The Vic Allen Dinner - Recap

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The episode begins with Dan and Mike running into Jonah while entering the workplace. Jonah with a grin flails a bunch of keys in their faces to let them know that he has been given the exec level parking. Dan and Mike know what a big deal being given this parking is and Jonah by gloating doesn’t make it any easier for them. In her car, Amy tells Selina to choose a photo of hers from the situation room that she wants published. At West Wing, while Dan is trying to suck up to Kent, Mike makes a sailing joke. Kent is intrigued by this and asks Mike if he too owns a boat.

After Mike replies in the affirmative, the two men exchange notes about sailing and talk about the boats they own, while Dan blankly looks on. At her office, while Dan and Mike are waiting for Selina to arrive, Sue enters. Dan knows Sue had gone for a job interview. She tries to deny it, but Dan like Sherlock points out clues in the way Sue is dressed, claiming it gives away the truth. Mike is impressed, but Dan eventually admits he knows because he took a call from the office, where Sue had gone for an interview. They had called to make sure she had the right address. Selina arrives at the office and sees her team trying to do some sort of damage control.

The White House has released a photo of Selina from the situation room that makes it look as if Selina was tweeting on her phone, when the hostages were being rescued. Selina is shocked to see the photo and tells Amy this isn’t the photo she had approved. Amy agrees, while the team tries to find a way to get the photo taken off the internet. Selina feels this is Kent’s doing, so she storms out to confront Kent. At his office, Kent tells her that this particular photograph was chosen because all the other photos make the President look “jowly”. Selina realizes Kent is right, but still isn’t happy about the whole thing.

At Selina’s office, the team decides to do a funny song about Kent, which Selina will perform at the dinner to be hosted in the new Speaker’s honor. Selina likes the idea because it was Kent, who suggested that they make fun of themselves, during their performance at the dinner. In her office, Amy has a one-on-one chat with Selina, informing her that her team members aren’t happy with her. She even tells her that Sue has applied for a new job. Selina assures Amy she will make things right. She walks out and asks Sue how she can convince her to stay on. Sue immediately replies that she wants more money and Selina assures her she is on it.

Amy suggests that to pacify Gary, who is also not happy, Selina have dinner with him. Selina isn’t very crazy about the idea, but reluctantly agrees. While trying to come up with a funny song, Dan and Mike decide to follow Jonah around. They eventually figure out that Jonah really has no responsibilities and is virtually obsolete. Jonah admits he might not have anything to do, but can cry about it in his car at the exec parking. Mike and Dan can’t really argue with that. At the dinner being hosted in the Speaker’s honor, the guests all begin performing. When it’s Selina’s turn, she whispers to Mike that she needs a joke, which she can use during her performance.

She suddenly feels the need for a joke because she sees, how well the guests responded to the other performers joking about stuff. Mike hands her a joke she can use, but when she uses it during her speech, no one laughs but Mike. Selina then begins performing her funny song about Kent. The guests all seem to love the song. Ken isn’t pleased, but keeps smiling because he has no other choice. At the office, the next day, while everyone in her team is busy congratulating Selina for her last night’s performance, Kent arrives. He too commends her for the performance.

He then tells her that he for a short period of time needs someone from her team to work with him and help him crunch some numbers for an upcoming project. Dan is more than willing, but Kent wants Mike. Selina allows it after Kent dangles a carrot of a European Defense Summit in front of her, saying he has recommended her name for it because the President can’t go. Mike doesn’t want to work for Kent, but Selina has already made up her mind. Before walking out, Kent tells her that Jonah will be joining her for the summit. Selina isn’t happy to hear this and protests, but Kent says this is the President’s order. While Selina is having lunch with Gary and his girlfriend Dana, as a part of her effort to pacify him, Selina gets a call from Amy.

She informs Selina that some derogatory things about Europe, which she mentioned during her song, didn’t go down too well with the people in the continent and there have been protests. Selina realizes her trip to Europe wouldn’t be smooth sailing anymore. On Airforce 2, while looking through the various negative comments she received for the song, from Europeans, on the internet, Selina suddenly figures out that it was Jonah, who uploaded the song on Tumblr and other networking sites. Jonah admits he did it, but argues that it’s such a great song that he wanted everyone to hear it.

Selina is too livid for words and asks Jonah to get out of the plane just as it is about to take off. The plane is stopped and secret service guys carry Jonah out. Before he is carried out, Selina tells him that all his privileges are being revoked, including his parking. At West Wing, Mike, who is now working for Kent, clearly isn’t happy about it. The episode ends at this point.

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