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1565 :13x16 - David Walton, You Won't, Jade Catta-Preta

Carson was joined by David Walton and Jade Catta-Pretta. You Won't performed.

1566 :13x17 - "The Broken Circle Breakdown", Sir Sly, Matt Fulchiron

Carson was joined by Matt Fulchiron. Sir Sly performed.
Musical Guests: Sir Sly as Themselves |
Interviewees: Matt Fulchiron as Himself

1567 :13x18 - Andi Osho, Lucius, La Luz

Carson was joined by Andi Osho. Lucius and La Luz performed.
Musical Guests: Lucius (1) as Themselves | La Luz as Themselves |
Interviewees: Andi Osho as Herself

1568 :13x19 - Tim Heidecker & Davin Wood, Washed Out, "Aatsinki"

Carson was joined by Tim Heidecker & Davin Wood. Washed Out performed.
Musical Guests: Washed Out as Themselves |
Interviewees: Tim Heidecker as Himself | Davin Wood as Himself

1569 :13x20 - Ben Schwartz, Soko, Jacob Escobedo

Carson was joined by Ben Schwartz and Jacob Escobedo. Soko performed.
Musical Guests: Soko as Herself |
Interviewees: Jacob Escobedo as Himself | Ben Schwartz as Himself

1570 :13x21 - "Throwing Shade", Kaiser Chiefs, Noah Gundersen

Carson Daly was joined by Noah Gundersen, plus music from Kaiser Chiefs.
Musical Guests: Kaiser Chiefs as Themselves |
Interviewees: Noah Gundersen as Himself

1571 :13x22 - Tony Revolori, Kodaline, Ron Josol

Carson Daly was joined by Tony Revolori and Ron Josol, plus music from Kodaline.
Musical Guests: Kodaline as Themselves |
Interviewees: Ron Josol as Himself | Tony Revolori as Himself

1572 :13x23 - "Risk", Icona Pop, "the Missing Picture"

Carson Daly was joined by musical guest Icona Pop.
Musical Guests: Icona Pop as Themselves

1573 :13x24 - Neil deGrasse Tyson, LP, Chris Burkard

Carson Daly was joined by Neil deGrasse Tyson and Chris Burkard, plus music from LP.
Musical Guests: LP as Herself |
Interviewees: Neil deGrasse Tyson as Himself | Chris Burkard as Himself

1574 :13x25 - Rob Thomas, Albert Hammond Jr., Hell or Highwater

Carson Daly was joined by Rob Thomas and Hell or Highwater, plus music from Albert Hammond, Jr..
Musical Guests: Albert Hammond, Jr. as Himself |
Interviewees: Hell Or Highwater as Themselves | Rob Thomas (1) as Himself

1575 :13x26 - Ronald D. Moore, Vanish Valley, Hasan Minhaj

Carson Daly was joined by Ronald D. Moore and Hasan Minhaj, plus music from Vanish Valley.
Musical Guests: Vanish Valley as Themselves |
Interviewees: Ronald D. Moore as Himself | Hasan Minhaj as Himself

1576 :13x27 - Carrie Brownstein, the Colourist, the Casket Girls

Carson Daly was joined by Carrie Brownstein and the Casket Girls, plus music from the Colourist.
Musical Guests: The Colourist as Themselves |
Interviewees: Carrie Brownstein as Herself | The Casket Girls as Themselves

1577 :13x28 - "Chicagoland", Night Terrors of 1927, Katie Crown

Carson Daly was joined by Katie Crown, plus music from Night Terrors of 1927.
Musical Guests: Night Terrors Of 1927 as Themselves |
Interviewees: Katie Crown as Herself

1578 :13x29 - Rachael Taylor, Robbie Fulks, Taylor Williamson

Carson Daly was joined by Rachael Taylor and Taylor Williamson, plus music from Robbie Fulks.
Musical Guests: Robbie Fulks (5) as Himself |
Interviewees: Taylor Williamson as Himself | Rachael Taylor as Herself

1579 :13x30 - Emily Mortimer, K. Flay, "Maidentrip"

Carson Daly was joined by Emily Mortimer, plus music from K. Flay.
Musical Guests: K. Flay as Herself |
Interviewees: Emily Mortimer as Herself

1580 :13x31 - Bret McKenzie, Jenny O, Michael Malice

Carson Daly was joined by Bret McKenzie and Michael Malice, plus music from Jenny O.
Musical Guests: Jenny O as Herself |
Interviewees: Bret McKenzie as Himself | Michael Malice as Himself

1581 :13x32 - Freida Mock, Sirah, "Bad Words"

Carson Daly was joined by Freida Mock, plus music from Sirah.
Musical Guests: Sirah as Herself |
Interviewees: Freida Lee Mock as Herself

1582 :13x33 - Jay Williams, Syd Arthur, "Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton"

Carson Daly was joined by Jay Williams and music from Syd Arthur.
Musical Guests: Syd Arthur as Himself |
Interviewees: Jay Williams (1) as Himself

1583 :13x34 - Veronica Roth, the Preatures, MisterWives

Carson Daly was joined by Veronica Roth and MisterWives, plus music from the Preatures.
Musical Guests: The Preatures as Themselves |
Interviewees: Veronica Roth as Herself | MisterWives as Themselves

1584 :13x35 - Gareth Evans, Arthur Beatrice, "Finding Vivian Maier"

Carson Daly was joined by Gareth Evans, plus music from Arthur Beatrice.
Musical Guests: Arthur Beatrice as Himself |
Interviewees: Gareth Evans (1) as Himself

1585 :13x36 - Bear McCreary, Together Pangea, Air Review

Carson Daly was joined by Bear McCreary and Air Review, plus music from Together Pangea.
Musical Guests: Together Pangea as Themselves |
Interviewees: Bear McCreary as Himself | Air Review as Themselves

1586 :13x37 - Christopher Meloni, Liquor Store, Protex

Carson Daly was joined by Christopher Meloni and Protex, plus music from Liquor Store.
Musical Guests: Liquor Store as Themselves |
Interviewees: Protex as Themselves | Christopher Meloni as Himself

1587 :13x38 - Tim Simons, Cosmonauts, Shanghai Restoration Project

Carson Daly was joined by Timothy Simons and Shanghai Restoration Project, plus music from Cosmonauts.
Musical Guests: Cosmonauts as Themselves |
Interviewees: Timothy Simons as Himself | Shanghai Restoration Project as Themselves

1588 :13x39 - Tamron Hall, Warm Soda, Birth of Joy

Carson Daly was joined by Tamron Hall and Birth of Joy, plus music from Warm Soda.
Musical Guests: Warm Soda as Themselves |
Interviewees: Birth Of Joy as Themselves | Tamron Hall as Herself

1589 :13x40 - Diego Luna, Deap Vally, Afflicted

Carson Daly was joined by Diego Luna and Afflicted, plus music from Deap Vally.
Musical Guests: Deap Vally as Themselves |
Interviewees: Diego Luna as Himself

1590 :13x41 - Rhys Darby, Band of Skulls, Monrok

Carson Daly was joined by Rhys Darby and Monrok, plus music from Band of Skulls.
Musical Guests: Band Of Skulls as Themselves |
Interviewees: Rhys Darby as Himself | Monrok as Herself

1591 :13x42 - Judy Greer, Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion, "TripTank"

Carson Daly was joined by Judy Greer and "TripTank", plus music from Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion.
Musical Guests: Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion as Themselves |
Interviewees: Judy Greer as Herself

1592 :13x43 - Wally Pfister, Jake Bugg, "A Sliver of Light"

Carson Daly was joined by Wally Pfister and A Sliver of Light, plus music from Jake Bugg.
Musical Guests: Jake Bugg as Himself |
Interviewees: Wally Pfister as Himself

1593 :13x44 - Brian Unger, Zane Lamprey, the Crystal Method, Milagres

Carson Daly was joined by Brian Unger, Zane Lamprey and Milagres, plus music from the Crystal Method.
Musical Guests: The Crystal Method as Themselves |
Interviewees: Brian Unger as Himself | Zane Lamprey as Himself | Milagres as Themselves

1594 :13x45 - Nick Frost, Lucius, White Sea

Carson Daly was joined by Nick Frost and White Sea, plus music from Lucius.
Musical Guests: Lucius (1) as Themselves |
Interviewees: Nick Frost (1) as Himself | White Sea as Themselves

1595 :13x46 - Jared Harris, the Growlers, Andrew Schultz

Carson Daly was joined by Jared Harris and Andrew Schultz, plus music from The Growlers.
Musical Guests: The Growlers as Themselves |
Interviewees: Jared Harris as Himself | Andrew Schultz as Himself

1596 :13x47 - Brett Gelman, Sir Sly, Skaters

Carson Daly was joined by Brett Gelman and Skaters, plus music from Sir Sly.
Musical Guests: Sir Sly as Themselves |
Interviewees: Skaters as Themselves | Brett Gelman as Himself

1597 :13x48 - Matt Taibbi, Tinariwen, Steven Knight

Carson Daly was joined by Matt Taibbi and Steven Knight, plus music from Tinariwen.
Musical Guests: Tinariwen as Themselves |
Interviewees: Matt Taibbi as Himself | Steven Knight as Himself
Classification: Talk Shows
Genre: Music
Status: Returning Series
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 01:35 am
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 08, 2002
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