Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

  Season 25 »
Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
01 01x01 23/Apr/2007 Classics
02 01x02 30/Apr/2007 That's Italian
03 01x03 07/May/2007 Blue Plate Special
04 01x04 21/May/2007 Breakfast
05 01x05 28/May/2007 BBQ
06 01x06 04/Jun/2007 Local Legends
07 01x07 11/Jun/2007 Burgers
08 01x08 18/Jun/2007 House Specials
09 01x09 09/Jul/2007 Retro
10 01x10 16/Jul/2007 Worth the Trip
11 01x11 23/Jul/2007 Diners A-Plenty
12 01x12 30/Jul/2007 American Cookin'

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
15 02x03 15/Oct/2007 Seaside Eats
16 02x04 22/Oct/2007 Local Flavor
17 02x05 29/Oct/2007 Viewer's Choice
18 02x06 05/Nov/2007 Real Deal BBQ
19 02x07 10/Nov/2007 Talkin' Turkey
20 02x08 19/Nov/2007 One of a Kind
21 02x09 23/Nov/2007 Family Owned
22 02x10 07/Jan/2008 Open 24/7
23 02x11 14/Jan/2008 Off the Hook Specials
24 02x12 21/Jan/2008 Burgers, Rings and Fries
25 02x13 28/Jan/2008 The New Jersey Diner Tour

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
27 03x02 17/Mar/2008 Like Mama Made
28 03x03 24/Mar/2008 Regional Favorites
29 03x04 31/Mar/2008 Neighborhood Joints
30 03x05 07/Apr/2008 A World of Flavors
31 03x06 14/Apr/2008 Something Different
32 03x07 12/May/2008 American Classics
34 03x09 26/May/2008 The Memphis BBQ Tour
35 03x10 15/Jun/2008 Comfort Food
36 03x11 23/Jun/2008 Where the Locals Go
37 03x12 30/Jun/2008 In the Family
38 03x13 07/Jul/2008 All Kinds of BBQ

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
40 04x02 14/Jul/2008 Diners You Sent Me To
41 04x03 28/Jul/2008 Burgers and Dogs
43 04x05 04/Aug/2008 Where the Locals Eat
44 04x06 18/Aug/2008 Totally Unexpected
45 04x07 15/Sep/2008 A Taste of Everywhere
46 04x08 22/Sep/2008 Better Than Ever
47 04x09 29/Sep/2008 Big Flavor
48 04x10 06/Oct/2008 Cookin' It Old School
50 04x12 03/Nov/2008 Traditional Dishes
51 04x13 10/Nov/2008 Doin' Their Own Thing

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
52 05x01 11/Nov/2008 What's For Breakfast
54 05x03 24/Nov/2008 Not What You'd Expect
55 05x04 01/Dec/2008 Places You Sent Me
57 05x06 12/Jan/2009 Something from Everywhere
59 05x08 26/Jan/2009 Just Like Yesterday
60 05x09 02/Feb/2009 Return to Route 66
62 05x11 16/Feb/2009 Regional Classics
64 05x13 23/Mar/2009 Family Favorites

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
67 06x03 20/Apr/2009 A Little Bit of Everywhere
68 06x04 27/Apr/2009 A Burger, A Bowl and a Slice
69 06x05 04/May/2009 Biscuits, Bagels & BLT's
70 06x06 11/May/2009 Who'Da Thunk It?
71 06x07 25/May/2009 Go-To Joints
72 06x08 01/Jun/2009 Homestyle
73 06x09 08/Jun/2009 All Kinds of Classics
74 06x10 15/Jun/2009 All Over the Map
75 06x11 22/Jun/2009 Old Time Favorites
76 06x12 29/Jun/2009 Comfort Cookin'

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
78 07x01 03/Aug/2009 Upper Crust
79 07x02 10/Aug/2009 Burgers, Tacos and Dogs
80 07x03 17/Aug/2009 Name That Cook
81 07x04 24/Aug/2009 Global Grub
82 07x05 31/Aug/2009 Only At This Joint
83 07x06 07/Sep/2009 You Picked 'em
84 07x07 05/Oct/2009 You Can Say That Again
85 07x08 12/Oct/2009 Barbequed, Baked and Brined
86 07x09 19/Oct/2009 Blast From the Past
87 07x10 26/Oct/2009 Dives Worth a Drive
88 07x11 02/Nov/2009 Family Style
89 07x12 09/Nov/2009 Diners Times Three
90 07x13 16/Nov/2009 Legacies

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
91 08x01 23/Nov/2009 Burgers, Steaks, and Chops
92 08x02 11/Jan/2010 Pizza, Pork And Paprikash
93 08x03 18/Jan/2010 Stacked, Stuffed and Loaded
95 08x05 01/Feb/2010 Home And Away
96 08x06 08/Feb/2010 By Request
97 08x07 15/Feb/2010 And The Kicker Is…
98 08x08 22/Mar/2010 Comfort Food Classics
99 08x09 22/Feb/2010 Twists and Traditions
100 08x10 29/Mar/2010 Fresh And Funky
101 08x11 05/Apr/2010 Triple D Goes Hawaiian

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
103 09x01 26/Apr/2010 Surf 'n Turf
104 09x02 03/May/2010 Homegrown And Homemade
105 09x03 10/May/2010 Globetrottin'
106 09x04 17/May/2010 Bringin' It Home
107 09x05 24/May/2010 Porkapalooza
108 09x06 31/May/2010 Grilled, Smoked And Sauced
109 09x07 07/Jun/2010 Comfort Food With Attitude
110 09x08 21/Jun/2010 Fast Food Their Way
111 09x09 28/Jun/2010 Farm To Table
112 09x10 12/Jul/2010 Kansas City Barbecue Tour
114 09x12 26/Jul/2010 You Called It
115 09x13 09/Aug/2010 Old Time Attitude

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
116 10x01 30/Aug/2010 Family Joints
117 10x02 06/Sep/2010 Tried and True
118 10x03 13/Sep/2010 Timeless
119 10x04 20/Sep/2010 You Found Em
122 10x07 25/Oct/2010 Made to Order
124 10x09 08/Nov/2010 Gone Global
126 10x11 26/Nov/2010 Sweet 'n Savory
127 10x12 13/Dec/2010 Wings 'n Things
128 10x13 18/Dec/2010 Sandwiches Plus

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
130 11x02 10/Jan/2011 Po' Boys, Pasta And Pork
131 11x03 17/Jan/2011 Funky Finds
132 11x04 24/Jan/2011 Quirky Classics
133 11x05 31/Jan/2011 A Little Twisted
134 11x06 07/Feb/2011 Signature Sandwiches
135 11x07 28/Feb/2011 Favorites With A Twist
137 11x09 14/Mar/2011 From Crepes to Kreplach
138 11x10 21/Mar/2011 Fully Loaded
139 11x11 28/Mar/2011 From Mozz to Matzo Balls
140 11x12 04/Apr/2011 Signature Twists
141 11x13 11/Apr/2011 Porktastic

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
142 12x01 09/May/2011 Bar Food and Bon Bons
143 12x02 16/May/2011 From Kraut to Couscous
144 12x03 23/May/2011 You Can Only Get It Here
145 12x04 12/Sep/2011 Grillin' and Smokin'
146 12x05 19/Sep/2011 Southern Flavor
148 12x07 03/Oct/2011 Homemade & Homebrewed
149 12x08 10/Oct/2011 Latin Street Food
150 12x09 17/Oct/2011 Slammin' Sammies
151 12x10 24/Oct/2011 Global Comfort
152 12x11 31/Oct/2011 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
153 12x12 07/Nov/2011 Pizza, Pancakes and Pork
154 12x13 21/Nov/2011 Old to New

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
155 13x01 28/Nov/2011 Seafood & Sammies
157 13x03 12/Dec/2011 Kid Rock's Detroit Tour
158 13x04 19/Dec/2011 Southern Staples
159 13x05 26/Dec/2011 Scratch Made Classics
160 13x06 16/Jan/2012 Meat Madness
161 13x07 23/Jan/2012 Global Traditions
163 13x09 06/Feb/2012 Family Matters
164 13x10 13/Feb/2012 Old Faves, New Craves
165 13x11 20/Feb/2012 Long Standing Legacies
166 13x12 27/Feb/2012 Time Tested Treasures
167 13x13 05/Mar/2012 Outside the Box

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
169 14x02 09/Apr/2012 Streamlined Sammies
170 14x03 16/Apr/2012 Crankin' Up the Classics
171 14x04 23/Apr/2012 Passin' The Baton
173 14x06 07/May/2012 Unexpected Eats
174 14x07 28/May/2012 BBQ Road Show
175 14x08 04/Jun/2012 All Vegas, All the Time
176 14x09 11/Jun/2012 Serious Sandwiches
177 14x10 18/Jun/2012 International Eats
178 14x11 25/Jun/2012 Belly Up
180 14x13 30/Jul/2012 Coast to Coast Chow

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
181 15x01 06/Aug/2012 Unconventional Comforts
182 15x02 13/Aug/2012 Goin' the Extra Mile
183 15x03 20/Aug/2012 Savory Standouts
184 15x04 27/Aug/2012 Surf 'N' Turf Jackpot
185 15x05 03/Sep/2012 Massachusetts Madness
186 15x06 24/Sep/2012 East Coast Comfort
189 15x09 15/Oct/2012 Handcrafted
190 15x10 22/Oct/2012 All Family, All the Time
191 15x11 29/Oct/2012 Food Done Right
193 15x13 12/Nov/2012 Turn On Traditional

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
194 16x01 10/Dec/2012 Authentic Eats
195 16x02 17/Dec/2012 Fully Focused
196 16x03 24/Dec/2012 Far Out
197 16x04 07/Jan/2013 Matches Made in Heaven
198 16x05 14/Jan/2013 Savory Sensations
199 16x06 21/Jan/2013 Hometown Haunts
200 16x07 11/Feb/2013 200th Episode: Land to Sea
201 16x08 18/Feb/2013 Decadent Dishes
202 16x09 25/Feb/2013 Eurocentric
203 16x10 04/Mar/2013 Hittin' the Grill
204 16x11 11/Mar/2013 Unlikely Partners
205 16x12 18/Mar/2013 Layers of Flavor

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
207 17x01 22/Apr/2013 Tacos and Tots
208 17x02 29/Apr/2013 Chicken, Chili and Chowder
209 17x03 06/May/2013 Dynamic Duos
210 17x04 13/May/2013 Traditional Gone Wild
211 17x05 20/May/2013 Peppers, Pork and Poutine
214 17x08 24/Jun/2013 Timeless Traditions
215 17x09 01/Jul/2013 From Pound Cake to Pot Pie
216 17x10 08/Jul/2013 L.A. Eats
218 17x12 12/Aug/2013 From the Heart
219 17x13 19/Aug/2013 That's Fresh

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
220 18x01 26/Aug/2013 Neighborhood Knockouts
221 18x02 02/Sep/2013 Meat Lover's Paradise
222 18x03 09/Sep/2013 Servin' Up San Francisco
223 18x04 16/Sep/2013 Cannoli, Fritters and Wings
224 18x05 21/Oct/2013 Aces of Authenticity
225 18x06 28/Oct/2013 Sammies and Stew
227 18x07 18/Nov/2013 All Kinds of Gobble Gobble
228 18x08 25/Nov/2013 Comfort and Soul
230 18x10 09/Dec/2013 South of the Border
231 18x11 16/Dec/2013 Tennessee Holiday Traditions
232 18x12 23/Dec/2013 Family Time
233 18x13 30/Dec/2013 Soup, Salad and Seafood

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
234 19x01 07/Feb/2014 Guy's Hometown Tour
236 19x03 14/Feb/2014 All Things New York
238 19x03 21/Feb/2014 Big Time Bites
237 19x04 17/Feb/2014 Super Sandwiches
239 19x06 28/Feb/2014 Keepin' It Real
240 19x07 07/Mar/2014 Dynamite Duos
241 19x08 14/Mar/2014 Kickin' it in Key West
242 19x09 21/Mar/2014 Late Night Legends
244 19x11 18/Apr/2014 Crazy for Chicken
245 19x12 25/Apr/2014 From Meatballs to Lollipops
246 19x13 02/May/2014 Real Deal Mexican
249 19x16 23/May/2014 Island Flavor
251 19x18 06/Jun/2014 Righeteous Bites

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
254 20x01 11/Jul/2014 California Cruisin'
255 20x02 18/Jul/2014 Stuffed and Twisted
256 20x03 25/Jul/2014 Old Standards, New Styles
257 20x04 01/Aug/2014 From Standards to Standouts
258 20x05 08/Aug/2014 All Day Dining

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
259 21x01 05/Sep/2014 Roadtrippin' in Beantown
260 21x02 12/Sep/2014 Seriously Saucy
261 21x03 19/Sep/2014 Cross-Country Classics
262 21x04 26/Sep/2014 Worldwide Flavorfest
263 21x05 03/Oct/2014 Small Town Standouts
264 21x06 10/Oct/2014 One Street Wonders
266 21x08 07/Nov/2014 Meat in the Middle
267 21x09 14/Nov/2014 Soup-Centric
268 21x10 21/Nov/2014 All Baltimore, All the Time
269 21x11 28/Nov/2014 Chicken Chowfest
270 21x12 05/Dec/2014 Fresh Fish & Funky Chicken
271 21x13 12/Dec/2014 Oldies But Goodies

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
273 22x02 23/Jan/2015 Cruisin' the Italian Countryside
274 22x03 30/Jan/2015 Fillin' Up in Florence
275 22x04 06/Feb/2015 Arizona All-Stars
276 22x05 27/Feb/2015 Roadtrippin'
277 22x06 06/Mar/2015 From Atlantic to Pacific
278 22x07 13/Mar/2015 Globe Tasting
279 22x08 17/Apr/2015 Sweet, Savory and Saucy
280 22x09 24/Apr/2015 To Bakersfield and Beyond
281 22x10 01/May/2015 Driving Through Charlotte
282 22x11 22/May/2015 Indulgent Dishes
283 22x12 29/May/2015 Griddles and Vittles
284 22x13 05/Jun/2015 Intercontinental Flavorfest

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
286 23x02 24/Jul/2015 Taste of Asia
287 23x03 31/Jul/2015 Tri-Continent Cuisine
289 23x05 28/Aug/2015 Homeland Favorites
290 23x06 11/Sep/2015 Name That Kitchen
291 23x07 18/Sep/2015 Beef It Up
292 23x08 25/Sep/2015 By Hand and By Fork
293 23x09 09/Oct/2015 Finger Lickin' Food
294 23x10 16/Oct/2015 Bite of Britain
295 23x11 06/Nov/2015 Piggin' Out
296 23x12 04/Dec/2015 Isle-Talian

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
297 24x01 01/Jan/2016 All Kinds of Meat
298 24x02 03/Jan/2016 DDD MVPs
299 24x03 15/Jan/2016 Family Legacies
300 24x04 20/Jan/2016 Rockin' New Orleans
301 24x05 22/Jan/2016 Between the Bread
302 24x06 03/Feb/2016 Comfort Food Mash-Up
303 24x07 11/Mar/2016 Smoke and Seafood
304 24x08 25/Mar/2016 International Appeal
305 24x09 08/Apr/2016 Tacos, Turtles and Tri-Tip
306 24x10 15/Apr/2016 Succulent Sandwiches
307 24x11 22/Apr/2016 Hot Meat and Cool Veg
308 24x12 06/May/2016 South Beach Sizzle
309 24x13 23/May/2016 Knockout Burger Joints
310 24x14 27/May/2016 Pizza Party
311 24x15 27/May/2016 Smoked, Grilled and Fried
314 24x18 10/Jun/2016 Havana Hot Spots
315 24x19 17/Jun/2016 Great Gear

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
316 25x01 01/Jul/2016 Soakin' up Maui
317 25x02 03/Jul/2016 Big Time Barbecue
318 25x03 08/Jul/2016 Asia, Africa and India
319 25x04 15/Jul/2016 Creole, Cold Cuts and Crepes

Episode Air Date Episode Name
S08 - #1 23/Nov/2008 Best of Diners, Drive-Ins & Dive
S08 - #2 27/Nov/2009 Diner's Drive-ins and Dives: Best from the Road
S08 - #3 05/Dec/2009 Guy's Disney Holiday
S08 - #4 07/Dec/2009 A North Pole Christmas
S18 - #5 06/Jan/2014 Best of Pizza
S18 - #6 28/Jun/2014 Wildest Joints
S19 - #7 24/Jan/2014 Global Flavor Faves
S19 - #8 28/Jul/2014 Legends of Texas
S19 - #9 08/Feb/2014 Amazing Italian
S19 - #10 09/May/2014 Cross Country Comfort Food
S19 - #11 16/May/2014 International Family Style
S19 - #12 30/May/2014 Grillin', Chillin' and Huli Huli Chicken
S21 - #13 22/Dec/2014 Southern Spectacular
S21 - #14 23/Dec/2014 Best of Breakfast
S21 - #15 24/Dec/2014 Memorable Moms
S21 - #16 25/Dec/2014 Hometown Heroes
S22 - #17 09/Mar/2015 All Beefed Up
S22 - #18 25/May/2015 Summer Spectacular
S22 - #19 15/Jun/2015 Flavortown Faves
S22 - #20 13/Jul/2015 Back to the Beginning
S23 - #21 03/Aug/2015 Best of the Beach
S23 - #22 23/Sep/2015 East Coast Cruisin'

  Season 25 »
Network: food network ( USA)
Type: Reality
Genres: Cooking/Food
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Fridays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: April 23, 2007
Episodes Order: 13
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