Season 54

13531 :54x01 - #13531

Hayden attempts to hold the truth over Nikolas' head. Nathan opens up to Maxie. Curtis finds out the identity of the person who has been sabotaging Crimson.

13532 :54x02 - #13532

Sam and Jason follow a theory concerning Hayden's shooting. Curtis offers his services to Nikolas. Nina is given some disturbing news.

13533 :54x03 - #13533

Nikolas manages to shock both Jason and Sam. Anna ends up pulling a fast one on Paul. Dante thinks about bringing in the FBI.

13534 :54x04 - #13534

Curtis ends up cornering Nikolas. Ava finds out something disturbing left at her home. Kristina is shocked by her mother's actions.

13535 :54x05 - #13535

Jason and Sam think about the direction their relationship is moving in. Anna manages to stop Paul in his tracks. Julian is furious with what his sister tells him.

13536 :54x06 - #13536

Anna takes charge. A softer side is shown by Tracy. Sonny take part in a mission.

13537 :54x07 - #13537

Anna works out what Paul is up to. Jason and Sam make Nikolas an offer he has no choice but to agree to. Maxie does some web surfing.

13538 :54x08 - #13538

Carlos and Sonny end up coming face-to-face. Nikolas' hand ends up being forced. Valerie thinks again about her feelings for Curtis.

13539 :54x09 - #13539

Paul accuses Anna of having lost her mind. There is tension between Andre and Jordan. Ava is surprised by her daughter's declaration.

13540 :54x10 - #13540

Jason tells the Quartermaine family the truth about the state of ELQ. Laura's search for answers about her inheritance from Helena sees her heading in a surprising direction.

13541 :54x11 - #13541

Jordan and Paul think about Anna's fate. Julian opens up to his sister. Nina's words of advice cause an unexpected reaction from Nathan.

13542 :54x12 - #13542

Julian needs the help of his wife. Anna and Paul's day of reckoning finally arrives. Kristina opens up to her sister.

13543 :54x13 - #13543

Sonny issues Julian with a threat. Paul's confession shocks Anna. Nina is in a bad state.

13544 :54x14 - #13544

Sam has a nightmare that she can't forget about. Michael and Felix attempt to find Sabrina. Laura finds out the meaning of Helena's message.

13545 :54x15 - #13545

Ned wonders if Tracy has really changed. Sonny warns Alexis where her association with Julian could end up leading.

13546 :54x16 - #13546

Scott thinks of an unconventional way about how to best represent Anna. Michael discovers a clue to Sabrina's whereabouts.

13547 :54x17 - #13546

A surprise witness ends up stepping forward. Franco manages to set off Jason. A connection is made by Julian and Nina.

13548 :54x18 - #13547

Dillon attempts to be a friend to a recovering Kiki. Liesl encourages Franco to look at his darker side. Sam fills in Jason about his history with somebody.

13549 :54x19 - #13548

Julian ends up betraying Alexis' trust. Kristina feels ready to take her sister's advice. Hayden has a really bad day.

13550 :54x20 - #13549

Sonny is concerned about Michael. Sam and Jason make a discovery. Maxie needs Sam’s help.

13551 :54x21 - #13550

Sonny’s motives are questioned by Jason. Andre defends Anna. Lucas comes up with a plan.

13552 :54x22 - #13551

Sam appeals to her father. Things end up heating up between Jordan and Andre.

13553 :54x23 - #13552

Anna throws some accusations at Alexis. Franco has something unsettling to give to Nina. Rachel has a secret agenda that involves Nikolas.

13554 :54x24 - #13553

Anna ends up reaching her breaking point. Franco talks about his emotional trauma to a sympathetic ear. Jason makes some demands of Elizabeth.

13555 :54x25 - #13554

Alexis confronts Julian. Sonny decides to take matters into his own hands. Griffin ends up revealing more about himself to Anna.

13556 :54x26 - #13555

Dante and Lulu think about their options. Carly makes a heartfelt plea to Sonny.

13557 :54x27 - #13556

A horrible accident leaves several lives in danger. Jason makes a startling discovery.

13558 :54x28 - #13557

Jason wants to tell Sam what happened. Lulu urges Maxie to let go of Nathan’s past. Anna's life is left on the line.

13559 :54x29 - #13558

Alexis suffers with some doubts. Julian puts a Cassadine relic to use.

13560 :54x30 - #13559

Franco wants a second chance. Michael comes to the rescue. Maxie and Liesl share a bonding moment.

13561 :54x31 - #13560

An unexpected truth concerning Griffin shocks Sonny and Anna. Rachel and Nikolas both have mutual plans for one another.
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Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: April 01, 1963
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