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Season 4

29 :04x01 - Sharing Finances

A young lady gets haunted by some intelligent ghosts when she goes to look after her aunt's house over the Summer. Doug and Claire decide the next step in their relationship is to open a joint banking account. An advert for a pet grooming business. Kath and Dave have 15 minutes of parking to get everything done. Sandra comes across her soul-mate. Fred's date gets audited by the Date Fact Checker.
Special Guest Stars: Tunde Adebimpe as Himself |
Guest Stars: Kirsten Dunst as Kim | Vanessa Bayer as Bank Employee | Kumail Nanjiani as Date Fact Checker |
Co-Guest Stars: Ernest Adams as Ernie | Ellen Bloodworth as Sandra's Neighbor | Anatoly Brant as Parking Attendant | Hildegardt Gemer as Various | Aaron James as Various | Andrew Kendig as Various | Mikki Lipsey as Various | Erin McGarry as Fred's Date

30 :04x02 - Ecoterrorists

Bryce and Lisa appear in a Rent it Out! commercial. A group of eco-terrorists try different methods to get a makeup company to pay attention to them. Kathy isn't sleeping so Dave tries to help her out. Trish and Jamie are joined by an afro dog. A couple tries to buy a loft space for less then the asking price and soon realize they will have to share the tenancy. Candace and Toni hold a car wash to raise money to pay their rent. Fred worries he's missed out on hip hop when Carrie invites him to a Jay-Z concert. The eco-terrorists are persuaded to help a child protest the way his parents treat him.
Guest Stars: Olivia Wilde as Ecoterrorist #3 | Jay Pharoah as Jay-Z |
Co-Guest Stars: Josh Frank as Rental Guy/Josh | Brandon Huddleston as Brandon | Mikel Chase as Estate Agent/Car Wash Customer | Matthew Schur as Matthew | Mercedes Rose as Matthew's Mum | Andrew Dhulst as Matthew's Dad

31 :04x03 - Celery Guy

A male and female 911 operative seem to have the same answer to everyone's concerns. The head of vegetables isn't impressed with the performance celery is providing and tasks Marty with improving it's market share. A woman has to place orders at various different stations at Order Grill, just to get a pastrami sandwich. Trish and Jamie are joined by a dog called Jack White who has a tendency of running away. Carrie claims herself socially bankrupt and cashes in. Marty is approached by the FBI (Federal Bacon Inspectors) when his only option he's told by Eric is to partner up with another food. Geoffrey is fed up of working in an office so joins two beggars. Marty makes a quick escape when Bacon guy realizes he's wearing a wire.
Guest Stars: Jeff Goldblum as Car Accident Caller | Steve Buscemi as Marty | Kumail Nanjiani as Geoffrey (Human Bandwith Manager) | Silas Weir Mitchell as Federal Bacon Inspector |
Co-Guest Stars: Henry Cottrell as Male 911 Caller | Jaime Langdon as Female 911 Caller/Order Grill Customer | Andrea Yates as Aunt Elizabeth | Brad Fletcher as Various |
Uncredited: Josh Frank as Josh

32 :04x04 - Pull-Out King

A 80s punk awakens from a coma 20 years after been knocked out, he goes in search of fellow Yuppies. Nina thinks that she's pregnant but Lance isn't convinced as he is 'The Pull Out King'. Malcolm and Kris tailgate at a concert. Jamie and Trish have a returning dog up for adoption, but Jamie gets distracted. Nina takes Lance to meet a stay at home Dad were he finds out someone else is known as 'The Pull Out King'. Nina and Lance visit the furniture store that the other pull out king works at and end up ordering a new sofa. James forgets to respond to an email about his best friends new baby until ten years later. Carrie starts dating a tax officer who wants to be a bassist until Fred holds an intervention. Nina realizes she isn't in fact pregnant when the new sofa is delivered so her and Lance decide to try for a baby anyway.
Guest Stars: Jello Biafra as Coma Patient | Jeff Goldblum as The Pull Out King | Mark Proksch as Shaun Davis | Annie Clark as Herself | Duff McKagan as Himself |
Co-Guest Stars: Betty Moyer as Nurse | Josh Frank as Josh | Wolfgang Krisel as Wolfy | Adam Robinson as Jason | Karey Dornetto as James' Co-Worker | Matthew Schur as Matthew |
Featuring: Kim Gordon as Herself

33 :04x05 - Spyke Drives

Nance injures herself when she's about to go inside, so Peter has to drive her to the emergency room. Spyke finds out from his boss if he doesn't get a car to deliver his t-shirts on he'll be replaced so he enlists the help of Lance. Dinner party guests keep trying to leave but the story the host is telling seems to be never-ending. Jamie and Trish have a dog that's come back to them that's going up for adoption again. Ghavin follows Annie Clark after she finishes a show as he has some questions to ask. Spyke and Lance head to the car salesroom. Fred and Carrie host a unsuccessful garage sale, until the Mayor shows up and buys nearly everything to launch a new 90s themed cafe. Doug and Claire try to improve their relationship by treating each other like they would a dog. Spyke see's the error of his ways when he gets road rage and starts the fight for pedestrian rights.
Special Guest Stars: Kyle MacLachlan as Mayor |
Guest Stars: Annie Clark as Herself | Kumail Nanjiani as Car Salesman |
Co-Guest Stars: Ryan Findley as Spyke's Boss | Danny Belrose as Dinner Party Guest who goes to the Bathroom | Ted Douglass as Dinner Party Guest who wants to leave | Mike Shkolnik as Dinner Party Guest/Jester | Karey Dornetto as Lady at Yard Sale

34 :04x06 - Bahama Knights

Fred has an idea for a music documentary. Peter is reunited with his old band, The Bahama Knights, and his ex-wife is lead singer. Trudy and Craig produce a song. Carrie and Fred go home after a concert. Guest starring Maya Rudolph, Tuck & Patti and Jeff Tweedy.

Source: IFC
Guest Stars: Maya Rudolph as TBA | Tuck & Patti as TBA | Jeff Tweedy as TBA

35 :04x07 - Trail Blazers

Joaquin makes a smoothie. Kickstarter videos compete at the Cant’s Film. Sandra visits a tattoo removal parlor. Malcolm and Kris make their own clothing. Toni and Candace coach the Portland Trail Blazers’ dance team. Guest starring Gus Van Sant, Paul Allen and The Portland Trail Blazers.

Source: IFC
Guest Stars: Gus Van Sant as TBA | Paul Allen (1) as TBA | Portland Trail Blazers as TBA

36 :04x08 - Late in Life Drug Use

Mr. Mayor plans a Pride Parade. Brendan and Michelle decide it’s finally time to try recreational drugs. The Punslingers name some new businesses. Carrie’s brother comes to visit with his new boyfriend. The cops visit Toni and Candace. Spyke and Iris have dinner at a suspiciously bad Thai restaurant. Guest starring Kyle MacLachlan, Dan Savage and Josh Homme.

Source: IFC
Guest Stars: Kyle MacLachlan as Mayor | Dan Savage as TBA | Josh Homme as TBA

37 :04x09 - 3D Printer

A minister reminds us that church is an option. Art students makes anti-corporate paintings. Mr. Mayor unveils Portland’s official 3D printer. Santa is concerned about the future of Christmas. A TV commercial director struggles with his own creativity. Lance and Nina’s lizard dies. Guest starring Ed Begley Jr.

Source: IFC
Guest Stars: Kyle MacLachlan as Mayor | Ed Begley, Jr. as TBA

38 :04x10 - Getting Away

Portlandia gets away for the weekend to New Beavertown, Oregon. Toni and Candace lead a feminist retreat for women. Kath and Dave do their best to relax. Peter and Nance go on a walking tour of the town. Guest starring Jason Sudeikis and k.d.lang.

Source: IFC
Guest Stars: Jason Sudeikis as TBA | K.D. Lang as TBA
Warning: Portlandia guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Family
Status: Returning Series
Network: IFC ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 21, 2011
Episode Order: 10
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