyle.

Why will HBO’s line up truly miss “Bored to Death” though? It was unlike anything else on television. The show was quirky and easy to play on repeat each week gearing up for the new episode. The cast was a large variety ensemble with many major guest stars. It’s likely viewers got tuned in having to tune in each week to figure out the cliffhanger. In the first two seasons the show had a simple case each week, but in the third season Jonathan was looking for his father each week.

Fans of “Bored to Death” shouldn’t take it personally, “Hung” and “How to Make it in America” also got the boot. Apparently HBO is looking to reconstruct the entire Monday night comedy line up.

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Written by: Melissa Warner
Dec 20th, 2011, 2:24 pm
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