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Big Brother (US)

Big Brother (US)

"Big Brother" is a long-running reality show on CBS where a group of contestants known as houseguests enter a house in Los Angeles, without being able to leave, or have contact with the outside world, and be monitored by cameras 24/7 while they compete in challenges, form alliances, and vote each other out of the house in the hopes of winning the $500,000 grand prize. They are not allowed to leave the house or its' backyard for any reason, they cannot see or read magazines or newspapers, no radios, no computers, no phones, no I pods or MP3 players and only the HOH is given a small portable CD player to listen to CD's left in the HOH room for them.

HOH stands for the Head of Household and once every week the guests in the house compete to try and win HOH and all the perks that go along with being the HOH for the week. The HOH gets’ their own private bedroom with a private bathroom, a huge bed, a small refrigerator and stuff sent to them by family and friends like, letters, pictures, CD's and food. Also every week the current HOH must select 2 houseguests to be put up on the block to be voted on to be evicted from the house that week.

Once a week 6 of the houseguests to include the HOH and the 2 nominees get to compete for the coveted Veto Award. The person who wins the Veto can elect to remove one of the nominees from the chopping block to include themselves if they are on the block. If one of the nominees is removed from the block then the HOH must immediately replace that nominee with a new houseguest.

Every week the houseguests one by one go into the secluded and soundproof diary room to make their selection on who they would like to see leave the house that week. The 2 houseguests on the block and the HOH cannot vote but in case of a tie the HOH would then vote to break the tie live. Once the votes are all in then the Host of the show Julie Chen announces to the houseguests the final results and the evicted houseguest has one minute to say goodbye and leave the house. The show begins with anywhere between 15 and 20 houseguests each season.

Once there is only 9 houseguests remaining in the house then the voted out houseguests from that point on after leaving the house are sequestered to a 2nd house called the Jury House. When the original house only has 2 guests remaining in the house then the 7 sequestered contestants are asked to vote for the person they wish to win the $500,000.00 grand prize.

Big Brother airs 3 times a week on Sunday at 8PM ET/PT, Tuesday at 9PM ET/PT and Thursday at 8pm ET/PT. The Thursday night show is almost always a live show and is presented by the Host of the series, the beautiful Julie Chen.
"BIG Brother 16" adds new twists

Julie Chen Reveals New Twists on “Big Brother”
“The Talk” co-host Julie Chen has unveiled what she refers to as the most “twisted” season ever of the upcoming 16th edition of CBS summer guilty pleasure “Big Brother.” Airing in HD for the first time ever, the new season will include two Houseguests being named “Head of Household” (HOH) every week, with each naming two fellow houseguests for eviction and neither HOH guaranteed safety. Fans will also now have the opportunity to influence the game with a new interactive element called “Team America.” And a new competition called “Battle of the Block” will potentially shift the power in the house each week.

“Big Brother” kicks-off its new season with a two night premiere on Wednesday, June 25 and Thursday, June 26. A third weekly telecast is scheduled in the 8 p.m. hour on Sunday. No summer is complete without “Big Brother”!
"Big Brother 15" will be the longest running BB in U.S. history

Big Brother this season will last 100 days beginning 26 June 2013. There are 2 NEW twists this season. First, 3 House Guests will be nominated for each eviction. Secondly, America will vote weekly for a BIG BROTHER MVP.
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Next: 16x17 -- Episode #17 - Live Eviction #5, HoH Comp #6 - Day #37 (Jul/31/2014)

The latest eviction takes place in the house. The next head of house competition takes place.

Prev: 16x16 -- Episode #16 - Power of Veto Competition #5 - Day #36 (Jul/30/2014)

On tonight’s 16th episode of the season the 5th “Power of Veto” competition will be held with the current HoH their 2 nominees for eviction and 3 other houseguests chosen at random.

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Julie ChenJulie Chen
As Host (BB1 - present)
Amber BorzotraAmber Borzotra
As Herself - Esthetician (BB16 - Contestant)
Caleb ReynoldsCaleb Reynolds
As Himself - Adventure hunting guide (BB16 - Contestant)
Christine BrechtChristine Brecht
As Herself - Barista (BB16 - Contestant)
Cody CalafioreCody Calafiore
As Himself - Sales account executive (BB16 - Contestant)
Derrick LevasseurDerrick Levasseur
As Himself - Police officer (BB16 - Contestant)
Donny ThompsonDonny Thompson
As Himsef - School groundskeeper (BB16 - Contestant)
Frankie GrandeFrankie Grande
As Himself - YouTube personality (BB16 - Contestant)
Hayden VossHayden Voss
As Himself - Pedicab driver (BB16 - Contestant)
Jocasta OdomJocasta Odom
As Herself - Minister (BB16 - Contestant)



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nothing brotherly about this
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Review posted on Friday, June 20th 2014 at 11:27 pm


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Big Brother = My Summer Guilty PleasureRating: 3 likes, 1 dislikes

Big Brother is the one summer show I watch year in and year out. I normally don't like reality shows -- hate is more like it -- but Big Brother had me hooked from the beginning. I don't know what it is about watching the hottest strangers CBS could find to live together in a house completely isolated from the world, but once the season ramps up, it's quality entertainment. Read more

Review posted on Wednesday, August 22nd 2007 at 5:16 pm

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16x14: Episode #14 - Live Eviction #4, HoH Comp #5 - Day #30 recap: Tonight’s episode marks the 30th day that the remaining houseguests have been in the house. At the beginning of the show we see Frankie called into the diary room. He has a letter waiting for him from home with the terrible news that his Grandfather had passed away. He comes out crying and all the houseguests ask him why he is crying and then they gather around him to console him and hold him and hug him. Up next it was time for the houseguests to vote out one of the houseguests on the block. After the voting was completed we had the 3rd unanimous eviction of the summer when Brittany received all 10 votes. Up next we saw the 5th HoH competition of the summer. This competition was called “Country Hits” where 2 players at a time would listen to a small snippet from a country song and have to figure out if the song referred to one of the competitions that they had so far. The choices were BOB for “Battle of the Block”, HoH for “Head of Household” and POV for “Power of Veto” competition. The loser of each round was eliminated and the winner would be required to name the next two contestants to compete against each other. Near the end of the competition Frankie was going up against Derrick who asked him if he wanted to see his Grandfather and he said that he did. Derrick then put both of his hands in his pocket throwing the competition to Frankie who became 1 of the 2 HoH’s for the week. The remaining 2 houseguests to compete for the 2nd HoH position was Christine and Zach. Zach won this matchup and became the 2nd HoH for the week. When we went back to the studio Julie asked Derrick if he had thrown the competition and he said he had so Frankie could see his Grandfather... read more.

16x13: Episode #13 - Power of Veto Competition #4 - Day #29 recap: On tonight’s episode the 4th “Power of Veto” competition was held and the competitors for tonight’s POV were the current HoH who is Cody, the 2 houseguests that are currently on the block in Brittany & Victoria as well as Caleb, Nicole & Zach. The name of this POV competition is “BB Cup” which involved the competitors to control a robotic leg and try to kick a soccer ball into a soccer net that had sections with numbers on them. After everyone has kicked in the 1st round the person with the lowest score was eliminated. When a person is eliminated they get to pick a mystery gift from six on a table. When any of the 5 remaining competitors was eliminated they could either take a mystery gift or take a gift already revealed from another person. They would then either keep the gift they revealed or trade it to another competitor for their gift. Cody got penalty kicks to the butt, Brittany had to score 2400 soccer goals in a 24-hour period. Caleb got $5,000 as his gift, Zach claimed a trip to Germany, Nicole was forced to wear a germantard for a week & Victoria won the POV. Cody knew that since Victoria won the POV she would most likely take herself off the block and he considered replacing her with Caleb for claiming the $5,000 prize. Victoria did indeed remove herself from the block and even after Cody had a private talk with Donny in his HoH room and promised him that he would not put him up on the block he is convinced by several other houseguests to put him up. Against his better judgment he had to replace Victoria with Donny after all but he was very upset about it... read more.

16x12: Episode #12 - HoH Comp #4, Part 2, Nominations #4 & Battle of the Block Comp #4 - Day #26 recap: We see the completion of the 4th HoH competition of the season as soon as tonight’s episode begins. The winning team of 2 were Cody & Frankie and they both became HoH. Up next we see Frankie enter the diary room to read about the 2nd secret mission for “Team America”. After he leaves the diary room he gathers the other 2 members of his alliance whom are Derrick & Donny and they all discuss the mission in the storage room. Frankie suggests that Amber is the biggest physical threat and the other two members agree with him. Next we see the nomination ceremony and for the first time ever 4 females are nominated for eviction. Cody reveals his nominees first and they were Brittany and Victoria. Frankie revealed his nominees to be Amber and Jacosta. Later in the show we see the “Battle of the Block” competition being held in the backyard. There is a gigantic chessboard and the name of this game is called “Knight Moves” and Caleb asks the 4 contestants if they are ready to get medieval? The object of this competition is to move around the chessboard like a knight in the game of chess would move in an L shape. They must move forward or any direction that a knight moves then land on a square, when they arrive on that final square they hen flip the title over to reveal it’s red side. When a contestant has no more moves to make they are then eliminated from the game. The winner is then declared when only 1 contest remains on the board. Amber is the winner and therefore she and her partner who was Jocasta are removed from the block and are safe from being placed on the block for the week should someone use the Veto. The HoH who nominated them for eviction was Frankie and he is automatically dethroned. At the very end of the show Frankie as the dethroned HoH is then doused with tar and feathers... read more.

16x11: Episode #11 - Live Eviction #3, HoH Comp #4, Part 1 - Day #23 recap: On tonight’s episode Caleb & Devin were both up on the Block as being nominated for eviction. After the voting was completed we had the 2nd unanimous eviction of the summer when Devin received all 11 votes. Also on tonight’s episode the 4th HoH competition of the season began. The completion of this competition will be seen on Sunday’s episode. The competition for HoH begins in the backyard when Julie tells the houseguests that they have been randomly selected and will compete in teams of 2. The winning pair of houseguests will both become the new HoH’s. The game they must play is called “Deviled Eggs” where each team must maneuver 12 real eggs through chicken wire from one end of a cage to the other end. During the competition we go back to Julie in the studio as she tells the home audience and those in the studio that “Team America” has a new secret mission, as they must get a houseguest up on the block that they believe is a physical threat. They will find out about their 2nd mission on Sunday night’s next episode... read more.

16x10: Episode #10 - Power of Veto Competition #3 - Day #22 recap: The 3-person secret alliance called “Team America” accomplished their very first mission of the season tonight. Their mission was to spread a rumor that one of the houseguests was related to a previous player in the game. They had agreed to spread the rumor that Zach was related to Amanda Zuckerman from Big Brother 15. They agreed that he kinda favored her appearance and that they were both outspoken and they both were from Florida. Their mission succeeded and Zach told America in the Diary room that he decided not to deny that rumor and he would try to use it to his advantage. The 3rd “Power of Veto” competition was next but Paola could not compete because she was very sick and stayed in bed. The competitors for tonight’s POV were the current HoH who is Derrick, Devin who is up on the Block, Christine, Donny and Frankie. Every houseguest selected to play against Devin and the first 3 challengers all lost to him until Donny was up and he was able to beat him. Donny next played against the last remaining contestant in the game who was Caleb and Donny beat him to win the “Power of Veto”. Donny then went into the room where Jocasta was still sick in bed and promised her he would use the Veto on her to take her off the block so she could feel better and get a good night’s sleep. At the Veto meeting Donny was true to his word and did use the Veto to take Jocasta off the Block. Derrick then did what the entire house wanted him to do by putting Devin up on the Block in Jocasta’s place... read more.
Recurring Guests

Jase Wirey (6 eps)
Janelle Perzina as Herself - BB7 Nominee (5 eps)
Alison Irwin (4 eps)
Will Kirby as Himself - BB7 Nominee (3 eps)
Holly King (3 eps)
Jennifer Dedmon as Herself - BB5 Contestant (3 eps)
Michael Ellis as Himself - BB5 Contestant (3 eps)
George Boswell as Himself - BB7 Nominee (3 eps)
Marcellas Reynolds as Himself - BB7 Nominee (3 eps)
Howie Gordon as Himself - BB7 Nominee (3 eps)

View All Recurring Guests
Warning: Big Brother (US) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Reality
Genre: Family | Romance/Dating
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Sundays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 05, 2000
Episode Order: 36
• Big Brother 10: Back to the Basics (10th season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 11 (11th season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 12 (12th season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 13: The Summer of Double Trouble (13th season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 2 (2nd season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 3: The Power of Veto (3rd season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 4: The X-Factor (4th season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 5: Project DNA - Do Not Assume (5th season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 6: Summer of Secrets (6th season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 7: All-Stars (7th season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 8: America's Player (8th season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 9: 'Til Death Do You Part (9th season title), (Used In USA)
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