Frontline (US)

  Season 34 »
Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
02 01x02 24/Jan/1983 88 Seconds in Greensboro
03 01x03 31/Jan/1983 In the Shadow of the Capitol
04 01x04 07/Feb/1983 A Chinese Affair
05 01x05 14/Feb/1983 God's Banker
06 01x06 21/Feb/1983 Pentagon, Inc.
09 01x09 21/Mar/1983 A Journey to Russia
10 01x10 28/Mar/1983 Daisy: Story of a Facelift
11 01x11 11/Apr/1983 Space: the Race for High Ground
12 01x12 18/Apr/1983 Abortion Clinic
13 01x13 25/Apr/1983 Crisis in Zimbabwe
14 01x14 02/May/1983 Air Crash
15 01x15 09/May/1983 Looking for Mao
16 01x16 16/May/1983 Israel: Between the River and the Sea
17 01x17 23/May/1983 In Our Water
18 01x18 30/May/1983 Vietnam Memorial
19 01x19 13/May/1983 The Russians are Here
20 01x20 06/Jun/1983 For the Good of All
21 01x21 20/Jun/1983 Who Decides Disability?
22 01x22 27/Jun/1983 Crossfire in El Salvador
23 01x23 04/Jul/1983 Sanctuary
24 01x24 11/Jul/1983 Moneylenders
25 01x25 18/Jul/1983 Klaus Barbie: the American Connection

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
26 02x01 16/Jan/1984 Crisis at General Hospital
27 02x02 23/Jan/1984 We are Driven
28 02x03 06/Feb/1984 The Old Man and the Gun
29 02x04 13/Feb/1984 Give Me that Big Time Religion
30 02x05 27/Feb/1984 The Campaign for Page One
31 02x06 19/Mar/1984 The Mind of a Murderer (1)
32 02x07 26/Mar/1984 The Mind of a Murderer (2)
33 02x08 02/Apr/1984 The Struggle for Birmingham
36 02x11 07/May/1984 The Other Side of the Track
37 02x12 14/May/1984 Return of the Great White Fleet
38 02x13 21/May/1984 Warning from Gangland
39 02x14 04/Jun/1984 Bread, Butter and Politics
40 02x15 18/Jun/1984 Man's Best Friends
41 02x16 09/Oct/1984 So You Want to Be President
42 02x17 16/Oct/1984 Welcome to America
43 02x18 23/Oct/1984 Not One of the Boys
44 02x19 30/Oct/1984 Living Below the Line
45 02x20 13/Nov/1984 The Arab and the Israeli
46 02x21 20/Nov/1984 Better Off Dead?
47 02x22 27/Nov/1984 Cry, Ethiopia, Cry
48 02x23 11/Dec/1984 Red Star Over Khyber
49 02x24 18/Dec/1984 Marshall High Fights Back

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
50 03x01 15/Jan/1985 Vietnam Under Communism
51 03x02 22/Jan/1985 Shootout on Imperial Highway (1)
52 03x03 29/Jan/1985 Shootout on Imperial Highway (2)
53 03x04 05/Feb/1985 The Lifer and the Lady
54 03x05 12/Feb/1985 The Child Savers
55 03x06 19/Feb/1985 Down for the Count
57 03x08 05/Mar/1985 Buying the Bomb
58 03x09 26/Mar/1985 A Class Divided
59 03x10 02/Apr/1985 Potomac Fever
60 03x11 09/Apr/1985 Crisis in Central America: Yankee Years (1)
61 03x12 10/Apr/1985 Crisis in Central America: Castro's Challenge (2)
62 03x13 11/Apr/1985 Crisis in Central America: Revolution in Nicaragua (3)
64 03x15 16/Apr/1985 Men Who Molest
65 03x16 23/Apr/1985 Catholics in America: Is Nothing Sacred?
66 03x17 30/Apr/1985 The American Way of War
67 03x18 07/May/1985 Memory of the Camps
68 03x19 14/May/1985 You Are in the Computer
69 03x20 21/May/1985 What About Mom and Dad?
70 03x21 28/May/1985 Breaking the Bank

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
72 04x02 28/Jan/1986 Sue the Doctor?
73 04x03 04/Feb/1986 Growing Up Poor
74 04x04 11/Feb/1986 Russia-Love It or Leave It
75 04x05 18/Feb/1986 Tobacco on Trial
76 04x06 25/Feb/1986 Divorce Wars
77 04x07 18/Mar/1986 Who's Running this War?
78 04x08 25/Mar/1986 AIDS: a National Inquiry
79 04x09 01/Apr/1986 Standoff in Mexico
80 04x10 08/Apr/1986 Inside the Jury Room
81 04x11 15/Apr/1986 Taxes Behind Closed Doors
82 04x12 20/Apr/1986 The Disillusionment of David Stockman
83 04x13 22/Apr/1986 Visions of Star Wars
84 04x14 13/May/1986 Hollywood Dreams
85 04x15 20/May/1986 The Bloods of 'Nam
87 04x17 03/Jun/1986 Holy War, Holy Terror
88 04x18 10/Jun/1986 Will There Always Be an England?
89 04x19 17/Jun/1986 Assault on Affirmative Action
90 04x20 01/Jul/1986 Comrades: The Education of Rita (1)
91 04x21 08/Jul/1986 Comrades: Hunter and Son (2)
92 04x22 15/Jul/1986 Comrades: All that Jazz (3)
93 04x23 22/Jul/1986 Comrades: The Trial of Tamara Russo (4)
94 04x24 29/Jul/1986 Comrades: Master of Samarkand (5)
95 04x25 05/Aug/1986 Comrades: Pacific Outpost (6)
96 04x26 12/Aug/1986 Comrades: Steel Mill Soccer (7)
97 04x27 19/Aug/1986 Comrades: Doctor in Moscow (8)
98 04x28 26/Aug/1986 Comrades: Baltic Chic (9)
99 04x29 26/Aug/1986 Comrades: Soldier Boy (10)
100 04x30 02/Sep/1986 Comrades: October Harvest (11)
101 04x31 09/Sep/1986 Comrades: Leningrad Movie (12)

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
102 05x01 27/Jan/1987 The Real Stuff
103 05x02 03/Feb/1987 The Earthquake is Coming
104 05x03 10/Feb/1987 Stopping Drugs (1)
105 05x04 17/Feb/1987 Stopping Drugs (2)
106 05x05 24/Feb/1987 The Nazi Connection
107 05x06 03/Mar/1987 Desperately Seeking Baby
108 05x07 31/Mar/1987 Street Cop
109 05x08 14/Apr/1987 The Secret File
110 05x09 21/Apr/1987 War on Nicaragua
111 05x10 05/May/1987 The Bombing of West Philly
112 05x11 26/May/1987 In Search of the Marcos Millions
113 05x12 02/Jun/1987 Israel: the Price of Victory
114 05x13 09/Jun/1987 Death of a Porn Queen
115 05x14 16/Jun/1987 Keeping the Faith
116 05x15 23/Jun/1987 The Politics of Greed
118 05x17 14/Dec/1987 Apartheid: 1948-1963 (2)
120 05x19 15/Dec/1987 Apartheid: 1978-1986 (4)
121 05x20 16/Dec/1987 Apartheid: 1987 (5)

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
123 06x02 02/Feb/1988 Operation Urgent Fury
124 06x03 09/Feb/1988 The Man Who Shot John Lennon
125 06x04 16/Feb/1988 Your Flight is Cancelled
126 06x05 23/Feb/1988 Shakedown in Santa Fe
127 06x06 01/Mar/1988 Let My Daughter Die
128 06x07 29/Mar/1988 Back in the USSR
129 06x08 05/Apr/1988 Poison and the Pentagon
130 06x09 12/Apr/1988 To a Safer Place
131 06x10 19/Apr/1988 Murder on the Rio San Juan
132 06x11 26/Apr/1988 American Game, Japanese Rules
133 06x12 10/May/1988 Racism 101
134 06x13 17/May/1988 Guns, Drugs, and the CIA
136 06x15 31/May/1988 Trouble in Paradise
138 06x17 14/Jun/1988 Our Forgotten War
139 06x18 21/Jun/1988 Indian Country
140 06x19 28/Jun/1988 My Husband is Going to Kill Me
141 06x20 10/Oct/1988 The Politics of Prosperity
142 06x21 24/Oct/1988 The Choice

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
143 07x01 18/Jan/1989 The Real Life of Ronald Reagan
144 07x02 24/Jan/1989 The Spy Who Broke the Code
145 07x03 31/Jan/1989 The Battle for Eastern Airlines
146 07x04 07/Feb/1989 Running with Jesse
147 07x05 14/Feb/1989 Children of the Night
148 07x06 21/Feb/1989 Who Profits from Drugs
150 07x08 04/Apr/1989 The Dallas Drug War
151 07x09 11/Apr/1989 Murder in the Amazon
152 07x10 18/Apr/1989 The Shakespeare Mystery
153 07x11 02/May/1989 Extraordinary People
154 07x12 09/May/1989 Yellowstone Under Fire
155 07x13 23/May/1989 Remember My Lai
156 07x14 16/May/1989 Israel: the Covert Connection
157 07x15 30/May/1989 Babies at Risk
158 07x16 13/Jun/1989 Death of a Terrorist
159 07x17 20/Jun/1989 Who's Killing Calvert City?
160 07x18 28/Nov/1989 Tracking the Pan Am Bombers
161 07x19 13/Dec/1989 The Right to Die?

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
162 08x01 23/Jan/1990 The Bombing of Pan Am 103
163 08x02 30/Jan/1990 The Noriega Connection
164 08x03 06/Feb/1990 Miss USSR
165 08x04 13/Feb/1990 Throwaway People
166 08x05 27/Feb/1990 The Faces of Arafat
167 08x06 20/Mar/1990 Anatomy of an Oil Spill
168 08x07 27/Mar/1990 Poland - the Morning After
169 08x08 03/Apr/1990 Born in Africa
170 08x09 17/Apr/1990 New Harvest, Old Shame
171 08x10 24/Apr/1990 Hilary in Hiding
172 08x11 01/May/1990 Other People's Money
173 08x12 08/May/1990 Plunder!
175 08x14 22/May/1990 Inside the Cartel
176 08x15 12/Jun/1990 Teacher, Teacher
178 08x17 18/Sep/1990 Decade of Destruction: Ashes of Forest (1)
179 08x18 19/Sep/1990 Decade of Destruction: Killing for Land (2)
180 08x19 20/Sep/1990 Decade of Destruction: Mountains of Gold (3)
181 08x20 21/Sep/1990 Decade of Destruction: Chico Mendes (4)
182 08x21 02/Oct/1990 Global Dumping Ground
183 08x22 16/Oct/1990 When Cops Go Bad
184 08x23 23/Oct/1990 The Hunt for Howard Marks
185 08x24 30/Oct/1990 Broken Minds
186 08x25 06/Nov/1990 Betting on the Lottery
187 08x26 20/Nov/1990 Springfield Goes to War
190 08x29 18/Dec/1990 The Spirit of Crazy Horse

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
191 09x01 15/Jan/1991 To the Brink of War
192 09x02 05/Feb/1991 Cuba and Cocaine
193 09x03 12/Feb/1991 The Man Who Made the Supergun
194 09x04 19/Feb/1991 Guns, Tanks, and Gorbachev
195 09x05 26/Feb/1991 The Mind of Hussein
196 09x06 02/Apr/1991 Black America's War
197 09x07 09/Apr/1991 War and Peace in Panama
198 09x08 16/Apr/1991 The Election Held Hostage
199 09x09 30/Apr/1991 Who Pays for Mom and Dad?
201 09x11 14/May/1991 The Spy Hunter
202 09x12 21/May/1991 To the Last Fish
203 09x13 11/Jun/1991 The Color of Your Skin
204 09x14 15/Jul/1991 The Gates Nomination
205 09x15 15/Oct/1991 In the Shadow of Sakharov
206 09x16 22/Oct/1991 The Great American Bailout
207 09x17 29/Oct/1991 The War We Left Behind
208 09x18 05/Nov/1991 Don King, Unauthorized
209 09x19 12/Nov/1991 My Doctor, My Lover
210 09x20 19/Nov/1991 Losing the War with Japan
211 09x21 26/Nov/1991 The Secret Story of Terry Waite
212 09x22 03/Dec/1991 Who Killed Adam Mann?

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
213 10x01 21/Jan/1992 The Resurrection of Reverend Moon
214 10x02 11/Feb/1992 The Last Communist
215 10x03 18/Feb/1992 Coming from Japan
216 10x04 25/Feb/1992 After Gorbachev's USSR
217 10x05 03/Mar/1992 Who is David Duke?
218 10x06 24/Mar/1992 The Death of Nancy Cruzan
220 10x08 07/Apr/1992 Investigating the October Surprise
221 10x09 15/Apr/1992 The Betrayal of Democracy
222 10x10 21/Apr/1992 The Bank of Crooks and Criminals
223 10x11 28/Apr/1992 Who Cares About Children?
225 10x13 02/Jun/1992 Dear Frontline
226 10x14 16/Jun/1992 A Kid Kills
227 10x15 23/Jun/1992 Your Loan is Denied
228 10x16 13/Oct/1992 Thomas and Hill: Public Hearing, Private Pain
229 10x17 20/Oct/1992 The Politics of Power
230 10x18 21/Oct/1992 The Choice '92
231 10x19 27/Oct/1992 The Best Campaign Money Can Buy
232 10x20 10/Nov/1992 Monsters Among Us
233 10x21 17/Nov/1992 JFK, Hoffa, and the Mob
234 10x22 24/Nov/1992 In Search of Our Fathers

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
235 11x01 19/Jan/1993 Clinton Takes Over
236 11x02 26/Jan/1993 Journey to the Occupied Lands
237 11x03 02/Feb/1993 What Happened to the Drug War?
238 11x04 09/Feb/1993 The Secret File on J. Edgar Hoover
239 11x05 16/Feb/1993 The Arming of Saudi Arabia
240 11x06 02/Mar/1993 Apartheid's Last Stand
241 11x07 23/Mar/1993 Choosing Death: Health Quarterly Special
242 11x08 30/Mar/1993 In Our Children's Food
243 11x09 06/Apr/1993 The Trouble with Baseball
244 11x10 13/Apr/1993 Iran and the Bomb
245 11x11 27/Apr/1993 LA Is Burning: 5 Reports from a Divided City
246 11x12 04/May/1993 Ashes of the Cold War
247 11x13 25/May/1993 The Health Care Gamble
248 11x14 20/Jul/1993 Innocence Lost: The Verdict Parts I and II
249 11x15 21/Jul/1993 Innocence Lost: The Verdict Parts III and IV
249 11x16 12/Oct/1993 The Heartbeat of America
250 11x17 19/Oct/1993 Prisoners of Silence
251 11x18 26/Oct/1993 Secrets of a Bomb Factory
252 11x19 09/Nov/1993 Showdown in Haiti
253 11x20 16/Nov/1993 Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?
254 11x21 30/Nov/1993 AIDS, Blood and Politics
255 11x22 14/Dec/1993 Behind the Badge

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
256 12x01 18/Jan/1994 A Place for Madness
257 12x02 01/Feb/1994 The Diamond Empire
258 12x03 15/Feb/1994 Tabloid Truth: the Michael Jackson Story
260 12x05 01/Mar/1994 Sarajevo: the Living and the Dead
261 12x06 29/Mar/1994 In the Game
262 12x07 05/Apr/1994 The Kevorkian File
263 12x08 26/Apr/1994 Mandela
264 12x09 03/May/1994 The Struggle for Russia
265 12x10 10/May/1994 Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo
266 12x11 24/May/1994 Public Lands, Private Profits
267 12x12 07/Jun/1994 Go Back to Mexico!
268 12x13 21/Jun/1994 The Trouble with Evan
269 12x14 18/Oct/1994 School Colors
270 12x15 25/Oct/1994 Is This Any Way to Run a Government?
271 12x16 01/Nov/1994 Hot Money
272 12x17 08/Nov/1994 How to Steal $500 Million

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
274 13x01 03/Jan/1995 The Nicotine War
275 13x02 10/Jan/1995 Does TV Kill?
276 13x03 31/Jan/1995 What Happened to Bill Clinton?
277 13x04 14/Feb/1995 The Godfather of Cocaine
279 13x06 28/Feb/1995 Rush Limbaugh's America
280 13x07 04/Apr/1995 Divided Memories (1)
282 13x09 25/Apr/1995 The Homecoming
283 13x10 02/May/1995 When the Bough Breaks
285 13x12 23/May/1995 The Confessions of Rosa Lee
286 13x13 06/Jun/1995 Welcome to Happy Valley
288 13x15 17/Oct/1995 Waco: the Inside Story
289 13x16 24/Oct/1995 The Search for Satan
290 13x17 31/Oct/1995 High Stakes in Cyberspace
291 13x18 07/Nov/1995 Who's Afraid of Rupert Murdoch?
293 13x20 12/Dec/1995 Living on the Edge

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
294 14x01 09/Jan/1996 The Gulf War
295 14x02 16/Jan/1996 The Long March of Newt Gingrich
296 14x03 30/Jan/1996 So You Want to Buy a President?
297 14x04 06/Feb/1996 Murder on 'Abortion Row'
298 14x05 27/Feb/1996 Breast Implants on Trial
299 14x06 02/Apr/1996 Smoke in the Eye
300 14x07 09/Apr/1996 Angel on Death Row
301 14x08 17/Apr/1996 Shtetl
302 14x09 30/Apr/1996 The Pilgrimage of Jesse Jackson
304 14x11 21/May/1996 Does America Still Work?
305 14x12 04/Jun/1996 The Gate of Heavenly Peace
306 14x13 08/Oct/1996 The Choice '96
307 14x14 15/Oct/1996 The Navy Blues
309 14x16 19/Nov/1996 Loose Nukes
310 14x17 26/Nov/1996 Secret Daughter

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
311 15x01 14/Jan/1997 Betting on the Market
312 15x02 21/Jan/1997 Six O'Clock News
313 15x03 25/Feb/1997 What Jennifer Saw
314 15x04 01/Apr/1997 Valentina's Nightmare
315 15x05 08/Apr/1997 Murder, Money, and Mexico
316 15x06 15/Apr/1997 The Fixers
317 15x07 22/Apr/1997 Nuclear Reaction
319 15x09 20/May/1997 The Opium Kings
320 15x10 27/May/1997 Innocence Lost: the Plea
321 15x11 03/Jun/1997 Hot Guns
322 15x12 10/Jun/1997 Easy Money
323 15x13 17/Jun/1997 Nazi Gold
324 15x14 07/Oct/1997 Once Upon a Time in Arkansas
325 15x15 14/Oct/1997 The Lost American
326 15x16 21/Oct/1997 Behind the Mask: the IRA and Sinn Fein
327 15x17 28/Oct/1997 Dreams of Tibet
328 15x18 11/Nov/1997 A Whale of a Business
329 15x19 18/Nov/1997 The Princess and the Press

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
330 16x01 20/Jan/1998 Last Battle of the Gulf War
331 16x02 03/Feb/1998 My Retirement Dreams
332 16x03 10/Feb/1998 The Two Nations of Black America
333 16x04 06/Apr/1998 From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians
335 16x06 28/Apr/1998 Busted: America's War on Marijuana
336 16x07 12/May/1998 Inside the Tobacco Deal
337 16x08 19/May/1998 Secrets of an Independent Counsel
338 16x09 26/May/1998 The World's Most Wanted Man
339 16x10 02/Jun/1998 Fooling With Nature
340 16x11 21/Sep/1998 The Farmer's Wife (1)
341 16x12 22/Sep/1998 The Farmer's Wife (2)
342 16x13 23/Sep/1998 The Farmer's Wife (3)
344 16x15 06/Oct/1998 Washington's Other Scandal
345 16x16 13/Oct/1998 Plague War
346 16x17 27/Oct/1998 The Child Terror
347 16x18 03/Nov/1998 Fat

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
348 17x01 12/Jan/1999 Snitch
349 17x02 26/Jan/1999 The Triumph of Evil
350 17x03 09/Feb/1999 The Execution
351 17x04 23/Feb/1999 Russian Roulette
352 17x05 13/Apr/1999 Hunting Bin Laden
353 17x06 27/Apr/1999 Spying on Saddam
355 17x08 25/May/1999 The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela
356 17x09 01/Jun/1999 Making Babies
357 17x10 22/Jun/1999 Pop
359 17x12 28/Sep/1999 John Paul II: the Millennial Pope
360 17x13 05/Oct/1999 Secrets of the SAT
361 17x14 12/Oct/1999 Mafia Power Play
362 17x15 19/Oct/1999 The Lost Children of Rockdale County
363 17x16 22/Nov/1999 Apocalypse!
364 17x17 23/Nov/1999 Justice for Sale

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
365 18x01 11/Jan/2000 The Case for Innocence
366 18x02 18/Jan/2000 The Killer at Thurston High
367 18x03 25/Jan/2000 The Survival of Saddam
368 18x04 15/Feb/2000 Assault on Gay America
369 18x05 22/Feb/2000 War in Europe
370 18x06 04/Apr/2000 Dr Solomon's Dilemma
371 18x07 18/Apr/2000 What's Up With the Weather?
372 18x08 02/May/2000 Jefferson's Blood
374 18x10 23/May/2000 The Battle Over School Choice
375 18x11 02/Oct/2000 The Choice 2000
376 18x12 09/Oct/2000 Drug Wars (1)
378 18x14 24/Oct/2000 The Future of War
379 18x15 31/Oct/2000 Real Justice (1)
380 18x16 21/Nov/2000 Real Justice (2)

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
381 19x01 16/Jan/2001 The Clinton Years
382 19x02 30/Jan/2001 Juvenile Justice
383 19x03 06/Feb/2001 Saving Elian
384 19x04 13/Feb/2001 Hackers
385 19x05 27/Feb/2001 The Merchants of Cool
386 19x06 27/Mar/2001 Organ Farm
387 19x07 10/Apr/2001 Medicating Kids
388 19x08 24/Apr/2001 Harvest of Fear
389 19x09 15/May/2001 LAPD Blues
390 19x10 05/Jun/2001 Blackout
391 19x11 13/Sep/2001 Hunting Bin Laden
392 19x12 04/Oct/2001 Target America
393 19x13 09/Oct/2001 Looking for Answers
394 19x14 18/Oct/2001 Dangerous Straits
395 19x15 25/Oct/2001 Trail of a Terrorist
396 19x16 08/Nov/2001 Gunning for Saddam
397 19x17 15/Nov/2001 Saudi Time Bomb?
398 19x18 22/Nov/2001 The Monster That Ate Hollywood

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
399 20x01 10/Jan/2002 An Ordinary Crime
401 20x03 24/Jan/2002 Dot Con
402 20x04 31/Jan/2002 Inside the Teenage Brain
403 20x05 07/Feb/2002 American Porn
404 20x06 21/Feb/2002 Roll Over: the Hidden History of the SUV
405 20x07 28/Mar/2002 Testing Our Schools
406 20x08 04/Apr/2002 Battle for the Holy Land
408 20x10 18/Apr/2002 Modern Meat
409 20x11 25/Apr/2002 Did Daddy Do It?
410 20x12 02/May/2002 Terror and Tehran
411 20x13 09/May/2002 Muslims
412 20x14 13/Jun/2002 The Siege of Bethlehem
413 20x15 20/Jun/2002 Bigger Than Enron
414 20x16 27/Jun/2002 Shattered Dreams
415 20x17 03/Sep/2002 Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero
416 20x18 08/Sep/2002 Campaign Against Terror
418 20x20 10/Oct/2002 Missile Wars
419 20x21 17/Oct/2002 A Crime of Insanity
420 20x22 14/Nov/2002 Let's Get Married
421 20x23 21/Nov/2002 In Search of Al Qaeda

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
422 21x01 02/Jan/2003 Much Ado About Something
424 21x03 30/Jan/2003 Failure to Protect: The Taking of Logan Marr
426 21x05 13/Feb/2003 China in the Red
427 21x06 20/Feb/2003 The War Behind Closed Doors
429 21x08 03/Apr/2003 Blair's War
430 21x09 10/Apr/2003 Kim's Nuclear Gamble
431 21x10 24/Apr/2003 Cyber War!
432 21x11 01/May/2003 Burden of Innocence
433 21x12 08/May/2003 The Wall Street Fix
434 21x13 19/Jun/2003 The Other Drug War
435 21x14 03/Jul/2003 Public Schools, Inc.
436 21x15 09/Oct/2003 Truth, War, and Consequences
437 21x16 16/Oct/2003 Chasing the Sleeper Cell
438 21x17 06/Nov/2003 The Alternative Fix
439 21x18 13/Nov/2003 Dangerous Prescription
440 21x19 20/Nov/2003 Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald? (Updated)

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
441 22x01 15/Jan/2004 From China With Love
442 22x02 22/Jan/2004 Chasing Saddam's Weapons
443 22x03 12/Feb/2004 Beyond Baghdad
444 22x04 19/Feb/2004 Tax Me if You Can
445 22x05 26/Feb/2004 The Invasion of Iraq
446 22x06 01/Apr/2004 Ghosts of Rwanda
447 22x07 08/Apr/2004 Diet Wars
448 22x08 22/Apr/2004 Son of Al Qaeda
449 22x09 29/Apr/2004 The Jesus Factor
450 22x10 27/May/2004 The Way the Music Died
451 22x11 17/Jun/2004 The Plea
452 22x12 17/Sep/2004 Sacred Ground
453 22x13 12/Oct/2004 The Choice 2004
454 22x14 26/Oct/2004 Rumsfeld's War
455 22x15 09/Nov/2004 The Persuaders
457 22x17 23/Nov/2004 Secret History of the Credit Card

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
458 23x01 25/Jan/2005 Al Qaeda's New Front
460 23x03 22/Feb/2005 A Company of Soldiers
461 23x04 01/Mar/2005 The Soldier's Heart
462 23x05 05/Apr/2005 Israel's Next War?
463 23x06 12/Apr/2005 Karl Rove -- the Architect
464 23x07 19/Apr/2005 Death of a Princess (Updated)
465 23x08 10/May/2005 The New Asylums
466 23x09 31/May/2005 A Jew Among the Germans
467 23x10 21/Jun/2005 Private Warriors
469 23x11 04/Oct/2005 The O.J. Verdict
470 23x12 18/Oct/2005 The Torture Question
471 23x13 08/Nov/2005 The Last Abortion Clinic
472 23x14 22/Nov/2005 The Storm

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
473 24x01 09/Jan/2006 Country Boys (1)
474 24x02 10/Jan/2006 Country Boys (2)
475 24x03 11/Jan/2006 Country Boys (3)
476 24x04 07/Feb/2006 Sex Slaves
477 24x05 14/Feb/2006 The Meth Epidemic
478 24x06 21/Feb/2006 The Insurgency
479 24x07 11/Apr/2006 The Tank Man
480 24x08 16/May/2006 Can You Afford to Retire?
481 24x09 30/May/2006 The Age of AIDS (1)
482 24x10 31/May/2006 The Age of AIDS (2)
483 24x11 20/Jun/2006 The Dark Side
480 24x12 03/Oct/2006 Return of the Taliban
481 24x13 10/Oct/2006 The Enemy Within
482 24x14 17/Oct/2006 The Lost Year in Iraq
483 24x15 14/Nov/2006 A Hidden Life
484 24x16 21/Nov/2006 Living Old

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
485 25x01 16/Jan/2007 Hand of God
486 25x02 13/Feb/2007 News War: Secrets, Sources & Spin (1)
487 25x03 20/Feb/2007 News War: Secrets, Sources & Spin (2)
488 25x04 27/Feb/2007 News War: What's Happening to the News?
489 25x05 03/Apr/2007 So Much, So Fast
490 25x06 24/Apr/2007 Hot Politics
491 25x07 08/May/2007 When Kids Get Life
492 25x08 15/May/2007 Spying on the Home Front
493 25x09 19/Jun/2007 Endgame
495 25x10 16/Oct/2007 Cheney's Law
496 25x11 23/Oct/2007 Showdown With Iran
497 25x12 30/Oct/2007 The Undertaking
498 25x13 20/Nov/2007 On Our Watch

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
499 26x01 08/Jan/2008 The Medicated Child
500 26x02 22/Jan/2008 Growing Up Online
501 26x03 19/Feb/2008 Rules of Engagement
502 26x04 24/Mar/2008 Bush's War (1)
503 26x05 25/Mar/2008 Bush's War (2)
504 26x06 01/Apr/2008 Bad Voodoo's War
505 26x07 15/Apr/2008 Sick Around the World
506 26x08 13/May/2008 Storm Over Everest
507 26x09 17/Jun/2008 Young and Restless in China
508 26x10 14/Oct/2008 The Choice 2008
510 26x12 28/Oct/2008 The War Briefing
511 26x13 11/Nov/2008 Boogie Man: the Lee Atwater Story
512 26x14 25/Nov/2008 The Hugo Chavez Show

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
513 27x01 06/Jan/2009 The Old Man and the Storm
514 27x02 20/Jan/2009 Dreams of Obama
515 27x03 03/Feb/2009 My Father, My Brother and Me
516 27x04 17/Feb/2009 Inside the Meltdown
517 27x05 24/Mar/2009 Ten Trillion and Counting
518 27x06 31/Mar/2009 Sick Around America
519 27x07 07/Apr/2009 Black Money
520 27x08 21/Apr/2009 Poisoned Waters
521 27x09 28/Apr/2009 The Released
522 27x10 12/May/2009 The Madoff Affair
523 27x11 16/Jun/2009 Breaking the Bank
524 27x12 13/Oct/2009 Obama's War
525 27x13 20/Oct/2009 The Warning
526 27x14 27/Oct/2009 Close to Home
527 27x15 10/Nov/2009 Alaska Gold
528 27x16 17/Nov/2009 A Death in Tehran
529 27x17 24/Nov/2009 The Card Game

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
530 28x01 02/Feb/2010 Digital Nation
531 28x02 09/Feb/2010 Flying Cheap
532 28x03 23/Feb/2010 Behind Taliban Lines
533 28x04 02/Mar/2010 The Suicide Terrorist
534 28x05 20/Mar/2010 The Quake
535 28x06 13/Apr/2010 Obama's Deal
536 28x07 20/Apr/2010 The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan
537 28x08 27/Apr/2010 The Vaccine War
538 28x09 04/May/2010 College, Inc.
539 28x10 11/May/2010 The Wounded Platoon (1)
540 28x11 18/May/2010 The Wounded Platoon (2)
541 28x12 29/Jun/2010 Troubled Waters
542 28x13 25/Aug/2010 Law & Disorder
543 28x14 19/Oct/2010 Death By Fire
544 28x15 26/Oct/2010 The Spill
545 28x16 09/Nov/2010 The Confessions
546 28x17 23/Nov/2010 Facing Death

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
547 29x01 11/Jan/2011 Battle for Haiti
548 29x02 18/Jan/2011 Are We Safer?
549 29x03 18/Jan/2011 Flying Cheaper
551 29x05 22/Feb/2011 Revolution in Cairo
552 29x06 29/Mar/2011 Money and March Madness
553 29x07 29/Mar/2011 Who's Afraid of Ai Weiwei
554 29x08 29/Mar/2011 The Private Life of Bradley Manning
555 29x09 12/Apr/2011 Football High
556 29x10 19/Apr/2011 Educating Sergeant Pantzke
557 29x11 10/May/2011 Kill/Capture
558 29x12 24/May/2011 Wikisecrets
559 29x13 26/Jul/2011 The Pot Republic
560 29x14 06/Sep/2011 Top Secret America
561 29x15 13/Sep/2011 The Man Behind the Mosque
562 29x16 11/Oct/2011 The Anthrax Files
563 29x17 18/Oct/2011 Lost in Detention
564 29x18 08/Nov/2011 Syria Undercover
565 29x19 22/Nov/2011 A Perfect Terrorist

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
566 30x01 03/Jan/2012 Opium Brides
567 30x02 17/Jan/2012 Nuclear Aftershocks
568 30x03 14/Feb/2012 The Interrupters
571 30x06 27/Mar/2012 Murdoch's Scandal
573 30x08 24/Apr/2012 Money, Power and Wall Street (1)
574 30x09 01/May/2012 Money, Power and Wall Street (2)
575 30x10 22/May/2012 Cell Tower Deaths
576 30x11 29/May/2012 The Interrogator
577 30x12 29/May/2012 Al Qaeda In Yemen
579 30x14 10/Jul/2012 Endgame: AIDS in Black America
580 30x15 17/Jul/2012 Fast Times at West Philly High
581 30x16 24/Jul/2012 Alaska Gold
582 30x17 18/Sep/2012 The Battle for Syria
583 30x18 25/Sep/2012 Dropout Nation
584 30x19 09/Oct/2012 The Choice 2012
586 30x21 30/Oct/2012 Big Sky, Big Money
587 30x22 13/Nov/2012 The Suicide Plan
588 30x23 20/Nov/2012 Poor Kids

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
589 31x01 08/Jan/2013 The Education of Michelle Rhee
591 31x03 22/Jan/2013 The Untouchables
592 31x04 12/Feb/2013 Cliffhanger
593 31x05 19/Feb/2013 Raising Adam Lanza
594 31x06 19/Feb/2013 Newtown Divided
595 31x07 01/Apr/2013 Kind Hearted Woman Part 1
597 31x09 09/Apr/2013 Syria Behind the Lines
599 31x11 30/Apr/2013 Never Forget to Lie
600 31x12 28/May/2013 Outlawed in Pakistan
601 31x13 25/Jun/2013 Rape in the Fields
602 31x14 09/Jul/2013 Two American Families
604 31x16 17/Sep/2013 Egypt in Crisis
605 31x17 08/Oct/2013 League of Denial: The NFL's Concussion Crisis
606 31x18 22/Oct/2013 Hunting the Nightmare Bacteria
607 31x19 26/Nov/2013 A Death in St. Augustine

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
608 32x01 07/Jan/2014 To Catch a Trader
609 32x02 14/Jan/2014 Secret State of North Korea
610 32x03 11/Feb/2014 Syria's Second Front
611 32x04 18/Feb/2014 Generation Like
612 32x05 25/Feb/2014 Secrets of the Vatican
613 32x06 25/Mar/2014 TB Silent Killer
614 32x07 22/Apr/2014 Solitary Nation
615 32x08 29/Apr/2014 Prison State
616 32x09 13/May/2014 United States of Secrets (Part One)
617 32x10 20/May/2014 United States of Secrets (Part Two)
618 32x11 27/May/2014 Battle Zones: Ukraine & Syria
619 32x12 15/Jul/2014 Separate and Unequal
620 32x13 29/Jul/2014 Losing Iraq
620 32x14 09/Sep/2014 Ebola Outbreak & Hunting Boko Haram
621 32x15 14/Oct/2014 The Trouble With Antibiotics
622 32x16 28/Oct/2014 The Rise of ISIS
623 32x17 18/Nov/2014 Firestone and the Warlord

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
624 33x01 06/Jan/2015 Gunned Down: The Power of the NRA
626 33x03 10/Feb/2015 Being Mortal
627 33x04 07/Apr/2015 The Fight for Yemen
628 33x05 21/Apr/2015 American Terrorist
629 33x06 05/May/2015 Outbreak
630 33x07 12/May/2015 The Trouble with Chicken
631 33x08 19/May/2015 Secrets, Politics and Torture
632 33x09 26/May/2015 Obama at War
633 33x10 23/Jun/2015 Rape on the Night Shift
635 33x12 14/Jul/2015 Escaping ISIS
637 33x14 29/Sep/2015 My Brother's Bomber Part 1
638 33x15 06/Oct/2015 My Brother's Bomber Part 2
639 33x16 13/Oct/2015 My Brother's Bomber Part 3
640 33x17 20/Oct/2015 Immigration Battle
642 33x19 03/Nov/2015 Terror in Little Saigon
643 33x20 17/Nov/2015 ISIS in Afghanistan

Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
644 34x01 05/Jan/2016 Netanyahu at War
645 34x02 19/Jan/2016 Supplements and Safety
646 34x03 09/Feb/2016 The Fantasy Sports Gamble
647 34x04 23/Feb/2016 Chasing Heroin
648 34x05 29/Mar/2016 Saudi Arabia Uncovered
649 34x06 19/Apr/2016 Children of Syria
650 34x07 03/May/2016 Benghazi in Crisis
651 34x08 17/May/2016 The Secret History of ISIS
652 34x09 24/May/2016 Business of Disaster
653 34x10 28/Jun/2016 Policing the Police

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Network: PBS ( USA)
Type: Documentary
Genres: Current Events, Discovery/Science, History, Lifestyle
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 17, 1983
Episodes Order: 17
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