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Take These Chains from My Heart - Recap

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The episode begins with Juliette and Dante talking about going house hunting. Juliette loves the idea and they make out in the shower. The whole team is back home. Stacy arrives to pick up Deacon. Jolene also arrives to receive Juliette. She tells Dante that she does not like her new sober companion. Juliette tells her mother that she should respect their boundaries. She tells Jolene to go back to her apartment. Rayna tells Bucky that since she doesn’t have the girls with her this week, they could catch up with Liam and also meet Scarlett. At the office, Peggy asks Teddy if they could have dinner together. He tells her that he is busy.

Scarlett is having dinner with Stacy and Deacon. She tells Deacon that Stacy is lovely and that he should keep her. Rayna meets Liam at the studio. Liam is happy to see that Rayna is doing much better than the last time he saw her. They kiss, but are interrupted by Bucky. Rayna and Tandy bring Lamar home. Tandy is happy about the fact that Rayna is staying with her. Rayna tells Tandy that she made out Liam. Tandy tells her that it is good to have some fun. She also tells Tandy that they also had sex. Juliette and Dante are busy cuddling and deciding on a house. Deacon gets pissed and tells Juliette that the other band members need to go home and meet their families. He thinks that Juliette is not paying attention to the practice.

Dante tells Deacon to mind his work. Deacon has had enough and he tells Juliette that he will quit after this leg of the tour is done. Juliette tells him that he is totally replaceable. Teddy meets one of his contacts and confirms the fact that Peggy was the leak. Will has got a new gig and he totally rocks it. Rayna meets Scarlett to talk about her first single song. Scarlett tells Rayna that Gunnar did not turn up for the audition because there was a death in his family. She tells Rayna that she would not like to sing without Gunnar. At Soundcheck, Jolene arrives to meet Juliette and tells her that she needs to talk to her. She tells her that she saw Dante kissing another woman.

Juliette is furious that Jolene is making these accusations on Dante. Dante admits that he was with a woman, but she is a realtor friend, who showed him the house that he told Juliette about. He turns the whole thing around by pointing out to the fact that Jolene was following him. Jolene explains that she was trying to get Dante alone so that she could talk to him. Juliette tells her to leave. Will and Gunnar perform at the Tootsies and the crowd loves them. Liam tells Rayna that he has made reservations for two plane tickets to the Caribbean. He wants Rayna to go with him. Rayna tells her that she had her kids and also the tour to complete.

He tells her that she has a few days off and he wants her to think about it. Rayna is excited and confused. Juliette likes the house that Dante chose for her. She is also worried about Jolene. Dante tells her that he will keep an eye on her so that she doesn’t relapse. Deacon tells Stacy that he quit the band. At Tootsies, a producer likes Gunnar’s song and performance. He asks Gunnar to meet him. Gunnar finds Avery sitting at the bar. Avery apologizes for whatever happened between them. He wishes Gunnar luck with his new song. At home, Rayna learns that Lamar kept a track of Rayna’s professional life. She is touched. Lamar tells her that he would like to start things over with her. Rayna agrees. Teddy confronts Peggy.

Peggy tells him that a reporter tricked her into confirming the information. She thinks that Lamar told Teddy about this and hence she ends up telling Teddy about the stadium deal that Lamar made with her. Teddy is pissed and asks her to leave. At home, Scarlett tells Gunnar that she told Rayna about him and also that Rayna has agreed to give him a second chance. Gunnar is not too happy to hear this. He tells Scarlett that he still needs to discover himself and he doesn’t want to work with Rayna at the moment. Scarlett is upset. Deacon brings Stacy to work. Rayna tells Liam that she has decided to go with him to the Caribbean for the weekend.

Liam is happy. Juliette meets Dante’s realtor friend and asks her if she and Dante are involved. The friend tells her that Dante helped her a while back when she was in trouble. She assures Juliette that they are just friends. Juliette seems convinced. Dante arrives and Juliette tells him that she has decided to buy the house. At the office, Teddy cancels all of Lamar’s metro contracts. Coleman is not too happy about it. He thinks that Teddy is being too impulsive. Teddy assures him that they will figure it out. Scarlett runs into Avery at Soundcheck. Avery tells her that he heard about her success and he is happy for her. Scarlett brings Dante’s realtor friend to meet up with Jolene. Jolene tells Scarlett that this is the same girl that she saw Dante making out with. Scarlett tries to explain that she is just a friend.

Dante asks Jolene if she has started using. He finds some pills in her bag and Jolene tells Juliette that those are not hers. Juliette doesn’t believe her. Dante tells Jolene that she needs to go back to the rehab. Rayna is performing with Liam and Deacon doesn’t seem too comfortable seeing the two of them together. Stacy notices this. At home, Lamar tells Tandy that Teddy cancelled all their metro contracts because Tandy told him that he had Peggy on the line. Lamar tells her that Rayna is the one who was holding his hand when he woke up from surgery and also that she isn’t acting like he has lost his edge. Tandy is shocked to hear this. She leaves. Stacy confronts Deacon and he admits that he still has feelings for Rayna.

Stacy tells him that she needs some time to think and she leaves. Rayna sees this and asks Deacon if everything is alright. Deacon tells her that he is still not over her and that is creating problems between him and Stacy. Rayna tells him that she is going to the Caribbean with Liam. She leaves. Tandy meets Coleman with a new proposition. She tells him that he is supposed to be the Mayor instead of Teddy. She tells him to look into Teddy’s Cumberland deal to get a better picture about Teddy’s past. Juliette is really upset about what happened with Jolene. Juliette looks at the drugs that were found on Jolene and notes that they are hydromorphine. She tells Emily that these cannot be Jolene’s because she is allergic to them. She tells Emily to call Dante. Emily tells her that she is unable to reach him.

Later, Emily tells Scarlett that Dante is nowhere to be found and there is $475,000 missing from her corporate account. Scarlett tells Emily to call Jolene and tell her that she doesn’t have to go back to the rehab. She doesn’t want to inform the cops because she doesn’t want anyone to know about this. Rayna arrives to meet Deacon at his house. She cancelled her trip with Liam. She tells Deacon that she loves him. They kiss. Will and Gunnar are having beer and Gunnar tells him that the song he sang at Tootsie’s, was written by his brother.

The topic then shifts to Scarlett, and Gunnar tells Will that he is not sure about his relationship. Will kisses Gunnar. Gunnar is furious. Will apologizes and leaves. At home, Deacon and Rayna make love. Dante and the Realtor woman are on a flight. Scarlett tries to call Dante. He disconnects the call and dumps his cell phone with the magazines on the flight. The episode ends.