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Hotel Impossible

Bruce David Klein     Executive Producer59 Eps
Brian Leonard (1)     Executive Producer (for Travel Channel)59 Eps
Lorri Leighton     Co-Executive Producer59 Eps
Rob Green     Co-Executive Producer59 Eps
Anthony Melchiorri     Co-Executive Producer59 Eps
Joseph Eardly     Co-Executive Producer6 Eps
Keshia Coe     Supervising Producer6 Eps
Steven Matty     Supervising Producer28 Eps
Lorna Thomas     Supervising Producer 
Bill McClane     Producer1 Eps
Madeline Sigler     Associate Producer3 Eps
Dayne Brett     Associate Producer3 Eps
Teresa Palaia     Associate Producer10 Eps
Alexander Goldstein     Associate Producer16 Eps
Nicole Welch     Associate Producer10 Eps
Sevita Qarshi     Associate Producer1 Eps
Lisa Lombardi     Associate Producer2 Eps
Christina Subramani     Associate Producer4 Eps
Joe Jacobs     Associate Producer7 Eps
Susie Moore     Associate Producer1 Eps
Angela Marsh     Associate Producer2 Eps
Aisha Reyes     Associate Producer6 Eps
Clyde Folley     Associate Producer1 Eps
Eve Penzer     Associate Producer1 Eps
Marisa Simpson     Editor1 Eps
Max Siegal     Editor1 Eps
Jennifer McGarrity     Editor2 Eps
Laurie Albetta     Editor1 Eps
Jamie Kirkpatrick     Editor3 Eps
Jessie Rogowski     Editor1 Eps
Rikki Portner     Editor3 Eps
John Velasco     Editor4 Eps
Bert Mains     Editor1 Eps
Matt Ein     Editor1 Eps
Abehjha Kibuuka     Editor1 Eps
Justin Ciambra     Editor5 Eps
RJ Martin     Editor1 Eps
David Peterson     Editor12 Eps
Katherine Hunt     Editor12 Eps
Jennifer Padham     Editor17 Eps
Jake Keene     Editor17 Eps
Vaj Potenza     Editor1 Eps
Mara Wollong     Editor2 Eps
Jacob Steingroot     Editor1 Eps
Mary Anne Van Wagner     Editor3 Eps
Lori Henzler     Editor23 Eps
Will Gardiner     Editor6 Eps
Kerwin Barker     Editor4 Eps
Eve Penzer     Casting6 Eps
Angela Marsh     Casting6 Eps
Teresa Palaia     Casting7 Eps
Raynard Gadson     Casting31 Eps
Dayne Brett     Casting15 Eps
Gia Kornet     Casting8 Eps
Aisha Reyes     Casting20 Eps
Tori Gallarello Alcock     Casting23 Eps
Thalia Dacosta     Casting11 Eps
Donna Ferry     Line Producer26 Eps
Neil Mason Parrish     Line Producer18 Eps
Laurie Bernal     Line Producer1 Eps
Eliza Comer     Line Producer1 Eps
David Westerfield     Grip4 Eps
Lambros Tbwnis     Grip1 Eps
Andres Villalobos     Grip1 Eps
Nick Clouden     Grip1 Eps
Tyler Ribble     Camera Operator1 Eps
Alan Hotsetter     Camera Operator6 Eps
Robert Holder     Production Assistant2 Eps
Giorgios Babanaras     Production Assistant1 Eps
Stratos Kovanis     Production Assistant1 Eps
Tina Huerta     Production Assistant1 Eps
Sylvia Vidaurri     Production Assistant1 Eps
Jon Sweet     Production Assistant1 Eps
Victor Coto     Production Assistant1 Eps
Gerhard Linner     Production Assistant1 Eps
Nick Hanna     Production Assistant1 Eps
Keri Kassing     Production Assistant1 Eps
Dean Sutherland     Production Assistant1 Eps
Rosalia Gaitin     Production Assistant1 Eps
Logan Quarles     Production Assistant1 Eps
Kris Benz     Production Assistant5 Eps
Michael Eagle Hall     Production Assistant1 Eps
Enrique Huertac     Production Assistant1 Eps
Ramses Santos     Production Assistant1 Eps
Paul Bowen (1)     Production Assistant1 Eps
Bryan Ray Moore     Production Assistant1 Eps
Dudley Warren     Production Assistant1 Eps
James Allen (4)     Production Assistant2 Eps
Nicole Welch     Production Assistant1 Eps
Eduardo Pabon     Production Assistant1 Eps
Josh Abril     Production Assistant2 Eps
Melissa Eastwick     Production Assistant2 Eps
Emma Bowers     Production Assistant1 Eps
Leigh Henley-Sorge     Production Assistant4 Eps
Doug Miley     Production Assistant1 Eps
Riccardo Paterno     Production Assistant1 Eps
Neil Karsetter     Production Assistant1 Eps
Guillermo Gomez     Production Assistant6 Eps
Ryan Houlihan     Production Assistant7 Eps
Sabrina Hallgren     Production Assistant1 Eps
Daniel Lynch     Production Assistant1 Eps
Nikki Struth     Production Assistant1 Eps
Starla Golie     Production Assistant1 Eps
Josh Gladu     Production Assistant18 Eps
Chris Banks     Production Assistant2 Eps
Bill Gomez     Production Assistant2 Eps
Mike Lelio     Production Assistant2 Eps
Margaret Pellick     Production Assistant2 Eps
Erika Bopp     Production Assistant1 Eps
Justin Durr     Production Assistant1 Eps
Elvis James     Production Assistant3 Eps
Roman Gonzalez     Production Assistant1 Eps
Pablo Schmidt     Production Assistant1 Eps
Willie Williams (1)     Production Assistant1 Eps
Jeremy Key     Production Assistant2 Eps
Tim Rea     Production Assistant2 Eps
Damany Campbell     Production Assistant2 Eps
Erin Walter     Production Assistant2 Eps
Marjory Leposky     Production Assistant1 Eps
Sam Siske     Production Assistant1 Eps
Rebekah Roundtree     Production Assistant1 Eps
Brent Bokovoy     Production Assistant2 Eps
Shaun Grant     Production Assistant1 Eps
Beverly Hinderliter     Production Assistant1 Eps
Garret Layman     Production Assistant1 Eps
Lauren Legate     Production Assistant1 Eps
Rodney Byerson     Production Assistant1 Eps
Dee Nosile     Production Assistant1 Eps
Marlee Coulter     Production Assistant1 Eps
Robbie Malin     Production Assistant1 Eps
Levi Adams     Production Assistant1 Eps
Bryce Aschenbrenner     Production Assistant2 Eps
Ethan Ireland     Production Assistant1 Eps
Desiree Dumas     Production Assistant1 Eps
Kerry Whitley     Production Assistant1 Eps
Janel Gimmestad     Production Assistant1 Eps
Steve Gimmestad     Production Assistant1 Eps
Chadwick Moyer     Production Assistant1 Eps
Jessica Prihoda     Production Assistant1 Eps
Patrick Ryan (1)     Production Assistant1 Eps
Patrick McSherry     Production Assistant1 Eps
Chase Williams     Production Assistant1 Eps
Maria Beltran     Production Assistant1 Eps
Bradley Jackson     Production Assistant1 Eps
Kani Quipotla     Production Assistant1 Eps
Chris Swinney     Production Assistant1 Eps
Andreas Langley     Production Assistant1 Eps
Doel Rivera     Production Assistant1 Eps
Anthony Caberra     Production Assistant1 Eps
Will McPhail     Production Assistant1 Eps
Emily Cunningham     Production Assistant1 Eps
Marci Williams     Production Assistant (Utility)1 Eps
Madeline Sigler     Production Coordinator21 Eps
Valerie Liu     Production Coordinator3 Eps
Zach Russo     Production Coordinator3 Eps
Mira Friedlaender     Production Coordinator26 Eps
Nicole Welch     Production Coordinator11 Eps
Jonathan Rittenberg     Production Coordinator (for Travel Channel)13 Eps
Walt Schwenk     Production Coordinator (for Travel Channel)47 Eps
Kimberly Flores     Assistant Editor5 Eps
Lewis Hedley Noble     Assistant Editor18 Eps
Matthew Russell     Assistant Editor18 Eps
Michael Kosciesza     Assistant Editor16 Eps
Steve O'Carroll     Assistant Editor5 Eps
Tyler Halloran     Assistant Editor6 Eps
William Gay Jr.     Assistant Editor8 Eps
Alana Hoffman     Assistant Editor11 Eps
Matthia Baptiste     Assistant Editor46 Eps
Xuan Vu     Assistant Editor8 Eps
Kerwin Barker     Assistant Editor2 Eps
Rainer Lokken     Assistant Editor1 Eps
Joe Eckardt     Post Production Supervisor13 Eps
Michelle Durelli     Post Production Supervisor10 Eps
Nicole Kight     Post Production Supervisor3 Eps
Greg Littauer     Post Production Supervisor5 Eps
Alexa Coyle     Post Production Supervisor (for Atlas Media Corp.)12 Eps
Kim D. Hylan     On-Line Editor16 Eps
Chris Allen     On-Line Editor42 Eps
Nick Catania     Director of Photography32 Eps
Luke John Riffle     Director of Photography1 Eps
Leo Lawrence     Director of Photography7 Eps
John Kelleran     Director of Photography6 Eps
Greg Littauer     Post Production Coordinator31 Eps
Michelle Durelli     Post Production Coordinator2 Eps
Aurora Ferrara     Production Manager8 Eps
Valerie Liu     Production Manager32 Eps
Neil Mason Parrish     Production Manager12 Eps
Tori Gallarello Alcock     Coordinating Producer30 Eps
Brian Wray (1)     Story Producer3 Eps
Jacqueline Brewster     Story Producer7 Eps
Matt Koed     Story Producer15 Eps
Liza Hughes     Story Producer1 Eps
Fae Moore     Story Producer1 Eps
Sylvia Maldonado     Story Producer 
Annie Wong     Story Producer1 Eps
Patrick Denzer     Story Producer1 Eps
Rhonda Vinson     Story Producer3 Eps
David Jacobs     Story Producer2 Eps
John Michael Scholl     Story Producer13 Eps
Julie Lei     Story Producer2 Eps
Christina Subramani     Story Producer (Associate)20 Eps
Steven Matty     Story Producer (Supervising)1 Eps
Steve Bronstein     Story Producer (Supervising)2 Eps
Julie Lei     Field Producer1 Eps
Stacy Dobrinsky     Field Producer8 Eps
Natalie Thompson     Field Producer1 Eps
Aisha Reyes     Field Producer6 Eps
Elena Dentopoulou     Field Producer 
Lisa Lombardi     Field Producer7 Eps
Sergio Miranda     Field Producer1 Eps
Kelly McKiernan     Field Producer2 Eps
Joe Jacobs     Field Producer3 Eps
Sanjna Singh     Field Producer5 Eps
Liza Hughes     Field Producer2 Eps
Teresa Palaia     Field Producer4 Eps
Cheryl Wayne     Field Producer8 Eps
David Jacobs     Field Producer2 Eps
Matt Koed     Field Producer4 Eps
Amanda Young (2)     Field Producer3 Eps
Holly Silber     Field Producer2 Eps
Rhonda Vinson     Field Producer1 Eps
Cassidy Arkin     Field Producer1 Eps
Tim Rea     Camera Assistant1 Eps
Icaro Godoi     Camera Assistant7 Eps
Edwin Mesa     Camera Assistant12 Eps
Cheryl Wayne     Senior Producer1 Eps
Mia Trombino     Post Production Manager (for Atlas Media Corp, Senior)47 Eps
Greg Littauer     Post Production Assistant7 Eps
Kelly Gavin     Media Technician1 Eps
Andrew Seeman     Media Technician1 Eps
Erik Ryden     Media Technician1 Eps
Chris Smith (4)     Media Technician1 Eps
Alexander Goldstein     Media Technician14 Eps
Chase Bartee     Media Technician1 Eps
Rosalia Gaitin     Media Technician2 Eps
Joel Boling     Media Technician1 Eps
Theresa Brassington     Media Technician1 Eps
Max Rosen     Media Technician1 Eps
Ben Crowley (2)     Media Technician1 Eps
Patrick Hoy     Media Technician 
Andreas Tsamakis     Electrician2 Eps
Arron Chandler     Audio6 Eps
Chris Ward     Audio2 Eps
Braedan Herrera     Audio1 Eps
Dean Gaveau     Audio4 Eps
Donny Tam     Audio1 Eps
John Hatcher     Audio6 Eps
Enrique Larreal     Audio49 Eps
Michael Eagle Hall     Audio (Additional)1 Eps
Loreen Stevens     Casting Director6 Eps
Tenecia Harris     Designer1 Eps
Leslie Segrete     Designer4 Eps
Carrie Drosnes     Designer4 Eps
Alison Victoria     Designer3 Eps
Casey Noble     Designer12 Eps
Blanche Garcia     Designer28 Eps
Christina Vlachos     Designer (Local - Greece)1 Eps
Sara Hofstein     Business Affairs (Assistant)59 Eps
Bridget Capriotti     Design Assistant3 Eps
Maggie Stangler     Design Assistant1 Eps
Sergio Capraro     Design Assistant1 Eps
Beth Bates     Design Assistant1 Eps
Kris Kaufman     Design Assistant4 Eps
Taline Victoria Alexander     Design Assistant4 Eps
Kristy Yarbrough     Design Assistant3 Eps
Frank Harker     Design Assistant1 Eps
Kristopher Kaufman     Design Assistant6 Eps
Francheska Torres     Design Assistant25 Eps
William Gay Jr.     Assistant On-line Editor3 Eps
Kerwin Barker     Assistant On-line Editor1 Eps
Quincy Hinds     Assistant On-line Editor54 Eps
Tremain Hamilton     Camera1 Eps
Chris Sellers     Camera33 Eps
Nick Catania     Camera8 Eps
Wylda Bayron     Camera 
Paul Kloss     Camera1 Eps
Icaro Godoi     Camera15 Eps
Leo Lawrence     Camera2 Eps
Ian Choplick     Camera4 Eps
Scott Herriott     Camera1 Eps
Edwin Mesa     Camera39 Eps
Jonathan Deaver     Camera13 Eps
Jake Keene     Additional Editing2 Eps
Matthia Baptiste     Additional Editing10 Eps
Heather Craig     Assistant Camera1 Eps
Ian Degner     Assistant Camera1 Eps
Raymond Liu     Assistant Camera2 Eps
Tyler Ribble     Assistant Camera20 Eps
Scott Goode     Assistant Camera19 Eps
Julie Lei     Supervising Story Producer4 Eps
Matt Koed     Supervising Story Producer7 Eps
Natalie Johns     Shooting Producer5 Eps
Scott Wellington     Shooting Producer1 Eps
Steve Bronstein     Supervising Post Producer2 Eps
Julie Lei     Supervising Post Producer28 Eps
Steven Matty     Supervising Post Producer8 Eps
Stanley Tatum     Coordinating Post Supervisor (for Atlas Media Corp.)27 Eps
Tenecia Harris     Design Producer30 Eps
Jeffrey Rodriguez     Media Manager30 Eps
Erin Walter     Media Manager1 Eps
Alexander Goldstein     Media Manager1 Eps
Aurora Ferrara     Associate Story Producer6 Eps
Yamil Alvarado     Associate Story Producer12 Eps
Dan Johnson (4)     Hospitality Analyst12 Eps
Warning: Hotel Impossible guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Reality
Genre: Design/Decorating | Finance | Housing/Building
Status: Returning Series
Network: travel CHANNEL ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: April 09, 2012
Episode Order: 13
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