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As the Kingpin's world comes crashing down around him, Daredevil confronts him for a final battle.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x13
Airdate: Friday April 10th, 2015

Guest Stars
Peter McRobbiePeter McRobbie
As Father Lantom
Daryl EdwardsDaryl Edwards
As Detective Hoffman
Rob MorganRob Morgan
As Turk Barrett
Royce JohnsonRoyce Johnson
As Sgt. Brett Mahoney
Tommy WalkerTommy Walker
As Francis
Amy RutbergAmy Rutberg
As Marci Stahl
Matt GeraldMatt Gerald
As Melvin Potter
Geoffrey CantorGeoffrey Cantor
As Ellison
Adriane LenoxAdriane Lenox
As Doris (Doris Ulrich)
Jack OJack O'Connell (1)
As Silvio
Richard BekinsRichard Bekins
As Parish Landman
Jonathan Walker (2)Jonathan Walker (2)
As Senator Randolph Cherryh
Angel RosaAngel Rosa
As Officer Corbin
Kassia Miller
As Caldwell
Gameela WrightGameela Wright
As Norma
Logan CrawfordLogan Crawford
As Reporter #1
Lauren Lim JacksonLauren Lim Jackson
As Reporter #2
Eboni BoothEboni Booth
As News Reporter #3
Pat KiernanPat Kiernan
As News Anchor #1
Annika PergamentAnnika Pergament
As News Anchor #2
Marva HicksMarva Hicks
As District Attorney
Amadeo FuscaAmadeo Fusca
As Lowlife
Akim BlackAkim Black
As Thug
Brett G. SmithBrett G. Smith
As Federal Bridge Agent (as Brett smith)
Jason Alan CarvellJason Alan Carvell
As Assault Team Leader
David Healy (2)David Healy (2)
As News Reporter #1
Laura PoeLaura Poe
As News Reporter #3
James CicconeJames Ciccone
As Cabbie
Bernard BygottBernard Bygott
As TAC Agent #1
Adam McNultyAdam McNulty
As TAC Agent #2
Main Cast
Charlie Cox (2)Charlie Cox (2)
As Matt Murdock / Daredevil
Deborah Ann WollDeborah Ann Woll
As Karen Page
Elden HensonElden Henson
As Foggy Nelson
Bob GuntonBob Gunton
As Leland Owlsley
Ayelet ZurerAyelet Zurer
As Vanessa Marianna
Vincent DVincent D'Onofrio
As Wilson Fisk / The Kingpin


Matt and Karen attend Ben's funeral along with Doris and many of Ben's friends. Afterward, Karen talks to Doris privately and offers her condolences. Karen blames herself for Ben's death, but Doris assures her that if they had a child, Ben would have wanted one like Karen. She tells Karen that Ben never got pushed into anything he didn't want to do, and he died doing what he loved... and what he had to do. Meanwhile, Lantom approaches Matt and asks how he's doing. Matt blames himself for not stopping what's happening to the city, and the priest assures him that he's done everything that he can...

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ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Jimmy CliffMany Rivers to CrossBen's funeral
(Unknown artist)Turandot, Act III: Nessun dorma!arrest montage

Episode Quotes
Father Lantom: How you holding up?
Matt: Like a good Catholic boy.
Father Lantom: That bad, huh?

Karen: How do you stop someone like that, someone who has so much?
Matt: It just means he has more to lose.

Foggy: Matt... Matt! Last time you went after Fisk, I found you half dead! More than half. You go after him in the mask again, he might kill you. Or you might kill him, which would probably have the same effect on someone as Catholic as you are.

Foggy: You know what doesn't make you want to gouge your eyes out? Cold cuts, Italian meats, cheeses. Why did I become a lawyer again?
Matt: To make lots of money.
Foggy: That didn't work out so good, did it?
Matt: Not so much.
Foggy: Could have had my own deli, an apron with my name on it and everything.
Karen: What?
Matt: Oh, it's just this. It's the way it should be.
Karen: What, Foggy talking about cured meats?
Matt: Nelson and Murdock.
Foggy: It's a start.

Matt: See, this right here... in this office. This is what's important. Knowing that the people I care about are safe, and having some sense of closure for the ones we've lost. For Elena. For Ben. And everyone else that son of a bitch has hurt.

Wilson: I'm not a religious man... but I've read bits and pieces over the years. Curiosity more than faith. But this one story... There was a man. He was traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho... when he was set upon by men of ill intent. They stripped the traveler of his clothes, they beat him, and they left him bleeding in the dirt. And a priest happened by... saw the traveler. But he moved to the other side of the road and continued on. And then a Levite, a religious functionary, he... came to the place, saw the dying traveler. But he too moved to the other side of the road, passed him by. But then came a man from Samaria, a Samaritan, a good man. He saw the traveler bleeding in the road and he stopped to aid him without thinking of the circumstance or the difficulty it might bring him. The Samaritan tended to the traveler's wounds, applying oil and wine. And he carried him to an inn, gave him all the money he had for the owner to take care of the traveler, as the Samaritan, he... continued on his journey. He did this simply because the traveler was his neighbor. He loved his city and all the people in it. I always thought that I was the Samaritan in that story. It's funny, isn't it? How even the best of men can be... deceived by their true nature.
Assault Team Leader: What the hell does that mean?
Wilson: It means that I'm not the Samaritan. That I'm not the priest, or the Levite. That I am the ill intent... who set upon the traveler on a road that he should not have been on.

Wilson: This city doesn't deserve a better tomorrow. It deserves to drown... in its filth! It deserves people like my father! People like you!
Daredevil: This is my city... my family.
Wilson: You really think that this will... change anything? You think one man in... a silly little costume... will... will make a difference?

Karen: Daredevil. That's what they're calling him now. The man in the mask.
Foggy: Daredevil? Sounds like he's gonna jump Snake River Canyon on his rocket cycle.
Matt: It kinda does, doesn't it?

Cultural References
Mahoney: Never see Serpico?

A photograph of Stan Lee, dressed as a police officer, is just visible to Mahoney's left as Hoffman turns himself in.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorDrew Goddard
Executive ProducerAlan Fine  |  Allie Goss  |  Kris Henigman  |  Cindy Holland  |  Dan Buckley  |  Jim Chory  |  Steven S. DeKnight  |  Joe Quesada  |  Stan Lee  |  Jeph Loeb  |  Drew Goddard  |  Peter Friedlander
Co-Executive ProducerDouglas Petrie  |  Joe Pokaski
Supervising ProducerMarco Ramirez
ProducerKati Johnston
CastingLaray Mayfield  |  Julie Schubert
Stunt DoubleChris Brewster
Based On The Comic ByStan Lee  |  Bill Everett (1)
ForemanJohn Farrell (1)
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