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Days of our Lives

Allan Chase     Creator 
Ted Corday     Creator 
Irna Phillips     Creator 
Ted Corday     Executive Producer (1965-1966)187 Eps
Betty Corday     Executive Producer (1966-1987 (as Mrs. Ted Corday))4945 Eps
H. Wesley Kenney     Executive Producer (1977-1981)763 Eps
Al Rabin     Executive Producer (1980-1983)803 Eps
Ken Corday     Executive Producer (1986-present)7405 Eps
Tom Langan     Executive Producer (1996-2002)1441 Eps
Borris Botero     Co-Executive Producer 
Tom Langan     Co-Executive Producer (1992-1996)1002 Eps
Stephen Wyman     Co-Executive Producer (2000-2007)1854 Eps
Edward Scott     Co-Executive Producer (2007-2008)219 Eps
Gary Tomlin     Co-Executive Producer (2008-2011)723 Eps
Noel Maxam     Co-Executive Producer (2011-2012)101 Eps
Greg Meng     Co-Executive Producer (2011-present)959 Eps
Lisa de Cazotte     Co-Executive Producer (2012-2015)878 Eps
Albert Alarr     Co-Executive Producer (2015-present)10 Eps
Patricia Wenig     Supervising Producer (1981-1982)239 Eps
Shelley Curtis     Supervising Producer (1986-1989; 1989-1991)1006 Eps
Tom Langan     Supervising Producer (1991-1992)295 Eps
Francesca James     Supervising Producer (1992-1993)215 Eps
Stephen Wyman     Supervising Producer (1993-2000)1738 Eps
Sheryl Harmon-ware     Supervising Producer (2001-2003)510 Eps
Roy B. Steinberg     Supervising Producer (2005-2007)538 Eps
Noel Maxam     Supervising Producer (2009-2011)668 Eps
Al Rabin     Producer347 Eps
Jack Herzberg     Producer1724 Eps
Gene Banks     Producer (1965)223 Eps
H. Wesley Kenney     Producer (1967-1974; 1976-1977)2038 Eps
Patricia Wenig     Producer (1981)13 Eps
Lynne Osborne     Producer (1981-1982)332 Eps
Ken Corday     Producer (1981-1986)1317 Eps
Shelley Curtis     Producer (1983-1986)804 Eps
Becky Greenlaw     Producer (1987-1989)514 Eps
Sheri Singer     Producer (1988-1989)325 Eps
Stephen Wyman     Producer (1988-1990)464 Eps
Tom Langan     Producer (1991-1992) 
Sheryl Harmon-ware     Producer (1998-2001)695 Eps
Roy B. Steinberg     Producer (2002-2007)767 Eps
Noel Maxam     Producer (2007-2009)317 Eps
Mary-Kelly Weir     Producer (2009-2011)690 Eps
Albert Alarr     Producer (2011-2015)965 Eps
Janet Spellman-Rider     Producer (2015-present)10 Eps
James E. Reilly     Consulting Producer (2003-2006)796 Eps
Helen Hall     Associate Producer (1978-1981)783 Eps
Denny Frary     Associate Producer (1982-1989)1 Eps
Beth Milstein     Associate Producer (1983-1988)1379 Eps
Andrew J. Selig     Associate Producer (1984)75 Eps
Becky Greenlaw     Associate Producer (1984-1987)799 Eps
Janet Spellman-Rider     Associate Producer (1989-1993)964 Eps
Tom Walker     Associate Producer (1995-1997)656 Eps
Dan Olexiewicz     Production Designer21 Eps
Tina Keller     Editor19 Eps
Lugh Powers     Editor18 Eps
Schooner Darrow     Editor15 Eps
Doris Sabbagh     Casting (1989-1996)1 Eps
Fran Bascom     Casting (1992-2007) 
Marnie Saitta     Casting (2007-present)126 Eps
Linda Poindexter     Staff Writer70 Eps
Sheri Anderson     Staff Writer (1975-1976) 
Anne M. Schoettle     Staff Writer (1985-1987; 2006) 
Mike Cohen     Staff Writer (1987-1991; 2006-2008) 
Michelle Poteet Lisanti     Staff Writer (1987-1994) 
Marlene McPherson     Staff Writer (1991-1993) 
N. Gail Lawrence     Staff Writer (1993) 
Maralyn Thoma     Staff Writer (1993-1999) 
Fran Myers (1)     Staff Writer (1993-1999) 
Peggy Schibi     Staff Writer (1993-1999)1 Eps
Pete T. Rich     Staff Writer (1993; 2011-2012)182 Eps
Victor Gialanella     Staff Writer (1995-1996; 2008)59 Eps
Sofia Landon Geier     Staff Writer (1999-2007) 
Jeanne Marie Ford     Staff Writer (2000-2003; 2007; 2012-present)182 Eps
Gillian Spencer     Staff Writer (2001-2003) 
Richard Culliton     Staff Writer (2001; 2008-present)851 Eps
Michael Slade     Staff Writer (2002-2003; 2005-2007)1 Eps
Jane Atkins     Staff Writer (2002-2004) 
Cydney Kelley     Staff Writer (2002; 2003; 2007-2008; 2008-2009)262 Eps
Lisa Seidman     Staff Writer (2003)19 Eps
Mark Christopher (1)     Staff Writer (2003, 2004) 
Dena Higley     Staff Writer (2003-2004) 
John S. Newman     Staff Writer (2003-2004, 2008-2011)673 Eps
Jodie Scholz     Staff Writer (2003-2009)188 Eps
Mark Higley     Staff Writer (2003; 2004) 
Susan Kirshenbaum     Staff Writer (2005-2007)1 Eps
Judith Donato     Staff Writer (2007-2008)1 Eps
Bettina F. Bradbury     Staff Writer (2007-2008) 
Renee Godelia     Staff Writer (2007-2008)154 Eps
Rick Draughon     Staff Writer (2008)69 Eps
Ryan Quan     Staff Writer (2008-2011)279 Eps
David Cherrill     Staff Writer (2008-2011; 2013-present)518 Eps
Carolyn Culliton     Staff Writer (2010-present)679 Eps
Lacey Dyer     Staff Writer (2011-2012)163 Eps
Roger Schroeder     Staff Writer (2011-2012)161 Eps
Janet Iacobuzio     Staff Writer (2011-2012; 2012-present)381 Eps
David A. Levinson     Staff Writer (2011-2013)321 Eps
Nancy Williams Watt     Staff Writer (2012)72 Eps
Melissa Salmons     Staff Writer (2012-present)181 Eps
Danielle Paige     Staff Writer (2015-present) 
Chic Gennarelli     Costume Designer19 Eps
Joseph Markham     Costume Designer (1966-1968; 1974-1981)2 Eps
Richard Bloore     Costume Designer (1990-2008; 2013-present)1 Eps
Jayne Marie Kehoe     Costume Designer (2008-2013)130 Eps
Garry Allyn     Hairstylist1 Eps
Katherine O'neill     Hairstylist2 Eps
Kimberly Salvatore     Hairstylist18 Eps
Matthew Holman     Hairstylist22 Eps
Patrick Kilian     Hairstylist21 Eps
Margie Puga     Hairstylist22 Eps
Maria Elena Pantoja     Hairstylist (2013-present)1 Eps
Nina Wells     Make-up22 Eps
Carol Brown     Make-up 
Deidre Decker     Make-up21 Eps
Joleen Rizzo     Make-up22 Eps
Glen Alen Gutierrez     Make-up22 Eps
Gail Hopkins     Make-up (1994-2013)22 Eps
Nicky Schillace     Make-up (2013-present) 
Brian Gaetke     Camera Operator1 Eps
Dean Cosanella     Camera Operator1 Eps
Marshall Branch     Camera Operator1 Eps
George Meyer     Camera Operator1 Eps
Mike Denton     Camera Operator3 Eps
Jack Chrisholm     Camera Operator1 Eps
J.C. O’Neill     Camera Operator19 Eps
Mike Caruso     Camera Operator21 Eps
Hugo Morelli     Camera Operator2 Eps
Mike Mecartea     Camera Operator21 Eps
John Sizemore     Camera Operator22 Eps
Bill Scott (2)     Camera Operator (2009-present)10 Eps
Sheree Miller-Strylund (1)     Set Decorator (2000-2001) 
Justine Mercado     Set Decorator (2000-2001) 
Steve Nibbe     Set Decorator (2000-2002) 
Mary M. McGrath-cares     Property Master21 Eps
Steve Dempsey (2)     Property Master (2013-present)1 Eps
Debbie McManis     Production Assistant1 Eps
Millie Place     Production Assistant1 Eps
Holly Metts     Production Assistant8 Eps
Kathy Edwards     Production Assistant9 Eps
Charles Shrewsbury     Production Assistant6 Eps
Terie Wohlford     Production Assistant8 Eps
Lois Winslow     Production Assistant9 Eps
Patricia Meyers     Production Assistant (1966)1 Eps
Anne M. Schoettle     Production Assistant (1982) 
Becky Greenlaw     Production Coordinator 
Jennifer Whittaker     Production Coordinator16 Eps
Krista Cremidan     Production Coordinator (2011-2013)1 Eps
Sara Peterson (2)     Production Coordinator (2013-present)1 Eps
Christopher Lewis     Assistant Editor19 Eps
Terry James     Stunts54 Eps
M. Jacobson Korber     Production Secretary1 Eps
Chip Dox     Art Director1 Eps
Scott T. Ritenour     Art Director1 Eps
Tom Early     Art Director22 Eps
Mary Weaver     Art Director (1966)1 Eps
Herman Zimmerman     Art Director (1966-1968)1 Eps
Danielle Mullen     Art Director (Assistant)20 Eps
Jennifer Savala     Art Director (Assistant)18 Eps
Al Rabin     Creative Consultant (1989)192 Eps
Elaine Withrow     Production Manager18 Eps
Jeri Fowle     Production Manager3 Eps
Jeanne Haney     Production Manager (1990-1992) 
Jeff Voorhees     Production Manager (2013-present)1 Eps
Jeanne Haney     Coordinating Producer (1992-1993)241 Eps
Janet Spellman-Rider     Coordinating Producer (1993-1997)1019 Eps
Tom Walker     Coordinating Producer (1997-2001)804 Eps
Debbie Ware Barrows     Coordinating Producer (2001-2003)487 Eps
Tim Stevens     Coordinating Producer (2008-2011)787 Eps
Randy Dugan     Coordinating Producer (2013-present)314 Eps
Greg Church     Special Effects (2013-present)1 Eps
Sheryl Harmon-ware     Associate Director1 Eps
Michael Fiamingo     Associate Director22 Eps
Joseph H. Lumer     Associate Director22 Eps
Fran Myers (1)     Script Editor (1999-2003; 2004; 2008-2011; 2012-present)1183 Eps
Jeanne Marie Ford     Script Editor (2004-2005; 2005-2007; 2011-2012)239 Eps
Jodie Scholz     Script Editor (2005) 
Richard Backus     Script Editor (2007-2008) 
Victor Gialanella     Script Editor (2008) 
Kenneth M. Rosen     Head Writer (1965)38 Eps
Peggy Phillips     Head Writer (1965-1966)167 Eps
William J. Bell (1)     Head Writer (1966-1975)2210 Eps
Patricia Falken Smith     Head Writer (1975-1977, 1981-1982)628 Eps
Ann Marcus     Head Writer (1977-1979)482 Eps
Elizabeth Harrower     Head Writer (1979-1980)271 Eps
Nina Laemmle     Head Writer (1980)124 Eps
Ruth Brooks Flippen     Head Writer (1980)25 Eps
Michelle Poteet Lisanti     Head Writer (1980)6 Eps
Leah Laiman     Head Writer (1986-1989) 
Anne Howard Bailey     Head Writer (1989-1990) 
Gene Palumbo     Head Writer (1991-1992) 
Sheri Anderson     Head Writer (1992) 
James E. Reilly     Head Writer (1993-1997; 2003-2006) 
Sally Sussman Morina     Head Writer (1998-1999) 
Lorraine Broderick     Head Writer (1999) 
Tom Langan     Head Writer (1999-2002) 
Dena Higley     Head Writer (2003; 2008-2011) 
Beth Milstein     Head Writer (2006 - interim) 
Hogan Sheffer     Head Writer (2006-2008) 
Helen Hall     Assistant Producer672 Eps
Gail Kobe     Assistant Producer (1975)205 Eps
Ken Corday     Assistant Producer (1979-1981)537 Eps
Lynne Osborne     Assistant Producer (1980-1981)189 Eps
Beth Milstein     Assistant Producer (1981-1983)494 Eps
Sandora     Choreographer (as Sandora and Parissa)1 Eps
Parissa     Choreographer (as Sandora and Parissa)1 Eps
Jacqueline Frazier     Boom Operator21 Eps
Harry Young     Boom Operator21 Eps
Anthony Dalferes     Boom Operator 
Hector Sarabia     Boom Operator2 Eps
Al Taddeo     Boom Operator (2009)2 Eps
Carol Benedetti     Boom Operator (2009)3 Eps
Stu Rudolf     Boom Operator (2013-present)1 Eps
Anthony Inglese     Boom Operator (2013-present)1 Eps
Tommy Boyce     Main Title Theme11 Eps
Charles Albertine     Main Title Theme11 Eps
Bobby Hart     Main Title Theme11 Eps
Michele Lyons     Casting Assistant16 Eps
Zoli Osaze     Post Production Sound9 Eps
Lee Smith (2)     Wardrobe1 Eps
Brittany Trusler     Wardrobe2 Eps
Daisy Alexandra Sylbert-torres     Wardrobe1 Eps
Jammie Harris     Wardrobe3 Eps
Beth Cashmore Feeney     Wardrobe 
Amy Elise Roberts     Wardrobe 
E. Dee Biddlecome     Wardrobe4 Eps
Adam Talbott     Wardrobe9 Eps
Jesse Rodriguez (2)     Wardrobe7 Eps
Steve Hickey     Wardrobe2 Eps
Gilbert Zamorano     Wardrobe (2013-present)1 Eps
Nina Stoller     Wardrobe (2013-present)1 Eps
Bethany Jane Bohatila     Wardrobe (2013-present)1 Eps
Jack Herzberg     Assistant Executive Producer (1965-1966)196 Eps
Susanne Robbins     Casting Associate18 Eps
Jason Looney     Casting Associate1 Eps
Bob Lambert     Casting Associate (2013-present)1 Eps
Becky Greenlaw     Senior Producer (1989-1993)963 Eps
Herbert Margolis     Lighting Director1 Eps
Mark Levin     Lighting Director4 Eps
Ted Polmanski     Lighting Director4 Eps
Mark Torromeo     Lighting Director (2009)1 Eps
Bobby Hart     Music Composer1 Eps
Charles Albertine     Music Composer2 Eps
Ron Elfving     Music Composer1 Eps
Ken Heller     Music Composer1 Eps
D. Brent Nelson     Music Composer3 Eps
Tommy Boyce     Music Composer1 Eps
Marty Davich     Music Composer (1979-1993)1 Eps
Ken Corday     Music Composer (1980s-present)206 Eps
Billy Pittard     Title Designer 
Linda Line     Music Coordinator1 Eps
Marty Davich     Music Coordinator1 Eps
Rebecca Weinstein     Production Associate1 Eps
Holly Metts     Production Associate2 Eps
Sara Peterson (2)     Production Associate3 Eps
Krista Cremidan     Production Associate2 Eps
Anne M. Schoettle     Production Associate (1983)1 Eps
Brenda Glazer     Production Associate (2013-present)1 Eps
Lou Onofrio     Unit Manager1 Eps
Delton Lewis     Unit Manager1 Eps
Frances E. French     Unit Manager1 Eps
Bill Atkinson (2)     Unit Manager (1965-1966) 
George Paris     Unit Manager (1966-1967)1 Eps
Jeanne Haney     Unit Manager (1983-1985)1 Eps
Roger Inman     Stage Manager1 Eps
Rick Oxford     Stage Manager1 Eps
Yukiko Tokunaga     Stage Manager1 Eps
Stuart H. Howard     Stage Manager4 Eps
Francesca Bellini De Simone     Stage Manager4 Eps
Gary Wente     Stage Manager (2011-present)1 Eps
Lucy Yalenian     Assistant To The Producer1 Eps
Jonathan Firstenberg     Music Director 
D. Brent Nelson     Music Director4 Eps
Steve Reinhardt     Music Director3 Eps
Amy Evans     Music Director 
Paul F. Antonelli     Music Director (2011-present)2 Eps
Kevan Patten     Audio1 Eps
Tom Ruston     Audio1 Eps
Roger Cortes     Audio4 Eps
Hector Sarabia     Audio (2009-present)7 Eps
Robert Easton     Dialect Coach1 Eps
Danielle Mullen     Assistant Art Director2 Eps
Joe Stewart     Assistant Art Director1 Eps
Bernard Vyzga     Assistant Art Director1 Eps
Walt Romansky     Technical Director1 Eps
Mike Caruso     Technical Director3 Eps
J.C. O’Neill     Technical Director3 Eps
Chuck Abate     Technical Director (2013-present)1 Eps
Betsy McGowen     Videotape Editor1 Eps
David Blair     Hair1 Eps
Greg Meng     Exec. In Charge Of Prod.1572 Eps
Geoffrey Cooper     Sound Effects 
Barbara Langdon     Camera1 Eps
John Boyd     Camera (2013-present)1 Eps
Sam Patterson     Videotape Editor1 Eps
Michelle Poteet Lisanti     Co-head Writer (1980-1981)256 Eps
Gary Tomlin     Co-head Writer (1980-1981; 2012-2015)982 Eps
Margaret DePriest     Co-head Writer (1982-1984)656 Eps
Sheri Anderson     Co-head Writer (1982-1986; 1992-1993)924 Eps
Leah Laiman     Co-head Writer (1984-1986)242 Eps
Thom Racina     Co-head Writer (1984-1986)292 Eps
Anne M. Schoettle     Co-head Writer (1990-1991) 
Richard J. Allen (3)     Co-head Writer (1990-1991; 1992) 
Gene Palumbo     Co-head Writer (1992) 
Beth Milstein     Co-head Writer (1992) 
James E. Reilly     Co-head Writer (1992-1993; 1997-1998; 2003) 
Sally Sussman Morina     Co-head Writer (1997-1998) 
Peter Brash     Co-head Writer (2002-2003) 
Paula Cwikly     Co-head Writer (2002-2003) 
Dena Higley     Co-head Writer (2003; 2015-present) 
Meg Kelly     Co-head Writer (2006-2008) 
Victor Gialanella     Co-head Writer (2008) 
Rick Draughon     Co-head Writer (2008) 
Christopher Whitesell     Co-head Writer (2008-2011; 2012-2015)726 Eps
Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr.     Co-head Writer (2011-2012)232 Eps
Marlene McPherson     Co-head Writer (2011-2012)232 Eps
Josh Griffith     Co-head Writer (2015-present) 
Maralyn Thoma     Associate Head Writer (1983-1985) 
Dena Higley     Associate Head Writer (1985-2003)1 Eps
Richard J. Allen (3)     Associate Head Writer (1986-1989) 
Anne M. Schoettle     Associate Head Writer (1987-1990) 
Beth Milstein     Associate Head Writer (1987-1992; 2006-2007) 
James E. Reilly     Associate Head Writer (1989) 
Maura Penders     Associate Head Writer (1989-1997; 2000-2002) 
Leah Laiman     Associate Head Writer (1991) 
Ethel Brez     Associate Head Writer (1993-1994) 
Mel Brez     Associate Head Writer (1993-1994) 
Marlene McPherson     Associate Head Writer (1993-1999)1 Eps
Shawn Morrison     Associate Head Writer (1995-1998)1 Eps
Sally Sussman Morina     Associate Head Writer (1997)1 Eps
Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr.     Associate Head Writer (1998-1999) 
Addie Walsh     Associate Head Writer (1999-2000; 2002-2003) 
Christopher Whitesell     Associate Head Writer (2000-2001) 
Paula Cwikly     Associate Head Writer (2000-2002; 2003) 
Jeanne Marie Ford     Associate Head Writer (2001; 2003-2004; 2008-2011)456 Eps
Peter Brash     Associate Head Writer (2002-2003) 
Rick Draughon     Associate Head Writer (2002-2006; 2008-present)1169 Eps
Juliet Packer     Associate Head Writer (2003) 
Frederick Johnson (2)     Associate Head Writer (2006-2008) 
Gordon Rayfield     Associate Head Writer (2006-2008) 
Renee Godelia     Associate Head Writer (2006; 2008-2009)141 Eps
Charlotte Gibson     Associate Head Writer (2007-2008) 
Judy Tate     Associate Head Writer (2007-2008) 
Tom Casiello     Associate Head Writer (2007-2008) 
Lisa Seidman     Associate Head Writer (2008-2011)460 Eps
Michelle Poteet Lisanti     Associate Head Writer (2009-2011)577 Eps
Elizabeth Snyder     Associate Head Writer (2011-2012)235 Eps
Nancy Williams Watt     Associate Head Writer (2011-2012)140 Eps
Ryan Quan     Associate Head Writer (2011-present)709 Eps
Christopher Dunn (1)     Associate Head Writer (2011-present)764 Eps
Victor Gialanella     Associate Head Writer (2012)124 Eps
Lisa Connor     Associate Head Writer (2012)49 Eps
Dave Ryan     Associate Head Writer (2012-present)474 Eps
Lorraine Broderick     Associate Head Writer (2012-present)474 Eps
Tyler Topits     Writers' Assistant2 Eps
Marla Kanelos     Writers' Assistant (1990s) 
Jeanne Marie Ford     Writers' Assistant (1992-1996) 
Cydney Kelley     Writers' Assistant (1998-2000; 2002; 2006-2007) 
Renee Godelia     Writers' Assistant (2002) 
Ryan Quan     Writers' Assistant (2007-present)3 Eps
Lacey Dyer     Writers' Assistant (2010-2011)3 Eps
Joe R. Stemmer     Pre-production Coordinator 
Cydney Kelley     Assistant To Head Writer (2001) 
Renee Godelia     Assistant To Head Writer (2001; 2003-2006)1 Eps
Paula Quasarano     Production Finance3 Eps
Jeff Voorhees     Production Finance1 Eps
Terri Lynn Doubet     Production Finance2 Eps
Cynthia Aamoth     Production Finance1 Eps
Terri Lynn Doubet     Production Finance20 Eps
Jeff Voorhees     Production Finance20 Eps
Paula Quasarano     Production Finance18 Eps
Cynthia Aamoth     Production Finance21 Eps
Allison Wait     Web Producer21 Eps
Lisa Kassner     Videotape Operator 
Ken Williamson     Videotape Operator17 Eps
Ken Martinez (2)     Videotape Operator (2013-present)1 Eps
Ray Olsen     Senior Video1 Eps
Alexis Dellar Hanson     Senior Video1 Eps
Alexis Dellar Hanson     Senior Video16 Eps
Nichelle Montgomery     Senior Video (2013-present)1 Eps
Ron Hanff     Electronic Maintenance17 Eps
Ron Hanff     Electronic Maintenance1 Eps
Michael Vick (2)     Digital Systems Maintenance1 Eps
Byron Stultz     Digital Systems Maintenance15 Eps
Chris Robertson     Digital Systems Maintenance16 Eps
Wenceslao De La Cerna     Messengers17 Eps
Ramsin Babanejad     Messengers17 Eps
Ramsin Givergis     Messengers17 Eps
Jeanne Marie Ford     Continuity Coordinator (1999-2000) 
Mark Kretzmann     Autisim Consultant1 Eps
Barbara Esensten     Co-script Editor (2007) 
James Harmon Brown     Co-script Editor (2007) 
Renee Godelia     Writers' Office Manager (2006) 
Jeanne Haney     Senior Coordinating Producer (1993-1999)1519 Eps
Janet Spellman-Rider     Senior Coordinating Producer (1997-2015)4484 Eps
Tom Walker     Senior Coordinating Producer (2001-2008)1858 Eps
Tim Stevens     Senior Coordinating Producer (2011-present)523 Eps
James E. Reilly     Executive Storyline Consultant (1997-1998) 
Al Rabin     Supervising Executive Producer (1983-1989; 1989-1992)2166 Eps
Shelley Curtis     Supervising Executive Producer (1989)192 Eps
Jack Herzberg     Associate Executive Producer (1967-1974)1955 Eps
Greg Meng     Supervising Coordinating Producer (2000-2001)84 Eps
Allen Robinson     John Stunt Double2 Eps
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Soaps
Status: Returning Series
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 01:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: November 08, 1965
This guide is currently edited by:
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