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The scene opens with Mike addressing the press in the VP Office. He is asked about Selina mocking Europeans and Mike says Selina is meeting with Mary King to avoid a government shutdown. He says she is becoming one of the greatest Vice Presidents in history. Leon, one of the reporters, asks about the hostages, who Selina helped free, being a spy. Mike says Selina didn’t know that and says he doesn’t know anymore. Selina meets with Mary and she asks about her boys. Mary says they are fine and asks about Catherine. Selina says they are having a party for her tonight.

Dan asks Amy if she wants to grab something to eat after the party and she tells him she has a date with Ed, one of Selina’s employees from Boston. Dan is clearly jealous. Mary tells Selina she needs to be able to haggle about the deal. Mary starts to have an allergic to the flowers in Selina’s office. She tells Selina she will have to meet with her later in the night and Selina says she will meet her at Catherine’s party. Mike tells Selina about Leon being pushy trying to resurrect “Meyer the Liar”. Ben comes in and tells Selina they need to get the deal done now. Jonah tries to come in, but Selina tells him to not talk. Ben tells Selina to make the talk go away.

Later that night, Sue tells Amy that Ed wants to meet with her. Selina talks to Dan and Mike and attempts to run ideas by them about the party. Sue says Andrew, Selina’s ex-husband, wants to pick up Catherine, but Selina says she has a car picking her up already. Dan is confused why they hate him so much. Selina says Andrew tells you nice things and afterwards, he makes his true agenda known and it makes you feel awful. Selina decides she is going to get “Andy” back. Her staff knows what is going on and is worried. Dan asks why and they tell him that Selina gets gitty when she calls Andrew by “Andy” and things go bad.

Ed comes in and Amy gives him an awkward hug. Ed says he is a party animal and Ed says hello to Selina. However, Selina doesn’t recognize him. Later that night at the National Gallery of Art, the party begins and Selina says Andrew is doing the thing where he remembers one thing about someone. Catherine realizes Selina is working at her party. Rahim, Catherine’s boyfriend, comes up and gives Selina a drink. Ben comes up to Selina and says he has the right people to get the deal done. Jonah tries to hit on the girls at the party and fails. Selina goes up to Andrew and pretends to flirt with him. Edward grabs Selina’s hand and Amy comes up and says Mary needs to talk to her. Gary tells Selina she has to be careful and calls her “Sweetie”. They laugh and Selina asks if she was drunk, who he kiss her. He says he would. Selina says she is kidding.

Selina and Mary sit down, but they can’t talk because of the loud music. They go to the bathroom, but a girl fight happens. They move back to the party. Jonah goes up to Ed and tells him that Amy and Dan used to date and Ed can’t believe Jonah is trying to hit on Amy while he is on a date with her. Selina tells the group at the party she wants them to talk to one another. They put on soft music and Selina manages to close the deal with Mary. When she looks around to turn the music back on, everyone is gone. Jonah tells Selina she looks really good tonight.

The next day, Selina reads the paper and reads she was playing it up for the cameras with Andrew. Dan say “Meyer The Liar” is becoming popular. Selina says she has to take Catherine out and Ben says she needs to issue a statement and to say Andrew and her are getting along. At Café Milano, Selina and Andrew seem to get along, but it turns sour slowly. Ed whines about not being noticed by Selina and Amy is too focused. Selina and Andrew start to fight a little, but put on smiles. Dan and Jonah bug Ed and Ed says he is a Quaker. He tells Jonah that he is not a man and says he is nobody.

Catherine goes to the bathroom and Gary tells Selina everyone is taking pictures. Andrew brings up the fact that their company funded both Super PACS on the elections. Selina sees what Andrew is really up to and tells him to smile while she argues with him. Catherine asks what happened and Selina says they are fighting and smiling. Amy tells Selina that Potus is stalling. Selina gets angry about Potus and they tweet the picture. Selina says they need to go. On the car ride home, Andrew gets out of the car and Selina follows. Catherine sees they are making out and has a shocked look on her face. The cameraman asks Catherine if she is going to eat the cake and she gives it to him. The episode ends.

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