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Big Brother (US)

Big Brother (US)

"Big Brother" is a long-running reality show on CBS where a group of contestants known as houseguests enter a house in Los Angeles, without being able to leave, or have contact with the outside world, and be monitored by cameras 24/7 while they compete in challenges, form alliances, and vote each other out of the house in the hopes of winning the $500,000 grand prize. They are not allowed to leave the house or its' backyard for any reason, they cannot see or read magazines or newspapers, no radios, no computers, no phones, no I pods or MP3 players and only the HOH is given a small portable CD player to listen to CD's left in the HOH room for them.

HOH stands for the Head of Household and once every week the guests in the house compete to try and win HOH and all the perks that go along with being the HOH for the week. The HOH gets’ their own private bedroom with a private bathroom, a huge bed, a small refrigerator and stuff sent to them by family and friends like, letters, pictures, CD's and food. Also every week the current HOH must select 2 houseguests to be put up on the block to be voted on to be evicted from the house that week.

Once a week 6 of the houseguests to include the HOH and the 2 nominees get to compete for the coveted Veto Award. The person who wins the Veto can elect to remove one of the nominees from the chopping block to include themselves if they are on the block. If one of the nominees is removed from the block then the HOH must immediately replace that nominee with a new houseguest.

Every week the houseguests one by one go into the secluded and soundproof diary room to make their selection on who they would like to see leave the house that week. The 2 houseguests on the block and the HOH cannot vote but in case of a tie the HOH would then vote to break the tie live. Once the votes are all in then the Host of the show Julie Chen announces to the houseguests the final results and the evicted houseguest has one minute to say goodbye and leave the house. The show begins with anywhere between 15 and 20 houseguests each season.

Once there is only 9 houseguests remaining in the house then the voted out houseguests from that point on after leaving the house are sequestered to a 2nd house called the Jury House. When the original house only has 2 guests remaining in the house then the 7 sequestered contestants are asked to vote for the person they wish to win the $500,000.00 grand prize.

Big Brother airs 3 times a week on Sunday at 8PM ET/PT, Tuesday at 9PM ET/PT and Thursday at 8pm ET/PT. The Thursday night show is almost always a live show and is presented by the Host of the series, the beautiful Julie Chen.
"BIG Brother 16" adds new twists

Julie Chen Reveals New Twists on “Big Brother”
“The Talk” co-host Julie Chen has unveiled what she refers to as the most “twisted” season ever of the upcoming 16th edition of CBS summer guilty pleasure “Big Brother.” Airing in HD for the first time ever, the new season will include two Houseguests being named “Head of Household” (HOH) every week, with each naming two fellow houseguests for eviction and neither HOH guaranteed safety. Fans will also now have the opportunity to influence the game with a new interactive element called “Team America.” And a new competition called “Battle of the Block” will potentially shift the power in the house each week.


Crazy 8s (Amber, Cody, Devin, Donny, Frankie, Joey, Nicole, and Paola)
El Cuatro (Amber, Joey, Nicole, and Paola)
Double D's (Devin & Donny)
Bomb Squad (Zach, Frankie, Derrick, Devin, Cody, Caleb, Amber, Christine)
The Weirdos (Nicole, Hayden, and Christine)
The Detonators (Derrick, Cody, Zach, Frankie, and Christine)
The Hitmen (Derrick and Cody)
Los Tres Amigos (Derrick, Zach, and Cody)
Team America (Donny, Derrick, and Frankie)
The Rationale (Derrick, Cody, Hayden, and Nicole)
Zankie (Zach and Frankie)
“Big Brother” kicks-off its new season with a two night premiere on Wednesday, June 25 and Thursday, June 26. A third weekly telecast is scheduled in the 8 p.m. hour on Sunday. No summer is complete without “Big Brother”!
"Big Brother 15" will be the longest running BB in U.S. history

Big Brother this season will last 100 days beginning 26 June 2013. There are 2 NEW twists this season. First, 3 House Guests will be nominated for each eviction. Secondly, America will vote weekly for a BIG BROTHER MVP.
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Next: 16x29 -- Episode #29 - Live Eviction #10 & HoH Comp #11 - Day #66 (Aug/28/2014) [Special Airtime: 09:00 pm]

On last night’s episode the “Power of Veto” competition was held but was it used on one of the two houseguests up for eviction? Tonight the 10th live Eviction Ceremony of the season will be held. This will then be followed by the 11th “HoH Competition” of the summer.

Prev: 16x28 -- Episode #28 - Power of Veto Competition #10 - Day #65 (Aug/27/2014)

On tonight’s 65th day in the Big Brother house the 10th “Power of Veto” competition will be held with the current HoH who is Cody his 2 nominees for eviction Donny & Nicole and 3 other houseguests chosen by a random draw.

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Julie Chen
As Host (BB1 - present)
Caleb Reynolds
As Himself - Adventure hunting guide (BB16 - Contestant)
Christine Brecht
As Herself - Barista (BB16 - Contestant)
Cody Calafiore
As Himself - Sales account executive (BB16 - Contestant)
Derrick Levasseur
As Himself - Police officer (BB16 - Contestant)
Donny Thompson
As Himsef - School groundskeeper (BB16 - Contestant)
Frankie Grande
As Himself - YouTube personality (BB16 - Contestant)
Nicole Franzel
As Herself - Nursing graduate - BB16 3rd Jury member / BB16 – (9th place, 51 days) - 8th evicted on 14 Aug 2014 (BB16 – Evicted on Day #51 - Returned to the House on Day #58)
Victoria Rafaeli
As Herself - Photographer (BB16 - Contestant)
Zach Rance
As Himself - College graduate - BB16 NEW* 3rd Jury member / (BB16 – (9th place, 58 days) - 9th evicted on 21 Aug 2014)



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nothing brotherly about this
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Review posted on Friday, June 20th 2014 at 11:27 pm


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Big Brother = My Summer Guilty PleasureRating: 3 likes, 1 dislikes

Big Brother is the one summer show I watch year in and year out. I normally don't like reality shows -- hate is more like it -- but Big Brother had me hooked from the beginning. I don't know what it is about watching the hottest strangers CBS could find to live together in a house completely isolated from the world, but once the season ramps up, it's quality entertainment. Read more

Review posted on Wednesday, August 22nd 2007 at 5:16 pm

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16x28: Episode #28 - Power of Veto Competition #10 - Day #65 recap: Victoria was having problems with her teeth that were making her cheeks blow up and she told the houseguests that it was because her wisdom teeth were coming in. After walking around the house for a couple of days and hurting more and more all the houseguests were getting very worried about Victoria’s health. She walked through the bathroom area past Nicole who was putting on makeup and into the toilet area and all of a sudden we could hear a loud thump. Nicole yelled in, “Are you okay Victoria” since she failed to answer she opened the door very slightly to peak in on her. Nicole saw her sprawled out on the floor and then she turned and yelled very loudly across the house for Derrick to come help her. Almost everyone in the house came running to see what had happened. Caleb yelled loudly so the producers could here him, “Send a Doctor in here now” and you could hear a voice say that “One is on the way”. It was a paramedic that appeared with his Medical kit in hand and quickly checked her out. He asked her a few questions and she said she was feeling sweaty all over her body. He then gave her some oxygen just as a safety precaution and then asked Derrick to help him carry her into the Diary room. What only seemed like a few minutes to the viewing audience it apparently was 2 days later in real time that Victoria reappeared walking back into the house from the Diary Room saying she felt so much better now. Christine says as a huge "Big Brother" fan I know that we have not had a counting competition yet and it must be coming up soon. She goes around and talks to each one of her alliance members and explains to them how the competition works and suggested that they all fold in ever round except Cody so he would win the Veto. Names were drawn and Cody as HoH picked first and drew Christine’s name. Nicole pulled out Caleb’s name and Donny pulled out Frankie’s name. Before he drew they showed a flashback of a Diary room conversation that Donny had as he said the one person he did not want to draw was Frankie’s name. They all went out back and Christine was correct it was the annual counting guessing game. Donny won the first round however since all 4 alliance members were playing the way Christine suggested and all but Cody folded in every round Cody won the “Power of Veto”. Not only did he win the veto he also won a private screening of the new CBS Drama coming out in September titled “Scorpion”. He decided that is was only fair since he had put Donny and Nicole on the block to select them to watch the screening with him. They all 3 enjoyed the screening very much and indicated they wanted to watch the series... read more.

16x27: Episode #27 – HoH Comp #10 & Nominations #10 - Day #61 recap: This episode begins just after Nicole won the jury competition to return in the house and we see where Hayden whispered to Nicole to go after both Cody & Derrick and she replies with “OK”. We see that Donny is the only houseguest that is excited to see Nicole back in the house because they are good friends and allies. Donny & Nicole sit down to the Dining room table and Donny tells her everything that has happened in the house since she was evicted. Victoria is sitting at the kitchen counter and can hear some of what they were talking about and she goes and tells Derrick everything she overheard. Next up we Caleb showing off his Beast mode Ninja skills to Derrick & Frankie in the Kitchen. He tells them that he is a 3rd degree black belt and then walks into a bedroom where a few others are and shows off his Ninja kicks again. He asks Victoria if she wanted to see his Bicycle kick and then he attempts a flip falling on his face and stomach and everyone in the room has a good laugh at his expense. Up next we see the 10th “HoH competition” of the summer which was a boxing-themed game. Frankie as the MC or announcer would ask a question about what day in the house a specific event happened. They would then turnaround and with boxing gloves on punch a glove on a cardboard cutoff of a boxer and every punch would change an electronic number on the wall. They continued to punch until the number they felt was the correct number of days to the question they stopped punching and return to hit a button. In each round the last person to come up with the correct number of days was eliminated. The last 2 remaining in the competition were Cody & Donny and the final winner and newest HoH is Cody. Cody took the suggestions of the other members of his alliance and put both Donny & Nicole up on the block pending eviction... read more.

16x26: Episode #26 - Live Eviction #9 - Day #58 recap: A lot of things went on in the Big Brother House on tonight’s Episode. We had an Eviction, a competition between the 4 evicted houseguests to see who would be allowed to return to the house and the “HoH competition”. First off the 2 nominees on the Block pending eviction were Caleb and Zach. Julie tells the houseguests that the 2 HoH’s is no more only 1 HoH from tonight going forward. Zach who had been wearing a pink baseball cap all season we found out it really belonged to Victoria and she said she only loaned it to Zach the first week not to keep it forever. Zach got up from the dining room table but he left the ballcap behind and Victoria jumps up grabs the hat runs down the hall into an empty bedroom and then tears the hat to shreds. She then returns to her seat at the kitchen counter, Zach returns and asks Victoria what she did with his hat. She told him that first off it was not your hat that was my hat and I only loaned it to you and secondly no you cannot have it back. Zach gets very upset about this who hat situation and tells Victoria you only did this to piss me off and you have done a great job at it. Zach went around the house talking to many of the houseguests trying to sway their vote to save him from the block. However when the voting was over we had the 4th unanimous eviction vote of the season when Zach was sent pack with a 5 – 0 vote. Zach left the house becoming the 4th Jury member of the season and then we went to a commercial break. Upon returning from the commercial we see the 4 evicted houseguests standing in the studio close to Julie. Julie turned the Big Screen and told the houseguests still in the house that there was going to be a competition tonight between the 4 evicted houseguests and the winner would return back into the house. The “Evicted 4” walked back into the house all receiving hugs from everyone in the house and then everyone went out into the backyard. The game was called “Comeback Fight”. There were 3 long shuffleboard type tables set up against each other in an X shape and each contestant stood at one of the 4 ends. The object was to slide a disk down their table into a revolving circle on the shooting 1 disc in each round for a total of 7 rounds. Some discs knocked others off the spinning circle so the lead changed a few times. When all the rounds were finished both Jocasta & Nicole were tied for the most discs still remaining on the spinning circle. However before the game started Julie explained that in the event of a tie the person who has a disc closest to the center would win and Nicole’s was the closest. All the houseguests went back into the house, the 3 remaining evicted houseguests left the house once again and this now made Zach the New 3rd Jury member. Upon returning from another commercial break Julie airs a tape recorded of her husband Leslie Moonves who is also the President of CBS taking the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” he challenges Mark Harmon and the entire cast of “NCIS” to take the challenge and then he challenged his wife Julie to do it Live during Big Brother. He then gets doused with a bucket filled with ice and the tape ends. Once again we go to commercial break upon returning from the commercials Julie tells us what will happen in the next 3 episodes on Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday. Sunday we will see the “HoH competition” on Wednesday is the “POV competition” and Thursday is another live eviction night. Julie next tells us that she had been nominated to take the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” and walks over and gets into a kiddy pool fully clothed and still holding her card of information. She then challenges every single houseguest who has ever played Big Brother to also take the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”. Next Canadian actor Will Arnett from the CBS comedy series “The Millers” brings out the ice bucket and douses Julie with its contents which is water and no ice and Julie asks “How’s My Hair” and then the show ends... read more.

16x25: Episode #25 - Power of Veto Competition #9 & the return of "Zingbot 3000" - Day #57 recap: On tonight’s episode it was supposed to be just another “Power of Veto” competition however the houseguests received not 1 but 2 big surprises. Their first surprise was the return of “Zingbot 3000” only he was different, strange, not acting himself. No zings was he providing only compliments. Donny was the first houseguest to notice that “Zingbot” was not acting his usual self. Then the houseguests received their 2nd big surprise of the night when Comedian Kathy Griffin entered the house. She said she was watching the houseguests on the live feeds and decided that she needed to have a “POV Zingervention” to fix the way “Zingbot” was acting. Everyone then goes outside to begin the competition and Kathy walks “Zingbot” into a large box and closes the door. She tells the houseguests that the “Power of Veto” competition that they were about to begin would help her help “Zingbot” become his old self again. Donny made a great “Zing” for himself in saying if he would win the POV he’d let colored candy decide the fate of the next houseguest to be the replacement nominee. This competition was where the houseguests had to re-wire square blocks with lightbulbs on top to make them all come on. They had a total of 4 blocks they had to rewire and the houseguest to complete the task and push their button in the fastest time would then win the Veto. Frankie won this competition and then Kathy Griffin let “Zingbot” out of the box and he was once again his old zinging self. As always he zinged each houseguest one at a time and of course everyone cracked up laughing after each one. After “Zingbot” zinged 4 of the houseguests Kathy Griffin finished the other houseguests and saved the funniest zing of the night for last:.. read more.

16x24: Episode #24 – Nominations #9 & Battle of the Block Comp #9 - Day #54 recap: Tonight’s episode begins with the HoH’s Derrick & Frankie having a meeting in their HoH room with all the other houseguests except Donny that we find out later on was not invited because he was supposedly sleeping. Both Derrick and Frankie tell Victoria that since she has been on the Block so many times that neither one of them will put her on the Block this week. They all agree as a group that Donny would be one of the 4 houseguests put up on the Block for eviction. Frankie then asks the group now how do we decide on the other 3 houseguests. Caleb speaks up and says he has volunteered to be placed on the Block 3 times before and he does not wish to be on the block again. Zach speaks up and tells the room that he does not want to be put on the Block either. The discussion in the room continues back and forth for a very long time. Frankie finally says that they are getting nowhere so they would decide by drawing colored skittles out of a hat. He asks each houseguest what color they want and then begins the draw. The 3 houseguests whose color is drawn are Caleb, Christine & Cody (The 3 C’s) and Zach is spared as the only remaining possibility. They then tell Christine that she needs to throw the “Battle of the Block” competition so that she remains on the Block next to Donny and they can then vote Donny out of the House. As the houseguests go out into the back yard they see the “Big Black Box” and know right away it’s some type of in the dark competition. Once the 4 houseguests that are currently on the Block Christine realized that since it was pitch dark in there that Donny would not be able to see what she is doing or not doing like throwing the competition. The oject of the game was to find 5 plastic objects shaped like a bone and return them to a plaque on the wall and if it fit in one of the 5 spaces they would continue searching for more. The team of two that completed the tasks correctly first and pushed their button would win. Donny had retrieved 4 bones and then he realized that Christine had not found any so she must be throwing the competition on purpose. Donny found all 5 and won the competition taking him and Christine off the Block and dethroning Derrick as HoH. Derrick then had to enter the “Big Black Box” and once inside he was dosed with day glow orange paint. The show ends with all the houseguests walking around in the house trying to clean themselves up... read more.
Recurring Guests

Jase Wirey (6 eps)
Janelle Perzina as Herself - BB7 Nominee (5 eps)
Alison Irwin (4 eps)
Will Kirby as Himself - BB7 Nominee (3 eps)
Holly King (3 eps)
Jennifer Dedmon as Herself - BB5 Contestant (3 eps)
Michael Ellis as Himself - BB5 Contestant (3 eps)
George Boswell as Himself - BB7 Nominee (3 eps)
Marcellas Reynolds as Himself - BB7 Nominee (3 eps)
Howie Gordon as Himself - BB7 Nominee (3 eps)

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Warning: Big Brother (US) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Reality
Genre: Competition
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Sundays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 05, 2000
Episode Order: 36
• Big Brother 10: Back to the Basics (10th season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 11 (11th season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 12 (12th season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 13: The Summer of Double Trouble (13th season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 2 (2nd season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 3: The Power of Veto (3rd season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 4: The X-Factor (4th season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 5: Project DNA - Do Not Assume (5th season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 6: Summer of Secrets (6th season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 7: All-Stars (7th season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 8: America's Player (8th season title), (Used In USA)
• Big Brother 9: 'Til Death Do You Part (9th season title), (Used In USA)
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