Betrayal - Recap

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As David drives Ethan home, he reminds him that he can't tell anyone about what he now knows.

The next morning, Theresa finds Ethan sitting in the kitchen counter. She asks if he found something, insisting that they have to get back to Seattle, and Ethan tells her that there is no Seattle. He explains that they were abducted, and the world outside of Wayward Pines has been wiped out. Theresa wonders if he's been brainwashed, and her husband assures her that they didn't do anything to him. She notices that he's written "4028" down on a piece of paper, and he says that's the year.

As Ethan gets into his car with Theresa and Ben, he notices that his car radio has reset. He claims that the starter has gone out and advises them to walk while he works on it, and they take off. Once they're gone, Ethan checks under the hood and finds a bomb. He removes it and looks around the neighborhood.

At the sheriff's station, Ethan is in his office defusing the bomb. Once he does, he pulls the file on Franklin Dobbs. Pam comes in and says that she can help him with something, and asks if Franklin is involved with the subversives. She says that she's just there to help and will do anything to help her brother David... even work with Ethan. Ethan asks her for access to the surveillance system so he can see what Franklin has been up to.

Theresa walks Ben to school and says that she just wants to spend time with him. She asks if he misses Seattle, and Ben says that he doesn't think about it and they're not supposed to think about the past. David walks past them and greets them briefly, while Ben suggests that Theresa would like Wayward Pines if she gave it a chance. They arrive at the academy and Amy and Megan are waiting. Amy takes Ben in and Theresa asks if she could take a tour. Megan says that school isn't for parents and she and her staff will handle the kids. The bell rings and the principal goes inside.

As Theresa walks home, she stops at Plot 33 and goes inside. She realizes that there is a metal hatch underneath and enters the old shack on the property. Finding a piece of rebar, she confirms that there is a hatch there.

Ethan meets Franklin at the Biergarten and explains that he's meeting with all of the town businessmen. The new sheriff claims that gophers are destroying his lawn, and says that he saw that Franklin worked in in explosive demolition. Franklin nervously says that he can't help him and goes back to his shop. Ethan follows him outside

At the academy, Megan begins a course on human reproductive biology. She insists that procreation is a blessed thing and in Wayward Pines, the students' most important job is to procreate. She calls Ben and Amy to the front and talks about humans fit together perfectly. Megan tells the students that they will be parenting the first generation of 100% originals, and most likely their mate is in the room with them. The principal then tells Ben and Amy to sit down.

At the hospital, Pam finds David with a nurse. She talks to her brother privately and says that there have been two new pregnancies. Pam realizes that something is wrong, and David asks why the resistance is trying to undermine them. He wonders if the same thing is happening that happened to Group A. Pam assures him that Ethan will find the troublemakers and get the town through the current difficulty. The nurse comes back and says that Wayne Johnson is there, and David cheers up as he goes.

Ethan sees Franklin meeting with Harold at the coffee shop and goes in. Franklin excuses himself and Ethan tells Harold that they need to talk privately about the bomb in his truck. Harold insists that he doesn't know anything about it, and Ethan orders him to come to his office. Outside, Harold runs off down the street but Ethan easily tackles him, and then tells the pedestrians that Harold tripped and fell.

At the station, Harold insists that he doesn't know about the bomb in Ethan's truck. Ethan figures that there are other bombs that they plan to use on the fence, and Harold asks him if he wants to escape as well. The sheriff says that there is nothing out there to escape to, and asks for the names of the other members of the group. Harold insists that there's no one else and he acted alone, and Ethan notes that means he planted the bomb in his truck. He then writes down a note on a piece of paper and gives it to Harold, and tells him to give it to Kate. Harold stares at the message and then asks why he's being released when he confessed. Ethan merely opens the door and Harold leaves.

Big Bill arrives at the realty office and Theresa says that she found a substructure at Plot 33. He isn't interested in exploring the mystery and tells Theresa that she shouldn't snoop around. When she wonders why, he glances at the hidden camera and advises her to mind her own business. Big Bill then asks her to go to the hospital and pick up some files for him.

Later, Kate comes to see Ethan at his home. He assures her that he's disabled all of the surveillance for her safety, and offers her coffee. Kate insists that she didn't know about the bomb, and Ethan figures that she can find out who because she's the leader of the resistance. She tells him that the resistance is the only thing that has kept her sane, and it's just a few of them trying to connect.

The Past

Kate introduces herself to the other members and talks about the things she misses. Franklin is next and doesn't have much to say. Harold introduces himself and says that he has a fiancée.


Kate explains that she didn't tell Ethan when he first arrived, and then didn't say anything once he became sheriff. He tells her that the resistance stops now, and Kate wonders why she should stop trying to escape. Ethan says that the world they knew no longer exists and it's 4028.Kate asks for a full explanation.

At the academy, Amy approaches Megan in the hallway. The principal asks how things are working out between her and Ben, and Amy says that she likes him a lot. Megan figures that Amy may be Ben's first girlfriend, and Amy says that she was going to ask Ben out that night to go somewhere secluded and romantic so that they can be more intimate. She assures Megan that Ben isn't pressuring her, and Megan congratulates her.

Ethan gives Kate the full story, including the fact that he works for the people in charge. He tells her to hand over their guns and explosives by sunrise and he'll keep the matter private, and warns that she can't take down the fence. Kate agrees and goes to the toy shop. Harold is working on the bomb and lets her into the workshop, and she says that the authorities got to Ethan. She insists that they have to advance their timetable and execute that night. The phone rings and Kate answers it. It's Pam calling to remind her about their annual fertility consult, and refuses to let Kate reschedule.

The Ballingers meet Pam at her office. She points out that they're not pregnant and wonders why when their lab work is good. Kate assures her that everything is fine and Pam warns them not to let her down and then escorts them out. in the hallway, Kate tells Harold to gather the rest of the team and set the backup plan in motion because they're only going to get one shot.

Kate and Harold go their separate ways, and Kate finds herself in the elevator with Theresa. As Kate gets off, Theresa says that she's worried about Ethan. Kate invites her to walk with her, and they confirm that Ethan told them both the same story. She believes that the authorities have a way of brainwashing people. A week after she arrived, she found a line that worked and called Adam, and he said that she was entering a government experiment and would be severely tested by another agent. She figures that Ethan is that agent, and then says that she has to go. However, Kate first tells Theresa that she's a good person and wishes that they had met under different circumstances.

At home, Theresa tells Ethan that they're worried about him. He insists that he wasn't brainwashed and asks what else Kate said. Theresa says that Kate was very emotional like it was a permanent goodbye, and Ethan goes to get Ben. He warns that Kate and Harold are planning something.

As they leave the academy, Amy invites Ben to go walking with her in the woods after curfew. When he wonders how they'll get there, Amy sees Ted pull up in a delivery truck pull up and says that she has a plan. Ben agrees and Amy says that biology is just nature. Ethan pulls up and says that he needs Ben to come home immediately. He has Ben go over to say goodbye, and Amy says that she'll meet him later.

Harold meets Ted at the Biergarten and asks him if he planted the bomb in Ethan's truck. Ted admits that he did, and Harold insists that they're not murderers. Unimpressed, Ted asks if he wants to do it or not. Harold slides a grocery bag over to him, and Ted takes it and puts it in the back of his truck.

In the woods, Pam calls Ethan and warns him that a camera is out. Ethan figures that Kate is trying to throw them off and continues to the fence.

At the fence, Kate warns the other resistance fighters that they have to move faster once they blast the fence down.

Ethan has Pam confirm the blind spots at the fence and arrives at one of them. He orders everyone down at gunpoint and tells Franklin to disarm the bomb. When Kate tells him not to do it, Ethan says that he'll shoot her if he doesn't. Franklin finally disarms the device and Ethan takes the prisoners to the sheriff's station. He locks the others up and then talks to Kate privately. She insists that they brainwashed Ethan and they'll soon be back in Seattle, and warns that their activities have just begun. Ethan realizes that Harold isn't there and figures out that there's a backup bomb. When she doesn't answer, he heads out.

Ben sneaks out of the house and meets with Amy. The delivery truck arrives and they sneak into the back when Ted makes a delivery.

Ethan has Pam bring up the recordings of Harold's activities. He spots him meeting with Ted at the Biergarten and Ethan confirms that Ted switches trucks at the fence. The sheriff sees Harold give Ted the bag and sees him, and then drives off to intercept Ted before he can deliver the bomb.

In the truck, Amy notices the bag and looks inside, and finds the music box. She opens it and the music starts, and Amy then puts it down and pulls Ben down to the floor and kisses him.

As Ethan drives through town, resistance members push a dumpster out in front of him. Ethan slams into it and the men run off while Ethan limps after the truck. He finds it on Main Street and spots it just as it brakes for a pedestrian. The music stops... and the bomb explodes. Amy is thrown clear and Ethan goes to her, and sees Ben lying nearby.