The Friendliest Place on Earth - Recap

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Ethan carries Ben to the hospital and yells for a doctor. As doctors lead Amy off, Pam comes over and assures Ethan that Ben will receive the best care possible.

Later, the doctors stabilize Ben and Theresa is called. Dr. Carol assures Ethan and Theresa that there doesn't appear to be any brain injury, and if Ben wakes up in the next 24 hour then he should recover. Theresa blames herself for not keeping Ben home, and Ethan assures her that it isn't her fault. As Theresa sits with her son, Pam goes to greet David as he arrives. She brings him up to speed and they talk privately, and David says that they'll put out an explanation that it was a gas leak. Pam warns that people are already talking and suggests that they hold a celebration of life in Wayward Pines.

Out in the woods, Harold and Alan check Eric and confirm that he's suffering from internal bleeding. Tim arrives with food, water, and first aid, and tells Harold that Ruby had to go back to work so she wouldn't be missed. Harold says that Eric was caught between the dumpster and the truck, and Alan refuses to take him to the hospital. Tim says that he can't stay and takes off.

In her cell, Kate sleeps and dreams of the past.

In a padded cell, Kate tells David that she has to get out. She figures that Wayward Pines is a government experiment, and insists that she isn't making any progress. Kate demands to talk to someone in charge, and David walks out. Pam comes in and gives her an injection.

Kate wakes up from her nightmare and looks around.

The next day, workers clean up the explosion debris as David watches. He then goes into the diner where Henrietta and Arlene are discussing the explosion. Ruby comes in just in time for her shift, and Arlene asks David what he thinks happened. He says that they should be careful not to spread rumors, just as the phone rings. Everyone looks at it, and Ruby answers the phone. She hangs up after a moment and says that a mandatory fellowship gathering has been called. David notices that she has pine needles in her hair.

David returns to the complex and has the surveillance tech bring up the record of Ruby's path through town. They realize that she took out her microchip and left it in her bedroom, and David checks other bedrooms.

Ethan visits Kate in her cell and demands to know where Harold and the others are. He tells her that Ben was caught in the explosion, and Kate insists that the bomb was meant to go off at the fence. Ethan says that they couldn’t afford that to happen, and Kate insists that she believes what she knows in her heart while Ethan believes what they tell him. She accuses him of always following orders, and Ethan says that he's just trying to make sure nobody gets killed. He asks why she doesn't trust him, and Kate insists that the people want to be free and she owes them the chance.

David goes to his office and Pam updates him on Ben's status. He tells his sister that Ruby is one of the insurgents, and figures that someone on the surveillance team is working with them. Pam insists that they're loyal but agrees to conduct a full security check.

Ethan is driving around the outskirts of Wayward Pines, coordinating with the security teams.

Pam questions the surveillance technicians, Vince and Gina. They insist that they're loyal and Pam continues questioning people.

Ben wakes up and asks Theresa for water. He asks if Amy is okay and Theresa assures Ben that she's fine. Ben asks his mother to go check on Amy, and she goes to find the girl. As she leaves, Megan comes in and ducks back until Theresa moves on. She then goes into Ben's room and says that everyone has been worried about him. Megan then says that Ethan had his reasons for letting Harold go, and suggests that Ethan's judgment is clouded because he and Kate were close. She says that she believes in clear laws and severe punishments, and isn't convinced that Ethan believes the same thing. As Ben considers that, Megan says that people will want to hear what Ben has to say on the concept of leniency, and points out that he's a hero.

In the woods, Harold and Alan argue about what to do next. They realize that Eric is dead and dig a grave. Alan hesitates and says that they're going to bury Eric outside of the fence.

Pam continues questioning the surveillance technicians. One technician, Reggie, admits that sometimes he has doubts about what they're doing. He's monitored people committing infractions and blurs the tapes so that people won't get in trouble. Reggie says that people don't understand and it's human nature to ask questions. Pam nods sympathetically and thanks him for coming in. Davis is watching the questioning on the monitors.

Harold and Alan break into a truck depot to steal a truck so they can get through the fence.

The townspeople arrive for the fellowship gathering, and Henriette notes to Arlene that they would make a perfect target. Ruby and Tim talk and Ruby says that Ted was killed in the explosion. David talks to Brad and says that he should say a few words. Brad gets up on the stage and welcomes everyone to the gathering. Ethan arrives and takes the microphone, and announces that a bomb went off. He asks everybody to go home until they have rounded up the insurgents. Ethan then complains to David that he didn't tell him about the gathering, and David insists that they have to keep the populace calm and quiet. When Ethan warns him that it's too late for that, David walks off.

Ethan goes to the hospital and checks on Ben. He talks about how he had a concussion when he was a teenager, just as Theresa comes in. Ben says that the explosion could have been avoided if Ethan had kept Harold in custody. Ethan explains that he let the suspect go to follow him, and Ben asks if Ethan would have done it differently if Kate and Harold weren't married. His father says that he would have done the same thing no matter who it was, and Theresa wonders if Megan is prompting Ben. Ethan says that it doesn't matter and they're happy that he's okay. Amy comes in and Ethan and Theresa leave them alone.

Pam gives her report to David, unaware that he was watching her. He worries that punishing someone on the inside for breaking protocols would be a terrible line to cross, and Pam assures him that no one in the complex is helping the insurgents. David says that he wants to know if people are breaking protocols, and Pam says that they're not. Seemingly satisfied, David says that at least they have each other.

Amy and Ben talk, and Amy puts her head on his chest to listen to his heart. She winces in pain and says that she wasn't supposed to get out of bed, and Ben says that he's realized that any day they could die. Amy points out that they're alive and lies next to him on the bed.

In the waiting room, Ethan tells Theresa that he let the bomber go in the Easter bombings.

Ethan and Theresa watch about the simultaneous bombings in New York and Los Angeles.

Ethan tells his wife that they captured a terrorist, Narwaz Al-Salaam. He received a call from headquarters telling him to let Narwaz go, and three weeks later Narwaz murdered 621 people It was classified and he couldn't tell Theresa, and he turned to Kate. Ethan insists that there's no excuse for the affair and assures Theresa that he isn't blindly following orders anymore. A security guard calls in to report an emergency at the truck depot, and Theresa thanks Ethan for telling her what happened.

After Ethan leaves, Theresa sees Megan and reminds her that Ben is her son, not Megan's. She questions if Megan has been undermining her and asks what she's been telling the children, and Megan insists that she's just trying to be as helpful as possible. Theresa tells her to stay far away from her family and walks away.

Ethan drives to the truck depot and the workman says that someone stole a dump truck. When the man wonders if there's going to be another bomb, Ethan suspects that the truck is the bomb.

Kate sits in her cell and remembers the past.

David asks Kate about her nightmares. She insists that she hasn't had any in years since she accepted life in Wayward Pines. In her old life, Kate had a great degree of fear. She fed on the adrenaline, but in Wayward Pines she's been forced to live one moment at a time. David asks if her and Harold have thought about children, and assures Kate that she would be a great mother.

David enters the jail and asks Kate why she didn't talk to him about what she had planned. He says that Ted has died and Ben and Amy are badly injured, and asks how many more need to be sacrificed. David wonders how Kate can be so cheerful when she's endangering innocent lives, and Kate says that it sounds like he's talking about herself. She admits that she knows David's true identity, and asks what Wayward Pines really is. David says that he thought if he could make Kate conform then he could make anyone confirm and they wouldn't need reckonings. Kate warns him that what he's doing won't work if he keeps people in the dark, and David insists that he's keeping people alive. He says that he chose whether they would have safety or freedom, and walks out.

Back at his office, David finds Pam having tea. She pours some for him and gets him a piece of pie. Once she's gone, David calls security. The guards take Reggie into custody.

When Pam returns to the office, David tells her that Reggie has been deleting security footage. Pam insists that he wasn't helping the insurgents, but David says that he needs to be taken care of. She tells her brother to punish her because she lied to David, not Reggie. She warns that if they start killing their own people then they've lost everything, and begs him to kill her. David says that there will be no more killings and meets with the crew. They place him in a hibernation cell and freeze him, and David says that his mistakes can no longer be tolerated.

Ethan drives around Wayward Pines looking for the truck.

Harold and Alan load Eric's body into the cab of the truck and Alan says that there's nothing they can do about Kate. He plans to just keep driving until he gets to San Francisco, but Alan says that he can't go without Kate. Alan drives off and Harold walks back down the road. Ethan spots him and chases him into the forest, and orders him down at gunpoint. He pistol-whips the man and handcuffs him, and Harold insists that the bomb attack on Ben was an accident. Ethan demands to know where the others are, and Harold says that he's too late.

David tells the surveillance techs that they are war with terrorists, and they must all stay vigilant.

Alan drives the truck to the fence and breaks through the gate. The truck grinds to a halt and Alan gets Eric's body out. He drags him into the forest and yells that they made it... and the abbies leap onto him and tear him apart.