Future Tense - Recap

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At Kirsten's house, Kirsten and Liam are making crepes and he kisses her briefly, and then holds her hair up to see what it looks like. As they sit down to eat, Cameron sends Kirsten a text and mentions Maggie. Kirsten assures Liam that she can handle Maggie, and he asks if she's thought about his proposal. Another text message comes in and Kirsten says that it's an emergency at work. She promises to see him later and leaves for work.

Camille arrives at the Stitcher lab with churros to celebrate how they survived the virus. Linus tells her that when they called their loved ones, he told his parents that he had a girlfriend to make them happy. They insisted on meeting her, and Linus invites Camille to dinner that night. Camille tells him to cancel the dinner and tell his parents the truth, but he points out that they work on a secret project. He asks her to play along and then they can break up, and Camille reluctantly agrees.

Maggie calls Kirsten into her office and warns her that a relationship with Liam is a potential security risk. Kirsten admits that she's running out of excuses, and Maggie points out that the timing is suspicious. Angry, Kirsten insists that Liam isn't a problem and walks out. She tells Cameron and insists that it's none of Maggie's business. Cameron asks if she plans to marry Liam, and Kirsten admits that she's still considering it. She wants to be sure that Liam is the one, and Cameron warns her that she'll never be sure. Quincy comes in and asks Cameron to give them a moment alone. Once he leaves, Kirsten tells her that Turner told her that Ed died trying to protect her. She doesn't have any other information, and Quincy says that he'll ask Turner.

Later, the team meets in the briefing room and Maggie explains that their new case is Vanessa Sawyer, a self-proclaimed psychic who co-hosts an online show with Jessica Barnes, who goes by the name Solaris. Solaris got into town that morning and found Vanessa bludgeoned to death with a geode. There was no forced entry so they figure Vanessa knew her killer.

The team begins the Stitch and Kirsten finds herself in outer space. She soon realizes that she's on the set of the show, and then gets flashes of Vanessa and Solaris reading fortunes. A light sparks nearby and Vanessa then watch a couple argue. A fire starts around them and Kirsten realizes that Vanessa is sensing it rather than the fire actually being there. Camille gives Cameron some advice on the controls and admits that she's been picking things up. Cameron shifts Kirsten forward and she sees someone choking an Asian girl to death. She bounces out of the Stitch and tells the team that Vanessa was killed because she witnessed a murder.

Quincy, Kirsten, and Cameron go to Dreamcatcher Studio where Vanessa and Solaris film their show. The detective points out that there's been no report of a body, but Kirsten is convinced of what she saw. They enter the studio and Kirsten sees the man that the other victim was arguing with. Quincy goes over to talk to the man, owner Rick Hauser, while Cameron dismisses what Kirsten saw as a glitch. Rick tells Quincy that Vanessa started working there six months ago. Kirsten and Cameron come over as Rick explains that Vanessa made money from online consulting. He claims that he doesn't know the woman that Kirsten describes, and Quincy talks to him privately so Kirsten won't interfere again.

At home, Linus tells Camille about some of the unhappy customers who got incorrect predictions from Vanessa. Camille is trying on outfits to impress Linus' parents, and insists that she is going to be herself.

Kirsten and Cameron talk to Solaris, who says that Vanessa saw a darkness coming. Solaris suggests that they move, but they couldn't break their contract. She realizes that Cameron is a skeptic and explains that everyone has natural intuition: she and Vanessa just have more of it. Solaris admits that what they see aren't always literal, and Kirsten figures that the fire she saw could represent anger or tension. She then says that Kirsten is struggling with a decision, and advises her to know herself before sharing her life with someone else. Solaris tells Cameron that he has a sensitive heart and needs to protect it, and gives him a geode to keep him safe. As they leave, Cameron insists that Solaris is nuts, but Kirsten isn't so sure. A nearby light sparks and Kirsten says that she saw the same thing in Kirsten's memories. She then sees the woman she saw die in her vision, and figures that Vanessa saw it... but it hasn't happened yet.

The duo talk to the victim, Mia Nichols. Mia explains that she's launching her fashion brand, and Vanessa did readings for her. She never predicted any trouble for Mia, but Mia says that Rick tends to pressure people once he takes their start-up money. Mia invites them to her coming-out party and Kirsten agrees.

Liam is out jogging and notices someone following him. When he goes over to the SUV, the agent drives away.

At home, Kirsten watches a recording of one of Vanessa's predictions. She remembers Ed talking to her as a child, and her saying that she doesn't want to get married but she wanted to be happy. Ed assured her that she might find someone someday, and that he had that once and might find it again. Liam comes in and says that someone was following him, and wonder if it had to do with Kirsten. He asks who she works for, just as she gets a text message for her. Angry, Liam says that it doesn't think it has to do with programming a video game, and insists that they can't keep secrets from each other. Kirsten refuses to answer and Liam goes out.

Kirsten goes to the lab and accuses Maggie of having Liam followed. Maggie points out that Kirsten is the dishonest one in the relationship, and realizes that Liam will realize that she's lying to him. Kirsten doesn't believe it and Maggie admits that she has a son and could never explain to him what she did. Now Ben resents her for it.

Linus reviews his interests and habits with Camille. When she wonders if they need to be so detailed, Linus insists that they have to think he's happy. He asks Camille not to bring up that they've had sex, just as the alarm goes notifying them that they can try a second Stitch. Kirsten enters Vanessa's memories again and sees Mia and Rick arguing. Mia is trying to renegotiate her percentage, but he demands that she pay him what she owes her. Vanessa touches Mia on the shoulder and gets the same vision of a fire, and tells Mia to be content with her success. The psychic then goes over to her table and picks up a geode, and Kirsten gets a flash of Cameron in the corpse cassette.

Kirsten finds herself at Mia's launch party, even though it hasn't happened yet. She doesn't see Vanessa, and Linus confirms that she's nowhere on the synaptic map. As she spots Mia and Rick, Cameron tries to move her and Kirsten sees Rick strangling Mia. She bounces out and says that Vanessa is too obsessed with Mia to get any other memories. Kirsten figures that Rick will kill Mia at the party later, but Quincy says that Rick has no history of violence. Once he leaves, Cameron warns Kirsten that she's projecting an image of what she thought Rick would do. As Kirsten leaves to save Mia, Cameron says that he believes in her even if he doesn't believe in psychics, and offers to go with her. Kirsten remembers the vision of Cameron in the corpse cassette and says that she's going alone.

That night, Linus takes Camille home and lectures her on what to do as Samir and Getti greet her. Laughing, Camille hugs them and they go to dinner.

Kirsten arrives at the launch party and discovers that Cameron is there. She reluctantly mingles with her.

At dinner, Camille explains what she does and compliments Getti on her curry. Linus is upset that her parents are more interested in her than her, and she starts describing all of Linus' virtues. They kiss, embarrassing Linus, and then go into the kitchen. Once they're alone, Linus complains that his parents like her too much and then he can't dump her. He asks her to reel it in.

At the launch, Kirsten tells Cameron that he shouldn't have come. Liam comes over and says that he saw the invite and came to apologize, but figures that she's doing fine without him. Cameron insists that there's nothing between them, and figures that they're not work now. Kirsten says that she can't leave and Liam walks off, disgusted.

Rick proposes a toast to Mia and about how she owes his success to him. Mia then talks about her dream coming true and thanks everyone for coming. Cameron figures that the situation is in hand, but Kirsten warns that the night is young.

When Samir and Getti come back, Camille starts speaking in Hindi. Getti gives her a ring that belonged to Linus' great-grandmother. She insists that Camille try it on "just for fun," and overrides Linus' objections. Camille gives it to Linus to put on her, and he reluctantly does so and then sits back down.

After the launch party, , Cameron figures that Kirsten doesn't want to go home because she's avoiding Liam. He asks if she loves Liam, just as they spot Mia on the street going into the studio. Rick arrives a minute later and goes in, and Kirsten tells Cameron to stay there while she goes in. He insists on going with her and Kirsten tells him to call Quincy as they go.

Inside, Kirsten and Cameron find Rick choking Mia. When Cameron intervenes, Rick punches him in the chest and hits the geode in Cameron's pocket. Rick explains that he came back and found Mia pouring gasoline. They see the gas can and Mia says that it was the greatest night of her night and had to share it with Rick. Kirsten realizes that Vanessa learned that Mia was going to burnt he studio, and Mia killed her. Mia lights a match and throw it onto the gasoline, and then runs. Cameron grabs a fire extinguisher, while Quincy and his men arrive and arrest Mia. Afterward, Quincy tells Kirsten and Cameron that Mia said they argued over Vanessa's premonition. When Vanessa called Rick to warn him, Mia shoved him and the rock fell off a shelf and hit Vanessa in the head. Cameron congratulates Kirsten, who says that Vanessa was the one who solved the crime.

As Camille and Getti clean up, Getti assures Camille that she's always welcome there. Camille admits that she's never had a family. She gives Getti the ring back and the woman says that they just want Linus to be happy. Getti asks if Camille and Linus has a future, and Camille says that she never says never. In the next room, Linus listens.

Kirsten returns home and finds Liam waiting for her. She says that she can't give him the whole truth right now, but assures Liam that he's the only man in her life. However, Kirsten says that she can't get married when she doesn't know who she is. Liam tells her that she's the most extraordinary woman he's ever known and always will be.

Later, Cameron finds Kirsten sitting on the porch and asks how it went. She claims that she's already over it, and Cameron admits that there may have been something to Vanessa's visions. He wonders what he should do with the geode Solaris gave him, and give it to Kirsten to protect her heart.

As Liam walks down the street, he calls someone and says that Kirsten turned him down. He says that he'll stick around and asks what Plan B is.