I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive - Recap

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The episode begins with the detective telling Juliette that they found drugs on Dante and Jolene. They suspect that this could be a drug deal gone wrong or a lover’s quarrel. He also tells Juliette that Jolene’s body will be released to the funeral home later in the day. Juliette leaves the office. She doesn’t make any comments to the press. At home, Rayna tells her daughters that she is dating Deacon. She makes them aware of the fact that since she is a public figure, a lot will be said and written about her new affair. The girls tell Rayna that they will be fine.

Gunnar tells Jack that the songs are written by his brother, Jason, who died a couple months back. He tells jack that this whole outlaw thing is not him. He also tells Jack that his girlfriend doesn’t approve all this. Jack tells Gunnar not to be one of those guys who throw their lives away for a girl who they won’t remember after ten years. Will runs into Scarlett in a coffee shop. He thanks her for bailing him out. She tells him that it was the least she could do because she had asked him to go and talk to Gunnar. He tells Scarlett that she and Gunnar should talk things out. Avery arrives and Will thinks that Scarlett might be moving on. Scarlett and Avery chat for a while and Avery learns that she and Gunnar broke up. He tells her that he has a gig tonight and she could come and watch him if she likes.

Deacon arrives to meet Juliette. He tells her that he still cares about her. Juliette doesn’t want to talk and tells him to leave because she has to get ready for the CMA awards function. Teddy receives a call from Dashell, who works for the US Attorney’s office. It looks like they know each other well, but Dashell tells Teddy that this is not a social call. He tells Teddy that he wants to talk about the Cumberland project. He wants to meet and talk to Teddy in person. Teddy is nervous. Maddie arrives to meet Deacon. She is in tears. She tells him that it is possible that he could be her father. Deacon is shocked. Rayna arrives at the function but Deacon hasn’t. Rayna tells Bucky that Deacon was supposed to be her date.

Bucky asks her if she is sure that she wants to go public with this. Rayna says that she is. Gunnar arrives to meet Scarlett. He brings her some flowers and tells her that he told Jack the truth about the songs. He tells her that he is trying to fix things. Scarlett tells him that she is not sure what she wants. She tells him that she is going out. She leaves. In the dressing room, Marshall and Glenn arrive to meet Juliette. She is getting ready for the night. Glenn tells her that she is not ready for this and also that she should take some time to grieve. Juliette lashes out. She finally realizes that she is actually not in a right frame of mind to handle a night like this. She decides to go home.

Gunnar walks into Will and Gwen having sex. Gwen quickly dresses up and gets ready to leave. Will tells Gunnar that he saw Scarlett with Avery. Gunnar is surprised. At the awards, Rayna performs with Brad Paisley. Deacon arrives late and he doesn’t talk to Rayna. After the performance, Deacon confronts Rayna. He tells her that Maddie came to him and told him that she found some tests that prove that Teddy is not her father. Rayna tells Deacon that he is Maddie’s father. Deacon is furious that Rayna lied to him for 13 years. He walks out. Rayna leaves the function. On her way back home, she calls Teddy and tells him that Maddie knows. Teddy is shocked. She tells him to meet her at the house. Scarlett arrives to watch Avery’s performance. She joins him on stage. Gunnar arrives and sees both of them performing together.

At home, Maddie is angry that Rayna lied to her all these years. She tells Teddy that she wants to live with him. She tells Rayna that this is all her mistake. Deacon is at a bar. He gulps down his first drink and then orders for another. The next day, Walter prepares Teddy to answer the lawyer’s questions. Teddy knows that he screwed up. Walter tells him that they will try to drag Peggy in first. Rayna has a bad feeling that Deacon must have started drinking again. Coleman tells her that he will go find Deacon. Deacon attacks Teddy in front of his office. Teddy tells him that Rayna deserved better. He also tells Deacon to stay away from his family. Glenn arrives to meet Juliette. She won the CMA award. He then hugs her. Juliette breaks down into tears. Gunnar arrives to meet Deacon for some advice on Scarlett.

He learns that Deacon is drunk. He calls Scarlett. Rayna and Avery are at Jolene’s funeral. Juliette is glad that Avery came. She wants a favor from him. Scarlett and Coleman arrive at Deacon’s house. Deacon loses control on seeing Coleman because he always knew the truth about Maddie and he hid it from him. Coleman calms him down. Gunnar takes Scarlett out of the apartment. Lamar promotes Albert above Tandy’s position. Tandy quits. The detective tells Juliette that they found an SD card in the garbage disposal at Jolene’s apartment. He tells Juliette that the data could not be recovered. Emily checks the mails and sees that Juliette received a letter from Jolene. It looks like she sent it before she died. Juliette reads the letter and finds out that Jolene did all this to protect her from the scandal. Deacon comes back to his senses. He tells Coleman that wants to attend an AA meeting. He goes in for a shower.

Juliette calls him and tells him that she wants him to come for Jolene’s memorial service. It is then seen that Deacon drinks out of a bottle in the bathroom. Rayna talks to Maddie and convinces her daughter. Maddie hugs her mother. Teddy meets Peggy in a parking lot. Peggy tells Teddy that the US Attorney approached her about the Cumberland deal. She tells him that they offered her immunity. Peggy tells him that she didn’t tell them anything to cut a deal. Teddy wonders why. She tells him that she is pregnant. Dashell arrives to meet Tandy. He tells her that he would like to talk to her about her father.

Juliette holds the memorial service at the Bluebird because it was Jolene’s dream to watch her perform at the Bluebird. Juliette sings a song and dedicates it to her mother. Rayna spots Deacon and goes to talk to him. He walks out and is about to drive away when Rayna stops him. Rayna realizes that he is drunk. She forces him to slide over and she sits on the wheel. They end up arguing while Rayna drives the car. Gunnar proposes to Scarlett with a ring. She is happy. Rayna and Deacon continue to argue. They meet with a terrible accident. The season ends.