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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1 1x01 09/Aug/1999 Wannabe: Life and Death in a Small Town Gang N/A
2 1x02 16/Aug/1999 Nothing but the Truth N/A
3 1x03 23/Aug/1999 Visas and Virtues; I Am Viet Hung N/A
4 1x04 30/Aug/1999 The Man Who Drove with Mandela N/A
5 1x05 06/Sep/1999 The Jew in the Lotus N/A
6 1x06 13/Sep/1999 Holy Tortilla/Lock and Key N/A
7 1x07 04/Oct/1999 Secret People N/A
8 1x08 11/Oct/1999 I Can't Believe I Married a Lesbian N/A

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
9 2x01 06/Oct/2000 Now & Then: From Frosh to Seniors N/A
10 2x02 10/Oct/2000 No Hair Day N/A
11 2x03 16/Oct/2000 Short Stories N/A
12 2x04 23/Oct/2000 Born in the USA N/A
13 2x05 30/Oct/2000 Girl Gone Bad N/A
14 2x06 06/Nov/2000 Passing Through; Graham's Diner N/A
15 2x07 13/Nov/2000 The Return of Navajo Boy N/A
16 2x08 20/Nov/2000 Music in Their Bones N/A
17 2x09 27/Nov/2000 In Harm's Way; Carved from the Heart N/A
18 2x10 04/Dec/2000 A Wok in Progress N/A

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
19 3x01 07/Sep/2001 Confederacy Theory N/A
20 3x02 14/Sep/2001 Who Owns the Past? N/A
21 3x03 15/Sep/2001 Secrets of Silicon Valley N/A
22 3x04 21/Sep/2001 Gibtown N/A
23 3x05 22/Sep/2001 Abandoned: The Betrayal of America's Immigrants N/A
24 3x06 28/Sep/2001 Good Kurds, Bad Kurds N/A
25 3x07 05/Oct/2001 Open Outcry N/A
26 3x08 12/Oct/2001 The Split Horn N/A
27 3x09 19/Oct/2001 Undetectable N/A
28 3x10 09/Nov/2001 Romancing the Throne N/A

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
29 4x01 04/Feb/2003 Maggie Growls N/A
30 4x02 11/Feb/2003 Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story N/A
31 4x03 18/Feb/2003 On This Island N/A
32 4x04 25/Feb/2003 Downside Up N/A
33 4x05 25/Mar/2003 Los Trabajadores/The Workers N/A
34 4x06 01/Apr/2003 Chiefs N/A
35 4x07 08/Apr/2003 Strange Fruit N/A
36 4x08 22/Apr/2003 Bird by Bird with Annie: A Portrait of Anne Lamott N/A
37 4x09 29/Apr/2003 Sisters in Resistance N/A
38 4x10 06/May/2003 Heart of the Sea: Kapolioka'ehukai N/A
39 4x11 13/May/2003 Guns and Mothers N/A
40 4x12 20/May/2003 Razing Appalachia N/A
41 4x13 27/May/2003 Hansel Mieth: Vagabond Photographer N/A
42 4x14 03/Jun/2003 Daddy & Papa N/A

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
43 5x01 14/Oct/2003 Worst Possible Illusion: The Curiosity Cabinet of Vik Muniz N/A
44 5x02 21/Oct/2003 Foto-Novelas 2: `Junkyard Saints' and `Broken Sky' N/A
45 5x03 28/Oct/2003 Shaolin Ulysses: Kungfu Monks in America N/A
46 5x04 04/Nov/2003 A Wedding in Ramallah N/A
47 5x05 11/Nov/2003 Be Good, Smile Pretty N/A
48 5x06 25/Nov/2003 Livermore N/A
49 5x07 09/Dec/2003 Eroica! N/A
50 5x08 16/Dec/2003 Loaded Gun: Life and Death and Dickinson N/A
51 5x09 23/Dec/2003 Get the Fire! Young Mormon Missionaries Abroad N/A
52 5x10 30/Dec/2003 Man Bites Shorts N/A
53 5x11 13/Jan/2004 Make 'Em Dance: The Hackberry Ramblers' Story N/A
54 5x12 20/Jan/2004 Life Matters N/A
55 5x13 27/Jan/2004 Why Can't We Be a Family Again?; Downpour Resurfacing N/A
56 5x14 10/Feb/2004 Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property N/A
57 5x15 17/Feb/2004 A Place of Our Own N/A
58 5x16 24/Feb/2004 Jimmy Scott: If You Only Knew N/A
59 5x17 02/Mar/2004 Sentencing the Victim N/A
60 5x18 23/Mar/2004 T-Shirt Travels N/A
61 5x19 30/Mar/2004 Every Child Is Born a Poet: The Life and Work of Piri Thomas N/A
62 5x20 13/Apr/2004 Love Inventory N/A
63 5x21 20/Apr/2004 Ram Dass: Fierce Grace N/A
64 5x22 27/Apr/2004 The Weather Underground N/A
65 5x23 04/May/2004 One Night at the Grand Star; Double Exposure N/A
66 5x24 11/May/2004 Refugee N/A
67 5x25 27/May/2004 Death of a Shaman N/A
68 5x26 01/Jun/2004 Cosmopolitan N/A
69 5x27 08/Jun/2004 Sumo East and West N/A
70 5x28 15/Jun/2004 The Amasong Chorus: Singing Out N/A

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
71 6x01 26/Oct/2004 The Political Dr. Seuss N/A
72 6x02 09/Nov/2004 Polka Time N/A
73 6x03 16/Nov/2004 Afghanistan Unveiled N/A
74 6x04 23/Nov/2004 Los Angeles Now N/A
75 6x05 30/Nov/2004 The Day My God Died N/A
76 6x06 14/Dec/2004 Girl Wrestler N/A
77 6x07 21/Dec/2004 Fine; Doki-Doki N/A
78 6x08 28/Dec/2004 Short, Not Sweet N/A
79 6x09 04/Jan/2005 A Hard Straight N/A
80 6x10 11/Jan/2005 A Touch of Greatness N/A
81 6x11 25/Jan/2005 Power Trip N/A
82 6x12 01/Feb/2005 February One: The Story of the Greensboro Four N/A
83 6x13 15/Feb/2005 On a Roll: Family, Disability and the American Dream N/A
84 6x14 22/Feb/2005 Thunder in Guyana/Unites States of Poetry N/A
85 6x15 01/Mar/2005 Sisters of '77 N/A
86 6x16 22/Mar/2005 Sunset Story N/A
87 6x17 29/Mar/2005 Let the Church Say Amen N/A
88 6x18 05/Apr/2005 A Lion's Trail N/A
89 6x19 12/Apr/2005 Keeping Time: The Life, Music & Photographs of Milt Hinton N/A
90 6x20 26/Apr/2005 End of the Century: The Ramones; Joe Strummer Rocks Again N/A
91 6x21 03/May/2005 The Last Letter; Zyklon Portrait; The Walnut Tree N/A
92 6x22 10/May/2005 Imelda N/A
93 6x23 17/May/2005 Vietnam: The Next Generation N/A
94 6x24 24/May/2005 Red Hook Justice N/A
95 6x25 31/May/2005 Double Dare; Piki and Poko: Taking the Dare! N/A
96 6x26 07/Jun/2005 Chavez Ravine: A Los Angeles Story N/A
97 6x27 14/Jun/2005 Brother to Brother N/A

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
98 7x01 11/Oct/2005 Parliament Funkadelic: One Nation Under a Groove N/A
99 7x02 18/Oct/2005 En Route to Baghdad N/A
100 7x03 25/Oct/2005 The Last Cowboy N/A
101 7x04 08/Nov/2005 A Family at War N/A
102 7x05 15/Nov/2005 Mirror Dance N/A
103 7x06 22/Nov/2005 Race Is the Place N/A
104 7x07 29/Nov/2005 Maid in America N/A
105 7x08 13/Dec/2005 Seoul Train N/A
106 7x09 20/Dec/2005 Sisters: Portrait of a Benedictine Community N/A
107 7x10 27/Dec/2005 Short Stack: Lost & Found N/A
108 7x11 03/Jan/2006 Sheriff N/A
109 7x12 17/Jan/2006 Girl Trouble N/A
110 7x13 07/Feb/2006 Negroes With Guns: Rob Williams and Black Power N/A
111 7x14 14/Feb/2006 July '64 N/A
112 7x15 21/Feb/2006 Almost Home N/A
113 7x16 28/Feb/2006 The Loss of Nameless Things N/A
114 7x17 21/Mar/2006 Troop 1500 N/A
115 7x18 28/Mar/2006 Taking the Heat: The First Women Firefighters of New York City N/A
116 7x19 11/Apr/2006 Trudell N/A
117 7x20 18/Apr/2006 La Sierra N/A
118 7x21 25/Apr/2006 A League of Ordinary Gentlemen N/A
119 7x22 02/May/2006 Music from the Inside Out N/A
120 7x23 09/May/2006 Fishbowl; American Made N/A
121 7x24 16/May/2006 Frozen Angels N/A
122 7x25 23/May/2006 The Devil's Miner N/A
123 7x26 06/Jun/2006 The Great Pink Scare N/A
124 7x27 13/Jun/2006 The Real Dirt on Farmer John N/A
125 7x28 21/Jun/2006 A Lion in the House N/A
126 7x29 22/Jun/2006 A Lion in the House N/A

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
127 8x01 24/Oct/2006 Still Life With Animated Dogs N/A
128 8x02 24/Oct/2006 The World According to Sesame Street N/A
129 8x03 31/Oct/2006 Muskrat Lovely N/A
130 8x04 07/Nov/2006 Paul Conrad: Drawing Fire N/A
131 8x05 21/Nov/2006 Democracy on Deadline N/A
132 8x06 28/Nov/2006 Two Square Miles N/A
133 8x07 12/Dec/2006 A Sad Flower in the Sand N/A
134 8x08 19/Dec/2006 Revolucion: Five Visions N/A
135 8x09 26/Dec/2006 Short Stack 2006 N/A
136 8x10 02/Jan/2007 A Fish Story N/A
137 8x11 16/Jan/2007 Shadya N/A
138 8x12 23/Jan/2007 Beyond the Call N/A
139 8x13 30/Jan/2007 Twisted N/A
140 8x14 06/Feb/2007 Billy Strayhorn: Lush Life N/A
141 8x15 13/Feb/2007 Motherland Afghanistan N/A
142 8x16 20/Feb/2007 Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes N/A
143 8x17 27/Feb/2007 Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore? N/A
144 8x18 20/Mar/2007 Stolen N/A
145 8x19 27/Mar/2007 Race to Execution N/A
146 8x20 03/Apr/2007 China Blue N/A
147 8x21 10/Apr/2007 Black Gold N/A
148 8x22 24/Apr/2007 Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room N/A
149 8x23 08/May/2007 The Cats of Mirikitani N/A
150 8x24 15/May/2007 Sentenced Home N/A
151 8x25 22/May/2007 Knocking N/A
152 8x26 29/May/2007 The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill N/A
153 8x27 05/Jun/2007 La Lupe: Queen of Latin Soul N/A

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
154 9x01 16/Oct/2007 Wordplay N/A
155 9x02 23/Oct/2007 Please Vote for Me N/A
156 9x03 30/Oct/2007 Storm of Emotions N/A
157 9x04 06/Nov/2007 Red White Black & Blue N/A
158 9x05 13/Nov/2007 Miss Navajo N/A
159 9x06 20/Nov/2007 The Creek Runs Red N/A
160 9x07 27/Nov/2007 Sisters in Law N/A
161 9x08 11/Dec/2007 The Paper N/A
162 9x09 18/Dec/2007 An Unreasonable Man N/A
163 9x10 08/Jan/2008 Today's Man N/A
164 9x11 22/Jan/2008 A Son's Sacrifice N/A
165 9x12 22/Jan/2008 American Made N/A
166 9x13 29/Jan/2008 How Is Your Fish Today? N/A
167 9x14 19/Feb/2008 Banished N/A
168 9x15 26/Feb/2008 Hard Road Home N/A
169 9x16 18/Mar/2008 Iron Ladies of Liberia N/A
170 9x17 01/Apr/2008 Compañeras N/A
171 9x18 08/Apr/2008 Water Flowing Together N/A
172 9x19 15/Apr/2008 King Corn N/A
173 9x20 06/May/2008 Na Kamalei: The Men of Hula N/A
174 9x21 20/May/2008 A Dream in Doubt N/A
175 9x22 27/May/2008 New Year Baby N/A
176 9x23 10/Jun/2008 The Cool School N/A
177 9x24 15/Jun/2008 Deep Water 8
178 9x25 19/Jun/2008 Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story N/A

 Season 10(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
179 10x01 22/Oct/2008 Chicago 10 N/A
180 10x02 28/Oct/2008 Dinner With the President: A Nation's Journey N/A
181 10x03 13/Nov/2008 Lioness N/A
182 10x04 18/Nov/2008 Match Point N/A
183 10x05 25/Nov/2008 Atom Smashers N/A
184 10x06 09/Dec/2008 Doc N/A
185 10x07 16/Dec/2008 Wonders Are Many: The Making of "Doctor Atomic" N/A
186 10x08 23/Dec/2008 Grey Gardens: From East Hampton to Broadway N/A
187 10x09 30/Dec/2008 Operation Filmmaker N/A
188 10x10 06/Jan/2009 Helvetica N/A
189 10x11 03/Feb/2009 Adjust You Color: The Truth of Petey Greene N/A
190 10x12 10/Feb/2009 Tulia, Texas N/A
191 10x13 24/Feb/2009 The Order of Myths/Bi-Racial Hair N/A
192 10x14 17/Mar/2009 Arusi Persian Wedding N/A
193 10x15 24/Mar/2009 Lakshmi and Me N/A
194 10x16 31/Mar/2009 Recycle N/A
195 10x17 07/Apr/2009 Milking the Rhino N/A
196 10x18 14/Apr/2009 Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai N/A
197 10x19 21/Apr/2009 Steal a Pencil for Me N/A
198 10x20 28/Apr/2009 At Home in Utopia N/A
199 10x21 05/May/2009 Wings of Defeat N/A
200 10x22 12/May/2009 Crips & Bloods: Made in America N/A
201 10x23 19/May/2009 Stranded: The Andes Plane Crash Survivors N/A
202 10x24 26/May/2009 Steal a Pencil for Me N/A
203 10x25 16/Jun/2009 Ask Not N/A
204 10x26 21/Sep/2009 Our Disappeared/Nuestros Desaparecidos N/A

 Season 11(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
205 11x01 Unknown/Unaired Herb & Dorothy N/A
206 11x02 Unknown/Unaired Butte, America N/A
207 11x03 27/Oct/2009 Journals of a Wily School N/A
208 11x04 03/Nov/2009 Power Paths N/A
209 11x05 10/Nov/2009 D Tour N/A
210 11x06 17/Nov/2009 No Subtitles Necessary: Laszlo & Vilmos N/A
211 11x07 24/Nov/2009 Objectified N/A
212 11x08 08/Dec/2009 Between the Folds 7
213 11x09 29/Dec/2009 Scenes From a Parish 7
214 11x10 12/Jan/2010 Young@Heart 8
215 11x11 19/Jan/2010 Copyright Criminals 7
216 11x12 02/Feb/2010 Herskovits at the Heart of Blackness 8
217 11x13 09/Feb/2010 P-Star Rising 7
218 11x14 16/Feb/2010 Mine/Home 7
219 11x15 23/Feb/2010 Behind the Rainbow 8
220 11x16 02/Mar/2010 The Eyes of Me 8
221 11x17 23/Mar/2010 Lost Souls (Animas Perdidas) 8
222 11x18 30/Mar/2010 Whatever It Takes 8
223 11x19 07/Apr/2010 Unmistaken Child 8
224 11x20 13/Apr/2010 Blessed Is the Match 7
225 11x21 20/Apr/2010 DIRT! The Movie 7
226 11x22 27/Apr/2010 Garbage Dreams 8
227 11x23 04/May/2010 Sunshine 8
228 11x24 11/May/2010 Horse Boy 7
229 11x25 18/May/2010 Project Kashmir 8
230 11x26 25/May/2010 A Village Called Versailles 8
231 11x27 01/Jun/2010 Goodbye Solo 8

 Season 12(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
232 12x01 19/Oct/2010 The Parking Lot Movie N/A
233 12x02 26/Oct/2010 Art & Copy N/A
234 12x03 02/Nov/2010 Reel Injun N/A
235 12x04 09/Nov/2010 The Longoria Affair N/A
236 12x05 16/Nov/2010 Lost Sparrow N/A
237 12x06 23/Nov/2010 Deep Down N/A
238 12x07 14/Dec/2010 45365 7
239 12x08 20/Dec/2010 The Calling Part 1 of 2 8
240 12x09 21/Dec/2010 The Calling Part 2 of 2 8
241 12x10 04/Jan/2011 Men Who Swim 8
242 12x11 11/Jan/2011 Children of Haiti 7
243 12x12 18/Jan/2011 For Once in My Life N/A
244 12x13 08/Feb/2011 When I Rise 8
245 12x14 22/Feb/2011 William S. Burroughs: A Man Within 7
246 12x15 01/Mar/2011 Me Facing Life: Cyntoia's Story 8
247 12x16 29/Mar/2011 Pushing the Elephant 8
248 12x17 05/Apr/2011 Desert of Forbidden Art 7
249 12x18 12/Apr/2011 Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child 8
250 12x19 19/Apr/2011 Waste Land 7
251 12x20 26/Apr/2011 Marwencol 8
252 12x21 03/May/2011 A Film Unfinished 8
253 12x22 10/May/2011 Bhutto 8
254 12x23 17/May/2011 Beetle Queen Conquers Tokyo 8
255 12x24 24/May/2011 Welcome to Shelbyville 7
256 12x25 14/Jun/2011 Two Spirits 7

 Season 13(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
257 13x01 13/Oct/2011 Wham! Bam! Islam! 8
258 13x02 20/Oct/2011 Donor Unknown 7
259 13x03 27/Oct/2011 Lives Worth Living 8
260 13x04 03/Nov/2011 Deaf Jam 8
261 13x05 17/Nov/2011 We Still Live Here - Âs Nutayuneân 7
262 13x06 22/Dec/2011 The Woodmans 7
263 13x07 29/Dec/2011 These Amazing Shadows N/A
264 13x08 13/Jan/2011 Have You Heard From Johannesburg: Road to Resistance N/A
265 13x09 13/Jan/2011 Have You Heard From Johannesburg: The New Generation N/A
266 13x10 02/Feb/2012 Daisy Bates: First Lady of Little Rock 7
267 13x11 09/Feb/2012 The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 8
268 13x12 16/Feb/2012 More Than a Month 7
269 13x13 29/Mar/2012 You're Looking at Me Like I Live Here and I Don't 7
270 13x14 05/Apr/2012 Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey 7
271 13x15 12/Apr/2012 When the Drum is Beating 8
272 13x16 19/Apr/2012 Revenge of the Electric Car N/A
273 13x17 26/Apr/2012 Facing the Storm 8
274 13x18 03/May/2012 Circo 8
275 13x19 10/May/2012 Summer Pasture 7
276 13x20 17/May/2012 Precious Knowledge 8
277 13x21 28/May/2012 Hell and Back Again 8
278 13x22 14/Jun/2012 We Were Here 7
279 13x23 26/Jul/2012 Strong! 8

 Season 14(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
280 14x01 08/Oct/2012 As Goes Janesville 7
281 14x02 29/Oct/2012 Love Free or Die 7
282 14x03 05/Nov/2012 Solar Mamas 8
283 14x04 12/Nov/2012 Park Avenue: Money, Power & the American Dream 8
284 14x05 14/Jan/2013 Soul Food Junkies 7
285 14x06 21/Jan/2013 Beauty Is Embarrassing 8
286 14x07 28/Jan/2013 The Revisionaries 7
287 14x08 18/Feb/2013 The Powerbroker: Whitney Young's Fight for Civil Rights N/A
288 14x09 25/Feb/2013 Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry 8
289 14x10 08/Apr/2013 The House I Live In 8
290 14x11 15/Apr/2013 Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines 8
291 14x12 22/Apr/2013 The Island President 8
292 14x13 29/Apr/2013 The Undocumented 8
293 14x14 06/May/2013 Seeking Asian Female 8
294 14x15 13/May/2013 The Invisible War 7
295 14x16 27/May/2013 Detropia 8
296 14x17 17/Jun/2013 The Revolutionary Optimists 8
297 14x18 30/Sep/2013 Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey 8
298 14x19 21/Oct/2013 The Waiting Room / Let Me Down Easy 8

 Season 15(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
299 15x01 28/Oct/2013 The Graduates (1) 8
300 15x02 04/Nov/2013 The Graduates (2) 8
301 15x03 18/Nov/2013 Indian Relay 7
302 15x04 25/Nov/2013 Young Lakota N/A
303 15x05 16/Dec/2013 Playwright: From Page to Stage N/A
304 15x06 23/Dec/2013 Jiro Dreams of Sushi N/A
305 15x07 30/Dec/2013 How to Survive a Plague 7
306 15x08 13/Jan/2014 At Berkeley N/A
307 15x09 20/Jan/2014 Blood Brother N/A
308 15x10 27/Jan/2014 The State of Arizona N/A
309 15x11 10/Feb/2014 Spies of Mississippi N/A
310 15x12 17/Feb/2014 Las Marthas N/A
311 15x13 24/Mar/2014 All of Me: A Story of Love, Loss, and Last Resorts N/A
312 15x14 31/Mar/2014 Medora N/A
313 15x15 07/Apr/2014 Brother's Hypnotic N/A
314 15x16 14/Apr/2014 Trials of Muhammad Ali N/A
315 15x17 21/Apr/2014 Muscle Shoals N/A
316 15x18 05/May/2014 A Fragile Trust: Plagiarism, Power, and Jayson Blair at The New York Times N/A
317 15x19 12/May/2014 Let the Fire Burn N/A
318 15x20 19/May/2014 God Loves Uganda N/A
319 15x21 21/Jun/2014 The New Black N/A

 Season 16(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
320 16x01 13/Oct/2014 Bully N/A
321 16x02 20/Oct/2014 Twin Sisters N/A
322 16x03 27/Oct/2014 Brakeless N/A
323 16x04 03/Nov/2014 Powerless N/A
324 16x05 17/Nov/2014 Happiness N/A
325 16x06 05/Jan/2015 Rich Hill N/A
326 16x07 12/Jan/2015 Evolution of a Criminal N/A
327 16x08 19/Jan/2015 The Kill Team / Confusion Through Sand N/A
328 16x09 16/Feb/2015 Through a Lens Darkly / Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People N/A
329 16x10 23/Feb/2015 American Denial N/A
330 16x11 23/Mar/2015 Little White Lie N/A
331 16x12 06/Apr/2015 Little Hope Was Arson; A City in Flames N/A
332 16x13 13/Apr/2015 The Homestretch N/A
333 16x14 20/Apr/2015 The Great Invisible N/A
334 16x15 04/May/2015 Kumu Hina N/A
335 16x16 11/May/2015 Born to Fly: Elizabeth Streb vs. Gravity N/A
336 16x17 18/May/2015 1971 N/A
337 16x18 15/Jun/2015 Limited Partnership N/A

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