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A Reckoning - Recap

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Telephones throughout Wayward Pines ring. The people gather at the gazebo and scream for Ethan to kill Kate. He drags her up the stairs and takes out a knife, as Tim and the other subversives arrive with hidden weapons. Ethan asks the crowd if they want Kate dead, and they yell at him to do it.


After the abbies eat Alan and Eric, one of them approaches the open gate and crawls under the truck to get inside. Ethan pulls up, rams it, and then shoots it dead. Two more abbies crawl under the truck to get inside, and Ethan shoots out the tires to bring the truck down, crushing them to death.

At the sheriff' station, Franklin and the other imprisoned subversives yell for food and get no answer. Kate insists that Ethan won't kill them, but Franklin warns her that Ethan works for Wayward Pines now.

Arlene is at her desk playing solitaire when three students come in. They demand to see Ethan, and Arlene tells them that it's none of their business. The students identify themselves as Class One at the academy and say that they take the town's rules seriously. Arlene insists that Ethan takes the rules seriously, but the students say that it's the sheriff's duty to conduct Reckonings. The lead student, Jason Higgins, tells Arlene to tell Ethan that if he doesn't Reckon the traitors then they will. Arlene orders them out and they reluctantly leave.

Repair crews fix the fence as David arrives, and Ethan says that they have it under control. David doesn't believe it and says that he has to stop the terrorists now. Ethan says that it happened because David didn't tell Group B the truth, but David says that the townspeople are familiar with a certain way of life where Reckonings are conducted. He tells Ethan that he has to act decisively and punish the subversives.

Jason and his friends drive through the night.

Pam watches the repair efforts on a monitor.

Tim and the remaining free subversives gather.

Kate waits in her cell.

David figures that if Ethan Reckons Kate then it will end the bloodshed, and points out that if Ethan had killed the Easter Bomber then he could have stopped hundreds of deaths. He then walks off.

The next morning, Ethan shows Harold photographs of the dead men that the abbies ate. He explains that the fence is there to protect the town from the monsters outside, and demands the names of everyone in the group so he can prevent what happened to Alan and Eric. Otherwise everyone in the town will be killed, including Harold and Kate. Harold considers and then reluctantly gives up the names.

At the hospital, Pam looks through a scrapbook with a photo of her and David as children. She then finds Theresa leaving Ben's room and tells her that about the attack at the fence. Pam assures her that Ethan is fine, draws her off to the side, and says that she knows Ethan has told her what's at stake. Theresa admits that she doesn't know what to believe anymore, and Pam says that it's important to question things. She tells Theresa to go home and get some rest, and advises her to go home past Plot 33. Theresa gets into the elevator and checks the security key card that Pam slipped her.

Ethan drives to the complex and shows David the list of names. Vince tracks them down and confirms that their trackers show that they're all together at the Biergarten. However, the cameras show none of them there. David calls the owner and has him find the microchip trackers in a beer glass.

Theresa goes to Plot 33.

Ben is eating when he hears doctors running to Amy's room. He goes down the hall and sees Amy's parents crying outside her room. Ben looks inside and sees the doctors trying to resuscitate Amy. Pam leads him out and says that Amy has had an epidural hemorrhage, and asks Ben to trust that they're doing everything that they can. Ben breaks into tears and Pam comforts him.

At the complex, David tells the teams to prioritize surveillance on the fence. Ethan warns that it will take forever but David insists. One of the techs, Gina, spills her coffee and doesn't notice as Theresa destroys the camera that Gina was monitoring. Theresa then enters the shack and finds a trapdoor, and descends down the ladder.

Ben goes back to his room and Megan comes by to talk to him. She assures him that he's not alone and there's great strength in unity. Outside, the First Generation gathers beneath Amy's room and clap. Megan reminds Ben that everyone wants to hear from him because the town is coming apart. She warns that there has been no Reckoning since the attack on the fence, and Ben is the town's leader, not her or Ethan.

At the complex, Vince watches the students at the hospital and calls Ethan and David over. Ben comes out and tells the First Generation that Amy is in surgery. He then thanks them all for coming and says that the subversives broke the town's rules. Ben apologizes that Ethan failed Wayward Pines, and that Ethan isn't going to Reckon the subversives. Jason storms off and at the complex, Ethan walks away.

Theresa enters the tunnel beneath Plot 33. She finds a security door and opens it with the key card.

Arlene is sitting nervously at her desk when Jason and his friends pull up. She locks the door but Jason breaks it with a baseball bat and storms in. The receptionist tries to call for help, but Jason yanks the wire out and tells her that the people on the monitors won't help her. The teenager insists that he's there to protect Wayward Pines, but Arlene spits in his face and tries to run. They struggle and Jason handcuffs her to a file cabinet and then takes out shotguns from the weapons locker. Kate tries to get through to him, reminding him that he bought a toy soldier from their store. She says that he was a good kid, and tells him that what he's going to do now is something he will never recover from. One of the other teenagers, Sean, says that they've made their point and it doesn't have to go any further. Jason says that it's about survival and it's their responsibility.

Jason then goes over, opens the cell doors, and gets Harold and the others out. When Kate objects, Jason clubs her down and then knocks Harold out. He then makes everyone recite the town's rules... and shoots each of the subversives in the head. Harold is last and whispers to Kate that he loves her, just before Jason kills him. He puts the gun to Kate's head, and Ethan comes in and shoots him dead. He orders the other two teenagers to drop their guns and get down on the floor. David and Vince watch on the monitor, shocked, and David walks away.

Later, Sean calls to Arlene from his cell. Meanwhile, Ethan takes Kate to the interrogation room and says that he needs her to talk or innocent people will die. He tells her that Amy won't make it but no one else has to die, and asks her where the other subversives are before someone else kills them. Kate points out that he failed to protect Harold, and says that there are more teenagers like Jason and they won't just stop. She refuses to let anyone else die because of her and do what David wants. Kate would rather Ethan kill her than someone else.

Arlene hears something and warns Ethan that they're there again. Ethan goes out, gun drawn, and finds Theresa there. She says that there's something she has to show Ethan and Kate, and takes them to the rooms beneath Plot 33. Theresa then plays a video recording of Adam, who is out in the wilderness. Adam says that he finally reached San Francisco and there are no signs of human survivors. His group is attacked, and Theresa confirms that there were hundreds of other video journals showing David's groups looking for survivors without success. Ethan says that David is a control freak and they have to tell everyone the truth. He tells Theresa to get as many people down there as possible to see the video before midnight, and Kate realizes that at midnight there will be a Reckoning.

At the complex, Pam tells David that they've done the best they can for Amy and will have to wait and see. Ethan calls to arrange a meeting with David in his office. The sheriff says that he's going to Reckon Kate, and David tells him that it's the right decision. Ethan says that it's David's mess, but after he takes care of Kate there will be no more Reckonings. David agrees and Ethan says that he'll need everybody there.

Telephones throughout Wayward Pines ring. The people gather at the gazebo and scream for Ethan to kill Kate. He drags her up the stairs and takes out a knife, as Tim and the other subversives arrive with hidden weapons. Ethan asks the crowd if they want Kate dead, and they yell at him to do it. He then releases Kate and says that he's not there to kill anyone. David watches on the monitors as Ethan says that they've been lied to about Wayward Pines and how they got there. The sheriff tells them who David really is and that he created the prison that they live in.

Ben is in Amy's room and listens to the broadcast.

Pam and Vince watch as Ethan says that the world they knew is gone and they have to accept it. Wayward Pines is all that's left. Kate confirms that he's telling the truth, and now she knows what lies outside the walls. Theresa, Arlene, Henrietta, and everyone else that saw the video agree, and Kate says that they're stronger than David thinks. Megan speaks up in protest, insisting that David is the savior of all humankind. She says that they owe David their trust and devotion, and Kate is a terrorist. Theresa slaps her and says enough, and Megan glares at the crowd.

The lights go out, and in the complex Pam realizes that David responsible.

In his office, David continues shutting off the power until every light in Wayward Pines goes off. Finally, he shuts down the fence. The abbies approach the fence and start climbing.