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All This and Gargantua-2 - Venture Brothers Recap and Mini-Review

All This and Gargantua-2

You can't deny that this fill-in special to keep the fans' interest whetted was nothing but filler. A lot of stuff happened. J.J. opens a casino, and tells Rusty that he's dying. Brock and Amber go undercover. Hank tries to get back into the spy business. Dean learns some respect for his father, and indicates he may be the genius that Rusty never was. Billy tries to get used to his mother and Danger Man dating.

On the evil side of things, the Sovereign kills off the Council of 13. The Investors make their move. Killinger organizes the Revenge Society for a casino heist. Watch and Ward form a Guild Resistance. Red Mantle/Dragoon and Dr. Z join forces with the OSI.

There's a lot of comedy moments (including a gag on the Red Hulk at Marvel), but also some real heart-to-hearts between Rusty and Dean, as well as some touching moments between Rusty and Jonas.

With a cast of hundreds (i.e., every voice artist they could afford, and Stephen Colbert), the tween-season special was more than satisfying enough, and sets the stage for the triumphant arrival of Season 6. Ummm, whenever we get it.


Dr. Killinger meets with the Revenge Society: Fat Chance, Professor Impossible, Baron Underbheit, Radical Left, and Zero. He has trained them all in their powers, but they admit that they're not convinced of Killinger's plan. Phantom Limb reminds everyone that he was a member of the Guild and an old-school villain, but Killinger says that they have to faith in him. Someone pulls up outside and Killinger tells everyone to hide.

The Monarch, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, and Henchman 21 arrive at the diplidated house that the Monarch grew up in. They fail to notice the Revenge Society leaving in a jet.

En route, Rusty watches a commercial that his brother J.J. made for his new orbital casino, Gargantua-2. Rusty reminds Dean that he was the First American boy in space. Hank wonders why Billy was invited, and Billy insists that he's a skilled surgeon. Billy's mother and Rodney are kissing behind them and Billy interrupts them. Gentleman is busy complaining about the robot servants.

In another of the fleet of ships heading for the station, Brock tells fellow agent Amber Gold that no one can know that they're there. J.J. doesn't want OSI protection, but they ran his books and it turned out the Investors have made loans to J.J. through shell companies. Brock figures that J.J. is naïve and has built stuff the OSI doesn't want falling into the hands of bad guys. He goes back to check on the civilian volunteers: the pilots, tied up.

The Monarch looks around the rotting remains of his home, and his wife assures him that they'll fix it up and make it a real home. She agrees with 21 that their former home was a cold place, and Dr. Mrs. Monarch regrets that Tim-Tom and Kevin couldn't see it. The Monarch reassures her just as the Sovereign calls a meeting her first meeting of the Council of 13. A car arrives outside to pick her up and Dr. Mrs. Monarch apologizes for the bad timing.

At a Chinese restaurant, two Council members are leaving when their car blows up. At a bar, another member is melted by a poisoned one. Another is killed when he discovers that his perfume has been replaced with cat pee, and his guard dogs attack him.

Dermot finds a dead Council member behind the mall.

Reports start to come in to OSI HQ and the techs tell Hunter that it wasn't them. Hunter figures that the Sovereign is taking out the council members because the OSI was moving in. Red Mantle and Dragoon are off the grid.

When he boards the station, Rusty discovers that his reservation was lost. Billy discovers that he's not on the manifest and his mother comforts him, while Gentleman orders the robots to carry his luggage. Hank forces Dean to bow to him until Rusty orders him off the robot. Amber and Brock arrive undercover and Brock plants a hidden camera on a robot. Rusty calls Sergeant Hatred to complain, but doesn't realize that there's a transmission delay. They're interrupted when J.J. greets everyone on the view screen.

The surviving four Council members meet and the Sovereign appears to tell them that they must all join him in destroying their enemies aboard Gargantua-2.

Killinger takes the Society to Meteor Majeure, their new headquarters. He points out the view of Gargantua-2 and reminds them that they'll be launching their heist from their new base. The team argues about how they are misnamed as a meteor. Phantom Limb interrupts to remind them that they have training to do.

Monarch is watching a newscast about Gargantua-2 and 21 discovers that no one will deliver to their neighborhood. They're surprised to discover food in the refrigerator, and Monarch realizes that the cutlery belongs to Phantom Limb. He finds plans to Garguanta-2 and realizes that Phantom Limb is going to attack the station. Monarch tells 21 that they're going to space.

Rusty and Billy check in and discover that they were assigned a cramped room. A robot arrives to escort Billy to a better room, and tells Rusty that there's no room for him.

Brock and Amber check into their room and try out the bed. Afterward, Brock watches a video of Hank and admits that he gave him his first bass. However, he insists that bodyguarding for the Ventures was just another job. Amber realizes that somebody is listening and they draw their weapons. Brock opens the door and discovers that it's Hank. He heard the music video and introduces himself to Amber, who is smitten with him. Hank figures that they're on a mission and wants to help, but Brock escorts him out.

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch arrives at the Council and objects to what appears to be the OSI attacking them. However, she doesn't want to launch wholescale vengeance on them. When the others refuse to cooperate, Sovereign pumps poison gas into their chambers. However, Watch and Ward with the Guild Resistance contact Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and says that she has two minutes to live unless she joins them.

Monarch and 21 enter the transport station undercover, unaware that Red Mantle and Dragoon are ahead of them in line. Dragoon is disguised as a tumor, and a disguised Dr. Zin is with them.

Hunter calls Brock and tells him that they haven't found the missing Councilmen yet.

Hank tries to slip into the casino wearing a fake mustache, while Rusty complains to Rose and Danger Man. Gentleman brings Dean in and suggests that they play craps. Dean is worried that no one has seen J.J. since they got there, and Rusty goes off to give his brother a piece of his mind. He passes by a disguised Brock and Amber without realizing who they are,  Rusty finds Billy examining J.J., and Billy apologizes because he can't do anything. Once he leaves, J.J. hugs Rusty and says that he did everything right. He explains that every organ in his body is failing and he's dying. Shocked, Rusty doesn't know what to say and J.J. assures him that they'll always be connected. The Investors come in and J.J. says that they can review the terms later because he's with family.

In the casino, Hank waves to Brock as the Investors come in. Brock recognizes them and warns Hunter, but they're not showing up on the monitors. Brock's earbud shorts out and the Investors say that they were invited there. The security guards grab Brock and Amber, and Pirate Captain comes over and tells them that they're being arrested for trespassing. He orders them to the brig until the guards remind him that they don't have a brig.

A repair team spots something odd on the hull of Gargantua-2 and calls it in. The command crew shut down the force field and the repair pod moves in... unaware that two members of the Society are holding onto the bag.

Pirate Captain comes to tell J.J. that they found a frozen man outside. It's General Treister, long adrift in space.

About Meteor Majeure, Phantom Limb is on the toilet when Sovereign contacts him and explains that Meteor Majeure was his summer home. Phantom Limb assures him that he'll leave the back door of Gargantua-2 open once they're through. He wonders what Sovereign has planned for others once they're done, and Sovereign says that they will be welcome on the Council.

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and the surviving two Council members enter the Resistance headquarters. Henchman 21 greets them, but Dr. Mrs. The Monarch realizes that it's a trap. The disguised Sovereign shapeshifts into a hawk and flies away, and a slaughterbot opens fire on them, killing one of the other Council members. Two robot dogs arrive and tear the slaughterbot apart, and then they explain that they're controlled by Watch and Ward. The Resistance members direct them to an air duct.

J.J. and Billy try to revive Treister without success. However, he suddenly revives on his own and he mistakes them for Martians. When they try to sedate him, Treister assumes that they're anal-probing aliens and goes berserk, running out of the room. J.J. rushes after him and alerts security, while Billy decides to get drunk and gamble.

Monarch and 21 drive to the Venture compound and 21 leaps over the fence to take over the defenses. Monarch insists that there's nothing to worry about and goes through the old mail, and realizes that Rusty hasn't paid his electric bill in months. When he wonders how they'll launch the old Venture space shuttle without power, 21 says that he'll fire up the emergency generators.

Hatred and Dr. Orpheus are in the access tunnels, trying to restore the power. Jefferson and Alchemist jump out to scare Hatred, just as the emergency generators come on and the shuttle prepares for launch. Monarch manages to launch it and sets the grass on fire, and 21 realizes that he left the gas outline in a butterfly logo.

Aboard the station, Professor Impossible and Fat Chance sneak in disguised as a worker. Fat Chance then opens a portal in his stomach for the others to arrive, and then teleports Phantom Limb to the bridge. He easily takes out the command crew and seals all of the door, and the other Society members capture the gamblers. Phantom Limb teleports back and rob the vault, where Brock and Amber are locked up.

In the casino, Gentleman, Danger Man, Billy, and Rose hide under a table. Hank joins them and suggests that they attack, but Danger Man thinks it's best if they just hide. Rose disagrees and volunteers to help, ignoring Billy's objections, and says that they'll attack when some of the Society leaves.

Phage and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch emerge from Council base, and Phage flies off. She calls her husband and tells him that the Sovereign has killed the Council and plans to destroy Gargantua-2. When Dr. Mrs. The Monarch realizes that Monarch is heading for Gargantua-2 and can't turn back, she says that she'll fix it. As she looks up at the sky, she holds the bullet wound in her side.

The Society have one more run to get the remaining money, and Phantom Limb teleports to the bridge to blow the place up. The Investors arrive and Phantom Limb reminds them that they're all on the same team now. They thank him and destroy the central console, and Phantom Limb teleports back to discover that Rose, Gentleman, and Danger Man are attacking the Society. Sue Impossible is shocked to see her husband there robbing the casino. Rose kicks Fat Chance, causing him to lose control and random objects pour out of his stomach teleport gate. In the casino, Zero and Underbheit  hear the commotion and run back, and Brock recognizes Zero as the former Henchman Zero that he beat up. Zero plans to kill him, but a shock wave strikes the station and he gets close enough for Brock to grab him and break his neck, just as Hank runs in.

In the casino, everyone stops and Professor Impossible warns that asteroids are slamming into the station now that the force field is down. Everyone panics and tries to get out, while Phantom Limb realizes that he's been triple-crossed.

J.J. realizes that the shield failed and calls the bridge, but gets no response.  He sends Dean and Rusty to manually reboot Rusty's shields while he goes to the bridge. Treister arrives and reports for duty.

Hunter wonders how Sovereign has lowered the shields. Red Mantle, Dragoon, and Zin arrive and say that they're offended at the Sovereign's violation of Guild law. In return for immunity, they offer to tell Hunter where the Sovereign is.

An armed Dr. Mrs. The Monarch busts into the Sovereign's penthouse. He's ready for her, wearing the form of Dr. Venture Senior, and is ready to gloat about his plan as he traps her on the couch with metal bands. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch says that he's a shapeshifting nobody whose organization is falling apart, and Sovereign prepares to activate the station's self -destruct. She asks him to spare Gargantua-2 as her dying request, but Sovereign says that he has to destroy the station to get rid of the Investors. As he leaves, Sovereign says that he's just a bloke who wanted to be anybody but himself.

At the Venture compound, the Order of the Trinity try to fight the fire left by Monarch. The fire trucks arrive but the security system--now online--automatically opens fire and destroys them.

J.J. and Treister try to get the sealed doors open, but J.J. says that the cancer has beaten him. Treister goes berserk and transforms into a red hulk due to all the gamma radiation he was exposed to, and J.J. invites him to smash down the door.

On the hull, the robots try to deflect the asteroids while Rusty tries to manually reactivate the shields. Dean admits that he's impressed that his father is trying to stop an asteroid bombardment. An asteroid drops on them, but Treister arrives in time to smash it apart. Dean reminds his father that the interns who made the shield had two arms, and suggests that he help. Working together, they turn the shields back on, saving the station.

On the bridge, J.J. figures that they'll survive... just as more alarms go off.

Killinger watches from Meteor Majeure as the Investors arrive. They say that he shouldn't have meddled in their affairs, but Killing says that they were never meant to rule over mortals. The Investors activate their light sabers and Kissinger draws his umbrella.

In the casino, Billy asks how Rose was able to defeat the bad guys. As she starts to tell him the truth, the doors open and she hastily says that she was a professional dancer. J.J. announces that the nuclear reactors have gone critical and they're holding a precautionary evacuation. Everyone panics and Pirate Captain directs the passengers to the lifeboats. Meanwhile, the Society confronts Phantom Limb over his betrayal. Sue tells Professor Impossible to come with her so that her son doesn't lose her his father. Brock and Amber tell Hank to leave, but Hank insists on finding rusty and Dean.

Killinger holds off the Investors and finally flies out of the way, letting one of them cut another in half.

Watch and Ward drop into the penthouse and spot the self-destruct. However, they figure that Sovereign had an escape pod and activate it. They blast clear just in time and fly into space as an OSI ship looks on.

J.J. tells Pirate Captain that he's going down with the ship, and then sends Treister on one more mission.

As their shuttle approaches Gargantua-2, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch radios to say that she's rescuing Monarch. The escape pod slams into the shuttle and pushes it toward Meteor Majeure.

Killinger manages to defeat a second Investor, just as Monarch and the others come in. The last Investor engages Killing telepathically, and Killinger insists that he's saved the Guild. Distracted, the Investor glances over at the new arrivals, and Killinger skewers him.

Rusty and Dean wonder why everyone is leaving, just as Treister rips off the reactor and the bridge. J.J. tells Rusty that it's time to let go and gives him one last Team Venture. Brock and Amber arrive to pick up Dean and Rusty, as the reactor and J.J. float off into space.

At the Venture compound, everyone watches as the building is consumed by flames.

The reactor explodes, taking Treister and J.J. with it.

Killinger heals Dr. Mrs. The Monarch just as Phantom Limb and Radical Left teleport in. He assures Phantom Limb that he didn't fail because he was true to what he wanted: to become a member of the Council of 13. Killinger points out that there are thirteen chairs in the chamber, and they realize he intends them to start a new Council... without the overeager Monarch.

- Christopher McCulloch
- Doc Hammer
- James Urbaniak
- Patrick Warburton
- The Venture Bros.
- Cartoon Network

Written by: Van Troughton
Jan 19th, 2015, 5:11 pm

Images courtesy of Cartoon Network


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