Souls of the Departed - Recap

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Emma wakes up and finds herself sitting in her Volkswagen. Neal is in the back and asks about Henry, and Emma says that Henry misses his said. He tells Emma not to go to the Underworld because it's not an easy place to leave, and warns that her quest for Hook won't end the way she hopes. Emma says that he would have come for him, but Neal says that he's not in Limbo. He confirms that Hook is there, and explains that the Underworld is for people with unfinished people. Emma wonders where he is, and Neal says that he's someplace where he's happy. He came there because he cares for her, and tells her again not to go. Emma says that she can't, and Neal kisses her before getting out.

Emma wakes up and finds herself on Charon's Boat approaching boat to the Underworld. The others are there and Gold says that they're there. They go ashore and the mists part to reveal... a devastated Storybrooke. The dazed townspeople are walking down the street, and the clock tower lies on the street. Gold says that all of the people in the Underworld are trapped with unfinished business. Cruella's car drives by up the street, and Gold explains that Cruella and others are there because of them. They split up to cover more ground,

The Enchanted Forest

Regina and her black knights go to one of her villages and one peasant woman presents her with a blueberry birthday pie. The Evil Queen points out that it isn't her favorite flavor, but says that she isn't there for the pie. She tells the villagers that she wants Snow's heart and knows that Snow was there recently. As Regina starts pulling out the woman's heart, a man speaks up and says that he can help. He asks for something in return, and Regina offers him a quick death. She starts choking him, and Snow, Charming, and the dwarves announce their presence. They warn Regina that they have her surrounded, and Regina says that she's feeling benevolent on her birthday before she teleports away.

At her palace, Regina tells the Valet that she will never end her quest for revenge until she kills Snow. The Valet points out that Cora is the one responsible for killing Cora, and tells his daughter not to let Cora kill her. Regina insists that Cora doesn't control her, but the Valet warns that until Regina gives up her quest for vengeance, Cora will always shave a hold on her.


One of the townspeople, Blacktooth, goes to the mayor's office and tells the mayor--Cora--that Regina is there. Cora asks how her daughter is.

Mary Margaret goes to the diner and finds the Blind Witch serving at the counter. She recognizes Mary Margaret's smell and offers service. Mary Margaret asks about Hook, just as Charming comes in. he's changed his clothing, and then grabs Mary Margaret and kisses her. Mary Margaret realizes that it's David's brother James, and he figures that Davis id there. He tells Mary Margaret to tell his brother that he's the sheriff and walks away. As James walks out the back, David comes in and sees his brother. Emma and Gold arrive and Gold says that Hook has unfinished business because he died a Dark One. He tells the others that if they want things done, then they'll have to let him do things his way. He says that he has something in the Underworld to help them and leaves.

Henry arrives and says that he was checking the rooms. He has the key to room 8, which belonged to Neal, and Henry explains that he wanted to let Neal know that he was okay. Emma assures her son that Neal knows and he's in a better place.

Robin and Regina walk down the street, and Regina figures that whoever created the Storybrooke of her curse got her inspiration from the Underworld. She notices Blacktooth, who has been following them, and confronts him. Blacktooth says that someone wants to see Regina.

The Enchanted Forest

In her palace, Regina plucks flowers and complains about Snow. The Valet comes in and Regina says that she doesn't want to talk about Cora again. Once she walks off, the Valet asks the Magic Mirror to summon Cora. The Magic Mirror refuses, but the Valet insists. Cora appears in the mirror and the Valet reminds her that it's Regina's birthday. She's well aware of what Regina is doing, and the Valet asks Cora to tell Regina to let go of her feud. Cora says that Regina won't be happy until she kills Snow, so they must help her accomplish her goal. When the Valet turns away, Cora appears before him in another mirror and he says that he's going to talk to Snow. Once he leaves, Cora figures that Regina needs her help and emerges from the mirror.


Blacktooth takes Regina to Cora's office and they hug. Cora says that she has unfinished business: Regina. She tells her daughter that she wants her to be happy, and insists that Regina has to leave immediately because it's too dangerous. Cora says that Regina's friend and family are holding her back, and Regina must do what's best for her. She has arranged for a boat to take Regina home, and tells Cora to take Robin and Henry with her. Regina refuses, and Cora reminds her that the last thing she said before she died was that Regina would have been enough. She advises Regina not to make the same mistake that she did by waiting too long, and Cora tells her that she has to do the best thing for her child no matter how reprehensible it is.

Cora teleports herself, Regina, and Blacktooth to a fiery underground pit. Blacktooth is on a ledge and Cora casts Blacktooth into the pit. She says that it will be Regina's fate if she says in the Underworld, and says that most people can only leave to go to a better place or a worst. Regina has another option, but if she doesn't take it then someone will suffer: Henry.

Gold goes to his pawnshop and finds his loom spinning in the middle of the room. The teacup is on the counter.

Earlier, Gold tells Belle that he will go to the Underworld to rescue Hook. He is the only one who has been there before, and Belle asks him to come back to him. Gold promises that he always will.

Gold looks at the teacup, and then finds a rag doll on the counter. He goes to a hidden wall safe and opens it, and Peter Pan appears behind him. Peter reminds Gold that he's his father, and Gold tells him to step aside. As Gold steps by him, Peter says that in the Underworld it's his shop and Gold won't find what he's looking for without his help. He suggests that they put aside their differences and puts a small vial on the counter. Peter insists that he wants to start over, and he can return to the real world if he trades places with a living soul. He warns that the others aren't Gold's friends, and suggests that one of them doesn't make the trip back. Gold says that he isn't interested, and Peter gives him the vial as a gesture of goodwill from a father to his son.

At the diner, Regina tells the others that Cora will send the Valet to Hell if she doesn't leave. She imagined that her father went to a better place but was wrong. Mary Margaret and David refuse to leave Emma alone. Gold comes in and shows them the vial, and explains that it's the Ale of Seonaidh. If they pour it over Hook's grave then they can speak with him. Everyone has a grave in the Underworld, and Hook suggests that they go to it and leave when the boat goes in an hour. Emma insists that Gold go with them, but he says that they can do it on their own and will meet him at the boat.

The Enchanted Forest

The Valet meets Snow in the forest and says that if the war continues, it will destroy the kingdom and Regina's soul. The real Valet appears behind Snow, and the first "Valet" pulls Snow's heart out. She drops her illusion to reveal that she's Cora, and puts the heart in a box. Cora tells the Valet that she's there because he made a mistake, and he begs her not to do it. Cora ignores him and tells Snow to forget what happened, and then sends her back. She then tells the Valet to come with her so they can give Regina her birthday present.


At the graveyard, Emma and the others find Hook's grave and pour the ale on it. A disfigured Hook appears and Regina realizes that Hook can't hear Emma because the spell isn't steady. After a moment, the shade disappears and Mary Margaret assures Emma that they'll find Hook. Emma warns that they only half an hour left, but David insists that they're not giving up on Emma. Considering, Emma tells Regina to leave with Robin and Henry, and Regina reluctantly agrees.

The Enchanted Forest

Regina looks at her birthday cake and the Jester encourages her to make a wish. She kills the Jester with a spell when he irritates her, and tells her court to wrap things up. Cora comes in and gives Regina Snow's heart. When Regina crushes it, she will have her revenge at last. Regina doesn't believe her, and Cora has the Magic Mirror brought in. it shows them Snow, and Regina squeezes the heart. Snow gasps in pain, and Regina tightens her grip. Jiminy Cricket crawls out of Snow's shirt and everyone laughs at the joke. The heart disintegrates and one of the black knights falls over. Regina realizes that someone switched the hearts.

Later, the Valet comes to Regina and admits that he gave Snow's heart back. He did it for Regina's sake, warning that if Regina had crushed Snow's heart then she would be dark later. The Valet insists that Regina turning dark is what Cora wants, but Regina doesn't believe him. He tells her what to do because as long as Snow lives, so does Regina's chance at redemption. Regina says that she will never be what the Valet wants, and then teleports him into the box and promises that he would never do anything to hurt her.


Regina goes to her father's grave and pours some of the Ale on it. The Valet appears and Regina, crying, says that she's sorry. Her father hugs her and says that it's okay, and assures her that he loves her no matter what. The Valet says that Cora is using him to get Regina to leave, but he wants Regina to stay and help her friends. Now that Regina is a hero, he won't stand in her way. When Regina refuses to cause the Valet pain again, he says that if she stays then she spreads hope. He asks Regina to let him see her do the right thing, and then he won't have died in vain. With that, the Valet disappears.

The Enchanted Forest

Cora finds Regina and asks where the Valet is. Regina says that she's dealt with him and shows her mother the contents of the box. She then says that the Valet was right about Cora. Cora insists that she does everything for Regina, including obtaining Snow's heart. Regina insists that when she gets her revenge, it will be her victory and Cora won't be there. Cora warns that Regina doesn't have the power to send her back, and the Magic Mirror grabs Cora and pulls her back to Wonderland. As he's pulled back, Cora warns that Regina will fail without her, and be alone forever. She teleports the box away as she's pulled into the mirror, and the Magic Mirror says that she'll always have her.


Regina and Henry return to the pit, and find the Valet on the ledge. Cora is watching, and Regina tells her to release the Valet, and Regina says that she came back to help everyone. Cora insists that it isn't possible, and begs Regina to listen to reason. She says that either way, her time in the Underworld is done. She raises the films up to the Valet and tells Regina that one day she will understand, and teleports away. The flames fade away, and the Valet says that he's okay. A path leads to a glowing doorway, and the Valet says that it's where he belongs. He tells Regina that she as her unfinished business, and he always regretted letting Cora change Regina. Now Regina is free of her, and he couldn't be more proud.

Henry steps forward and Regina introduces him to his grandfather. The boy thanks the Valet for believing in Regina like he does, and the Valet thanks Henry for being there for Regina when he couldn't. He says that it's time for him to go, tells Regina to always remember who she is, and walks into the light.

That night, Regina and Henry find the others and tell them that the Valet was saved... and everyone else in the Underworld can be saved. Gold warns that the people there aren't worth their time, and he wants no part of it. Emma threatens to tell Belle that Gold is the Dark one again, but he tells them that he's out. Once Gold walks away, the others head down the street. Regina looks back and sees the clock on the severed tower move for the first time since they're arrival.

Cora enters the library and takes the elevator down. It finally arrives in an underground chamber, and Cora follows the tunnel to where Hades is waiting his chamber. He points out that the clock ticked, and it's the sound of Cora's incompetence. Cora wonders what threat Regina can pose to him, and Hades explains that each tick of the clock is a soul leaving his domain. She points out that she did what Hades asked, and Hades says that Regina will regret her decision. Cora demands what she was promised, and Hades says that he knows all about Zelena... including that she gave her other daughter up to escape her peasant life. He transforms Cora back into a miller's daughter, and tells her to deliver her flour. Hades points out that she promised not to fail, and says that she can consider her failure for eternity.