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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 12/Oct/2003 A Cheetah Story
2 1x02 19/Oct/2003 The Ultimate Crocodile
3 1x03 09/Nov/2003 The Lion Queen
4 1x04 19/Nov/2003 Legends of the Night: America's Last Red Wolves
5 1x05 21/Dec/2003 Coming of Age with Elephants
6 1x06 04/Jan/2004 Tempests from the Deep
7 1x07 31/Jan/2004 Wolves of the Air; Flight of the Harpy Eagle
8 1x08 08/Feb/2004 King Rattler
9 1x09 09/Feb/2004 Africa's Deadly Dozen
10 1x10 22/Feb/2004 Gates of Hell
11 1x11 23/Feb/2004 Island of the Vampire Birds
12 1x12 13/Mar/2004 Elephant Power
13 1x13 21/Mar/2004 Fearsome Frogs
14 1x14 22/Mar/2004 Rat
15 1x15 28/Mar/2004 Poison
16 1x16 23/Apr/2004 Making of `Roar'
17 1x17 19/Jun/2004 Tiger Sharks

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
18 2x01 17/Jan/2005 Killer Cats
19 2x02 24/Jan/2005 The True Face of Hurricanes
20 2x03 07/Feb/2005 The Witchcraft Murder
21 2x04 14/Feb/2005 Inside Shock and Awe
22 2x05 07/Mar/2005 Tiny Humans: The "Hobbits" of Flores
23 2x06 09/Mar/2005 Hogzilla
24 2x07 25/Mar/2005 Explorer: Surviving Maximum Security
25 2x08 22/Apr/2005 Violent Earth
26 2x09 16/Jun/2005 Explorer: Search for Adam
27 2x10 13/Sep/2005 Explorer: Collapse
28 2x11 04/Oct/2005 Explorer: Pyramids of Death
29 2x12 11/Nov/2005 Explorer: Jamestown
30 2x13 28/Nov/2005 Explorer: Super Chopper
31 2x14 06/Jan/2006 Super Snake
32 2x15 31/Jan/2006 World's Most Dangerous Gang
33 2x16 30/May/2006 Drowning New Orleans
34 2x17 13/Jun/2006 Explorer: Elephant Rage
35 2x18 20/Jun/2006 Super Sub
36 2x19 30/May/2006 Inside The Real NCIS

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 3x01 16/Aug/2006 Python vs Gator
7 3x02 30/Aug/2006 Ultimate Bear
8 3x03 06/Sep/2006 L.A.'s Future Quake
9 3x04 13/Sep/2006 Ultimate Hippo
10 3x05 20/Sep/2006 Ultimate Cat
2 3x06 18/Oct/2006 World's Most Dangerous Drug
11 3x07 06/Dec/2006 Attack of the Killer Bees
12 3x08 13/Dec/2006 Super Carrier
3 3x09 17/Dec/2006 Secret Lives of Jesus
13 3x10 21/Jan/2007 Iraq's Guns for Hire
4 3x11 19/Feb/2007 Ultimate Shark
6 3x12 27/Feb/2007 Inside North Korea
5 3x13 28/Feb/2007 Doomsday Volcano
14 3x14 04/Mar/2007 Aryan Brotherhood
15 3x15 11/Apr/2007 Struck by Lightning
16 3x16 13/Jun/2007 FBI Takedown

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
2 4x01 08/Aug/2007 Jellyfish Invasion
3 4x02 15/Aug/2007 Science of Dogs
4 4x03 12/Sep/2007 Ultimate Crocodile
5 4x04 19/Sep/2007 Science of Babies
6 4x05 07/Oct/2007 Mammoth Mystery
7 4x06 11/Nov/2007 Inside the Body Trade
8 4x07 21/Nov/2007 Ultimate Viper
9 4x08 02/Dec/2007 China's Secret Mummies
10 4x09 09/Dec/2007 Last Christians of Bethlehem
11 4x10 09/Jan/2008 Science of Evil
12 4x11 13/Feb/2008 Testosterone Factor
13 4x12 12/Mar/2008 Alaska's Last Oil
14 4x13 08/Apr/2008 Shark Superhighway
15 4x14 03/Jun/2008 Tunnel to a Lost World
16 4x15 04/Jun/2008 Bog Mummies
17 4x16 10/Jun/2008 Science of Cats
18 4x17 01/Jul/2008 Gorilla Murders
19 4x18 22/Jul/2008 Finding Anastasia

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
20 5x01 02/Sep/2008 Moment of Death
21 5x02 16/Sep/2008 Congo Bush Pilots
22 5x03 25/Sep/2008 Secret History of Gold
23 5x04 02/Oct/2008 Marijuana Nation
24 5x05 09/Dec/2008 Guns in America
25 5x06 13/Jan/2009 The Virus Hunters
26 5x07 03/Feb/2009 Italy's Mystery Mummies
27 5x08 10/Feb/2009 Monster Fish of the Congo
28 5x09 24/Feb/2009 Peru's Mass Grave Mystery
29 5x10 10/Mar/2009 T. Rex Walks Again
30 5x11 05/Apr/2009 Inside Guantanamo
31 5x12 02/Jun/2009 Child Mummy Sacrifice
32 5x13 09/Jun/2009 Easter Island Underworld
33 5x14 12/Jun/2009 Inside Death Row
34 5x15 08/Sep/2009 Inside Guantanamo
35 5x16 15/Sep/2009 Sex, Lies and Gender
36 5x17 22/Sep/2009 Chimps on the Edge

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
37 6x01 27/Oct/2009 Mystery of The Disembodied Feet
38 6x02 03/Nov/2009 Inside LSD
39 6x03 10/Nov/2009 Secret History of Diamonds
40 6x04 17/Nov/2009 24 Hours After Asteroid Impact
41 6x05 24/Nov/2009 Nazi Mystery: Twins from Brazil
42 6x06 01/Mar/2010 Inside The Nuclear Threat
43 6x07 11/Apr/2010 Solitary Confinement
44 6x08 19/Apr/2010 25 Years
45 6x09 20/Apr/2010 Journey to an Alien Moon
46 6x10 27/Apr/2010 Fatal Insomnia
47 6x11 08/Jun/2010 Talibanistan
48 6x12 15/Jun/2010 Electronic Armageddon
49 6x13 10/Aug/2010 Inside the DEA
50 6x14 17/Aug/2010 24 Hours After Hiroshima
51 6x15 24/Aug/2010 Albino Murders
52 6x16 31/Aug/2010 Inside Bioterror
53 6x17 28/Sep/2010 Can the Gulf Survive?
54 6x18 16/Nov/2010 Lost Mummies of New Guinea
55 6x19 23/Nov/2010 How Man Tamed the Wild
56 6x20 14/Dec/2010 Born to Rage?
57 6x21 17/Jan/2011 American Hostage
58 6x22 24/Jan/2011 Lost Cannibals of Europe
59 6x23 07/Feb/2011 How to Build a Beating Heart
60 6x24 14/Feb/2011 Clash of the Americas

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
61 7x01 19/Apr/2011 Mystery of the Murdered Saints
62 7x02 26/Apr/2011 The Angel Effect
63 7x03 10/May/2011 Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes
64 7x04 17/May/2011 Megapiranha
65 7x05 29/May/2011 Stormageddon
66 7x06 23/Nov/2011 How to Build an Ancient Man

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
67 8x01 30/Aug/2015 Warlords of Ivory
68 8x02 04/Oct/2015 Legend of the Monkey God
69 8x03 01/Nov/2015 Bill Nye's Global Meltdown
70 8x04 13/Dec/2015 The Cult of Mary

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
71 9x01 10/Jan/2016 Call of the Wild
72 9x02 14/Feb/2016 Eyes Wide Open
73 9x03 06/Mar/2016 Fighting ISIS
74 9x04 03/Apr/2016 Faces of Death
75 9x05 01/May/2016 Point Of No Return
76 9x06 05/Jun/2016 Blood Antiquities

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