A Picture from Life's Other Side - Recap

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The episode begins in DC where Rayna has just finished her performance. She tells Bucky that she wants to go home to the girls as soon as possible. She then spends some time with Deacon and tells him that they should have dinner with the girls. She wants to tell everyone about their relationship. Deacon loves the idea. Juliette tells Avery to help her with her lyrics. Gunnar arrives home. He has been recording throughout the night. Scarlett is preparing for her debut at the Grand Ole Opry.

Gunnar gets a call from Jack, who wants him to do one of Randy’s radio shows. He calls him to prepare for the show. Scarlett is upset that Gunnar is not able to spend some time with her, and now from the looks of it, it seems that he wouldn’t make it to her debut. He assures her that he will not miss her debut. Will arrives and tries to cheer Scarlett’s mood. He asks her if Rayna is announcing her label at the Opry. Scarlett tells him that Rayna wants to pick up one more act before she officially launches it. She tells Will that Rayna is having some secret session at Soundcheck and when she finds the right person, she will announce the both of them or it will be just her. At home, Juliette looks at the video tape that Dante is blackmailing her with. It is a sex tape and he wants 2 million for the original tape.

The guy from the security firm tells Juliette that she should put Dante behind bars. Juliette tells him that she doesn’t want any scandals before the CMA awards. She tells him that she is ready to pay the money. Deacon arrives for dinner with Rayna and the girls. They are having a good time when Teddy arrives. He tells Rayna that he doesn’t want Deacon around the girls. Rayna tells him that he has no right to decide how she should lead her life. Teddy leaves. Will auditions at Soundcheck and Rayna likes him. She tells Bucky to send Will’s demo to Marshall. Bucky tells her that he needs to locate the demo because he thinks he lost it. The security guy arrives and tells Juliette that Dante didn’t show up at the decided spot.

Dante calls Juliette and tells her that the price has gone up to 10 million. He tells her to send her security guy with the money. He knows how much the CMA awards mean to her and he also knows that Juliette will not do anything to jeopardize it. He threatens her that he will float the video on the internet and it will fetch him a lot of money. Tandy has a meeting with the board members. The members realize that Tandy is expecting them to support her if she decides to pass a motion to replace Lamar. Scarlett is not happy about the interview that Gunnar gave wherein he declared that he is not in any relationship. Scarlett points out to Gunnar that he walked away from his brother’s life because he knew that it would end in the grave, but now he is pretending to be an outlaw.

Rayna gets served. She tells Bucky that Teddy doesn’t want the girls to be anywhere around Deacon. Rayna tells Deacon about the restraining order. Deacon is shocked. She tells him that she will meet him at the studio. Maddie overhears Rayna’s conversation with Deacon. Rayna tells her that she and Deacon are seeing each other. Maddie wants to know more, but Rayna tells her that this is all grown up stuff, and she will tell her when the time comes. Will arrives and tells Scarlett that he auditioned for Rayna. Scarlett is shocked but happy. She then tells him that she is worried about Gunnar and wants Will to talk to Gunnar. Will goes to a bar where Gunnar is performing.

After the performance, Will tells Gunnar that this is not a place for him. One of the men at the bar asks Gunnar where he did time. He feels that the whole ‘outlaw’ thing is a façade. They end up in a fight. At home, Juliette decides that she is not going to give Dante the money because she knows that he will never stop. She tells Emily and the security guy that she is fine if Dante floats the video. She has decided to make a public statement about the tape. Jolene thinks that this is not good for her and her career, but Juliette doesn’t budge. Jolene quietly takes Juliette’s phone and notes down a number. She then goes to one of her drug suppliers and buys some pills. She also asks him for another favor. Rayna tells Lamar about the restraining order. Lamar assures her that he will take care of it.

Deacon and Scarlett arrive at the Opry. Scarlett is really nervous. Will and Gunnar are in prison. Scarlett calls Gunnar and leaves a message saying that she is really nervous, and she wants him to be with her. Jolene sniffs the pills and has a drink to gather some courage to call Dante. She tells Dante that Juliette is not going to give him the money. She tells him that she still loves him and can give him the 2 million that Juliette had initially decided to give him. Dante agrees to meet her. At the Opry, Rayna introduces her new label. She also introduces Scarlett. Scarlett gives a wonderful performance. Dante arrives to meet Jolene. He sees that she is high. Jolene pulls a gun out of her bag and aims at him.

She tells him that she is trying to spare her daughter the humiliation that she has to go through, by going on air about the tape. She shoots Dante. She then calls Juliette and tries to talk to her. She also flushes the SD card down the drain. Juliette figures out that her mother is high. She rushes home. She finds Dante lying dead on the floor. She sees the pills on the table; they are the same pills that Jolene is allergic to. She finds Jolene on the couch; dead. Lamar pulls some strings and gets the restraining order dissolved. He then walks into the conference room and takes charge of things at work. Will and Gunnar, iron out their differences in prison. Scarlett bails them out.

She tells Gunnar that she is not able to bear all this. She tells him that she is breaking up with him. Gunnar tries to stop her. She says that she fell in love with him, and not his brother. At home, Maddie goes through some old stuff. Rayna goes to meet Teddy in his office. She knows that he is scared that his relationship with Maddie will get affected if she learns the truth. Rayna assures Teddy that she will never let Maddie know that Deacon is her father. She tells him that he has to trust her. Teddy agrees. Maddie calls her friend and tells her that she found a paternity test. It proves that her father, Teddy, is not actually her father. Maddie is in tears. The episode ends.