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Will Steve Jones Return to "The X Factor" Next Year?

All season reality TV fans compared “The X Factor” to the well established “American Idol.” The singing competitions have many similarities, but overall the shows are completely different. One major difference between the shows is the hosts.

Ryan Seacrest has been the host of “American Idol” since the first season in 2001. At first he had a co-host, who left after the second season. Since Ryan Seacrest has taken Hollywood by storm,. Hosting everything from red carpets to daily segments on E! News. Considering the comparisons between shows, it’s only natural that Steve Jones is expect to be as effective and entertaining as the TV veteran.

Recently, the UK’s Daily Mirror suggested that Steve Jones would not return for “The X Factor’s” second season because viewers have not warmed up to him. The rumors began after Simon Cowell announced that he plans to make changes for the second season. Steve Jones’ rep shot down the claims that producers will not renew his contract. The tabloid suggests that the chemistry between the host and judges and his inability to also connect with contestants is the biggest problem.

Throughout the season Steve Jones ran into hiccups, but everyone needs to cut the Welsh TV presenter some slack. It’s his first season hosting a live show, and in the United States nonetheless. He may seem uncomfortable from time to time, but what is he suppose to do when the judges are constantly at each others throats, or are belittling the contestants for problems beyond their control?

Steve Jones was first under fire when he cut both Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul off during the first live show. Paula Abdul felt it was rude and that Ryan Seacrest would never cut her off, but Steve Jones stands by the fact the producers control the show, not him.

It’s obvious that Steve Jones needs some work, but not to the point “The X Factor” should end his contract after the premiere season.

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Written by: Melissa Warner
Dec 21st, 2011, 3:42 pm
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