Honey, I Shrunk the Rangers (1) - Recap

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When the rangers participate in a competition to clean up Angel Grove in which the winning team gets a donation to the charity or function of their choice, Elgar attacks Justin and Adam's team with Piranhatron. Unable to morph in front of the kids, Adam fights them unmorphed. He is overpowered, but the Blue Senturion saves the day.
Divatox, after seeing a fly land on the Blue Senturion, causing him to short circuit, sends Shrinkasect to the Youth Center with a detonator inside a can. However, he is hit by the door and drops it. Bulk and Skull, who have decided to show everyone that they're really humans by winning the contest, pick it up to recycle. After they use Lt. Stone's keys and drive off, Shrinkasect changes his plans. When he sees the Blue Senturion helping an old lady cross a street, he turns into a fly and lands on his neck, causing the Blue Senturion to go crazy. Alpha detects the disturbance and sends the rangers, who then see Bulk and Skull driving. Justin goes after the two while the rangers try to restrain the Blue Senturion. They hear a buzzing in his helmet and manage to get Shrinkasect out, but the monster then attacks. After shrinking the Blue Senturion, he then shrinks the rangers!
After stopping Bulk and Skull, Justin goes to meet up with the rangers but instead finds a miniature Blue Senturion. Meanwhile, Elgar brings Divatox a box with the shrunken rangers inside!