Why Don’t You Love Me - Recap

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The episode begins with Juliette telling a security firm that she wants to hire them because she does not want to involve the cops in this. She tells them that Dante doesn’t exist for her and half a million means nothing to her. The phone rings and Emily answers it. She tells Juliette that she has been nominated for a CMA award, for the leading female vocalist of the year. She tells the security firm that nothing about Dante should ever get out. Rayna and Deacon are still in bed. Rayna’s phone rings but Deacon doesn’t want her to answer it. He then sees that it is Maddie’s call.

Rayna picks up the call and Maddie tells her that she has been nominated for the CMA award. She also tells her that Juliette too has been nominated in the same category. At home, Teddy tells Maddie that he knows about the father-daughter dance at her school. He tells her that he knows that they are going through a rough patch and he also knows that it is mostly because of him. He doesn’t want her to punish herself, and wants her to let him take her to the dance. Maddie tells him that she will think about it. Will is having coffee with Scarlett and Gunnar indirectly asks him to leave. Scarlett senses that something has gone wrong between them. Rayna tells Tandy about her night with Deacon.

Tandy asks her if she is sure whether she wants to be with Deacon. Coleman tells Deacon that he shouldn’t throw away his relationship with Stacey just for one night with Rayna. He tells Deacon that Rayna has been nothing but trouble for him. He asks him if he is willing to live his whole life with Rayna, without being sure. Juliette arrives to meet Marshall and wants his support. Marshal tells her that he will support all their nominees. Juliette points out that Rayna has already won 4 CMA awards. She says that she wants this one. Marshall tells her about his budget constraints. Juliette storms out of his office. Coleman meets Tandy and declines her offer. Maddie wants Rayna to talk to Teddy and talk him out of taking her to the dance.

At Soundcheck, Rayna and Deacon slip away to spend some time with each other. Deacon wants her to go with him to his cabin this weekend but she tells him that she has the girls this week. She also tells him that she is a mother now and there are a lot of mundane things that are not really romantic. Deacon tells her that he loves her daughters and the mundane things are what he always wanted with her. Rayna tells him that they should take it slow. Deacon returns home and finds Stacey spending time with Sew. He formally breaks up with her. He also tells her that she should take Sew with her because he would be better off with him. Gunnar meets with the music producer who met him at the bar. Gunnar asks him if he heard the ballads, but the producer is more interested in the kind of song Gunnar performed at the bar.

Coleman resigns. Teddy is shocked. He wants to know why Coleman wants to resign. Coleman doesn’t give him any straight answers. At home, Teddy tells Rayna that that he is trying his best to work things out with Maddie. He knows that he hasn’t handled certain situations too well; especially, the one involving Peggy. Rayna tells him that she is back with Deacon. Teddy doesn’t like that because he fears that this could threaten his relationship with Maddie. He tells Rayna that she needs to honor the agreement they made when Maddie was born. Gunnar goes for his recording and Will agrees to take Scarlett to the nomination party. Emily tells Juliette that the security firm found out that Dante bought a diamond ring worth $17,000.

Rayna and Juliette arrive for the nomination party. They pose together for the cameras. Later, Marshall meets Juliette and tells her that he needs to talk to Dante so that he could discuss about the promotion campaign. Juliette tells him that she fired Dante. Marshall tells her that she needs a manager, at least for the awards. Juliette has had too much to drink, and she tells Marshall that she can handle it herself. At the dance, Teddy tells Maddie that she means everything to him. He convinces her to have a dance with him. The music producer really likes Gunnar’s (actually Jason’s) songs. Deacon meets Rayna at the party.

He tries to kiss her and realizes that she is pulling away. He tells her not to do it again. Juliette, who is barely able to stand, arrives looking for Deacon. She tells at him and tells him to get on the stage. Deacon, who is totally pissed, tells Juliette that he will not go on that stage. He quits. Juliette goes to her team and asks if anyone could play the guitar for her performance. Avery says that he can. The performance goes really well and Avery does a good job. At the end of the performance, Juliette kisses Avery on his cheek. Later, they sit and have a long chat. Juliette is really drunk and Avery puts her in her limo. She kisses him and tells him to come home with her. Avery tells her that it is not a good idea.

At home, Coleman tells his wife that he resigned. He feels that Tandy, Lamar and Teddy are all out to take down each other. His wife tells him that once the dust settles, he will become Mayor. Rayna asks Scarlett if she saw Deacon. She says no. She introduces Will to her. Will tells her that he would like her to listen to some of his songs. Rayna tells Scarlett to introduce Will to Bucky and make him listen to Will’s songs. Scarlett is surprised that Will just pulled that off. Next, Rayna gets into the car and is about to leave when Deacon arrives. He tells her that it doesn’t matter what she is hiding from him or is afraid of telling him. He knows that she loves him and that is what matters. Rayna tells him that she loves him a lot. They go home together. Maddie and Teddy arrive home. Maddie tells Teddy that she had a good time. She tells him that she liked it when he and Rayna were together.

Scarlett learns that Gunnar has been recording Jason’s songs and passing it off as his. She confronts Gunnar and Gunnar tells her that they are just songs, and that it doesn’t matter who wrote them. Deacon tells Rayna that it feels just right being with her. He tells her that they should have done this long time back so that they could have had a family by now.

Juliette is sleeping on the couch when Jolene arrives. She tries to get her daughter to drink something that could help her with her hangover. At that moment, Dante calls. Jolene asks him what he wants. Juliette takes the phone from her and asks Dante what he wants from her. After listening to him, Juliette asks, “What tape?”. The episode ends.