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Shows in development for Science

Shows set to premiered in the year 2014
What is that ? Apr, 2014 Documentary
Shows set to premiered in the year 2013
The Experimenters 2013 Documentary
New Race For Space 2013 Mini-Series
Story of the Continents 2013 Documentary
World's Weirdest (2013) 2013 Documentary


Website: http://science.discovery.com/
Country: USA
First Broadcast: October, 1996
Parent Company: Discovery Communications Inc.
Reaching Households: 76,804,000 (67.25% of those with a TV)
Chaos Caught on Camera
Hacking the Universe
Impossible Engineering
The Manipulation Game
Outrageous Acts of Psych
Race to Escape
What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
What on Earth?
Breakthrough Prize
Epic Engineering
I F***ing Love Science
Man v. The Universe
Mind Over Muscle
Stem Cell Universe With Stephen Hawking
Strip The Cosmos
UFO Conspiracies
Where the Wild Men Are
73 Seconds: The Challenger Investigation
Aliens: The Definitive Guide
Beyond the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman
The Challenger Disaster
How It's Made: Dream Cars
How the Earth Works
How the Universe Works: Expanded Edition
Insect Autopsy
Large Dangerous Rocket Ships
Mega Shredders
Outrageous Acts of Science
Planet Ant
Species of Mass Destruction
Strip the City
Stuff You Should Know
Super Comet Ison 2013
Survivorman's Survival Secrets
This Changes Everything
The Unexplained Files
What Happened Next?
Are We Alone?
Death Dealers
House of Torment
Inside the Design
NASA's Unexplained Files
Surviving Zombies
Survivorman Ten Days
Deep Space Marvels
Game Changers with Andrew Anthony
Ingenious Minds
One Ocean
Road to Punkin Chunkin
Unlocking the Universe
Wild Freaks of Nature
Blais Out
Bugging Out
Deadly Descent
Head Rush
How the Universe Works
Les Stroud Survival Challenge
Mutant Planet
Spy Wars
Stuck with Hackett
Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman
Tormented By Genius
Underground War
Catch It Keep It
Head Games
Meteorite Men
Monster Bug Wars!
Monster Swamp
Punkin Chunkin
Science Channel Specials
Secrets of the Secret Service
Unearthing Ancient Secrets
Weird Connections
It's All Geek To Me
How Do They Do It?
How It's Made