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General Hospital (US)

Season 52

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Season 52

13027 :52x01 - #13027

Monica leaves an elevator at the hospital and visits her son's room and holds him close. Carly tells Sonny that AJ told her that he shot him. Monica says goodbye to AJ as Emily's ghost shows up. Monica thinks about Alan, Jason, Dawn and Emily and wishes that she was with them. Emily says she is always with them. AJ's spirit appears infront of Monica and thanks her for giving him a second chance at life. AJ and Emily tell her why she needs to carry on living. Sonny takes Carly somewhere private to talk and he admits to her that he shot AJ. Sonny talks to Carly about the things AJ put them through in the past and they remember the life they shared together. Sonny wants her not to tell anyone that he shot AJ and she replies that she needs time to think about things. Mac thinks that Felicia should run for mayor. Lucy thinks about Scott telling her to choose between him or Kevin. Kevin promises to help her with the upcoming Nurses' Ball. Bobbie goes to Kelly's to see Scott and tells him that she and Noah have broken up as he has been cheating on her. Lucy shows up and tells Scott that she has decided that her future is with Kevin.
Guest Stars: Jacklyn Zeman as Bobbie Spencer | Kristina Wagner as Felicia Scorpio | Kin Shriner as Scott Baldwin | Jon Lindstrom as Kevin Collins | Tamara Braun as Carly Jacks | Sarah Brown as Carly Jacks | Natalia Livingston as Emily Quartermaine | Lynn Herring as Lucy Coe | Leslie Charleson as Monica Quartermaine
Director: William Ludel

13028 :52x02 - #13028

Dante learns from Nathan that he's had no luck finding Ben yet. Dante attempts to reassure Lulu that they will find him. Diane shows up at the police station to represent Britt and she reveals that Liesl sent her. Diane believes that Britt has done nothing illegal. After Dante refuses to release her, Diane leaves to get a court order. Lulu is upset when Diane returns with the court order. Sonny tells Shawn that Carly knows that he shot AJ. Nathan receives a visit from Sam and Silas and they show him the article they planted in the newspaper about Nakamura still being alive. Liesl shows Elizabeth a newspaper article reporting AJ's death and she becomes upset. Lulu shows up to see Elizabeth. Julian and Ava argue about who killed AJ. As he is about to show her the Nakamura article, Jordan shows up, looking for a job. Ava ends up offering her a job instead. After Jordan leaves, he shows her the article about Nakamura. When Jordan returns to Kelly's she tells Shawn and her son about her new job. Carly wakes up in bed with Franco feeling shaken about her memories of AJ telling her that Sonny shot him. Before Carly can tell Franco about Sonny killing AJ, Sonny shows up. After Franco leaves, Sonny wants to know what she is planning to do.
Guest Stars: Carolyn Hennesy as Diane Miller | Vinessa Antoine as Jordan Ashford | Kathleen Gati as Dr. Liesl Obrecht
Director: Larry Carpenter

13029 :52x03 - #13029

Liesl tells Elizabeth to get rid of Lulu. Liesl eavesdrops as they talk about their feelings. Dante warns Britt not to leave town before releasing her. Nikolas shows up and is not happy to learn about her release. Britt tells him that her feelings for him were real before leaving. Lulu shows up and tells Nikolas and Dante about her visit with Elizabeth. Britt and Brad talk about losing everything after she shows up at the hospital. Brad ends up offering her a place to stay. Britt receives a call from her mother. Ava is left feeling stunned after she reads the article about Nakamura. Nathan shows up and informs Julian that they need to talk. Ava listens in as they talk which is part of their plan. Jordan learns from Shawn and her son about the Jerome family and how TJ was used as a human shield by Julian. Jordan decides to still take the job working for Ava. Nathan fills Silas and Sam in on how their plan is going. Carly wants to know how Ava is connected to AJ's death and Sonny fills her in. Carly decides not to tell Michael that it was Sonny who shot AJ.
Guest Stars: Vinessa Antoine as Jordan Ashford | Kathleen Gati as Dr. Liesl Obrecht | Parry Shen as Brad Cooper
Director: Penny Pengra

13030 :52x04 - #13030

Morgan sees Ava coming out of the gallery and realizes that there’s something wrong. He sees the newspaper article about Nakamura on the floor and asks if she was in New York to kill him. Ava insists that Silas killed him. Morgan attempts to get Ava to open up to him but she tells him if he loves her he will stop hounding her. Nathan, Silas and Sam believe that Ava will attempt to finish off Nakamura and have audio and video set up to catch her in the act. Nathan learns that most of the officers are busy looking for Liesl and their Nakamura stand-in is not available. Sam volunteers but Silas refuses to agree to let her put herself in danger. Nathan promises Silas that he will take care of Sam after Silas is called away. Brad leaves Lucas a voicemail. Liesl calls her daughter at the hospital and asks if she is ready to pick up her son and informs her that she has some fake passports so that she can start a new life with him. Shawn is not happy about Jordan working for Ava and accuses her of being back to her old ways. Felix learns from Lucas that he and Brad have broken up. Britt goes to the police station. Nikolas shows up at Elizabeth's place after learning that it wasn't Ric who was there the last time he visited. Liesl ends up pointing a gun at him. Felix goes to see Brad and informs that he knows everything about him and Britt and how he knows he was going to tell him. Ava shows up to see Silas and tells him that they need to talk. A woman enters the hotel room and uncaps a syringe. Sam and Nathan are shocked when it turns out to be Madeline.
Guest Stars: Ryan Carnes as Lucas Jones | Kathleen Gati as Dr. Liesl Obrecht | Donna Mills as Madeline Reeves | Parry Shen as Brad Cooper
Director: Phideaux Xavier

13031 :52x05 - #13031

Ava informs Silas that Nakamura is still alive and she attempts to convince him to go to the hotel to silence him as she thinks that Silas was the one who attempted to kill Nina. Ava swears on their daughter's life that she never tried to kill Nina after Silas tells her it wasn't him. After Morgan sees them talking, he asks Ava if she still has feelings for Silas. Nathan is shocked to see his mother in the hotel room and she tries to play dumb. Sam believes that she is the person who put Nina in the coma and murdered Nakamura. Madeline continues to deny any wrongdoing as Silas shows up. Silas learns the truth about Nathan really being Nina's brother. Silas and Nathan are shocked when they find out from Madeline that Nina was pregnant at the time she went into the coma. Ric informs Julian that Sonny believes that he is funding his organization. Ric decides that he can no longer represent Julian as Alexis shows up. Things heat up between Julian and Alexis again after Ric leaves. Tracy isn't impressed with a present that Luke gives her. Luke wants to work with her at ELQ and she is surprised as he has never worked an office job before. Tracy wants to know what he is up to. Britt informs Lulu and Dante that she can take them to Ben and tells them where to find her mother. Dante refuses to allow Lulu to go with him. Britt shows at Elizabeth's place just as her mother is about to shoot Nikolas.
Guest Stars: Donna Mills as Madeline Reeves | Rick Hearst as Ric Lansing | Kathleen Gati as Dr. Liesl Obrecht

13032 :52x06 - #13032

Madeline explains hows she had taken some pictures of Silas with Ava and showed them to Nina and how her daughter then told her that she was pregnant. She continues by explaining how Nina believed Silas would stop seeing Ava once he found out about the baby. Nathan ends up arresting his mother for the murder of Nakamura and Nina. Carly returns to Franco’s room and he questions where she’s been. Franco warns her how destructive secrets can be and wants to know if she trusts him. After Franco works out that Sonny shot AJ she admits the truth to him. Olivia tells Sonny that Dante and Lulu could be about to be reunited with the baby. Britt is shocked to discover her mother pointing a gun at Nikolas. Dante listens in outside as Britt attempts to trick her mother into believing that she is going along with her plan. Elizabeth ends up being shot after Dante bursts in and is involved in a struggle with Liesl. Britt attempts to save Elizabeth's life. Nathan takes his mother to the police station and informs Anna that she killed Nina. Liesl ends up being put in a cell next to a upset Madeline and they recognize each other. Lulu is finally reunited with the baby. Maxie returns to Port Charles.
Guest Stars: Kathleen Gati as Dr. Liesl Obrecht | Donna Mills as Madeline Reeves
Director: William Ludel

13033 :52x07 - #13033

Carly tells Franco that he can't tell anyone about Sonny shooting AJ for both her and Michael's sake. Franco promises her that she can trust him and they wonder what was going on between AJ and Ava. Carly is determined to find out the truth. Britt takes Elizabeth to the hospital where Elizabeth is rushed into surgery. Nikolas learns that none of Elizabeth's vital organs were hit. Elizabeth takes Nikolas' hand after he blames himself for what happened. Lulu is happy to be reunited with Ben. Lulu allows Britt to say goodbye to him after she shows up. Nathan is surprised to see Maxie in the apartment. He is even more shocked after an Australian named Levi walks out of the bathroom in a towel. Madeline is surprised to see Liesl in the cell next to her and it is revealed that they are sisters. After Nathan shows up Liesl guesses who is really is and says he is my son. Sonny tells Ava about what AJ told Carly before he died.
Guest Stars: Donna Mills as Madeline Reeves | Kathleen Gati as Dr. Liesl Obrecht
Director: Phideaux Xavier

13034 :52x08 - #13034

Nathan and Britt toast to their miserable lives after telling one another their problems. Luke lets Julian know that their problems with Sonny are about to be taken care of. Ric is waiting for Sonny when he returns home and tells him what Luke told him. Ric insists that he just wants peace between them. Afrer Ric leaves Sonny calls Luke and asks him to come to see him. He then wants to know what sort of game he is playing. Madeline wants her sister to forget the fact that Nathan is really her son. Liesl threatens to tell Nathan the truth. As Nikolas and Elizabeth are talking Ric shows up and says he only just heard about what happened. Elizabeth thinks that Nikolas should go home.
Guest Stars: Rick Hearst as Ric Lansing | Kathleen Gati as Dr. Liesl Obrecht | Donna Mills as Madeline Reeves
Director: Phideaux Xavier

13035 :52x09 - #13035

Elizabeth insists to Ric that she is fine and he wonders what's going on between her and Nikolas. Elizabeth thinks it will take him quite a while to get over Britt. Ric is determined to prove to Elizabeth just how much she means to him. Nikolas explains to Spencer the reasons why Britt has moved out. Britt and Nathan go back to his place following their drinking session. Britt is surprised to see Maxie and fills her in on what has been going on. Britt then drinks some more before deciding that it's time to leave. Nathan is able to get her to agree to sleep on the sofa where she looks at some pictures of Ben on her phone. Lulu and Dante take Ben home and find Olivia waiting for them. They end up deciding to rename him Rocco. Sonny tells Luke what Ric told him. Luke manages to cover. Madeline attempts to convince her sister not to tell Nathan the truth. Liesl calls Dante and tells him that she is ready to make a statement. Liesl surprises Dante with what she has to say.
Guest Stars: Donna Mills as Madeline Reeves | Kathleen Gati as Dr. Liesl Obrecht | Rick Hearst as Ric Lansing | Nicolas Bechtel as Spencer Cassadine | Zachery Garred as Levi Dunkleman
Director: William Ludel

13036 :52x10 - #13036

Dante tells his wife that Liesl wants all the charges against her dropped in exchange for their other missing embryo. Lulu thinks that she is bluffing. There is conflict between Levi and Nathan. Nathan wishes Britt luck with Nikolas. Levi thinks that Maxie should ask Nathan to move out. Madeline continues to try and convince her sister not to tell Nathan the truth. Liesl is taken away to talk to Dante as Nathan shows up. Madeline is shocked after she finds out that he and Britt got drunk together and he refuses to tell her if they slept together. Madeline surprises him by informing him that she is actually his sister and also reveals that Liesl is his biological mother. Michael wants Anna to tell him what is being done to catch the person who killed AJ. Dante and Lulu quiz Liesl about the embryo. She tells them she will give it back to them once they give her full immunity from all prosecution, and the same for her daughter. Nikolas is able to convince Elizabeth to move into Wyndermere whilst she recovers. Britt shows up and learns what is going on. Patrick and Sabrina catch up. Carlos shows up to take her to her baby appointment but Patrick decides to go instead. Patrick promises Sabrina that he won’t let her down again after Carlos leaves. Carlos gets into the elevator with Michael.
Guest Stars: Zachery Garred as Levi Dunkleman | Kathleen Gati as Dr. Liesl Obrecht | Donna Mills as Madeline Reeves | Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Carlos Rivera
Director: Phideaux Xavier

13037 :52x11 - #13037

Luke calls Julian so that he can get an update on their shipment. Luke makes excuses to Tracy after he gets off the phone who is feeling annoyed that he's claimed an office at ELQ without her approval. Tracy is surprised to see Ned who believes that she is making a mistake marrying Luke. Tracy believes that he should be happy for her but he thinks Luke is just after her money. Carlos reads AJ's death certificate over Michael's shoulder leaving Micheal wondering why he's so interested. Sonny receives a visit from AJ's ghost who taunts him. Duke promises Sonny that his secret is safe with him as Michael shows up. After both Duke and Michael leave Sonny is taunted by AJ's spirit once again. Shawn hopes that Jordan has had second thoughts about taking the job but she wishes that he'd just be more supportive. Carlos tells Ava about what happened with Michael. After Jordan shows up at the gallery to start work she tells Julian that she knows about his drug operation and continues that she can help him. Anna informs Dante they have a lead on AJ's killer as they have found the man who sold the murder weapon. He ends up picking out Carlos' picture as they person who purchased it. Ned wants Luke to agree to sign a pre nuptial agreement before he marries his mother.
Guest Stars: Wally Kurth as Ned Ashton | Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Carlos Rivera | Ian Buchanan (1) as Duke Lavery | Vinessa Antoine as Jordan Ashford

13038 :52x12 - #13038

Luke attempts to convince Ned that he is not after Tracy's money. Ned attempts to convince his mother not to allow Luke play her before leaving. Tracy informs Luke that she has decided that there will be a pre nuptial agreement. Luke thinks that they should call off the engagement if she doesn't trust him. Michael learns from Dante that the gun that shot AJ belonged to Carlos. Michael tells Anna and Dante about how Carlos was asking him about the investigation. Michael believes that Ava and Julian are also involved because Carlos works for them. Duke and Shawn talk about the Jerome’s drug operation. Carlos informs Ava that there’s no way the gun can be traced back to him. Ava insists to him that she did not shoot AJ. Jordan wants in on Julian's drug operation. Anna and Shawn show up looking for Carlos and he ends up being arrested for attacking an officer. Julian wants to know what Ava isn't telling him. AJ continues to haunt Sonny. Sonny's strange behavior worries Olivia and she attempts to convince him to get help. Sabrina and Patrick learn that the baby she is expecting is a boy. In the interrogation room at the police station Carlos insists that he knows nothing about AJ’s shooting. Sonny calls Ava and tells her that he needs her help.
Guest Stars: Minae Noji as Kelly Lee | Ian Buchanan (1) as Duke Lavery | Wally Kurth as Ned Ashton | Vinessa Antoine as Jordan Ashford | Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Carlos Rivera
Director: Phideaux Xavier

13039 :52x13 - #13039

Tracy agrees to take the pre-nup off the table after Luke tells her to prove that she loves him. Ava calls Diane and tells her to make sure that Carlos keeps his mouth shut. Sonny thinks about his argument with Olivia. Ava shows up and Sonny informs her that AJ's spirit has been pushing him close to the edge. Ava tells him they need to stay strong and keep their mouths shut. Ava wishes that there is more she could do to help Sonny. Carlos is questioned about the murder but he refuses to talk without his lawyer present. Dante tells Anna about the deal Liesl has offered him. Spencer remains worried about Sonny and Luke but Nikolas believes that he must be confused. Elizabeth and Cameron show up and Spencer refuses to be nice to Cameron. Nikolas orders his son to apologize. Spencer calls Sonny and leaves him a message. Britt shows up with allergy medications for Ben. Lulu lets her know that she has changed his name to Rocco and tells Britt that Liesl has been claiming she has another one of her embryos. Maxie tells Nathan that he needs to move out but he says that she can move out. Maxie ends up having a change of heart after Nathan tells her that Britt is his sister.
Guest Stars: Nicolas Bechtel as Spencer Cassadine | Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Carlos Rivera | Zachery Garred as Levi Dunkleman | Michael Leone as Cameron Webber
Director: Dean Lamont

13040 :52x14 - #13040

Spencer asks the chauffeur at Wyndermere to take him to Sonny's place after he fails to reply to his messages. Luke shows up at Kiki's place and she is not pleased to see him. AJ's ghost continues to haunt Sonny. Sonny and AJ argue after Olivia leaves after coming to see Sonny. Sonny refuses to answer the door when Spencer shows up. Morgan asks Ava why Carlos would want to kill AJ. Things heat up between them until Kiki calls and Morgan leaves. Ned and Tracy talk about AJ and Ned shows his mother an article about Carlos' arrest. Ned isn't happy when Luke shows up and rips up the pre nuptial agreement and threatens him. Spencer shows up to confront Luke. Kiki tells Morgan about what happened with Luke. Franco shows Carly the article about Carlos. Carly is convinced that Ava was also involved. Dante and Anna continue to quiz Carlos and he insists that he's innocent. Diane shows up and insists on talking to her client alone. Ava calls and instructs Carlos to keep his mouth shut and warns him what will happen if he doesn't.
Guest Stars: Wally Kurth as Ned Ashton | Carolyn Hennesy as Diane Miller | Nicolas Bechtel as Spencer Cassadine | Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Carlos Rivera
Director: Penny Pengra

13041 :52x15 - #13041

Spencer faces off with Luke. Michael pays Sonny a visit. Patrick receives a visit from Sabrina. As things are are about to heat up between Nikolas and Elizabeth at Wyndermere, Ric shows up. Ric thinks that it is a bad idea that Elizabeth has moved in. Sabrina tells Patrick that she is here for a dance recital with Emma. Carlos is furious with Ava for threatening Sabrina. Michael wants Sonny to come to a gathering to remember AJ at the Quatermaine house. Spencer gives Luke some attitude. Luke tells Spencer that he is mistaken in what he thought he heard but he remains determined to protect Sonny and ELQ. Michael attempts to convince Sonny to attend as he needs his support. Patrick tells Sabrina about how he has managed to upset Emma. Elizabeth isn't happy when Ric and Nikolas argue. Ric offers to look after her and the children. Nikolas and Ric continue to bicker about where Elizabeth is better off staying. As Patrick tells Sabrina that Emma still doesn't know that he is the baby's father she shows up. As Ava asks Carlos if they have an understanding, Dante enters the room and takes the phone of him. Sonny doesn't believe that Monica would appreciate seeing him. After Michael leaves, Sonny is taunted by AJ's ghost again. Luke wants Spencer to stay quiet about what he knows. Carlos refuses to say anything .Patrick tells his daughter that he needs to tell her something. Ric and Elizabeth talk alone and he wonders if she agreed to move into Wyndermere as she wants to get back together with Nikolas. Elizabeth insists that she and Nikolas are just friends. Luke tells Spencer that he will hurt Emma is he doesn't agree to keep quiet. Patrick tells Emma that he is the father of the baby that Sabrina is expecting. Franco is questioned by Dante for painting on the walls of his hotel room at the Metro Court. Ava makes a mysterious phone call and mentions Sabrina's name. Emma isn't happy with the news. Sonny shows up as Luke is threatening Spencer.
Guest Stars: Brooklyn Rae Silzer as Emma Scorpio Drake | Carolyn Hennesy as Diane Miller | Rick Hearst as Ric Lansing | Nicolas Bechtel as Spencer Cassadine
Director: William Ludel

13042 :52x16 - #13042

Nikolas finds out that his son never made it to school and learns that he is at the Quartermaine’s. Elizabeth begins to believe that there could be something true about Spencer's claims. Emma feels like she’s being tricked by her father and Sabrina. Sabrina learns from Patrick about Carlos' arrest. Emma ignores a call from Spencer. Ava leaves for AJ's funeral and runs into Carly outside her room. Carly is surprised to find out that she is planning to go to AJ's funeral. Carlos thinks about Ava’s threats against Sabrina as Franco is brought in and attempts to talk to him about Ava in the next cell. Carly shows up to see Franco and he stages a fake fight with her in front of Carlos. Tracy argues with her son about Luke and he tells her that Luke threatened to kill him. Ned learns from Kiki and Morgan about Luke's attempts to hit on Kiki. Ned wants to set a trap that will expose Luke to Tracy. Luke asks Spncer if he is okay and Nikolas shows up to pick him up. Tracy wants to speak to Luke alone and asks him if it is true that he threatened to kill her son.
Guest Stars: Nicolas Bechtel as Spencer Cassadine | Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Carlos Rivera | Brooklyn Rae Silzer as Emma Scorpio Drake | Wally Kurth as Ned Ashton
Director: Phideaux Xavier

13043 :52x17 - #13043

Mac videos Emma as she shows up for her recital with Patrick and Sabrina and takes her to sit with Anna and Felicia. Cameron shows up with some flowers for Emma and Sabrina asks Nikolas who Elizabeth is doing. Sabrina insists that Carlos is innocent after Nikolas mentions his arrest. Emma refuses to leave with Spencer and Nikolas takes him home. Michael tells Monica that he invited Sonny but he refused to come out of respect for her. Ned wants to use Kiki as bait in his plan to expose Luke. Carly wants to know why Sonny’s at the Quartermaine house. Luke makes a mysterious phone call and mentions Spencer and Emma. Luke flirts with Ava. Ned's plan to expose Luke fails. Sonny, Carly and Tracy join Monica and Michael at the crypt and Monica lays flowers on AJ’s grave. Michael thanks Sonny for coming. Ava finds out that Franco is in jail with Carlos. Morgan promises Kiki that he won't let Luke hurt her again and Ava sees them together. AJ's ghost congratulates Sonny on managing to get Michael on side. Carlos admits the truth to Franco after he promises to protect Sabrina. Sabrina, Patrick and Emma are driving home when somebody pulls in front of them and Patrick is forced to slam on the brakes.
Guest Stars: Nicolas Bechtel as Spencer Cassadine | Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Carlos Rivera | Kristina Wagner as Felicia Scorpio | Wally Kurth as Ned Ashton | Michael Leone as Cameron Webber | Brooklyn Rae Silzer as Emma Scorpio Drake | Leslie Charleson as Monica Quartermaine

13044 :52x18 - #13044

After Patrick wakes up following the car crash, Emma seems fine but Sabrina’s still unconscious. Patrick calls for help and when Sabrina wakes up she is in a lot of pain. Britt shows up and tells Sabrina that she has gone into labor. Ava finds Sonny in the Quartermaine crypt and informs him that she saw her daughter in Morgan’s arms. Sonny realizes just how much she loves his son. Things heat up between them after he tells her that he wants to tell Michael the truth. Luke taunts Kiki in front of Morgan. When Carly and Michael show up Luke pretends that they were remembering AJ. Carly demands that her son tell her what’s really going on after Luke leaves. Carly leaves when she receives a text message and Morgan attempts to find Ava after seeing her car still outside the house. Luke calls Julian and asks for an update. Anna charges Carlos with AJ’s murder as he and Franco talk. Nathan interrupts with news of Patrick and Emma’s accident. Anna and Nathan leave and Carlos believes that Ava caused the accident to hurt Sabrina. He refuses to tell Franco anything more and asks a guard to call his lawyer. Franco tells Carly what he has found out. Carlos leaves a voicemail for Ava saying that he knows what she did to Sabrina. Anna comforts Emma at the scene of the accident as Britt insists that the baby needs to be delivered. Cameron taunts Spencer for being grounded but Spencer insists he was only at the recital to warn Emma about something. Spencer leaves Luke a message after learning about the accident.
Guest Stars: Nicolas Bechtel as Spencer Cassadine | Brooklyn Rae Silzer as Emma Scorpio Drake | Michael Leone as Cameron Webber | Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Carlos Rivera

13045 :52x19 - #13045

Carly and Franco talk about what to do next. Patrick and Sabrina learn that their baby could be at risk. Morgan is betrayed by both his father and Ava.
Guest Stars: Sonya Eddy as Epiphany Johnson
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Soaps
Status: Returning Series
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 02:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: April 01, 1963
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