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The episode begins at the VP’s residence with Selina arguing over the phone with Andrew, her ex, while Gary is helping her get ready for an event. She is tired of arguing and as a result abruptly hangs up on him. At the White House parking garage, Dan sees Mike arrive in a new car and assumes he has cleared his debts. Mike says he hasn’t and has in fact added this car to his debts. He already has a debt of $100,000 and feels a few thousand more won’t make a difference. At West Wing, Selina runs into Ken and talks to him about an important defense meeting that is scheduled to take place in the evening.

The President will be a part of it and Selina tells Ken that she too wants to attend it. Ken says he would be happy to have her there if she can return in time for it and walks away. Selina is baffled about what Ken meant, so Jonah clarifies that she is scheduled to attend a pig roast. Selina in no uncertain terms tells Jonah that she will anyhow make it back to the meeting, wherever she is. Amy, whose dad is in the hospital, excuses herself from attending the pig roast, saying she needs to look after her father. While she is leaving for the pig roast, Jonah arrives and says he is coming with her because the President has ordered it. At a Ken’s Pilates class, Dan, who has recently joined the class, talks shop with Ken, while trying his best to keep up with him.

On Air force 2, the VP’s plane, Gary shows Selina a tabloid article about her that says she uses a secret code to end a conversation, when she wants to exit. Selina concludes, now that the code has been made public, they have to think up a new one. She, Gary and Mike begin brainstorming and Jonah, much to Selina’s irritation, also gives his unwanted inputs. Selina says they need to quickly come up with a code, so she can get out of the pig roast, in time to attend the defense meeting in DC. While they are busy discussing, what the code should be, Mike sees something on his cell phone. He shows it to Selina, saying her daughter has done something that will make her want to kill her daughter.

Turns out, Selina’s daughter, who is taking a course in filmmaking, has written an essay lauding a controversial movie that portrays Palestinians in a positive light and Israel negatively. In DC, Amy and Dan have also come to know about this and are talking about, how they should deal with the situation. On Air force 2, Selina quickly gets over the shock, saying next election they will lose Florida that’s all. At the pork roast, while Selina is busy mingling with the locals, Ken tells Jonah over the phone that Selina’s daughter has committed a blunder. He orders Jonah to tell Selina to get her daughter to publicly apologize. Jonah tells Selina this, but she doesn’t take too kindly to his request, saying she will deal with her daughter how she sees fit.

Selina then has a video conference with her daughter and asks her not to talk to anyone about her essay. While at it, she sees a guy next to Katherine, her daughter, and she reveals he is Rahim, her boyfriend, who is an Iranian. Selina pretends she is cool with it, although she clearly looks worried. Katherine tells her mother she isn’t going to apologize for the essay and hangs up. Left with no other option, Selina asks Mike to pick her daughter up from college and bring Katherine to her, so she can talk to her in person. At DC, Amy and Dan are heading to the hospital to see her father. At the airbase, where Selina has asked Mike to get her daughter, Mike is waiting with Katherine and Rahim for Selina to arrive. While he is talking to them, he gets a call from Ken, who asks Mike where he is. Mike lies that he is at the pork roast, so Ken asks him, why he isn’t stopping Selina.

Mike looks at the TV and sees Selina, who is at the pork roast, telling a reporter that America supports Israel. Ken has an issue with the fact that Selina is showing support for the Jewish people, while standing in front of a roasting pig. He wants Mike to deal with it immediately, so Mike calls Jonah and conveys this to him. At the hospital, after Dan and Amy arrive outside her dad’s room, Dan is surprised to see that her father is doing well. She admits she exaggerated the extent of his illness just so they could avoid Furlong and also because her family was guilt tripping the shit out of her for not visiting. At the pork roast, Jonah bends down in front of the roasting pig to cover it, so it isn’t seen on camera.

Selina oblivious to all of this is busy talking to the reporter about Israel. At the VP’s office, Furlong is still lurking around. He tells Sue that he wants a meeting with Selina, but she refuses and asks him to leave, which really angers Furlong. He storms out, while yelling he has enough evidence against Selina to take her down. At the pork roast, Selina tells Gary that they have to leave soon. At the hospital, Amy’s family is surprised to see Dan with Amy because they had dated in the past and according to her mother, he broke her heart by breaking up with her. Amy denies this outright, but her mother insists that it’s true.

After arriving at the airbase, Selina tries to reason with her daughter, who simply isn’t willing to apologize. Eventually though, Katherine gives in and agrees to apologize, but in return she wants to spend Thanksgiving with Rahim and his family. Selina says that won’t be possible because Katherine’s grandmother is scheduled to pay them a visit on Thanksgiving. After sorting things out with Katherine by allowing her to meet Rahim on another day, Selina leaves for the defense meeting. At the hospital, both Dan and Amy decide to head back to the office. Before leaving, Selina has a detailed conversation with Rahim about his family and his ambitions and on the way to the plane, she instructs Mike to run a thorough background check on Rahim and his family.

On the plane, Gary admits to Selina that he had told his girlfriend about the hand signals and she might have mistakenly leaked them. Selina isn’t pleased to hear this and tells him, how disappointed she is in him. At the Pilates class, Dan is disappointed to learn that Ken doesn’t come there anymore because it’s too full of “DC people”. The episode ends at this point.

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