Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) was once a rising star with the San Francisco Police Department, legendary for using unconventional means to solve the department's most baffling cases. But after the tragic (and still unsolved) murder of his wife, the devastated Monk became obsessive-compulsive. His psychological disorder has caused him to develop an abnormal fear of virtually everything: germs, heights, crowds... even milk. Monk's condition eventually cost him his job, and continues to pose unique challenges in his everyday life.

Those daily challenges eventually forced Monk to hire a personal nurse, Sharona Fleming (Bitty Schram), who was always there to offer her assistance when even the simplest of tasks (like organizing his sock drawer) became an angst-ridden ordeal for Monk. Along the way, Sharona also became Monk's own Girl Friday, an unlikely Dr. Watson to his Sherlock Holmes.

When Sharona moved back to New Jersey with her son to re-marry her ex-husband, Monk once again became unable to function in his day-to-day life, let alone solve crimes. He slowly comes out of his funk when he meets Natalie Teeger (Traylor Howard), a single mom and bartender who enlists Monk's help when her home gets broken into twice within a week. Monk takes on her case only to find that the more time he spends with Natalie and her young daughter, the more he feels a connection with her - one that is reminiscent of his special relationship with Sharona.

Now working as a private consultant, Monk continues to investigate cases in the most unconventional ways. Although Monk is no longer a member of the police force, his former boss, Captain Leland Stottlemeyer (Ted Levine) still often calls upon him to provide unique insights into cases that have the cops stumped. Stottlemeyer himself is a highly decorated detective, but he knows he will never be as good as the illustrious Monk... and it drives him crazy. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Randall Disher (Jason Gray-Stanford) aspires to be the department's new go-to guy, and relishes every opportunity to bolster the ego of his commanding officer.

Monk is a detective afraid of the dark, a gumshoe afraid of gum. He has no problem cracking a case - as long as it doesn't involve heights or germs, and is in close proximity to his apartment. He'd like nothing more than to gain back his position on the San Francisco police force, but can he pull himself together and get back to solving crimes full time?

Opening Themes:
#01) 2002-2003 arrangement
#02) It's a Jungle Out There

Interactive Games:

#01) Monk's Mind Game
#02) Are You Monk-ish?
#03) Monk Concentration

Episode Info

Final: 8x16 -- Mr. Monk and the End - Part II (Dec/04/2009)

As he is dying of poison, Monk finds Trudy's last tape telling him what happened, and he must decide whether to seek revenge for his wife's murder.
Tony ShalhoubTony Shalhoub
As Adrian Monk
Traylor HowardTraylor Howard
As Natalie Teeger (2005 - 2009)
Bitty SchramBitty Schram
As Sharona Fleming (2002 - 2004)
Jason Gray-StanfordJason Gray-Stanford
As Lt. Randall Disher
Ted LevineTed Levine
As Captain Leland Stottlemeyer



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Part 1, Mr. Monk Is On The RunRating: 3 likes, 0 dislikes

Driven by grief, Mr. Monk overcomes some of his OCD difficulties and confronts demon phobias when a clue from a crime scene freshens the trail leading to his wife's killer: a man with a six-fingered hand. Inadvertently, Monk is jailed for murder, committed with his gun, only he never pulled the trigger. Instead, Monk is the fall guy who leads law enforcement on an incriminating-looking chase when he escapes in his loud orange jumpsuit & manacles. Despite some help from coworkers, things look bad for Monk as gunfire erupts between himself and law enforcement and he takes a long fall off a short pier into the water below, ending on a cliffhanger - or, should I say, pierhanger? No, I shouldn't. So, look out for the scruffy sheriff who is trying to frame him: what was his self-serving motive? Who hired the hit on Monk's wife, and why? Who will buy four more ounces of orange juice? Instant karma's gonna getcha if you don't, so stay tuned. Read more

Review posted on Wednesday, February 20th 2008 at 8:32 am


Reviews: 1
A big thxRating: 1 likes, 0 dislikes

i want to send a big thx for 8 seasons of great amusement
monk does the week of tv for alot of ppl Read more

Review posted on Sunday, December 6th 2009 at 11:51 am

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8x16: Mr. Monk and the End - Part II recap: Upon discovering Trudy’s tape and realizing she had a secret in her past, the dying Monk pauses the tape. Two hours pass and Natalie finally convinces him to continue watching. On the tape, Trudy explains that she had an affair with her law professor and didn’t know he was a married man. As a result, Trudy became pregnant and gave birth to the girl at the midwife clinic in 1983. However, the girl died nine minutes later and Trudy never saw her. Trudy says that Ethan Rickover was the professor; the man who signed the warrant in Nash’s murder... read more.

8x15: Mr. Monk and the End - Part I recap: Twelve years ago, Adrian and Trudy Monk are celebrating Christmas and come back from caroling. He thanks her for getting him out of the house. Monk is preparing to go to the midlife clinic where a missing woman, Wendy Stroud, worked. He notices that Trudy is upset and she admits she has a lot on her mind. As he goes, Monk notices a new present under the tree and suspects that it’s a digital watch. Trudy tells him not to open it until they’re together on Christmas. They share a last hug before Monk leaves... read more.

8x10: Mr. Monk and Sharona recap: Monk is cleaning around his apartment when something jams the vacuum cleaner. He tries to clear it and gets a faceful of dust. He tries to clear his eyes and hears a knock on the door. He figures it’s Natalie and begs for help. When the visitor finally helps him get his eyes cleared, Monk realizes that it’s his old assistant, Sharona. Monk is eager to learn where she took his shirt before she left, but Sharona eventually gets the conversation around to herself. She explains that she and Trevor have separated for good, Benjy is in college, and she’s a nursing administrator. Natalie come sin and Monk acts like he’s having an affair, but Natalie isn’t concerned. Sharona explains that she’s in San Francisco to get a settlement from the country club where her Uncle Howie fell down an outdoor flight of stairs on the golf course and shattered his skull. The stairs were a known danger and the club never fixed them. She invites them along so they can have lunch afterward. As they leave, the two assistants talk and Natalie learns that Monk paid Sharona more than he pays Natalie... read more.

8x14: Mr. Monk and the Badge recap: Stottlemeyer and Disher are waiting for Monk at the station. When he arrives, Stottlemeyer tells him that he has important news and tells Monk that the review board had a private session and Stottlemeyer and Dr. Bell both testified. He informs Monk that they will no longer need his services as a private detective. Upset, Monk storms out and Natalie condemns Stottlemeyer for abandoning his friend before running after her boss. Stottlemeyer and Disher go after them and tell them the rest of the news; Monk has been reinstated as a detective with the San Francisco Police Department... read more.

8x13: Mr. Monk Is the Best Man recap: TK arrives at the station and waits for Stottlemeyer to come out for their date. However, Monk has been adding up the clues and notices that Stottlemeyer has trimmed his mustache, flossed, is rehearsing a speech, and keeps patting a small box in his pocket. He explains that the captain is going to propose to TK. Everyone tries to hide the knowledge but they burst into tears as Stottlemeyer comes out. He quickly realizes that Monk figured things out and told everyone, and starts to go down on his knees to propose. TK tells him not to do it thee, but says she wants to hear what he has to say in private... read more.
Recurring Guests

Stanley Kamel as Dr. Kroger (43 eps)
Emmy Clarke as Julie Teeger (24 eps)
Kane Ritchotte as Benjy (15 eps)
Hector Elizondo as Dr. Neven Bell (14 eps)
Melora Hardin as Trudy (10 eps)
Tim Bagley as Harold Krenshaw (9 eps)
Max Morrow as Benjy Fleming (7 eps)
Jarrad Paul as Kevin Dorfman (5 eps)
Brooke Adams (1) as Leigh (5 eps)
Michael Coleman (2) as Detective (5 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Crime | Drama | Mystery
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: USA Network ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 12, 2002
Ended: December 04, 2009
• Detective Monk (Used In Italy)
• Detektyvas Monkas (Used In Lithuania)
• Detektyw Monk (Used In Poland)
• Monk – Flúgos nyomozó (Used In Hungary)
• Monk: Um Detetive Diferente (Used In Brazil)
• Můj přítel Monk (Used In Czech Republic)
• मोंक (Used In India)
• 名探偵モンク (Used In Japan)
• 神探阿蒙 (Used In China)
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