My Heart Would Know - Recap

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The episode begins with Juliette and Dante having sex. Dante tells her that they should Jolene about this and also that he should resign from being her sober companion. Juliette tells him that Dante should continue being Jolene’s sober companion till the time she is a bit stronger to handle herself. For the moment, they should not tell her. Dante agrees. There is a knock on the door and Dante immediately hides. It is Rayna. She tells Juliette that there is a family emergency and she need to go back to Nashville. She might not be able to be back for the show.

Juliette tells her that it is a sold out show. Rayna knows, but she has to go. Teddy tells Peggy that Lamar had a heart attack and hence Rayna and the girls are coming back home. Peggy gets ready to leave. Gunnar wakes up and Scarlett tells him that she has signed the contract. Gunnar is happy and decides to have a 24 hour “Scarlett O’Connor party”. Avery, who is now a roadie, arrives in NY and runs into Deacon. The guy from the auditorium tells Avery that there is a chance that he might get to sing today because the show could get cancelled. For now, he has to help Juliette and her band with their regular stuff. Deacon is surprised to hear about the show and the guy tells Deacon that Rayna had to go back home because Lamar had a heart attack.

Rayna and Tandy arrive at the hospital and Rayna goes to meet her father. Albert talks to Tandy about the stadium deal. Juliette talks to Marshall and tells him that just because Rayna is not there, doesn’t mean that they need to cancel the whole show. She tells him that she will perform alone. Dante gives Juliette some tips about expanding her business. Jolene arrives and tells them that she took a bottle of Vodka from the bar last night, but she didn’t drink it. She says that she tried to call Dante, but he did not answer. She says that they need to focus on the therapy and decides that she wants to go home with Dante. Emily tells Deacon that Juliette wants to add ten new songs to her playlist for the show. Deacon thinks it is crazy. Scarlett is rehearsing her new songs and the band is not yet ready with all the new songs.

Deacon tells Scarlett that she cannot expect the band to match up to her ridiculous expectations. He thinks that adding ten new songs is too much. Juliette tells him that it is for just one day. She tells him that Dante too thinks that she is right. Deacon finds it amusing that her mother’s sober companion has a say in this. Juliette tells Deacon to call her when the band is ready with the songs. Watty White arrives to meet Lamar at the hospital. Lamar is having a tough time staying in the hospital bed. He is too eager to start work. He gets pissed on seeing White and tells him to get out. In NY, Avery walks into Juliette’s tour bus and looks around for her ear muffs. He sees Juliette and Dante making out.

Dante sees Avery, and Avery quickly leaves. Scarlett, Will and Gunnar are celebrating at a bar. Will tells Scarlett to sing a song for them. Scarlett calls Gunnar to join her on stage, but he declines. Scarlett and Will perform for the crowd. Juliette and Dante step out of the bus and Avery hands her ear muffs. Dante is pissed at Avery and tells him that he should knock before walking into his boss’ tour bus. Avery apologizes, but Dante fires him. At the hospital, White tells Rayna that Lamar was not wrong in treating him in the manner he did. He tells her that he was the one her mother had an affair with. Rayna is shocked. White tells her that he loved her mother and on the night she crashed her car, they had decided to leave town together. Deacon runs into Avery, who is about to leave the tour.

He tells Deacon that Dante fired him because he saw Juliette and Dante in a compromising position. Deacon is pissed and he tells Avery to get back to work. Deacon confronts Dante. He tells Dante that he has no right to fire Avery. They get into a verbal dual where Deacon learns that Juliette has shared a lot with him about Deacon as well. Deacon warns him to stay off the band and leaves. At the bar, Scarlett gets a message saying that Rayna is in town and she would like to meet her. At the hospital, Lamar has another attack and the doctors perform a bypass. In NY, Dante arrives to meet Jolene and she tells him that she wants to go back home. He tells her that they need to stay around for Juliette.

She says that he is not paying attention on the therapy sessions. Dante tells her that she is really important to him. Jolene kisses him and Juliette walks in on them. She feels disgusted and storms out of there. Dante tries to convince her and Jolene tells Juliette that she has feelings for Dante. Juliette totally loses it. Jolene figures out that Dante and Juliette are sleeping together. Rayna asks Tandy if she knew that White was the guy their mother had the affair with. Tandy says yes and Rayna asks her why she did not tell her. Tandy tells her that she did not how to tell her something like this. She says that Lamar worshipped their mother. Rayna feels bad for Lamar. Rayna calls Deacon and leaves a message for him. During the show, Deacon behaves coldly with Juliette.

Later, he gets Rayna’s message. Tandy is in Lamar’s office and she tells Albert that she wants to know every aspect about her father’s life. Albert tells her that he has told her everything. She wants to know why Lamar made calls to Peggy. Deacon arrives to meet Rayna. She tells him about White. She now knows why her father kicked her out of the house. White got Rayna her first gig and obviously Lamar hated White. Rayna thanks Deacon for coming. Scarlett arrives at Edgehill and Marshall introduces her to his team. It is seen that Will has been a great influence on Gunnar and Gunnar has started singing again. Jeanne is glad to hear Gunnar sing again. At the hospital, Rayna tells Lamar that she wished he had told her everything, instead of being mad at her all these years.

She is in tears and tells her that they missed a life together. Lamar smiles. Deacon arrives to meet Stacey and she is happy to see him. She hugs him, but Deacon looks slightly confused. In NY, Juliette tells Jolene that she is sending her back to Nashville and Emily will be going with her. She tells her that she can stay at her place and once in a while she will come visit her.

She has hired a new female sober companion for Jolene. Jolene asks her if she fired Dante. Juliette tells Jolene that she fired Dante as a sober companion, but she hired him as her manager. Tandy arrives to meet Teddy. She hands him the phone records between Peggy and the reporter who broke the news about his divorce. She tells him that Peggy was the leak. The episode ends.