Wonders Of The World - Recap

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The episode begins and Jeannie is in a really bad mood and complaining about a client to Clyde and Doug. Clyde tries to lighten her mood by bringing up the fact that its Doug’s one month anniversary with Sarah and he need some gift ideas. Doug then runs some really ridiculous ideas by Jeannie and just then Marty calls. Marty is at home with a black eye and bruises on his face and tells Jeannie he is taking some personal days. She is surprised to hear this, but he doesn’t give her a reason and asks her not to call unless there is an emergency.

Malcolm and Jeremiah arrive a little later and Jeremiah tries to discuss what happened with Marty, but Marty clearly isn’t very comfortable talking about it. Jeannie and team meet their new client Nate, who is the owner of a sex-toy business. Nate brings them to his factory where the toys are produced and shows them how each toy is made. He tells them he is using really high quality raw materials, but his competitors are killing him in the pricing by using sub-standard materials from China. He says he wants to maintain his margins, but doesn’t want to compromise on the quality. They assure him they will see what they can do and while they are leaving Nate asks Jeannie to stay behind.

He asks her why she was smiling and giggling while he was giving the tour and she admits she found it funny that he was talking so seriously about a business like this. He tells her to use his products and then form her opinion. He then asks his secretary to send over some of his best toys to her office. The toys are later delivered to her office and she draws the curtains and locks her office door from the inside, before she tries one of the toys. At home, Malcolm tells Marty simply pursuing a legal remedy for what happened to him isn’t the solution and he feels even the media should be involved, but Marty doesn’t agree. At office, Jeannie and team are discussing how to turn around Nate’s business and just then Nate arrives.

He asks Jeannie to leave all her work and come out for tea with him. Marty picks up Roscoe at school and he is shocked to see the bruises on his face. Marty tells him what happened and Roscoe is really mad and feels the cops were racists, but Marty calms him down and says this incident wasn’t about racism. Roscoe then tells him that he wants to move back in with him and Marty says he is welcome. Jeannie and Nate, who are at his house, discuss about their past relationships and seem to be really bonding. They discuss about the sex toys and she tells him which one she loved. They then begin flirting and kissing, which then leads to sex.

Marty returns home with Roscoe and isn’t happy to see that Malcolm’s friends are there. They mention to him that a reporter is interested in his story, but Marty asks them to get the fuck out of his house. Jeremiah doesn’t feel what Marty is doing is right and says Malcolm is only trying to build a connection with him. Marty doesn’t agree with him and says Malcolm is only trying to impress his friends. Marty says Malcolm is a selfish human being and only uses people. Just then, he gets a call from Tamara who tells him, Carlson, their client is Vegas, is really pissed because he has found some irregularities in the acquisition targets and asks him to come to Vegas immediately.

Marty tries to talk his way out of it, but she says he can’t start his own shop, if he blows up an $80M deal. Jeannie and team later join Marty and are shocked to see him. He tries lying about the injuries, but eventually tells the truth. He makes it clear though that he doesn’t want to talk about it. They meet Carlson, who says he doesn’t have any issues with the acquisition targets anymore and asks them to leave. Then later while gambling at a casino with Clyde, Marty realizes something and leaves. He then goes to Tamara’s hotel room and she invites him in. The episode ends at this point.